Are Nike Air Max Good For Running?

Yes, Nike Air Max is exceptionally good running shoes.  The Nike Air max is designed using Nike Air technology. The technology pressurizes air inside a flexible bag, thus providing tractability and spring whilst maintaining the shoe’s structure.

What Is The Nike Air Technology?

Nike Air Technology

The Air technology was designed by Tinker Hatfield, a legendary sports footwear designer. The Air design involves pressurizing air inside a tough but flexible bag. In achieving this, the aeronautics technology referred to as blow rubber molding is used. 

The air units comprising of dense gases are placed into the midsole of the shoe in different places where they will provide cushioning to the runner. More emphasis is put on the heel for optimum protection and comfort.

When running, each step applies pressure to the air units, which in return absorb and discharge energy when you step off.

Different Variations Of Nike Air 

When selecting which Air type to purchase, there are two options at your disposal; The Nike Air Max, and the Nike Zoom Air.

Nike Air Max- Nike Max Air is the more popular of the two. It is also referred to as the “visible air” due to the visible air units in the midsole. The first shoe to give us a glimpse of the Air Max technology was the Air Max 1. The air units visible in the heel area exert pumped-up pressure and optimize Air. The Iconic appearance of the air unit is sometimes called the air bubble.

Nike Zoom Air- zoom air uses the most concentrated air for cushioning. Just like Air Max, Zoom Air is visible but it is performance-focused. Zoom air is essential in adding speed to the sneakers.

The choice between the two variations comes down to the taste of the runner. However, the Air Max is cheap, efficient, and durable.

The Nike Air Max Torch 3 Men’s Running Shoes

The Nike Air Max torch 3 was engineered with comfort and flexibility in mind. The breathable mesh upper snugs smoothly with your foot and gives you the comfort to tackle the extra mile. Cases of chafing and toe numbing are minimal with runners who use Air Max Torch 3 as their running shoe.

The Sole of the Air max is a feature to behold. It has air units that are observable beneath the shoes’ heel. This air unit gives comfort to the runner and makes it easy to tackle the race. The air units are meant to maintain the shoe’s form while you are on the move. It is not lost that the outsole is made of rubber which is designed to offer traction. Whit the Torch 3, you can run on all surfaces without worrying about traction.

It is noteworthy that the Air cushioning in the Torch 3 makes it a light shoe, but this does not reduce its efficiency. The cushioning ability of the Torch 3 is engineered to last long and give support to your feet throughout the entire life of the shoe.

The torch will give you unmatched responsiveness whenever your foot strikes the ground. The Torch 3 compresses, cushions the impact, and reverts to its initial state. This action gives you an explosive response that enables you to lift your feet off the ground faster.

Although the Torch has a large outer appearance, its inner part is narrow and fits perfectly into your shoe. This ensures that there is no rubbing, hence no blisters on your feet. If you choose the right shoe that conforms with your feet, you will find out that the torch is an exact fit. A well-fitting air Max Torch 3 will make you comfortable while running and they will last longer subject to proper care.

Features Of The Air Max Torch 3 Running Shoes.

Here below are some of the best features of the Air Max Torch 3;

Rubber Outsole the Torch 3 is engineered with a rubber outsole that is dependable in gripping; affording you the traction you need in all running surfaces. The maximum traction afforded by the Torch’s outer sole prevents a runner from slipping and falling, more so when running on wet surfaces. This in return will save you from injuries.

Visible Max Air Units- These air units that are visible through a precise window created by the legendary Tinker Hatfield are what give the Air Max Torch 3 its legendary status. The air units help runners to attain optimum speed by compressing and lifting the foot faster off the ground. Elite runners prefer the Air Max Torch 3 because of their responsive nature when they hit the ground, as this motivates the speed. The air units maintain the sole’s form, giving flexibility and mobility.

Shock Absorption- the Air Max Torch 3 was engineered to protect the athlete’s body. With every step on the surface, the Nike Air cushioning lessens the impact and reverts to its original shape instantaneously to cushion the body. This action does not only cushion the body but also checks the movement without breaking the gait. 

Technology- the Torch 3 is designed using the Max Air technology. This technology involves air that is pressed inside a flexible bag. This provides elasticity and spring while maintaining the original structure. The whole concept of the Air Max technology is to make the Torch 3 a lightweight shoe that athletes can comfortably run with. The technology ensures that the body is always out of harm’s way. 

Advantages Of Nike Air Max Torch 3

Nike Air Max Torch 3 has numerous strengths as explained below;

Versatile: The air units protect runners’ forefoot and heels. The air units further give next-level impact cushioning to ensure that muscles, tendons, knees, and joints are not damaged.

Lightweight: The weight of the Torch 3 is reduced by the air cushioning, but it is worth noting that efficiency is enhanced. The good news is, due to the reduced weight, the athlete expends less energy while running. The air technology employed in the production of this shoe keeps the cushioning capabilities intact for a long period.

Breathable And Comfortable: The mesh upper is made of a breathable mesh that holds your foot firmly, affording you comfort while you are concentrating on performance. Comfort is further afforded by the lightweight materials used to produce the Torch 3.

The Torch 3 also boasts molded EVA sock liner that not only supports the underfoot but cushions it as well.

Durable:  The torch 3 is designed to last long hence giving an athlete great service which is value for money. The rubber outsole is strong and of superior quality. The mesh upper is strong enough to last for a long period.


Torch 3 is a good running shoe, but not suitable for all. Here is the disadvantage to consider before acquiring it;

Unsuitable for Wide Feet: The sneaker has a narrow inside making it unsuitable to runners with wide feet.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Running Shoes

Factors To Consider When Choosing Running Shoes

Walking into the running store to choose the right shoe that should accompany you for several miles is not as easy as you might think. To walk out as a winner, the shoe you opt to buy should fit you from the heel to the toe. Your foot must feel comfortable in the shoe. Below are the factors that should be taken into consideration before settling on the right running footwear;

Adequate Cushioning- The ultimate goal of a good running shoe is to cushion your body from any harm. Hence a perfect running shoe should have a well-springing sole that will absorb the impact and offer you comfort while you are running.

The Heal should be well cushioned to avoid rubbing which results in blisters. The upper should be made of a breathable mesh material that should exhibit sweat-wicking abilities to avoid chafing.

Size And fitting- The much-sought efficiency and comfort cannot be achieved if you don’t acquire the right size of the shoe that will fit well. A well-fitting shoe influences flexibility and mobility. 

Foot Shape- knowing the shape of your foot plays a big role in the type of running shoe that will suit you. Different people are created differently, hence different running styles. Finding the right shoe that conforms to your shape and running style will define the level of success you will achieve.

Running Style- there are three types of running styles. Namely: Back foot running, Mid-foot running, and front-foot running. Each of the three styles requires a different type of running shoe for protection purposes. Know your running style, and determine which shoe will suit you better.

The Takeaway

The Nike Air Max was engineered as a running shoe. Although some new technology has emerged in the sports shoe industry, Nike Air Max Torch 3 is a good shoe for competitive running. It still has the best cushioning ability, thanks to the Air Max technology that is outstanding in shock absorption.

Some have argued that the Torch 3 men’s running shoes don’t bring the optimum result, but my advice is, try it and make an independent decision.

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