Best Army Basic Training Shoes Of 2021

Army training shoes support a variety of movements such as cutting, stopping, breaking, jumping, and fast directional change. This is why training shoes are versatile and suitable for various kinds of activities in the army. A training shoe can be considered an all-in-one gym shoe, and you can differentiate training shoes by how flat they look. This means that the heel drop, the distance from your heel height to your toe height, matters greatly. Some of the best army training shoes include ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe, NIKE Women’s Lunarglide 8 Running Shoe, Under Armour Women’s Speedform Gemini 3, and Adidas Women’s Alphabounce Running Shoe.

What Are Army Training Shoes Used For?

What Are Army Training Shoes Used For

Army basic training shoes can be used for:

High-intensity Gym Classes And Outdoor Boot Camps: they cushion the feet in case of high impact and run training

Weight Lifting: the shoes support the heels so the wearer can go lower when squatting and make it easy to stand up.

Strength Training: The shoes provide extra space in the forefront to make strength training more comfortable.

Agility Training: when engaging in plyometric and multi-directional movement, the grooves and outsole patterns help with traction.

Treadmill Short Distances: basic training shoes make it easy for the wearer to run short distances on the treadmill.

Best Basic Training Shoes





ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

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The Asics Gel Kayano 22 has enhanced cushioning with the upper midsole and foam that is soft and more comfortable. This shoe also has a deep guidance line for delivering a soft under-heel cushioning. These shoes also come with enhanced mesh without the sew-synthetic overlays. Its fit is perfect with a shallow toe-box ceiling, wide forefoot, and more room for the midfoot area.


1. The shoe has an adaptive stretchable mesh on the upper unit hence covering the feet securely.

2. It has a colorful design on the upper side.

3. The midsole unit does not break down easily even after continued use.

4. It accommodates those with a narrow foot dimension and slim feet

5. Easy to clean

6. The underfoot platform has an excellent blend of cushioning and stability

7. The underfoot platform is responsive and springy


1. The upper unit may feel uncomfortable since it is narrow and tight.

2. The overall design may seem unappealing to some people

NIKE Women’s Lunarglide 8 Running Shoe 

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The Nike Women’s Lunarglide 8 Running Shoe is a cushioned army basic training shoe which provides the wearer with a smooth and stabilized ride. The shoe has some slits, lines, and highlighted routes on the outsole to add more traction and comfort and make the shape look neat. The shoe was designed to provide the runner with a cushioned ride and stability without feeling too heavy. This extra weight is for additional support. The Lunarglide 8 fits into a runner’s life as a daily trainer and may be used for casual racing. Overall, this shoe is solid with excellent reviews.


1. It comes in a comfortable fit and an entire Lunarlon sole

2. It has an adaptive upper with Flywire

3. The inner sleeve has a smooth fitting


1. The outsoles are not durable

2. Attract small rocks

Under Armour Women’s Speedform Gemini 3

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Under Armour has been making significant strides in designing great running lines in the last few years. The Gemini 3 has soft rubber on the lateral side, providing a serious pull when the runner needs to corner. The shoe’s flex grooves allow the forefoot to always contact the ground in many areas, which means the shoe will grip better. The full-length cushioning allows smooth transition while the segmented forefoot assists with flexibility; therefore, toe-off becomes effortless. Overall, this shoe is among the best on the market, and it is easily a good choice for training. Under Armour has put excellent tech into their shoes, and they are at the forefront in creating better training shoes.


1. The cushion is lightweight

2. It has a solid footing

3. The upper part is breathable and not porous

4. The shoes have above-average traction

5. Quite responsive 


1. Wear down quickly in a long run

2. The toe box may feel a little tight

Adidas Women’s Alphabounce Running Shoe

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The Adidas Women’s Alphabounce Running Shoe is one of the best training shoes in the market. The shoe has a molded TPU heel clip and a wide midsole for stabilizing quick cuts, balance, and lateral movement. The shoe allows for better traction across any surface. These shoes are perfect for army trainers as they are neutral and support when the trainee starts zig-zagging, jumping, and lifting. The Alphabounce has a perfect cushion that is more responsive and works well for support. You can also get a customized fit with FORGEDMESH support and stretch areas that adapts to all moves. Overall, this shoe offers comfort and durability, although this may not be the case with the outsole.


1. It has a perfect fit

2. Quite comfortable

3. Breathable 

4. Responsive

5. Rather stable

6. It has reflective elements


1. The outsole is not durable

When buying a training shoe, you must determine your shoe size by measuring both feet. Ensure that you have the socks you will be running with on when fitting the shoes. You can walk and run in the shoe on hard surfaces as you try to feel how comfortable they are.

Second, you should determine your foot type to know the shoe shape to buy. A wet test will help you choose the type of foot you have and which shoe shape will most likely benefit your running. The most common foot types include high arched foot, normal foot, and low-arched foot.


Buying a perfect army training shoe can be complicated, especially if you do not know what to look for. However, you can get the best fit from the examples we have outlined above. Before you buy the shoe, ensure that it fits well and that you know your foot type. That way, you will get a comfortable shoe that will make your training experience better.

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