Best Bike Locks For College

Your College bike is a worthy investment that deserves maximum protection. Instead of going for a flimsy lock that an armature thief can pick with ease, you could instead opt for the best bike locks for college. The best locks night be pricy, but why risk your college bike when you have spent hundreds of dollars acquiring it?

Picture out a scenario whereby you emerge out of the lecture hall to discover that your favorite bike has evaporated into thin air! What will You do? You will report it missing. The bad news is that statistics will not favor you. It is recorded that out of the total number of bikes stolen in recent years, a parity percentage of around 12% got recovered.

Bike thieves are opportunistic criminals who don’t do meticulous planning but rather bounce on a favorable opportunity that presents itself. Thus if you lock your bike with the best lock, they will be deterred; hence your college bike will be safe while you are in the lecture hall. 

There are three best types of locks to choose from when selecting the best bike locks for college. The lock types are;

1. U-Locks

2. Folding Locks.

3. Chain Locks.

We have picked the best locks from each type and analyzed them so that you can choose the best locks for your college bike.

1. U-Lock Bike Locks for College

U-lock bike locks are usually heavy; hence they require hardened steel to defeat them. Picking a U-Lock is not an easy task. Some of the best U-Locks feature double deadbolts, which deter thieves from attempting to pick them. Even if the bad guy has guts of steel, it is impossible to try defying a U-Lock in a populated and busy place like a college.

List Of the Best U-Locks for College Bikes




A Comparison Chart Of The Best U-Locks For College Bikes

LockReason for ChoosingKey FeatureRating Out of 5
Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bike LockBest OverallDouble Deadbolt5.0
OnGuard Brute STD 8001 Bike Lock
Best For VersatilityHardened Steel4.6
Hiplok DX Bike Lock
Best LightweightWaist clip4.8

All locks listed above have been evaluated thoroughly by a dedicated team. In addition, we have gone an extra mile to vet the locks by trying to defy them, and we can attest that they emerged tops in quality, strength, and efficiency.

1. Best Overall: Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty U-Lock

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The New York Bike Lock is the best in safeguarding your college bike while you are away attending the lectures. The lock boasts a 16mm hardened steel shackle that uses a pass-through crossbar design. The design makes it impossible for thieves to twist the lock; hence, they will cut the shackle. Thus, a thief has to cut the shackle twice to compromise the lock, an impossible task in a busy college.

Features Of The Kryptonite New York Bike Lock

1. Double Deadbolt

The lock features a double deadbolt that locks securely to deter thieves from trying to defeat it, hence ensuring the security of your bike.

2. Steel Shackles

The 6mm hardened steel acts as a deterrent to thieves who find it hard to defeat the lock. In addition, the shackles are resistant to bolt cutters; thus, attacks on your bike are minimized.

3. Hardened Steel Sleeve 

The patented steel positioned over the crossbar offers double security to your bike. 

4. Sliding Dustcover

The cover plays a vital role in protecting and prolonging the life of the cylinder.

5. High-Security Cylinder

This imposing lock features a disc-like cylinder that offers superb defense against leverage attacks through the keyway.

The Pros And Cons Of The New York Bike Lock

1. The lock is relatively lightweight.

2. The lock ensures maximum security.

3. Durable.

4. Versatile.


1. Pricy.

2. Best For Versatility: Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini 18mm U-Lock

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The Fahgettaboudit is a monster bike lock designed purposely to keep bike thieves at bay. The lock is a nightmare even to professional bike thieves as they don’t easily defeat it. For college students, the Fahgettaboudit mini is an ideal U-Lock for you because it is portable and offers maximum security to your bike.

What makes the Fahgettaboudit Mini a secure lock for my bike? The U-lock features an 18mm double deadbolt that consists of hardened steel. The shackle is bolt cutter proof; thus, the lock stands out as the best for safeguarding your bike. Furthermore, it is among the most robust bike locks in the market today.

