Are Tourists The Only People Who Wear Cowboy Hats And Boots In Nashville?

Nashville, the capital of Tennessee state, is known for its lively music scene, down-home hospitality, and incredible food. Although music impacts all aspects of modern life in this city, Nashville has a diverse and celebrated history.

 Over the decades, Nashville has become a booming tourist city because of the mountains and because it has done an excellent job as a top spot for tourists globally. Many people think that Nashville is all about country music and cowboy boots. However, locals rarely wear cowboy hats and boots, and if you spot people in them, they are probably tourists.

Nashville Dress Code

Like major cities, you will find that locals dress casually but with a little bit of style. In Nashville, it’s common to spot locals wearing jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. It’s also common to spot others in a blouse or button-down shirt. However, it is rare to see ladies strutting down the streets in stilettos or people moseying around in their pajamas. 

If you are a tourist intending to visit Nashville, the first thing that will come to mind when choosing what to pack for an adventure in the city is often a cowboy hat and boots. You will hear some people saying that it’s wise to leave your cowboy boots at home when visiting the city. They insist that the city locals do not wear cowboy hats and boots regularly; therefore, wearing them around the city will be like announcing that you are a tourist.

 Some locals, especially in bars, wear cowboy boots. Most of the locals may not wear cowboy hats and boots daily, but at the same time, it is uncommon to see at least a few of them wearing them now and then.

Is it recommended to wear a cowboy hat and boots the entire trip as a tourist? Most definitely not. You will feel very uncomfortable, and the feet will sweat, swell and suffer by the end of the first day; however, you may attend events such as the Line dancing at the Wildhorse Saloon in them. 

If you wish to wear cowboy boots in Nashville, it would be best to buy them before visiting. Unless you buy used boots, chances are you will need to break them in before they become comfortable for you to walk in.

What To Wear As A Tourist In Nashville?

During summer, the average high in the city is about 90°F, and the low is about 68°F. If you plan to walk around a lot, it’s best to wear packing shorts and tank tops for ladies and shorts and a t-shirt for men. Tourists should also carry a sweater during summer as the museums can be chilly inside. You will also want to bring some flip-flops or sandals to walk in.

Nashville is located in the southern areas of the United States; therefore, during winter, the temperatures drop with an average high of 50°F and the low being around 30°F. You want a light jacket, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, sweatpants, and sweatshirts as a tourist. If you are not used to the cold weather, you should avoid staying out at night and carry a heavy winter jacket.

Spring and fall are transition seasons, and there is a drastic change in weather around this time. To avoid being caught in the cold or feeling too hot, tourists should bring clothes that easily layer. Such garments will help you stay warm in cool mornings, and as the days begin to get hotter, you can remove some of the clothes.

Three Things Tourists Should Know Before Packing

Three Things Tourists Should Know Before Packing

1. You Shouldn’t Interpret Nashville’s Style Too Literally

Nashville has a reputation for being country music’s capital, and you may be tempted to pull style references from their lifestyle. But even with the cowboy boots and Stetson hats being cute, they may also feel somehow out of place compared to how the Nashville locals dress.

2. It’s Better To Wear Casual

Unlike most cities in the United States, the Nashville locals dress more casually. You will find them in denim, sweaters during winter, and shorts during summer instead of fancy dresses and skirts.

3. Always Dress For The Season

You do not want to look out of place when visiting Nashville or attracting attention because of your dressing. The main weather seasons in Nashville can be pretty extreme. Nashville summer is quite humid, muggy, and hot, and the winters can be pretty cold and wet. Therefore, you should ensure that you have extras, for instance, rain boots or sunglasses, as you pack for either of the seasons. 

Which States Do Locals Dress In Cowboy Boots?

There are different states in the United States where the cowboy culture is alive. They include Texas, Kansas, Utah, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota. Texans locals love cowboy boots, unlike Nashville locals who rarely wear them. 

The cowboy boots are for riding horses when holding shows and on ranches. Many people, including artists, wear them since the boots are iconic in Texas. The boots are comfortable, durable, and eye-catching. You can pair them with anything. Therefore, as a tourist in Texas wearing a cowboy hat and boots, people will hardly notice that you are a tourist as you will blend in pretty well. 

In these other states mentioned above, you will also blend in since the locals wear them on some occasions. In some states, you will find a huge percentage of the residents in these boots and hats.


Cowboy hats and boots constitute part of the American southwest culture. However, it is rare to see a local wearing them, but you may see them occasionally. In most cases, if you spot a person in boots or a hat, he is probably a tourist who doesn’t know much about the city or someone who just moved into town. Locals in Nashville dress casually just like any other person in the country, and if you visit wearing a cowboy hat or boots, you will most definitely stand out as a tourist.

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