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The bike chain is a vital component of your bike. Without a properly maintained and functioning chain, your bike is as good as non-existing. The heart of your bike is the chain. Everything that makes your bike function is centered around the chain. For instance, your bike moves forward through chain revolution after pedaling. Can you shift your bike gears smoothly with a faulty chain? It is an impossible task. Your bike chain demands proper maintenance and cleaning using the best bike degreaser.

Cleaning your bike increases its lifespan and enhances pedaling hence increased efficiency and speed.

You should be aware that a dirty bike chain increases the chances of wear and tear to both the chain and the bike’s drivetrain. The best solution to avoid such a menace is to clean your bike chain the right way.

As I have mentioned earlier, you require the best Bike Cleaner or degreaser to clean your bike chain and improve its efficiency. The market is full of degreasers, hence choosing the right one is quite challenging. We have taken deeper analysis, sampled some of the brands in the market, and settled on the ones discussed on this page. They may not be conclusive, but they will guide you on the right path of choosing the best. 

List Of The Best Bike Cleaner Degreaser

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The list provided on this page features both non-toxic and bio-degradable bike cleaners and degreasers.

A Comparison Chart Of The Best Bike Cleaners And Degreasers

Cleaner DegreaserReason For ChoosingTypeRating Out Of 5
White Lightning Clean Ride

WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser
Easy to Use


Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Excellent Penetration

Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

Simple Green Bike Cleaner and Degreaser
Best Non-corrosive


Oil Eater Original Cleaner and Degreaser.


Park Tool CB-4 Bio Bike Chain Degreaser.
Best Biodegradable



The 6 Best Bike Cleaners Degreasers

To enhance your bike’s durability, performance, and efficiency, ensure you use the best bike chain cleaner degreaser. Cleaning your bike with the aid of degreasers will protect your bike and provide you with humble time while riding. Additionally, it will minimize maintenance costs since wear and tear of the chain and drivetrain will be minimal.

1. White Lightning Clean Ride

If you care about your bike’s performance, then White Lightning Clean Ride lubricant is your caring partner on matters of chain cleaning. The lubricant does not only clean all dirt from your riding machine, but it also gives your bike a shiny appearance at the end.  

Clean Ride is a dry wax film that doesn’t contain any oil; thus, it will not attract any abrasive oil contaminants. This degreaser performs a self-cleaning act, whereby you apply it on the chain and other dirty areas, then it reacts with dirt, grime, or grit to activate the self-cleaning process. A small piece of the applied degreaser will flake off, shedding some dirt with it. The more dirt is piled up in your bike, the greater the shedding process.

Avoid mixing Clean Ride with oil-based lubricants if you desire to attain optimal self-cleaning of your bike. After encountering a dirty ride, apply Clean Ride to your chain and other dirty spots and wait for it to shed off the dirt.

Regular and proper use of Clean Ride will ensure that your chain is clean most of the time.

Take note that this product is highly flammable and may cause skin irritation. If swallowed, it may be fatal.


1. Provides deep and effective cleaning

2. Does not attract dirt.

3. Self-cleaning.

4. It is cheap.

5. Doesn’t attract abrasive contaminants.


1. Unreliable during the rainy season.

2. Heat wears it out quickly.


The White Lightning is an affordable degreaser that attacks dirt ruthlessly, and it repels dirt while leaving clean wax on your bike’s surface whenever you use it.

2. WD-40 Bike Cleaner And Degreaser

WD-40 is a versatile bike cleaner with no kit, thus, easy to use instantly. The degreaser is easily stored, and it has an exclusive foam that sticks to your bike’s surface briefly before penetrating to eradicate both grease and any grime it finds on its way.

WD-40 maintains the cleanliness of your bike’s gears and chain, hence optimal performance from your wheels. You will be pleased to learn that WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser don’t contain harmful materials.

Using WD-40 To Degrease Your Bike Chain

Degreasing your bike chain is a simple process when you are equipped with WD-40. First, you need to remove mud and other accumulated dirt from the chain before spraying the degreaser onto its surface. Allow the degreaser enough time to work its magic. When you are satisfied that it has loosened the grime, use a hand brush to scrub off the unwanted grease, grime, and other dirt from your bike’s chain. It will surprise you to learn that the dirt comes off with ease after WD-40 performs its magic.

The magic performed by this degreaser ensures that your chain is not damaged by scrubbing aggressively to get rid of dirt.


1. It is suitable for all bikes.

2. It doesn’t tamper with your bicycle’s paintwork.

3. It penetrates to all nooks and crannies.

4. Softens tough greases, hence removes them with ease.


1. Demands regular cleaning as the bike can’t maintain cleanness for long.

2. The degreaser is lube-less.


WD-40 is very versatile to the extent that you can use it in all moving parts of your bike. This is the kind of degreaser that is essential in every bike owner’s riding gear.

3. Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner

The Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle chain cleaner is a wet-style cleaning lubricant ideal for cleaning and degreasing your bike’s chain and moving parts. The cleaner penetrates and eliminates stubborn grease from gears and the chain in a remarkable way.

