A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Bike Shops In Palo Alto, California

Are you a bike enthusiast from Palo Alto stranded about the best bike shop to purchase new wheels or take your cycle for repair work? Don’t stress yourself. There are decent cycle shops in Palo Alto to take care of all residents of Santa Clara county. It is no secret that not all bike shops are reliable. A good cycle store must ensure that all clients are satisfied with their products and services.

Why Should I Choose The Best Bike Shop?

Why Should I Choose The Best Bike Shop

There is a notion amongst us that the best shops offer their products and services at high-end prices. However true this might be, the best bike shops are not necessarily expensive considering the services provided. It is wise to source your new bike from a decent and reputable shop with well-trained personnel. If the personnel have the technical know-how of the cycle, nothing can go wrong as you get information about the product. You also might get assembly services for free from the shop’s qualified technician.

If you are new in Palo Alto and desire to purchase new wheels or repair your bike, and you don’t know where to go, don’t panic. We are here to hold your hand and guide you towards the best bike shops in the Palo Alto area of the USA. On this page, we have chosen to explore some of the finest bike shops in your area of interest and inform you in detail about their services. Read on!

The 4 Best Bike Shops In Palo Alto

The 4 Best Bike Shops In Palo Alto

There are numerous bike shops in Palo Alto that offer excellent services. However, we have vetted some of them and singled out the following 4 as the best:

1. Palo Alto Bicycles Shop

The Palo Alto Bike shop lives up to its mantra, “It’s Never Been a Better Time to Ride!” It was founded in 1930 and had been providing excellent services to bikers ever since. If you search for the best cycle brands, the Palo Alto bicycle shop is ideal for you. You can choose to purchase your bike either online or in-store.

This shop sells a variety of bike brands ranging from Trek, BMC, Surly to Electra bikes. If you desire to acquire decent riding apparel and a bike helmet, the Palo Alto shop is your one-stop bike shop that offers all riding gear at affordable prices.

Whether you wish to buy a road bike, mountain bike, cruiser, a BMX, a hybrid, fitness, or children’s bike, find them all at Palo Alto.

Other notable services provided by the Palo Alto bicycle shop include bike trade-in, bike fitting, and bike repair.

If your desire is to know more about the Palo Alto bike shop or do online purchasing, find them at https://www.paloaltobicycles.com/

2. Mike’s Bikes Of Palo Alto 

The mike’s Bikes of Palo Alto shop is a decent cycle shop with ample parking area for its customers.

The shop deals with a wide variety of wheels, including road bikes, electric bikes, kids’ bikes, and mountain bikes. Some of the notable brands to expect in this shop include Electra, Specialized, BMC, Santa Cruz, NS, and Salsa bikes.

The joy of purchasing a bike from the best shop is that the assembly and tune-up of your road machine are done with a qualified store technician. At Mike’s bike store, your bike will be tuned by the best hands, and you will ride away with satisfaction.

If you wish to assemble your newly acquired bike on your own, the shop provides you with an assembly or re-assembly instruction manual to guide you through the process.

Mike’s bikes of Palo Alto shop take care of their customers by providing free tech clinics every Tuesday.

For more information concerning this shop, check them out at 433 W Middlefield Rd Palo Alto, CA 94303, or https://mikesbikes.com/pages/palo-alto

3. The Cardinal Bike Shop 

The cardinal bike store is a unique shop that sells a variety of decent bikes to its customers. The store’s address is 1955 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306, and it is open all days apart from Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Its doors open from 10 am to 6 pm.

You will find excellent women’s bikes, commuter bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and road bikes at this popular store. 

The added benefit of shopping at the cardinal bicycle store is a one-stop cycle store that sells biking apparel, gear, bike parts and components, and all other accessories associated with cycles.

The store is renowned for providing custom build bikes and its exceptional bike repair services. You can buy in-store or online. Check out the shop at https://www.cardinalbikes.com/

4. Summit Bicycles Store

The final shop on our list is the Summit Bicycle Store. This shop specializes in commuter and electric bikes. Besides their line of specialization, the store also sells mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, road bikes, and gravel bikes.

According to the shop’s website, their best-selling products are Santa Cruz Stigmata Force AXS 650B, Electra Loft 7D Step-Thru, Trek Slash 9.7, and Trek Checkpoint SL 6.

The store’s address is 392 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306. The store opens its doors all days of the week from 11:00 Am to 5:00 Pm.

Suppose you need a bike repair shop; the Summit’s experienced technicians will sort you out. For those craving to test a new model, the summit comes to your aid with its bike rental services. You can check the store online at https://www.summitbicycles.com/page.cfm?pageid=382

What Do I Consider Before Selecting A Bike?

Your newly acquired cycle is a worthy investment. Before buying, please consider the following:

Frame: Ensure the quality of the frame used to construct the bike is sturdy and lightweight. Aluminum and carbon frames are among the best frames with an extended lifespan.

Purpose: Different bikes are for various functions. If you want a commuting bike, the road bike is an ideal choice, but if you require an off-road bike, you better go for a mountain bike.

Budget: Before choosing your next bike, ensure it is within your financial reach.

The Bottom Line

In California, the residents of Palo Alto have numerous bike stores where they can buy good bikes and take their faulty ones for repair. However, the shops listed on this page are among the best in the area. Visit any of them, but remember to consider some of the highlighted factors before buying your next bike.


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