Though the lock is heavy compared to others, it perfectly fits into the backpack with other college materials and is excellent for use on the go. In addition, the lock offers maximum protection to your bike since it offers enough room to secure your rear wheel and frame simultaneously.

Apart from the Fahgettaboudit being bolt cutter proof, it also has a thicker layer of steel in its outer casing, making it impossible to defeat with a hammer.

Features Of The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini 18mm U-Lock

1. Security Cylinder

The security disc cylinder featured by the lock makes it impossible for thieves to try picking the lock since the cylinder protects the keyway against leverage attacks.

2. Stainless Steel Keys

The keys are lighted with Led bulbs

3. Double Deadbolt

 The lock is designed with a double deadbolt to deter thieves from attempting to cut through it.

4. Hardened Steel Sleeve

The bike boasts an oversized original and hardened steel sleeve positioned over the crossbar to enhance security.

5. Hardened Steel Shackle

The lock’s steel shackle is hardened to resist bolt cutters and other theft-related attacks. 

6. Dustcover

The cover protects the lock from dust, thus extending its life.

The Pros And Cons Of Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini 

1. It is strong.

2. It is durable.

3. The lock offers utmost security.

4. The lock features maximum performance steel.

5. It is relatively cheap.

6. Lifetime warranty.


1. It is supplied without mounts.

3. Best Lightweight: Hiplok DX U-Lock

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Hiplok is one of the best bike locks for college. The lock is ultra-lightweight, and it has a waist clip that effortlessly fits into belts, pockets, and bag straps.

The lock’s double locking shackle is made of hardened steel. Furthermore, the shackles have anti-twisting tabs, forcing a thief to cut through both sides, which is an enormous task in a college environment that is often busy and populated.

The lock is ideal for use in colleges since it features rubberized shackles to avoid scratches on the frame of your favorite bike. 

The 14mm shackle of the Hiplok locks on both sides of the crossbar. This action maximizes the security of your bike whereas you are attending lectures.

Features Of The Hiplok DX U-Lock

1. Integrated Clip

The clip of the Hiplok fits nicely into your pocket, belt, or bag straps for easy carrying. Since the lock has negligible weight, you are sure to walk around without feeling its weight.

2. Premium Hardened Steel Shackle

The shackle is hardened making it difficult for a thief to cut. Thus the security of your bike is guaranteed. Additionally, hardening the shackles improves the lock’s durability.

3. Anti-Rotating Double Locking

The anti-rotating feature makes it hard for a thief to twist the rock. The only option left is to cut the other bolt, which is time-consuming.

The Pros And Cons Of The Hiplok DX U-Lock

1. Lightweight.

2. The lock has a waistband clip.

3. Relatively Cheaper


1. Trounced by the grinder.

4. Folding Locks

Folding bike locks are made from connected steel series and can be folded to offer any shape, thus providing numerous locking options. They are equally easy to carry around since you can fold them into a compact and manageable package.

The locks are advantageous since they offer several folding options, unlike other locks. For instance, you will find it easy to secure two bikes together or attach your bike to a huge lamppost, unlike using u-locks.

We have gone deeper to analyze the folding locks available in the market and came up with the ones listed below as the best.

List Of The Best Folding Locks For College Bikes



A Comparison Chart Of The Best Folding Locks For College Bikes

LockReason For ChoosingSpecial FeatureRating Out Of 5
Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 Bike Lock
Best Overall

XPlus Key Cylinder
Foldylock Compact Folding Bike LockExceptionally CompactSteel Cored Links4.5

1. Best Overall: Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 Folding Bike Lock

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The Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 is a tremendous folding lock for college. Thieves find the lock hard to defeat, thanks to the hardened steel joined by special rivets. Fortunately, the rivets and the granite incorporated into the lock’s 5.5mm steel bars repel even the most seasoned cooks.

The rivets are not only flexible to allow for folding, but they also provide maximum resistance to attacks such as sawing.

Suppose a thief attempts tampering with the lock; the picking resistance precision disc cylinder will prove to be a hard nut to crack. 