With the Finish chain cleaner, you will get rid of destructive grease and dirt buildups that might hinder the efficiency and performance of your wheels. The finish chain cleaner works efficiently to give you the best results you crave.

This chain cleaner is a versatile cleaning product that serves both as a cleaner and a degreaser and ensures that your bike is in better shape.

Why The Finish Line 1-Step Bike Chain Cleaner? This product does a marvelous job on your bike. All bike mechanisms, chains, and cables are left spotlessly clean when using the Finish chain cleaner.

The Finish Line 1-Step Chain Cleaner is also packaged in aerosol cans and drip containers, giving users a wide range of options. 

Suppose you are riding in extreme conditions such as coastal strips that will affect your drivetrain by salt air; you will count on the Finish chain cleaner to come to your rescue. The cleaner is formulated with corrosion and rust inhibitors to protect your chain and drivetrain against such harsh conditions.

With The Finish Chain Cleaner, you are assured that pedaling friction is minimum, hence a smooth ride. Additionally, gear shifting will always be a smooth affair when you count on this wonderful cleaning and degreasing product.

This product is flammable and harmful if ingested, so when using it, ensure that you are away from the waterways and sources of ignition.  

How To Use Finish Line 1-Step Bike Chain Cleaner & Lubricant

The cleaner is applied by drifting it to your bike’s chain or drivetrain and other moving mechanisms. The solvent will strip dirt and grease remnants; however, you require a rag to wipe the overspill of the solvent and wipe off the suspended dirt and grease.


1. Excellent penetration.

2. They are packaged in both aerosol and drip bottles.

3. The product is affordable.


1. Demands regular reapplication.

2. A bit difficult to use.


The performance of the Finish Line 1-Step is exemplary. When used on your chain and drivetrain, they become responsive, hence a smooth ride all the way.

4. Simple Green Bike Cleaner And Degreaser

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Simple Green is a top-quality bike degreaser formulated to take care of all types of bikes, ranging from casual bikes to racing bikes.

The degreaser is non-corrosive; thus, it can be used on all bicycle parts, including delicate components such as the derailleur. Additionally, you can use this degreaser confidently on painted surfaces, rubber and metal parts, and plastic parts.

Stubborn mud, grease, grime, and trail soil stand no chance against this cleaner, as it cuts through them with ease. 

How To Use Simple Green Bike Cleaner And Degreaser

Before applying Simple Green, first, you have to wet the bike with water. Follow this by spraying the Simple Green degreaser on the soiled parts, then scrub if need be. Leave the solution to penetrate the soiled surface for roughly 10 to 15 minutes, but don’t let the solution dry. You can follow this up by rinsing or damp-wiping using clean water, then wipe your bike dry using either a lint-free cloth, towel, or microfiber. If the dirt is not completely off, you are at liberty to repeat the process.

When you are through with cleaning and degreasing, re-lubricate your bike for optimal performance.


1. The product is non-corrosive; thus, it is suitable for all materials.

2. Cuts through hard-caked mud with ease.


1. Packaging is limited to one size.


Simple Green works relatively well to ensure that stubborn dirt and mud are neutralized and that your bike’s performance improves. If properly used, this degreaser will remove unwanted or pilled-up grease and dirt within no time; hence you are left with an effective chain and drivetrain. 

5. Oil Eater Original Cleaner And Degreaser.

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As far as bike maintenance is concerned, the Oil Eater Original has been in existence for a very long time. It is crafted with a non-abrasive formula, making it a multi-purpose degreaser that can be used everywhere,

Apart from using this product to clean and degrease your bike, you can also use it to decrease your grill, floors, and carpets.

The Oil Eater Original Degreaser is a water-based bike cleaner that has to be mixed with water to enhance its ability to remove stubborn dirt. 

This degreaser poses no harm to the environment as it is alkaline-based. However, it may cause skin irritation, and if inhaled for long, it might cause stomach upsets. It is both a non-toxic and biodegradable degreaser.

How To Use The Oil Eater Original Cleaner And Degreaser

First, you need to dilute the Oil Eater with water in a ratio of 10:1, then apply the mixture to the surface of your bike chain. Use a bristle brush to scrub the chain gently, then allow the solution to soak for about 5 minutes, but don’t let it dry. 

Eventually, ensure you rinse the chain before the degreaser dries using a dry towel or lint-free cloth.

If and when you are satisfied with your cleaning result, ensure that you lubricate your chain and drivetrain using the right kind of oil to enhance the performance of your bike.


1. The degreaser is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.

2. Affordable.

3. The product is multi-purpose, meaning it can also be used at home, in industries, and in garages.

4. One package can be used for a long time.


1. It may irritate your skin.

2. It may cause stomach upsets.


The Oil Eater Original Cleaner and Degreaser is an alkaline-based product that is a multi-purpose cleaner that washes multiple surfaces besides the bike chain. Environmentalists should embrace this product as it is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-harmful to the surrounding. 

6. Park Tool CB-4 Bio Bike Chain Degreaser.

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The Park Tool CB-4 Bio Bike Chain Degreaser is a natural toxic-free chain degreaser that is completely biodegradable.

