ABS VS Non-ABS Bike- The Difference

ABS (anti-lock brake system) bikes are the ones that are fitted with an intelligent unit that prevents your bike’s brakes from locking and your wheels from skidding. You might sometimes be forced to apply emergency brakes to avert a dangerous situation, and if your bike is equipped with ABS, you will use them with confidence. The magnetic sensor attached to the hub will send a signal to the ABS unit. The ABS will then process the signal, and the unit will engage and decrease brake pressure slightly so that wheels can spin instead of skidding. It will then reapply the braking force, and the process of releasing and applying braking pressure will be repeated rapidly as long as the ABS senses a locking situation. This situation ensures that your bike stops without skidding the wheels regardless of the prevailing circumstances. On the other hand, non-ABS bikes are less secure when applying brakes in demanding circumstances. Under heavy braking, the bike’s brakes will lock and skid the wheels, leading to accidents.

Are ABS Motorbikes Safer To Ride?

Are ABS Motorbikes Safer To Ride

Yes, motorcycles with an anti-lock brake system ensure your safety while riding.  Due to ABS, riders can reduce their stopping distance significantly without skidding of wheels, hence avoiding life-threatening circumstances. Experienced bikers argue that they can expertly bring their bikes to a stop, just like the ABS, but their claim is impossible. The ABS module can analyze pulses 100 times per second, and it can readjust the braking pressure up to 10 times per second, a feat no human can match. 

ABS’s safety is emphasized by the report released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The report found out that when bikes are fitted with ABS, chances of fatal accidents are reduced by 31%. The information was compiled by a comparison of bikes of the same model, with and without ABS. The Highway Loss Data Institute also reports that insurance claims related to ABS bikes are 20% less than non-ABS bikes.

Difference Between ABS And Non-ABS Bikes

1. ABS Bikes

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) will automatically grip and release the brake pads rapidly with the aid of a computer-based action. The system ensures that your bike’s wheels don’t lock; thus, they will keep spinning, affording you control over the motorbike.

2. Non-ABS Bikes

Non-ABS bikes use the old-style braking system, whereby you apply pressure on the braking system, and the pads will clasp the wheel resulting in halting movement. However, when skidding occurs, you have to pump the braking pressure severally to avoid such a skidding scenario. Mastering this technique demands a lot of practice, and you can’t be sure of preventing skidding; thus, you may lose control of the bike in dire situations.

How Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Works

ABS makes your bike stop faster and smoothly. The way it works to achieve the task is a bit complicated and unique. The instant you heavily apply the brake pressure; the wheel sensor will send a signal to the ABS unit. The ABS will react to the signal by counting the number of times the signal is sent. The intelligent module will slightly decrease the pressure applied to the braking system, allowing the wheel to spin before reapplying the pressure. Suppose it senses a locking situation to your wheel; it will repeat the process in rapid succession until the bike comes to a smooth stop. 

Common Misconceptions About ABS

1. ABS Always Prevents The Bike From Slowing Down

As much as the ABS will assist in the smooth stoppage of the bike, it continuously monitors the brakes through the signal originating from the wheel sensors. Unless the intelligent unit senses that the wheel will lock, it will not interfere with the prevailing braking pressure.

2. Not All Bikes Are Suitable For ABS. 

Motorbikes use either conventional or combined braking systems. In a conventional system, the rear and front brakes are operated independently, while the combined system links both brakes together, meaning if you apply the rear brake, the front brake will also engage. Whichever method your bike uses, you can fit ABS comfortably.

3. Bikes With ABS Are Pricy

This assertion could not be far from the truth. Bikes fitted with ABS are slightly expensive compared to non-ABS bikes. But what is the price of your safety?

Reasons Why You Require ABS In Your Bike

Reasons Why You Require ABS In Your Bike
1. Reduced And safer Stopping Distance

ABS works hard to ensure that your stopping distance is shortened. Unlike non-ABS bikes, where you have to modulate the braking pressure, an ABS bike will give you humble stoppage time. The only function you will perform is applying the braking force and let the intelligent unit perform its magic.

The system is God-sent when you are in a panic situation. It will save you from lock up and wheel skidding, which often leads to fatalities. The good news is that ABS works excellently on wet surfaces, a feat non-ABS bikes can’t replicate.

2. ABS Affords You More Bike Control

As much as ABS affords you smooth stoppage at short distances, at the same instance, it enables you to be in control of your bike. Remember, the wheels are not locked; hence you still have the chance to maneuver around obstacles while applying the braking pressure.

3. ABS Offers Security To Beginners

When learning to ride a motorcycle, there are chances of breaking heavily, often due to panic. Equipped with an ABS bike, you will not worry about your safety during those instances since the system will always perform its magic and halt the wheel smoothly without skidding, hence no harm to yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ABS brakes Beneficial To My Bike?

Yes, the anti-lock braking system is beneficial to you as an individual and to your bike. ABS ensures that you are safe when encountered in a life-threatening situation. The same way it saves you from accidents is how it will protect your bike from damages.

2. Can I Install an ABS On My Bike? 

Yes, the system is compatible with any motorbike. However, it will be expensive to install the gadget, but it is a worthy course.

The Takeaway

ABS bikes are superior to Non-ABS ones when it comes down to braking in challenging and daring situations. Though it is still debatable, ABS will always emerge as the winner since it has high chance of saving lives.

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