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Deliveries made by bikes were unheard of in the last few decades. We were used to the traditional way of truck deliveries for a long time. However, bikes have taken over the task. Many people dismiss the diminutive size of bikes and relegate them to food deliveries only. But this is far from the truth. Bicycles might be compact and small, but there is proof elsewhere that they are an effective means of delivery, just like trucks and cars. More essential items like computers and TVs get delivered to your home aboard a bike with no hassle.

The task of delivering large items is more straightforward, thanks to cargo bikes that handle them better than even a delivery truck. If, for instance, your city has designated bike lanes, a cargo bike is the fastest form of transporting your cargo home.

Environmentalists advocate strongly for the use of bikes for transport to reduce air pollution. It is evident all over the world that air pollution contributes to global warming affecting climatic conditions tremendously. If we choose bikes as a transportation mode, pollution will minimize.

Besides bike deliveries being environmentally friendly, they also have numerous benefits, as listed below.  

1. They are a cheap means of delivery.

2. The physical fitness and health of riders are improved.

3. Unlike delivery trucks and cars, bikes are the fastest means of delivery.

4. Bike deliveries minimize the amount of traffic on the roads.

5. Bikes designed for deliveries handle almost anything apart from heavy and voluminous cargo.

6. A novice capable of riding can do deliveries, leading to job creation to lads who don’t have driving licenses.

7. You can conveniently access areas inaccessible by trucks and cars.

8. Making bike deliveries is fun for most riders who exercise their body without breaking a sweat for pay.

Having established that bike deliveries are beneficial, the tricky part is identifying the suitable one for delivery work. There are so many bikes designed for the purpose of flooding the market currently and posing a challenge when choosing the best one that suits your needs.

We have gone a step ahead and analyzed some of the best bikes for delivery work to make the burden of selection easy for you. Keep reading until the end of this article, and you will discover your best choice.

List Of Best Bikes For Delivery Works

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A Comparison Chart Of The Best Bikes For Delivery Work

Bike TypeFrameDrivetrainSuspension TypeBrakesSpecial Feature
Mongoose Envoy Cargo BikeTectonic T1 Aluminum Cargo FrameShimano 3 x 8 drivetrainRigidMechanical disc BrakesShimano EZ-Fire Trigger Shifters
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle.Aluminum FrameSingle-SpeedRigidLinear-pull Braking SystemCargo Basket
NAKTO 26” 250w Cargo Electric BikeCarbon Steel Frame6-speedFront and back suspensionFront V Brake and Expansion Rear Brake250w Brushless  motor
26” Electric Bike, 350w 20MPH Adults Mountain Cargo E-Bike.

Aluminum Frame


Front Suspension

Dual Disc braking System

350w motor

The Four Best Bikes for Delivery Work

1. Mongoose Envoy Cargo bike

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The Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike is a hybrid commuters bike featuring a tectonic T1 aluminum cargo frame. The bike also has a quick-release seat post, internal cable routing, alloy handlebars, saddle with lift handle, a 73mm bottom bracket, and threadless headset. Additionally, the bike has a front-wheel spring that stabilizes it for loading.

The Convoy is ideal for delivery work, thanks to the two large cargo bags and the rear rack capable of carrying heavy loads.

Features Of The Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike

1. Tectonic T1 Aluminum Cargo Frame

The Convoy’s sturdy frame, crafted from durable aluminum material whose strength allows the bike to carry heavy loads with ease, provides stability to the cycle. The hauling capability of the bike is down to the unique long-tail geometry used in the design of the bike. The frame also features a replaceable hanger, a 9mm x 141mm dropout, and internal cable routing, making the design sleek and elegant.

2. Fork And Handlebars

The fork attached to the frame is made of Hi-Tensile steel, and it is sturdy and rigid enough to maneuver the bike around objects without difficulty. Additionally, the handlebars are crafted from Xposure aluminum material.

3. Drivetrain

The bike comes equipped with a full Shimano 3 x 8 drivetrain that features Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters. The drivetrain offers a wide range of smooth gear shifting. Another notable feature in the drivetrain is the 40T sprocket that performs exceptionally in steep hills and headwinds. What is more? Front and rear fenders in the drivetrain ensure that you are clean and dry as you embark on making deliveries.

