Are Gorucks Bags Worth It? [The Impressive Features Of Gorucks Backpack]

Gorucks’ rucking backpacks are known for their best durable quality and a lifetime warranty.  They are some of the expensive backpacks in the market and are equipped for trucking evolution.  They are also famous for their lightweight and amazing space. GORUCK bags are worth the money if you desire of getting one. While the price might be shocking for those just getting into rucking, it is actually quite well priced for what you get. 

What Are The Gorucks Backpacks Good At?

What Are The Gorucks Backpacks Good At

The bags are good for Carrying heavy loads over long distances and are at the core of rucking. While any backpack and weight might suffice, to begin with, you’ll eventually want to invest in a bag designed specifically for rucking, such as Gorucks. Below are some of the essential features that make Gorucks stand out and justify the prices


The Gorucks backup comes with one of the best designs where the main compartment has a pleasing lay-flat clamshell design, meaning you can open the entire bag up to reveal its contents, and comes in handy if you’re packing and unpacking. 

The front flap features two pockets, one meshed and the other covered.

The bag has a thin front pocket that can hold slim books and the like. These three pockets provide some organization, although not that much. 

The outer pocket is comfortable to use if the bag isn’t over-packed but challenging to use when it is packed. On the side of the bag that sits against your back, Gorucks has an impressively sturdy laptop sleeve that is cushioned at the bottom from drops.

Materials And Durability

Many backpacks are made from polyester blended materials. When buying a rucking bag, you want to look for one made of very sturdy material, like Corduroy. Corduroy is the most common material for quality rucking backpacks. 

Having sturdy material makes Gorucks bags carry heavy loads with less risk of material failure. The Gorucks travel backpack is made from 1000D Cordura Nylon material with fantastic durability. 

Nylon is the best choice for luggage since it has superior tear, abrasion, and water resistance and can take a beating and come out unscathed. You can wear this bag while it’s raining outside and not have to worry about your electronics getting drenched. 500d and 1000d Cordura making most Gorucks backpacks translate to less abrasion on your clothes, and a smoother feel when on your back.


Those rugged and water-resistant materials that make Gorucks backpack make them more than suitable for off-road adventures. Gorucks is a tough backpack that you can take anywhere, and even stepping off the beaten path won’t be a challenge to the bag. 

Tree branches can’t scratch them, and they are water-resistant, and rain can’t cause any damage. The backpack has more than enough space for all the items you need for hikes and camping trips.

Well Padded

Gorucks bags are well padded, slightly wide, have Shoulder Straps, and come with hip belts and sternum straps. Since the shoulders bear a large portion of the ruck weight, Gorucks ensure that your rucking backpack is adequately padded and not too thin to enable the ruck to rest comfortably on your shoulders. 

You only need to ruck with a light, poorly padded shoulder strap to know how important this aspect is!

Quality Zippers

Gorucks come with high-quality zippers. These zippers are the type you often know when you see them or conversely, if you have a bag with a crappy zipper, you’ll know it real quick. With Gorucks they pay attention to avoid zipper failures and run away.

The Gorucks feature YKK zippers. These are currently the best zippers in the market, and premium luggage uses them. Furthermore, the zipper pullers are made from parachute 550 cords, a durable material that’s very hard to break or tear apart. 

You should count on the zippers of this brand to work for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about the teeth getting crooked or the zipper body of the bridge falling apart.

Weight Pocket

This backpack comes with a weight pocket or a laptop compartment. If you are rucking for fitness instead of rucking for military preparation, most of your weight will come from something like a Ruck Plate. Having a dedicated plate pocket or a laptop compartment in your bag ensures that your weight is secure, close to your back, and won’t move around when you’re rucking. 

The backpack’s laptop sleeve is separate from the main compartment, and there is a rigid, plastic frame sheet in a separate Velcroed-down compartment. The frame sheet supports the pack’s integrity as you weigh it down and allows you to carry a heavy load more comfortably.

Built-in Reflector 

Safety while rucking, especially in urban areas, is critical. Gorucks Rucker comes with an elegantly integrated reflective strip across the back of the pack, increasing visibility when rucking at night.

Handle Versatility

While most rucks only come with one handle on the top, GORUCK has included a heavy-duty handle on all four sides of their backpack. The addition of these handles makes the ruck exponentially more effective as a fitness tool for activities like rucking workouts.

 You can Rinse it clean, and hang it to dry if it’s warm outside, otherwise indoors can take a few days.

Lifetime Warranty

Gorucks is known for its Lifetime SCARS Program. Therefore, if anything happens to the ruck, they will fix it for free, short of you dragging it behind your car. A lifetime warranty makes the purchase price much more reasonable.


Gorucks’ rucking backpacks are known for their best durable quality and a lifetime warranty. They are some of the expensive backpacks in the market. They are suitable for trucking and are also famous for their lightweight and great space. GORUCK bags are worth the money if you consider their features and benefits. While the price might be shocking for those just getting into rucking, the price is quite well for what you get.

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