Besides using the Park Tool CB-4 Bio Chain Degreaser on your bike, the product can also be used at home. It is a powerful plant-based degreaser that does a tremendous job cleaning your bike chain and getting rid of grease, grime, and other particles from the drivetrain. 

How To Use Park Tool CB-4 Bio Chain Degreaser To Clean Your Chain

The first step is to shift to the smallest cog and the fore chainring. The chain cleaning process is streamlined by Park Tool CM-5.3 or CM-25 that comes with brushes that scrub the chain from different angles, drawing out particles and grease away from the chain.

Suppose the cleaner tool is not available; use a simple-bristle brush to clean the chain. In this scenario, you will simply fill a small container with the cleaning solution, then dip the brush at intervals as you scrub the chain methodically to get it rid of dirt and pilled-up grease.

When using a chain cleaning tool, fix it under the section of your chain, ensuring that the chain completely rests on the brushes of the chain cleaner. Next, pour the cleaning solvent into the chain cleaner and ensure that it fills the pre-marked line on the cleaner’s body. Now that your chain cleaner is filled with the cleaning solvent, turn your bike’s cranks backward several revolutions until you are satisfied that the job is well done.

The solvent used to clean your bike chain can be reused again. To store the solvent, wait until dirt and particles settle at the bottom of the chain cleaner, gently transfer the solvent to a different container, and store it for further use.

Next, rinse the chain cleaner and refill it with water, probably soapy, and repeat the cleaning ritual you employed in the first round. Ensure that your chain is well rinsed.

While attending to your chain, it will be ideal to wipe other parts of your bike, such as the drivetrain.


1. It is a general-purpose degreaser.

2. The solvent is fully biodegradable.

3. It comes with a chain cleaner tool.

4. The solvent can be reused.


1. It requires regular reapplication.


The Park Tool CB-4 is a purely natural, non-toxic degreaser that is environmentally friendly. It does a spectacular job of cleaning your chain with ease, hence enhancing the performance of your bike, particularly the drivetrain.

Why Are Chain Cleaners Degreasers Important?

Discussed below are the benefits of bike chain cleaners and degreasers;

1. Enhanced Durability

It is common knowledge that a dirty bike chain is susceptible to wear and tear. The dirt will not only affect the chain but will also impact the drivetrain of your bike. 

The primary role of the bike chain degreaser is getting rid of all dirt from your chain and drivetrain. Eliminating all grease, grime, and other particles from your chain and drivetrain is a sure way of increasing the lifespan of your bike.

2. Enhanced Performance

Clean and well-lubricated bike chains give a better performance when riding regardless of the terrain. Using chain cleaners and degreasers effectively ensures that both your bike’s drivetrain and chain are grease and dirt-free, thus improved performance. Otherwise, your bike’s performance is compromised when you are riding around with a dirty chain.

3. Reduced Maintenance Cost

Whenever bike chain cleaners and degreasers are combined, the result is simply spectacular. They work well to eliminate all greases, dirt, grime, and grit from your bike’s chain, leaving it in a top shape. Importantly, using these products ensures that your drivetrain is intact. 

A clean and shiny bike chain is not susceptible to wear and tear. Thus, no maintenance cost is incurred, and your ride’s performance is tremendously enhanced.

Choosing The Best Bike Chain Cleaner Degreaser 
1. Quick Drying

You need to do the cleaning job within the shortest time possible. There is no need to wait forever for the degreaser to dry. Thus the best degreaser should have the ability to dry as fast as possible.

2. Easy To Handle

A product that is easy to handle encourages you to use it regularly, unlike the one that requires complicated handling. So, besides the best degreaser being faster and effective, it should also be easy to handle and use.

3. Efficiency

Always go for the product that will give you back the value for your investment. When selecting which product will serve you better, settle for the one that will get the job done with little effort and within a short period. Otherwise, why buy a product that will embarrass you within a short time?

Settle For Biodegradable Cleaners And Degreasers

Whenever you are washing your bike, you should mind about yourself and the surrounding environment. Ensure that the product you are using can’t harm your body nor the environment. How do you achieve this? Simple, go for cleaners and degreasers that are both biodegradable and non-toxic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Frequent Should I Degrease My Bike

The frequency of degreasing your bike will be dependent on how often you use it. Otherwise, frequently used bikes require to be degreased at least once every month.

2. Must Bike Chain Degreasers Be Biodegradable?

It is common sense that all of us should mind about ourselves and the environment. For this simple yet complex reason, bike chain cleaners and degreasers need to be biodegradable.

3. What Happens If I Use Any Degreaser On My Bike?

Not all Degreasers are suitable for use in decreasing the bike chain. Ensure you go for bike chain cleaners and degreasers or multi-purpose ones. Otherwise, non-conforming cleaners and degreasers will damage your bike’s chain.

4. Is There Any Other Alternative To Cleaners And Degreasers?

Yes, there is. Try distilled vinegar, and you will be sorted. However, I doubt whether it is a cheaper option.

The Takeaway

Bike chain cleaners and degreasers play a vital role in ensuring that you get the best out of your bike. To improve the shape of your bike and enhance efficiency, choose the best product that will ensure that it is clean.

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