Are Danner Boots Good?

Yes, Danner boots are good heavy-duty boots designed and produced by the Danner company. The boots are renowned for durability and the comfort they provide to the wearer’s feet. Initially, the company produced outdoor boots for exploring the world, but there are currently Danner boots for work and the military. The boots from Danner company are expensive, but comparing to the quality and the amount of comfort and support they provide to your feet, they are worth the price tag.

The Danner boots are a testimony to the original goal of the company founder, Charles Danner, who founded the company in 1932 and focused on producing the finest boots known by humans.

 Are Danner Boots Comfortable?

The heavy-duty Danner boots are manufactured using rugged materials, but they provide excellent comfort to your feet. However, depending on the type of boots you choose, the Danner boot company has prioritized durability over comfort. Still, by comparison, the Danner boots provide more comfort than any other heavy-duty boots in the market.

The Danner Company churns out quite a variety of comfortable heavy-duty boots to consider. Their products are for both men and women, and they include hiking boots, Working boots, military boots, hunting boots, and boots for law enforcement agencies. The company also produces lifestyle-friendly footwear used for travel, adventures, and everyday life. 

Traits Of Danner Boots

Traits Of Danner Boots

To better understand Danner boots, let’s explore some of the common characteristics they exhibit to the wearers;

1. Durability- The Danner boots have an unmatched reputation regarding their durability. A good pair of Danner boots used the right way can be in perfect condition for many years. In your teenage years, you will probably outgrow your boots because they stay for almost forever. However, the lifespan of the boot will primarily depend on how individual users take care of them.

2. Traction- all heavy-duty boots from Danner have optimal traction regardless of the terrain you are walking. Hikers prefer the boots because of an assurance that regardless of the surface they will be hiking, whether smooth or slippery, the shoe’s traction has them covered.

3. Water Proof- most of the boots from Danner, especially the ones meant for hiking, are waterproof. If you usually hike on wet surfaces, your Danner boots ensure your feet are dry. The Danner company has a partnership with Gore-Tex, whose waterproof materials are used to produce a range of Danner’s boots. You can quickly tell which brand of Danner’s boots are not waterproof because they are labeled.

4. Comfort- despite the rugged materials that go into producing these boots, you are assured of optimal comfort and breathability when you pull on your Danner boots. The right size of the shoe adds to the comfy feeling when walking around with the boots. If you choose a size that fits tight or too big, you can’t experience any comfort from the Danner boots. You will rather walk in discomfort.

5. Fit- Lightweight Danner boots offer instant comfort to your feet without giving you any blisters or discomfort, while on the other hand, heavy-duty boots take a couple of wears to mold into your feet comfortably.

6. Weather Sensitive- The boots are weather sensitive. For instance, if you wear heavy-duty boots during summer, your feet will be uncomfortable since they will get hot. Heavy-duty boots are made of heavy leather that is suitable for cold temperatures. If you are hiking during summer, you better opt for lighter boots and wear them with warm socks like merino wool a reputed hiking socks for moisture-wicking and odor resistance.

Although the Danner company produces boots for various uses, we will single out Danner hiking booths and assess their features.

Danner Hiking Boots

Danner Hiking Boots

The Danner company has a range of hiking boots, but we will look at a selected few that have caught our attention; 

1. Danner Mountain 600 Boots

The Danner mountain 600 Boots are waterproof hiking boots made from a sturdy, durable suede, paired with Danner Dry lining to offer ventilation and shield from wet conditions. The mountain 600 is one pair of boots that will never let you down on matters traction. Their Vibram SPE midsole offers optimal grip on the surface regardless of the type of terrain you are walking. If you require a comfortable pair of hiking boots suitable for day hikes or backpacking in warm weather, I vouch for the mountain 600 boots.

2. Danner Adrika Boots

The Adrika boots are best suited for day hikes and walking around the city. They are waterproof boots made from suede and Danner Dry lining to ensure your feet remain dry during wet conditions. Besides these boots being strong enough to scale hiking trails, they are also stylish for donning on the streets.

The boots offer support to your ankles when hiking in rugged terrains, thanks to the shoe’s height that comes around the angle to support it from potential injuries.

3. Danner Trail 2650 Shoes

The Trail 2650 are excellent hiking shoes during warmer climates. They are renowned for being lightweight and breathable, hence their suitability for warm weather. Besides the Danner Trail 2650 shoes providing optimal breathability, they come in two categories of waterproof and non-waterproof.

If you desire to go with waterproof ones, select the Gore-Tex (GTX) model. However, if your hiking doesn’t require waterproof boots, go for the non-waterproof model. Note that non-waterproof boots exude enhanced breathability compared to the other model.

The non-waterproof model of the Danner Trail 2650 shoes are best suited for long-distance hiking courtesy of its excellent breathability.

4. Danner Explorer 650 Boots 

The Danner Explorer 650 boots are waterproof and are suitable for day hikes on slippery trails. The boots are made from premium leather and nylon. They feature a Danner Dry GORE-TEX lining that is waterproof and keeps your feet dry and warm. Explorer 650 boots boast a Vibram outsole which provides excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces to protect you from slipping while hiking.


Are the Danner boots good? They are a good pair of shoes to accompany you off the city to the hiking trail based on their reputation. The price can be high, but you get back services worth the price tag. However, the final determination of whether they are good or not depends on individual assessment.

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