The front derailleur comes equipped with Shimano FD-TX800, while the rear derailleur has Shimano Altus RD-M310.

6. Braking System

Brakes are an essential aspect not only in cargo bicycles but all bikes. A rider atop a two or three-wheeled bike with a superb braking system will cycle with comfort and confidence. The Convoy comes fitted with mechanical disc brakes and 160mm rotors reputed for efficient stopping power. 

7. Wheels

The Convoy boasts alloy Xposure double-walled rims wrapped with Xposure Kraton 26” x 2.35” tires. The Xposure Grip provides maximum traction regardless of the surface you are riding, thus ensuring you make deliveries without any fuss. The front-wheel also features an efficient spring damper responsible for stabilizing the bike for loading.

8. Saddle And Seat

The bicycle comes with a saddle featuring a lifting handle and a quick-release seat post. The seat is adjustable to the desired height, but the recommended inseam ranges between 30.5 inches to 33 inches. The Convoy works well with riders who are between 5’5″ to 5’10” tall.

Mongoose’s seat post is crafted from Xposure aluminum, while the saddle is made from Mongoose Mountain Bike Comfort Steel.

9. Cargo Bags And Rear Rack

The Mongoose is assembled ready for delivery tasks. It comes with two big cargo bags that have stylish weather-resistant zippers with large Velcro flaps. Finally, the long tail of the Convoy provides a rack that can be fitted with a packing container or a small seat.


1. The bike provides an easy ride with a lightweight aluminum frame.

2. The Mongoose can carry any reasonable load intended for delivery, courtesy of the two provided cargo bags.

3. The in-built spring steering corrector provides optimal stability.

4. The bike is reasonably priced.

5. The Convoy’s tires offer better traction.


1. Complicated bike assembly.


The Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike is the ideal bike for riders desiring to acquire a versatile cargo bike that can do deliveries and cruise within the town. When the bike is used as a delivery bike, the cargo remains safe regardless of weather, thanks to the weather-resistant cargo bags and zippers.

2. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

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The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is a three-wheeled bike built for adults and ideal for delivery, courtesy of the rear folding basket. Its elegant three-wheel design provides stability when hauling cargo.

The bike’s frame is crafted from solid yet lightweight aluminum, a material famous for its durability. If you desire a delivery bike that demands less maintenance, then the Meridian Adult Trike is suitable. It is a single drivetrain bike that is easy to ride and maintain.

Features Of Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

1. Aluminum Frame

The sturdiness of the bike gets achieved from the lightweight aluminum frame used in its construction. The known strength of the frame combines with the stability afforded to the Meridian by the three wheels to support heavy cargo meant for delivery. As usual durability of a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame is unquestionable. 

The Meridian’s low-over step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike. In addition, Schwinn is so sure of the quality of the Meridian’s frame to the point of offering a 5-year warranty.

2. Braking System

Schwinn has fitted practical front linear-pull brake and rear expander brake to the Meridian, giving the trike optimal stopping power when necessary. Some quarters have a contrary opinion concerning the efficiency of linear-pull brakes when hauling cargo, but the system is just fine, and preference is down to personal taste.

Both rear and front fenders excellently protect your clothes from dirt in damp weather.

3. Wheels  

The three wheels featured in the Meridian Adults Trike add stability to the bike, making it an ideal option for making deliveries. Besides the three wheels, it is vital to note that the bike boasts 26-inch wheels whose rims get crafted from durable double-wall alloy.

4. Drivetrain 

The Meridian comes with a single-speed drivetrain, meaning there is no gear shifting. The bike requires minimal maintenance, and it is ideal for riding on flat roads with more minor inclines.

6. Handlebars

The Meridian boasts upright adjustable handlebars that provide better comfort to riders. Upright handlebars eliminate chances of experiencing pains in the back and hips resulting from leaning forward. The switched-back handlebars are suitable for aged folk as riding doesn’t result in joint stress.

7. Saddle And Seat

The well-padded saddle provides comfort, as the adjustable springer cruiser seat absorbs impacts affording riders a smooth eventless ride.

