Are Brahmin Handbags Made Of Real Crocodile Leather?

No. Brahmin handbags are made of a hundred percent luxury leather obtained from Italy and other parts of the world. The leather that makes it gives it the appearance of an alligator. Also, they come in different shades of color. The brown leather handbag or the other shades might confuse you to think that they are made of crocodile leather, but that isn’t the case. The Brahmin handbags are luxury bags, and they are costly. If you can afford it, why can’t you gift yourself one?

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This article will delve more into why you should buy a Brahmin bag and how to know a fake Brahmin bag from the original ones. Also, we will advise you on where to purchase the bags, including the legit online stores.

Why Should You Buy Brahmin Hand Bag?

The handbags are made of luxury leather which the company sources from Italy and mainly around the world. Why should you buy a luxury leather bag, or rather a Brahmin bag? The following are the merits of owning a Brahmin bag:


The Brahmin leather handbags are worth your investment as you will get your value for money. You can’t compare leather fabric with other fabrics because the leather fabric will last longer and serve you more time than other fabrics. The color and texture of luxury handbags evolve maturely in a meaningful manner.


The Brahmin handbags serve you for a while. The Brahmin bags develop a special bond with you once you use them for some time, and they can last for an extended period and give you value for your money. 

For instance, the luxury Brahmin leather withstands harsh climates and prolonged use. The quality is fantastic, and you will enjoy having it in your wardrobe.

Class And Confidence

To get a luxury Brahmin bag, you should have the money to buy it as the name and brand ooze class. The bag gives you more confidence when you wear it because you know that you are wearing a quality luxury bag in the market. 

Generally, luxury leather handbags bring out the classic, versatile look when you wear them.

How To Buy A Genuine Brahmin Handbag?

Genuine Brahmin Handbag

Check The Material

You should check the material of the Brahmin handbag you are purchasing. According to the brand, all bags they sell are genuine luxury materials from Italy and the globe. Mostly, the design of Brahmin handbags takes many artisans and a hundred steps to be handcrafted for each unique bag.

You will know if the Brahmin handbag is counterfeit as most real leather has various patterns, unlike the fake leather bags that have uniformly spread pores with their designs.

Genuine Sellers

Brahmin Handbags have genuine sellers. Brahmin has directly operated boutiques which consist of a few authorized franchises. Also, the Brahmin handbags are sold directly at the Brahmin website. You can do your research before dealing with anyone that isn’t genuine.

Check For Registration Card

Most genuine handbags come with a registration card. Brahmin handbags aren’t an option as the handbags have registration cards that you can register on their website. Once registered, the company offers a one to two years warranty. 

The fake Brahmin bags sold by the cons wouldn’t provide a registration card as the product’s origin isn’t from the genuine and authorized sellers.

Check The Exterior

You can inspect the exterior part of the luxury leather handbag. There is mostly an engraved Brahmin name and logo for a genuine Brahmin handbag. 

The Counterfeit materials have plating that you can differentiate from the original Brahmin’s engravement. For this study, you need to familiarize yourself with the Brahmin handbags, which you can mostly find on Brahman’s official website.

Check The Bag’s Stitching

Genuine Brahmin bags have tight and even stitches that look appropriately made. Remember Brahman handbags pass through several stages before they reach the final consumer. Most people who sell counterfeit Brahmin bags always look for an easy way out. If you see an uneven and poorly stitched handbag, you should know it is a fake handbag.


The prices of the Brahmin luxury bags range from $75 to $600. If you see an online store that doesn’t have that range, then the handbag you are buying isn’t genuine Brahmin leather. The Brahmin website rarely has discounted prices, but you can look for those days they have an offer on their bags. 

The company has loyalty points that you can redeem for a few dollars on their website. You can use those reward programs to get your favorite Brahmin bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Think Brahmin Handbags Are Overpriced?

The Brahmin handbags aren’t overpriced because these are luxury handbags made through so many processes. For instance, the Brahmin bag passes through 100 steps and 24 artisans before they get to you. 

The Brahmin handbags are luxury leather products sourced from Italy and the whole world. The cost of production and the quality luxury handbags make the bags worth the company’s price.

How Do You Tell If A Brahmin Handbag Dealer Is Genuine?

There are authorized sellers that the Brahmin company primarily oversees. So you have to do background research before you buy a Brahmin handbag. Background research is checking how authentic the dealer website is and talking to the customer service of Brahmin, inquiring whether that particular seller is honest.


Brahmin handbags aren’t made of genuine crocodile leather. The bags are made from luxury leather. The merits of having a Brahmin handbag are that they ooze class, are durable, unique, and give that confidence to show up for the day. The best thing about a genuine leather bag is that they last for a while, and you can form a good bond with it. You will realize that the material ages finely with time for luxury leather lovers. Also, necessary tips, and you can buy your dream Brahmin handbag. 

However, you must exercise caution when purchasing a Brahmin handbag since there are crooks out there selling counterfeits. Ensure you use all parameters laid down on this page to identify a genuine product.

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