The lock offers many locking options since you will find it easy to lock your bike to a huge tree stump compared to other locks. Additionally, you can secure two bikes together using the Granit XPlus 6500 folding lock. 

Features Of The Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 Bike Lock

1. Hardened Steel Bars

The lock consists of temper-hardened steel bars encased with an added soft coating to safeguard your bike against scratches.

2. The Abus Link Protection Shield

This feature protects the lock from incidents of sawing the links.

3. Xplus Key Cylinder

This cylinder offers optimal protection from lock picking. It is very effective when multi-locking bikes.

4. Velcro Straps

The silicone-coated non-slip velcro straps assist in attaching the lock to the frame for easy carrying.

The Pros And Cons Of Granit XPlus 6500 Folding Bike Lock

1. Durable.

2. Extremely compact.

3. High-quality bike mount.


1. Expensive.

2. Exceptionally Compact: Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock

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This compact bike lock weighs slightly over one kilogram when packed with the optional plastic mount. In college, this bike lock will serve you better since it is portable and compact

The lock’s design includes a series of steel-cored links joined by the rivets. The links are coated with a plastic material that will not scratch your bike.

The security of Foldylock is hard to compromise because it comes with internal cut keys called the sidewinder or Laser cut keys. However, it is hard to replicate the sidewinder, thus challenging to pick the lock’s mechanism. 

The steel bars of the Foldylock have a thickness of 5mm, the same thickness boasted by the Bordo 600; thus, the lock is as secure as its alternative. Fortunately, Shearing the pins in this lock is not possible since the mechanism has been upgraded.

Features Of The Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock

1. Anti-Sawing Rivets

The rivets of Foldylock use the VSR technology that is anti-sawing to ensure the security of your bike.

2. Hardened Steel Links

The links are hardened to keep away thieves and protect your bike in the process.

3. Plastic Coated Links

The links are coated with plastic to protect your bike from scratches whenever you are locking it.

The Pros And Cons Of The Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock

1. It boasts drill resistant cylinder.

2. The lock is silent while you are riding.

3. It has sidewinder keys.

4. It is solid and secure.

5. It is ultra-lightweight.

6. Durable.


1. The hardened outer plastic might scratch your bike.

3. Chain Locks

Chain locks are usually made from a series of steel links that have been hardened to deter thieves from lifting your bike. In most cases, a lock is integrated into the chain, but this is not always the case as locks can also be separate padlocks.

The advantage of the chain lock over other locks is that it is long and flexible. You have the liberty to secure your bike to massive objects such as tree stumps and lampposts.

Here below are the best chain Locks to use at college;

List Of The Best Chain Locks To Use At College




A Comparison Chart Of The Best Chain Locks For College

LockWhy  Choose ItKey FeatureRating Out of 5
Kryptonite Evolution Mini Chain Lock
Best Overall
10mm Hexagonal Chain Links4.3
Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain LockEasy Portability12mm Hardened Steel4.1
Hiplok Spin Chain LockBest Budget6mm Hardened Steel4.1

1. Best Overall: Kryptonite Evolution Mini Chain Lock

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The Evolution Mini Comprises 10mm six-sided chain links that are cut-resistant. Its disc detainer locking mechanism is engineered to protect the lock from picking and drilling. In addition, the Evolution Mini is designed to minimize weight by bypassing the U-Lock since the integrated Evolution combines the locking device with the chain.

The portability and efficiency of the Evolution Mini make it an ideal lock for college. In addition, the Evolution Mini is a sturdy lock that minimizes theft cases in high-risk environments such as colleges.

Defeating the Evolution with angle grinders is an uphill task to the vandals. Why so? The links are not stationary; hence they move around, making it difficult for a blade to find a grip.

Features Of The Kryptonite Evolution Mini

1. Disc Cylinder

The disc-like cylinder is designed to provide your bike with optimal security. Trying to pick the lock is futile as the cylinder is pick-resistant.

