Balega Socks Size Chart- Why Are Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks Popular In 2021?

All seasoned runners value the safety and comfort of their feet while on the move. We tend to focus on running shoes as we all understand that the right shoe provides comfort to the foot and makes a difference in performance. You may spend several dollars to acquire the best pair of running shoes that conforms with your running style, but without a pair of perfect running socks to supplement the comfort, your footwear is incomplete.

If you mind about the comfort and safety of your feet, Balega Running socks have a solution for you. The socks fit size, and they offer the much-needed comfort to your foot to let you focus on the run.

Are Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks Popular?

Are Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks Popular

Over 12,000 people have left a 5-star review on Amazon, and that is a testimony that the Balega hidden comfort running socks are famous among the sports folk. The socks’ versatility allows them to be used in other sports besides running. For instance, if you visit volleyball beaches, you will be amazed how many volleyballers have embraced the socks. I am obsessed with socks because I use them without shoes for cushioning when running on my treadmill.

The beauty of Balega’s hidden comfort running socks is that they are available for men and women. They also come in a range of 16 colors, providing you with a wide color choice.

Before discussing why Balega socks are popular among runners, first, let’s look at their size chart.

Balega Socks Size Chart For Adults

Socks SizeMen (USA Size)Women (USA Size)European Size (Both Male and Female)

Balega Socks Size Chart For Adults

Socks SizeBoys (USA size)Girls (USA size)Euro Size (Both Boys & Girls)

Use your shoe size to find a perfect fit of Balega socks suitable for your foot.

Reasons Why Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks Are popular

Reasons Why Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks Are popular

It is not by coincidence that the Balega hidden comfort running socks have the best and most positive reviews on Amazon. The reasons behind the passionate love for the Balega socks are given here below:

1. Comfort And Fit

The Balega socks boast the best cushioning. They come with a triple underfoot cushioned bed that offers a sensational running experience. Besides the footbed cushioning, the socks mimic and fit into the contours of your foot without any constrictions.

Balega hidden comfort running socks have cushioned heel tab that doesn’t slip. The design of this heel tab is to prevent the socks from slipping into your shoe. If you have ever experienced discomfort by often stopping to pull your running sock out of the shoe, then take my advice and embrace the Balega sock with an inbuilt padded heel tab.

Another essential point worth noting is that the Balega socks are prewashed, meaning you can confidently use them straight from the package. The socks are incredibly soft, and they freely stretch over your foot and fit below the ankle. You will be amazed by discovering that the socks fit true to size.

The only downside associated with the in-built cushioned heel tab is the limitation of the shoes that conform with the socks. They only work with low running shoes but are problematic in lining up well with high-ankle-running shoes.

2. Breathability, Performance, And Durability

Most runners attest that besides the comfy feeling to their feet, the socks have particular performance features that make them stand out. The first feature is breathability. Thanks to the Drynamix moisture management system featured in the socks, sufficient airflow finds its way into your feet. Better airflow means that your feet are always cool and dry. The system allows rapid moisture evaporation through the in-built mesh ventilation positioned across the top of the socks.

Another feature to behold is that the socks are hand-linked to provide minimal friction while running. The end of the socks is seamless to ensure supreme comfort to your toes.

The socks’ durability is ensured through the reinforcement of high-impact areas such as heel and toe areas.

The downside as far as performance is concerned is high temperatures. If you use socks in extreme climates, your feet might be extremely hot.

3. Versatility

The Balega hidden comfort running socks have exceptional versatility. You can wear them to any activity or even casual walks. Some of the sporting activities where the socks work well are; running on the treadmills, weight lifting, running, hiking, basketball, and volleyball.

4. Personal Touch

There are high chances of meeting the sock inspector who inspected your socks on Balega website. The producing company provides a personal touch by attaching a photo of the person who inspected your sock to the package.

5. Wide Color Range And Fair Pricing

The socks come in 16 different shades. The colors are either plain such as orange, pink, and blue. However, some socks have a mixture of several colors. Besides the socks coming in various colors, they are also reasonably priced considering the features found in them.

A Guide To Selecting The Right Size Of Balega Socks 

After establishing that Balega socks are the best in terms of comfort, fit, breathability, moisture-wicking, and flexibility, now let us discuss how you will determine the right size of socks to satisfy your needs:

1. Know Your Foot Size

It is useless to buy well-cushioned running socks that are either too big or small. Ensure you know your foot size before making your choice. The right way to determine the size of socks that fits you well is by using your shoe size.

2. Fit

Always choose the size that fits you snuggly to enhance your performance.

3. Shoe Type

Most Balega socks have a cushioned in-built heel tab that conforms with low running shoes. If you use high-ankle-running shoes, the socks might not work with them.


Do Balega Socks Wick Off Moisture?

Yes, Balega socks wick off moisture excellently courtesy of Dynamix material renowned for high moisture-wicking abilities.


If you desire to purchase Balega socks for running or any other activity, ensure you settle for the correct size that will allow you to enjoy the comfort of the socks. The best way to determine the correct size is by comparing it with your shoe size. 


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