Are Fabletics Shorts Good? – A Guide To Buying Fabletic Shorts

Fabletics brand owned by Kate Hudson has been offering an affordable solution to both men and women who need activewear. Fabletics has some top-quality clothing, including shorts which are good for men. The activewear is made from premium fabrics with accessible prices to cater to everyone’s budget needs. Not only do Fabletics offer men’s shorts, but there are also other pieces such as t-shirts, pants, and outerwear. The items are quite stylish and are made for top-quality materials while being sold at an affordable price.

How To Buy Fabletics Shorts

How To Buy Fabletics Shorts

Buying Fabletics shorts will require you to sign up for the Fabletics Men Flexible VIP Membership Program that will help you get the most suitable deals on activewear. As a VIP member, you will receive 20 percent to 50 percent off for all clothing. You will also be given free shipping on orders exceeding $49 and free returns and exchanges within 45 days. Moreover, the member gets access to the Fabletics FIT App, where on-demand workouts are posted.

You can redeem your credit for any two-piece outfit or buy items up to $80 in retail shops or online. As a member, you will pay $49.95 every sixth of every month, but you can choose to skip any month whenever you want.

Signing Up On Fabletics

If you want to sign up to get your pair of shorts, you must visit the Fabletics website. Then, click on the start saving box at the top of the website. The website prompts you to create a profile, select a size for your tops and bottoms, fill in your zip code, birthdate and answer the question about how you found out about the brand. After submitting the info, enter your name, email and create a password.

After logging in, you will get an option of deciding between a pair of pants, two pairs of shorts, or any other item on sale. Once you choose the item you would like to buy, you can go ahead and checkout. Remember that it’s not a must you use your membership credits each month, and you can cancel whenever you want.

How To Manage Your Membership

How To Manage Your Membership

Managing membership requires you to log in to the Fabletics website with your login credentials. You can update your credit card information and your shipping details in the billing area after login in. You can also make any change you want to your membership under the membership information section in the price.

Are The Fabletics Shorts Worth It?

These Fabletics shorts are worth it as they are stylish and good quality athleisure at very affordable prices. Moreover, the shorts have perfect sizing and are comfortable and trendy for all fitness enthusiasts or people looking to sport the athleisure trend.

Different Fabletics Shorts Styles

The Franchise Short

Fabletics Men is popular for its ubiquitous Franchise shorts. They are best-selling products made from an ultra-durable recycled polyester blend. The blend is coated with a superiors sweat-wicking and anti-stink technology for those workouts that cause you to sweat too much. The shorts are finished off with several pockets and a bounce-free hidden pocket to store your phone. These qualities make the Franchise shorts the best on the market. 

Courtside Short

The Courtside short is a functional style line with a 7″ inseam and zip pockets. This short is perfect for lounging around your home or working from home. The shorts go for $49.99 with the VIP membership. The shorts are beautifully made and very comfortable. They have a piece of slightly different fabric on each side of the shorts, which are noticeable in their website pictures but more in person.

A Guide To Buying Gym Shorts


You must ensure you pick the right size when buying gym shorts. Get good-fitting and comfortable shorts to avoid getting allergies and rushes as you run. Wearing the wrong size of shorts may trigger allergies to occur. Before buying a pair of shorts, you can fit in first to check the size.

Quality Of material

Once you get the right size, check the quality of the material. Buy the correct type of equipment to avoid getting perspiration discomfort after selecting indecent material. The material should absorb sweat and leave you dry as you exercise. Some materials maintain dry skin by soaking in the sweat, leaving you safe from allergies and infections. You may also want to buy shorts with a material that dries quickly to avoid staying wet for long after sweating.

Shorts With Reflector Patches

It’s essential to work out in shorts that have reflector patches. A reflector patch is important for men who prefer running or jogging in the early morning hours or late in the evening on the roadside. The reflector patches will reflect light and warn a motorist that you are present. The patches will help protect you from getting hit by moving vehicles and complete your exercise safely.


Price is an important factor when buying running shorts. Best-quality shorts are more expensive than low-quality ones, but this does not mean that all the expensive ones are good quality. Therefore, you may want to compare price ranges from different stores to get the best deals and value for your money.


The length of the shorts should depend on your body type, personal goals, and level of comfort. If your thighs are prone to chaffing when running, you may want to invest in long shorts. Most runners opt for shorter shorts when doing quick and short runs. Whichever length you choose, ensure that the shorts are lightweight and made of a breathable material that helps wick sweat from the skin. Avoid buying cotton shorts as they irritate the skin when running.


Buying men’s athletic shorts can be quite challenging, although it may not seem so. The market is flooded with different kinds of shorts specifically made for each sport and activity under the sun. Fabletics shorts are made of quality material. Therefore, you may want to consider them when shopping for the right gym shorts. They are also lightweight and comfortable when worn.

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