7. Folding Basket

The Meridian comes with a sizeable foldable basket suitable for delivering cargo and parcels to customers. The basket can accommodate up to 50 pounds’ load.


1. The seat is adjustable and comfortable.

2. Upright riding position minimizes cases of pain at the back and hips.

3. The bike is stable and suitable for delivery of cargo weighing 50 pounds and below.

4. The bike is reasonably priced.

5. The Meridian’s wide tires offer excellent traction.


1. The Meridian has a single-speed drivetrain that limits it from climbing hills.

2. Its braking system’s efficiency is debatable.


Besides the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle being the best bike for delivery work, it also is the best bike for senior folk experiencing arthritis. Its switched-back handlebars serve the old folk well as they don’t bend forward when riding.  When using this bike for delivery, ensure your area of operation doesn’t include hills.

3. NAKTO 26-inch 250w Cargo Electric Bike

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The NAKTO 26″ is a contender among the best bikes for delivery work. The electric bike’s frame and fork are constructed from high-strength carbon steel. The fork has exceptional shock premium abilities enabling it to absorb impacts and jolts to allow a smooth ride on uneven surfaces.

The electric bike boasts a removable lithium battery that enables it to ride an average of 22 to 28 miles before recharging.

Features Of NAKTO 26-inch 250w Cargo Electric Bike

1. High-Strength Carbon Steel Frame And Fork

The carbon steel used to manufacture the frame is robust and durable. Its strength enables it to sustain the weight of heavy cargo comfortably. Like the frame, the front fork is also made of high-strength carbon steel but equipped with comfort shocks that neutralize impacts when riding on uneven surfaces. The strength of the frame and the fork’s ability to disperse impacts make this electric bike comfortable to ride when doing some deliveries in the city.

2. The Drivetrain

The bike comes with a Shimano 6-speed gear drivetrain with rear speed shifters. The gears might be less, but they are sufficient to enable you to ride uphill with the cargo intact.

3. Braking System

Perfect brakes always have their importance in bikes. The NAKTO 26″ E-bike is equipped with a front V brake and rear expansion brake. The two brakes have optimal stopping force when applied; hence you can choose to ride at any speed with surety that your safety is guaranteed. In addition, the bike is equipped with a horn and bright LED headlamps to get pedestrians out of the way when speeding and enhance vision at night.

4. High-Speed Brushless Motor And Lithium Battery

The electric bike is equipped with a high-speed and powerful 250w brushless motor that improves speed range with exceptional thermal performance.

The brushless 250w motor and 36V 10Ah lithium battery power each other, achieving a greater speed height to make deliveries even faster and easier. The battery is removable and has impressive traits such as extended longevity, overcharge protection, over-release protection, Equilibrium function, temperature protection, and water-resistant technology.

5. Wheels 

The wheels of the NAKTO e-bike measure 26 inches and are fitted with anti-slip wear-resistant tires that have optimal traction power.

6. Handlebars And Suspension

The bike features upright handlebars allowing riders to sit in a less punitive upward position. Riding while seated upright has numerous benefits, such as minimizing backaches, hip pains, fatigue, and enjoying the scenery while on the road.

The bike also features full suspension, meaning you can try bike stunts while riding.

7. Basket And Rear Rack

The NAKTO 26″ has a plastic imitation of a rattan basket for cargo delivery. The basket is attached in front of the bike. The rear has an additional rack that can be used to transport extra cargo.

8. Two Working Modes

The bike operates on two modes, assisted bicycle, and e-bike. You can opt to use either mode or alternate between the two for a more significant experience.


1. It is moderately priced.

2. Better traction.

3. Easy and smooth rides due to alternating two modes of riding.

4. The bike is robust and long-lasting.

5. The NAKTO 26″ comes with a recharging system, and it is equipped with a powerful brushless motor.

6. It has a superior braking system.

7. The fork dampens impact exceptionally.


1. Not efficient for uphill riding.


The NAKTO 26-inch 250w Cargo Electric Bike is a budget bike if you lack deep pockets. It emerges as one of the best bikes for delivery work in urban areas. However, beware that it doesn’t perform well off-road.

