What are the Benefits of Using an Outdoor Shower? [A Guide to Installing Outdoor Shower]

There are various reasons why an outdoor shower might be a better option for you than the one indoors. Outdoor showers offer more privacy, a major perk of living in the countryside. If you want a perfect way to revitalize your bathroom, adding an outdoor shower may be the ideal solution. They can be inexpensive and quick to install, not to mention that they can be an eco-friendly addition to your home. 

Which is the Ideal Outdoor Shower?

 Ideal Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers come in many shapes and sizes, so it is vital to research before purchasing—asking the experts how to go about it. Also, it would help if you weighed the pros and cons of having an outdoor shower before deciding. 

This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor showers and guides you on how to install them with ease. Read on and make an informed choice.

Advantages of Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are a significant way to keep your water bills low and conserve energy. With an outdoor shower, you never have to worry about some fungal or bacterial organisms that thrive indoors. You will always have that pride in making that decision to have an outdoor shower.

Below are the advantages of using an outdoor shower, and it’s clear that they are the best option for most people. 

1. No Heating of Water

The outdoor shower minimizes your expenses since there is no need for water heating, especially during summer. You will save so much on your energy bills that come about during the heating process. Who wouldn’t want to save on energy and water bills?

2. More Privacy

If you are not a person who likes using outdoor showers in a public place when you have gone for outdoor activities, you can always find your privacy if you have it in your compound. It is not wrong to love the privacy and still enjoy outdoor showers. Installing an outdoor shower in your compound ensures that your privacy isn’t infiltrated.

3. Health Benefits

The outdoor shower has so many benefits for your health compared to indoor showers; for instance, no mold or mildew forms in the outdoor shower space. Those microorganisms cause suffocations and health disparities to you. The outdoor showers give them zero chances to thrive outside.

4. Low Maintenance

As compared to indoor showers, outdoor showers have low maintenance. You don’t use as many resources on them as regular indoor showers. You can do your maintenance once in a while.

5. Outdoor Showers Signify Nature

Do you love nature? That fresh garden smell and the fresh air in your compound that hits your nose as you are taking that outdoor shower? Get closer to it, feel it, and take a shower instead of a bath! 

6. More Space

Outdoor showers offer more space than bathrooms – no bumping elbows with roommates! There is also a relaxing atmosphere outdoors – not cramped and stuffy. Also, there is no need for ventilation or dehumidifiers either. Have you made your decision on getting that outdoor shower yet?

7. Ideal for Campers

Isn’t this why we love camping? Keep that feeling going all year round by taking showers outdoors too. Camps come with different activities that you can do, including playing in the outdoor showers. So if you are a camp lover, why not make that outdoor shower?

Disadvantages of Outdoor Showers

Despite all the good things that are associated with the outside shower, it also has some cons, such as:

  1. The biggest disadvantage of an outdoor shower is that you might have to walk a little away from home to get to it. They’re usually located on the back porch or down a path, which is one reason why some people would prefer an indoor shower. 

2. Outdoor showers are only available during warm months- and depending on where you live, they may not be available year-round.

3. You’ll also need to ensure that your outdoor shower has a decent drainage system in place so that the water doesn’t pool up around it

How to Install an Outdoor Shower?

Installing an outdoor shower is not as complicated as it seems. If you’re already familiar with installing a garden hose, then there are only a few more steps to take. Each outdoor shower will come with different instructions, but the installation process generally adheres to the following steps:

  1. Place the showerhead on the hose and ensure it’s long enough to extend from your house to your desired spot outside.

2. Connect the hose to the inside water faucet and make sure that it will turn off when you disconnect the hose from the water faucet (It is just in case of any leakage or overflow issues).

3. Attach a valve onto the end of the hose that will allow you to turn on and off the water flow at your discretion. 

4. Find a spot near your water source outdoors where you want your shower head and drill holes into the ground where you want them. Put cement into each hole, sticking up about two inches or so, and be sure to level each one out before filling them in with dirt or stones. Check for leaks by turning on both the inside and outside water supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Usage of Outdoor Shower Only During the Summer Seasons?

It is best to use your outdoor shower during the hot seasons. For instance, if it is winter and snow outside, you can’t use the outdoor shower. You can use your indoor heated shower to avoid catching a cold or, even worse, pneumonia.

While planning for your outdoor activities, you can check the weather forecasts to plan. Sometimes, you need better planning to ensure that you have fun. 

The Bottom Line

Outdoor showers are fun for the outdoorsy folks. Unlike indoor showers, their outdoor counterparts have numerous health benefits, such as the absence of mold and bacteria that thrive in indoor showers. Additionally, you can save on your energy bills when using outdoor showers during the summer, as you don’t have to heat the water. However, outdoor showers also have their downside, limiting you from using them during the winter.

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