A Detailed Discussion Of Biker Attires

Riding a bike is a fun activity. However, it can be pretty dangerous. Motorcycle accidents are fatal, and bikers do everything to avoid them. According to motorcyclists, it’s no longer a question of if you will hit the pavement; it’s a matter of when? As an avid biker who cares about their family and wants to return to them safely after every ride or race, it should be your priority to get the correct biking gear.

What Are the Necessary Biking Gear?

What Are the Necessary Biking Gear

Bikes have essential gears that focus on providing the rider with the necessary protection. The primary kit includes a helmet, knee and elbow guards, biker shorts, and biker gloves. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced biker, you need protective gear to ensure your safety.

We have discussed in detail the necessary gear ideal for bikers on this page. Read on to enrich yourself.

1. A Helmet

The market is awash with thousands of different helmets, and it can be so hard to narrow down the multitudes of what is being offered down to the few legit and worthwhile helmets. You might be asking, what makes for a good helmet? Here are a few factors you should consider to determine the quality of the helmet.


The core purpose is to absorb and disperse energy and impacts. Your helmet should be certified by the Department of Transportation to meet the minimum Federal standards for legal use on public roads. This ensures that your helmet meets the safety standards and it can offer optimum protection to your head.

Materials Used In Its Making

The materials used in the making of a helmet determine its overall quality. The shell of a good-quality helmet should be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or a composite. On the inside, it should be well-padded and have a lining. It would help if you also considered the scale of protection of the helmets.


With advancements in technology, some helmets are equipped with more outstanding features than others. These features include; external visors, built-in Bluetooth systems, and drop-down visors.

Shell Size 

For a helmet to properly serve its purpose, there is a need for it to snuggly fit. Most manufacturing companies produce helmets of different sizes. They also have different fits for different head shapes.


Helmets have ventilation to keep the visor from fogging. Most helmets come with built-in ventilation in intake and exhaust ports. They are mainly located around the forehead or the mouth area.

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  1. Biker Jacket

Amongst the safety gears for bikers, a motorcycle jacket is quite essential. It keeps you warm while riding and protects you from scratches in case of a fall. The coat acts as a second skin.

Below are some of the things to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket;


The material used in making a motorcycle jacket determines if the coat is breathable, can withstand harsh weather, is durable, and is abrasion-resistant.

The technique used in making the jacket also determines its overall quality.


A biking jacket should have integrated armor protecting the chest, elbows, spine, and shoulders.

Color And Visibility

Whereas many riders think that all black gear is cool, it makes it difficult for other road users to spot you on the road. Visibility is crucial when riding a motorcycle.

Bikers are encouraged to get high visibility jackets, especially those with bright neon hues since they quickly catch the driver’s attention while you are on the road.


The biking jackets have some modern and cool features that have significantly impacted the jackets’ functionality.

These features include; zippers that attach the jacket to the pants, additional slots for extra padding, a wireless airbag system, replaceable sliders, and hydration reservoirs.

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  1. Biking Gloves

Instinctively when riders go down when biking, they attempt to use their hands to prevent falling.  This means the hands are probably the first to contact the pavement; hence, there is a need for the hands to be highly protected.

Biking gloves protect the hands from bruises in case of a fall, keep the hands warm, and help bolster the grip on the bike.

The features to consider when getting biking gloves are;


Suitable biking gloves should have either polycarbonate or titanium constructions armor on the knuckles and the palms area.

Some gloves also have internal padding and finger anti-distortion systems, more like braces that prevent your finger phalanges from breaking.


Different gloves have a different aesthetic look. Depending on your age and sense of style, you should get gloves that match that. Other companies produce different models of gloves that suit different types.

Primary Materials

The most significant factor that one should consider when getting riding gloves should be the materials used in its making. These materials are the fundamental determinant of the quality of the gloves.

The primary material used in glove making is mostly leather which ensures that the glove is easy to wear and has a comfortable feel on the hands.

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  1. Motorcycle Riding Shoes

When riding, you don’t have to wear your regular shoes. There are special boots that are made specifically for cycling.

These motorcycle boots are waterproof-lined to keep the feet dry during rainy weather. They also have enhanced breathability, ensuring enough air circulation in the feet while riding. These boots also have a pretty great aesthetic appeal.

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The innovation of approved biking attires has been a pivotal part of the motorcycling industry. The manufacturers have outdone themselves in creating riding attires that are functional, protective, and stylish. These biking attires have greatly enhanced the riding experience.

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