How to Put Bait on Fishing Rod at Stardew Valley

Have you been enjoying the Stardew valley game, and now it is time to put the bait on the fishing rod? Of course, fishing is one of the best activities that can earn you money in Stardew Valley. However, you need to master the skills well since it gets tricky as the level goes up.

When stating, you use the training rod, which is easier to use but catches common fish. The next is the bamboo pole, which increases your skill level but does not use the lures. At level 2, you can use a fiberglass rod that uses bait to catch the fish. Here you learn how you should put bait on the fishing rod to advance your skills and get a high price tag:

Putting Bait on the Rod

Putting Bait on the Rod

You will need to start by buying the bait from the fishing shop. It can also appear in the traveling cart’s stock, which you can purchase and attach to the rod. Besides, when you complete the river fish bundle, there is a reward of 30 baits. Anyway, let’s not dwell much on how to get the bait, but on how to use it once you have it.

You need to unlock your fiberglass rod at level 2 or iridium rod at level 6 to use the bait. But, if you are doing crab pots, then bait can be used.

To put the bait to your rod, you have to open the inventory screen, then right-click or left-click on the bait, and then right-click the fishing rod. When you right-click the bait, you select one piece, whereas left-clicking gives you the stack.

There is also an Xbox controller, where you can open the inventory with B, then clickX on the bait to choose a single piece or A to pick the whole stack.  After this, click X to attach the preferred bait to the fishing rod.

Even if you attach a whole stack, one bait will be expended peruse. You can then detach the remaining bait from the rod by pressing X on the controller or right-clicking the rod in the inventory.

If you are using iOS, then you only need to drag the bait on the fishing rod. However, removing the rod has not been established using iOS.

You should note that putting the bait into your fishing rod reduces the delay before a nibble by half. The bait is also not used by any guests.

Final Word

Fishing is fun but one of the challenging games in Stardew Valley. Do not get discouraged as with patience; you will mine golds. As you have seen, putting the bait on the fishing rod is straightforward as long as you have a fiberglass or iridium rod. The training and bamboo rod do not use the bait.

The first rod you get is the bamboo rod; therefore, you have to switch to fiberglass poles to up the game. More fish will be attracted to the bait, thus increasing the chance of catching more. Once you unlock the iridium rods, you will be able to find specific types of fish with ease.

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