Are Roches Shoes Good For Running?

No, Roches are not good running shoes but are excellent for casual wear. Roches have a phylon innersole and are very light in weight. You can easily mold and form the insole into various shapes since it is quite flexible. The flexibility makes the shoes very comfortable. Moreover, Roches are soft and adjustable to the feet, hence a favorite among casual wearers.

Nike is among the most beloved athletic apparel manufacturing company. Because of this company’s impeccable sense of style and numerous innovations in function, there has been an increase in popularity in the athleisure concept. Although Roches are good for walking, they may hurt your feet if you use them for long-distance running.

Can I Run In My Roches?

Although the shoe is quite comfortable for walking, the problem comes when you decide to run. Roches running shoes offer some support, but you will need to get another running shoe if you desire long-distance running. Using Roches for long-distance running will make you experience pain in the arches. After some days of using the shoe for running, the outsole, made of rubber, will get worn out. Therefore, if you desire to purchase a good running shoe, you should try a different brand.

The Roches are an everyday shoe for walking around but not running. The shoe is quite breathable since it has an upper mesh that is very thin. This makes it easy to wear with or without socks, no matter the weather. For these characteristics, the shoe is nice for walking around but not good for running.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Running Shoe

What To Look For When Purchasing A Running Shoe

Good running shoes can make a huge difference in performance. Therefore, you must select the right kind of shoe for your feet. A good running shoe also reduces the possibility of injuries and prevents the onset of blisters due to friction.


Every time the feet strike the ground, small shockwaves travel from the feet and legs all through the body. A good running shoe should contain ample cushioning to reduce shock and help avoid pain in the feet, ankles, legs, or back.

Ideal Fit

Looking at the shoe size alone won’t help you find the best running shoe. A shoe fitting may vary significantly between sizes and brands. The best running shoe should fit perfectly on your foot without being too tight or too loose.

Wiggle Room

Our feet swell during the day, which is why foot doctors recommend buying a running shoe in the evening. Every pair of shoes you purchase should provide some space between your toe end to prevent pain and blisters.


A running shoe is designed to bend easily with the foot as you run. Before buying one, you should jog around the store to see if it is flexing well. It would help if you asked the store staff to help you find the best shoe for road, treadmill, and trail running.

Arch Support 

A shoe with good arch support will help your feet support your body weight when running. You may not be able to determine a shoe’s arch type by yourself, but a store staff can help by analyzing your foot structure and gait before recommending the ideal type of running shoe.


A good running shoe should control your foot motion. If the feet slide around in your shoe, you will sprain the ankles or experience other injuries.

Upper Construction

When buying a running shoe, you should check the seamless construction. A poorly done seam will irritate your feet and cause painful blisters.


The upper side of the running shoe should be made of breathable and lightweight material. Buy a shoe that wicks away sweat so you can be more comfortable when running and reduce the risk of developing an Athlete’s foot.

Most Popular Running Shoes

Discussed below are some of the best running shoes in the market. 

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Hoka One One Bondi 7

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Hoka One One Bondi 7 is a lightweight shoe that mixes speed with control. The shoe is popular as it is a seriously fast shoe with a rocker and carbon combination for creating a springy and snappy ground contact. This makes the runner feel like it gives them a propulsive push when the foot hits the ground.


Stiffer Heel Counter

Bondi 7 has a stiffer heel counter that makes it feel like a traditional road shoe. Its gusseted tongue and an upper mesh help to keep the foot in place. The gussets are stretchy, which is a good thing for runners. Moreover, the soft laces are pretty easy to adjust and stay nice and tight as you run.


The Bondi 7 has plenty of cushioning underfoot, making it surprisingly comfortable. Its unique design will make you feel at home, although the upper may be a bit wide to some people.


1. Lightweight

2. Comfortable

3. Carbon plated design

4. Well priced robust upper


1. Heel slip

Brooks Hyperion Elite

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Brooks Hyperion Elite is among the most popular running shoes in the market today. Every runner can get a perfect fitting shoe from the brand’s wide selection, perfect for training. The running shoes are tailored specifically for running as the brand focuses all its energy, research, and development on running sport.

The Hyperion Elite 2 is a good carbon fiber plated shoe for running. The carbon fiber acts as a lever in the shoe to propel the runner forward. Moreover, the shoe’s stiffness reduces the amount of work the runner’s muscles need to do the running.

Main Feature

Nitrogen-infused DNA Flash Foam.

The foam offers the runner more energy return than most midsoles. The shoe material has an impressive snappy ride and responsiveness, which makes running more fun.


1. Light

2. Responsive cushioning

3. Comfortable 

4. Smooth transitions

5. Versatile 


1. It has a sloppy fit in the heel


A running shoe is designed to protect the feet, offer better traction on various surfaces, and cushion against the landing shocks. Moreover, running shoes support the feet, and that is why it is important to find the best running shoe to make your running activity comfortable. Roshes running shoes don’t offer maximum cushioning making them unsuitable for running.

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