4. 26-inch Electric Bike, 350w 20MPH Adults Mountain Cargo E-Bike.

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For those craving the best electric bike for delivery work that rides on any terrain, the 26″ electric Bike from ROOJER is the ideal option. The bike boasts 10.4Ah removable battery and 350w brushless motor that works well with 7-speed to offer the best performance.

This bike is not confined to urban roads, but it rides on highways, trails, mountain roads, gravel roads, bicycle paths, and slope roads. For faster deliveries, this bike is better than any city delivery truck. It boasts three levels of throttle mode and pedal assistance. It is possible to clock 20mph while cruising on the 26-inch electric bike.

Features Of the 26” Electric Bike, 350w 20MPH Adults Mountain Cargo E-Bike

1. Sturdy Aluminum Frame and High-Strength Steel Fork

The e-bike boasts a sturdy aluminum frame that is non-corrosive hence a prolonged lifespan. The structure of the frame sustains heavy cargo without caving in. Apart from the frame, the bike also features a prominent fork with front suspension that dampens impacts while riding off-road to provide an enjoyable riding experience. Just like its counterpart, the fork is also made of durable and long-lasting material. 

2. Powerful 350w Brushless Motor

The high-speed 350w brushless motor featured on this bike makes it a beast of hill climbing. Your daily commute, mountain biking, or cruising on routine meandered paths the powerful motor powers the bike to bring an effortless riding experience. Riding on an e-bike mode offers enormous power coupled with an all-out speed of 20MPH to ease the rigorous task of riding on inclined slopes and long trips.

3. Removable Lithium Battery

The 36V/10.4Ah Lithium battery enables the e-bike to provide a fantastic range of 20 to 35 miles per hour when riding in electric mode. If you choose to use the pedal-assisted mode, the bike will clock between 30 to 35 miles per hour.

The bike comes with a fast charger that makes it easier for the battery to be recharged for a short period if it is in constant use.

4. Front And Rear Cargo Racks

The cargo racks provide ample space used for carrying cargo. While the front cargo rack measures 36 x 33 x 10cm and accommodates a load weighing 11 pounds, the rear rack can haul 33 pounds of cargo. For delivery services, this bike is an undisputed good companion.

5. Working Modes 

The bike presents three operational modes, E-bike mode, Assisted bicycle mode, and normal bike mode. For efficiency, it is ideal to ride while combining all three modes. However, individual riders have the freedom to choose the modes that work well with them.

6. Braking System And Drivetrain

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes offer excellent stopping power, while the 7-speed drivetrain offers faster and smooth gear shifting. The seamless gear changing process enhances the bike’s hill-ascending ability and terrain adaptation.

7. Waterproof Cable Port

The waterproof cable port lessens the task of replacing the bike’s electric accessories as no situation calls for the removal or opening of the controller.

Choosing The Best Bike For Delivery Work

Numerous bikes befit the task of delivery work. However, not all provide excellent performance. Walking to a bike shop and selecting a suitable delivery bike is not as easy as many deem it. There are so many challenges involved, but check the following guide and make your selection a success.

1. Frame

When choosing, bear in mind that the purpose of the bike is to deliver heavy cargo. Therefore, go for a robust frame with a geometric design that provides maximum support to the load.

2. Wheels

The strength and durability of wheels is an important aspect. Besides solid wheels, ensure your bike of choice is fitted with quality rubber that provides exceptional traction regardless of the terrain.

3. Braking System

Your safety and the safety of the cargo to be delivered are paramount. Your bike’s brakes determine whether the ride is safe or not. Therefore, go for a better braking system.

4. Drivetrain

The bike’s drivetrain determines its speed and hill-climbing capabilities. Identify your delivery routes and select the bike that meets your demands.

5. Seat And Saddle

Select a saddle and seat that provides comfort while riding.

The Takeaway

Equipped with this article, choosing the best bike for delivery work becomes more manageable. Don’t walk alone in the tedious process of making the right choice. Read and reread the article until you satisfy yourself with the suitable choice. All the bikes discussed above are good for delivery. However, in the end, your needs and budget inform the choice.


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