2. Manganese Steel

The 10mm hexagonal chain links made from 3T Manganese ensures that your bike is not vulnerable to theft attacks.

3. End Link Design

The end links pends and locks the chain to the deadbolt minimizing vulnerability.

4. Dustcover

The lock has a sliding dust cover that protects the cylinder from dust, subsequently prolonging its life.

The Pros And Cons Of The Kryptonite Mini

1. Less weight.

2. Durable.

3. Portable.


1. Less secure as compared to U-Locks

2. Easy Portability: Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock 

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The Hiplok Gold is an easily portable bike lock, making it ideal for securing your bike at college. The chain consists nylon clip and hook. It also has a loop waist adjuster that makes it possible to fit in your waist.

Features Of The Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock

1. Hardened Steel Shackle And 10mm Hardened Steel Chain

The lock consists of a 12mm hardened steel shackle. The shackle minimizes theft cases since it is hard to defeat it.

The Lock’s chain is also 10mm hardened steel, further enhancing your bike’s safety.

2. Reflective Outer Sleeve

The shackles of this lock are encased in reflective nylon that is removable for washing. The reflective nylon improves visibility at night.

The Pros And Cons Of The Hiplok Gold Wearable

1. Easily portable.

2. Long-lasting.


1. It can’t fit waist size 30 and below.

3. Best Budget: Hiplok Spin Chain Lock

No products found.

The Hiplok Spin is another ideal option bike lock for college. It features a 6mm hardened steel that works well to deter vandals from attempting theft.

Like the Gold Wearable, this lock is also worn around the waist, and it is comfortable to wear on tiny waists. It fits perfectly on several waist sizes ranging from size 26 inches to 44 inches.

The chain fits your hook with the help of an adjustable hook and loop closure.

Features Of The Hiplok Spin

1. Hardened Steel Chain And Hardened Shackle

Although the hardened steel chain and shackle are narrower, they are sufficient to keep thieves from attempting to possess your bike.

2. Adjustable Hook And Loop Closure

These two features work together to give a secure fit of the chain lock to your waist while you are riding around.

Pros And Cons Of The Hiplok Spin

1. Durable.

2. Portable.

3. Relatively cheaper.


1. It is easily compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is My Bike Secure If I lock It?

The truth is, no lock can defeat a determined crook. All that is needed to defeat the best lock is a set of special tools that are easily accessible. However, if you use a good lock in your bike, more so in a public place like a college, you will minimize the chances of theft.

2. How Do I Determine The Best Bike Lock For College?

All options discussed above are best. Picking the right one is an individual taste, and of course, the price can enable you to determine which option fits you well.

3. Do I Get Warranty When Purchasing The Best Bike Locks For College?

Yes, you get more than a warranty. Companies such as Kryptonite offer to compensate you back if your bike is stolen while using their lock.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bike Lock For College

Purchasing the best bike lock will be an easy task if you consider the tips given below;

1. The Thickness Of The Lock

Most bike thieves use bolt cutters to bypass your bike lock. Cable and lightweight locks can’t protect your bike effectively since they are easily compromised.

To ensure your bike’s safety while you are attending lectures, go for thick locks instead of thin ones.

2. The Size And Dimension Of The Lock

The size and dimension of your lock determine how and where you can secure your bike. So, decide how you want your bike to be secured, and this will guide you to choose the suitable size.

3. Brand Of The Lock

The best way to acquire the right lock for your bike is by identifying a brand that uses quality metal and excellent internal locking components that are hard to compromise. However, you should be careful since some brands don’t offer the quality they claim on their products.

Don’t be deceived with pricing. You might go for an expensive lock and be disappointed with how inefficient it is.

4. Parking Location

The location you use to park your bike will play a vital role in determining the type of bike lock you will buy. If the place is less secure, you will go for a top-quality lock and vice versa.


Choosing The best bike locks for college is so vital. However, you should not take it for granted since your bike’s safety depends on the type of lock you select. No lock is indeed full theft-proof, but the right lock will minimize cases of theft.

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