A Detailed History Of Pointy Mexican Boots

The Mexican pointy high boots are regular boots with elongated toes. The new fad from Mexico has brought a new fashion trend and popularity to a type of music known as Tribal Guarachero, a mixture of pre-Columbian and African sounds mixed with electro-house music and cumbia bass.  The boots originated from Matehuala, a small village in the northern parts of Mexico, and they have gained immense popularity in the area. During a choreography competition, where dance crews were competing in the Tribal Guarachero music, one crew slightly pointed their boots, which made all other teams rise to the challenge and make longer pointed toes in their shoes. 

This article seeks to inform you about the rich history of the renowned pointy Mexican boots. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon of footwear.

Origin Of Pointy Mexican Boots

Origin Of Pointy Mexican Boots

You should generally understand their origin if you want to understand everything about the pointy Mexican boot trend. Mexican boots emerged in the 1800s as a side-shoot of more general boots. 

However, Mexican boots and cowboy boots differ in many ways. Mexican boots are typically worn for show or fun, and they are not working boots like cowboy boots. Mexican boots are traditionally made from exotic animal skins such as alligator and armadillo and start with a flat heel and shorter than cowboy boots. Nonetheless, their styles vary greatly.

 Lastly, Mexican boots are more costly than cowboy boots as they use more expensive materials during manufacture. They require customization and have fancier designs. Mexican boots are flat and high-heeled and aren’t bound by specific design constraints. Most have flat toe caps and may utilize silver pointed toes. Others are incredibly elaborate and come with a theme.

The Pointy High Mexican Boot Trend

Mexican boots have always been fancy, and with the addition of the pointy toes, they become even fancier. 

The trend began in late 2009 to early 2010 and has been greatly inspired by the Tribal music trend. While starting, the boots were moderately pointy but somehow different from other Mexican boots. 

As fashion enthusiasts tried outdoing each other, the toes got longer, and before long, the moderate toes started reaching out as far as seven feet.

The pointy high Mexican boot trend is just as interesting as any other good trend as it applies new materials and technology to a timeless cycle. Mexican boots are all about fun and wearing dressy shoes.

The extra pointiness in the boots adds some flare to something already being worn for flare. The trend puts a new spin on the material with which the shoes are made. The most traditional Mexican boots have been manufactured with hard-to-find materials like alligator skin, but the new Mexican boots use branded material during manufacture.

 The modern Mexican boots have integrated coach fabric and playboy logos for status, just like the alligator skin signified quality in the past.

Another noteworthy aspect of these pointy Mexican boots trends is that many people wearing the boots mod them themselves. Some boots integrate some fun elements such as LED lights. The ideas to customize and mod clothing have brought the pointy boots trend in line with interesting do-it-yourself and crafting trends worldwide.

Lastly, the pointy boots are attractive because they are a throwback to the upper class’s pointed shoes in medieval times. The medieval pointed shoes had long and narrow toes curving up at the point like Mexican pointy boots have. 

The length of the toe gave the owner a higher status. There were even laws that limited the size of the toe that different classes could wear during those times. Some people in medieval times wore shoes with very long toes that they had to wear with a chain looping around the calf to prevent the toes from touching the ground and avoid tripping.

How To Wear Pointy High Mexican Boots?

How To Wear Pointy High Mexican Boots

Mexicans wear these pointy high boots with skinny jeans. The shoes give a bold statement. If you want to get a pair, you should custom-make or modify it yourself. You can choose some interesting and unique colors to make a statement for your shoe. You can also add LED tubing and anything that will make them look more fun.

Once you pair your pointy boots with some skinny jeans and a button-up shirt, you can head to the dancefloor and dance to some Tribal mixes. Just be careful that nobody steps on the toes and be aware that the pointers can put someone’s eye out. 

Many of the first individuals to flaunt these pointy high Mexican boots were dance crews like Los Parranderos and the Barrio Apache Hyphy Crew. The shoes are typical in Mexico, but other wearers from Texas and San Luis in America love these boots. Its believed that there are more pointy high boot wearers in the States than in Mexico.

This pointy boot trend is for people who want to impress others in northern Mexico. You can buy a pair for impressing the jury at a dance contest, but not everyone in the country loves the boots. Others tease you if they find you wearing them.

Without a doubt, the pointy shoes signify a sort of direct sharpness. Just trick out your boots with LED lights and coat them with flashy hues of fuchsia. You can also dazzle them with colored sequins as you show them off on the dance floor. This pointy high Mexican boot trend can be pretty attractive.


Although pointy Mexican boots are trendy, by no means are they mainstream. It’s hard to find them in stores or mass-produced by different brands. These boots are custom-made and molded by various local shoemakers in Mexico, though you can also craft your own boots. In Mexico and some parts of the United States, the boots are trendy, but it’s hard to see people walking along the streets in them. They are hard to walk with, so they are only suitable for special occasions or night outs dancing to Tribal beats.

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