Best Bike To Learn To Wheelie

What is a Wheelie? A wheelie is a stunt that enthusiastic bikers do with their bikes. It involves lifting the front half of a cycle with handlebars and riding using the rear wheel only. The trick is popular among both established riders and newbies who need to prove a point in the riding industry.

Riding your bike is fun, but you will not test enough fun until you master a stunt or two. For example, doing a wheelie is a joy to every rider. If you have not mastered the skill set, you need to select the best bike to learn to wheelie, go out there and master the trick.

The best bike to run to wheelie is not any other ordinary bike that you ride in your neighborhood. Bicycles designed to do wheelies must feature a shorter chain-stay, compact wheel, strategically positioned saddle, and exceptional stability.

As much as wheelies are fun to do, they can also assist you in climbing hilly terrains or bypass obstacles. However, mastering a wheelie is not an overnight event. It is time-consuming; hence you require the best bike for wheelies to practice and master the skill.

Regardless of whether you are a master or learning the wheelies, you have no other option but to identify the best bike for the purpose.

Determining the right bike to learn to wheelie is as daunting as the art of learning the skill of doing wheelies. However, with the guide on this page, you can choose the best bike and focus on learning the stunts.

List Of The Best Bikes To Learn To wheelie







A Comparison Chart Of The Best Bikes To Learn To Wheelie

BikeFrame MaterialBraking SystemDrivetrain
Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike
Mechanical Disc Braking System
Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike    Two options(Steel & Aluminum)Two Options(Linear-Pull & Disc)
Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike
Dual MechanicalDisc Braking System
Savadeck Carbon Mountain BikeToray T800 Carbon FiberHydraulic Disc Brake SystemShimano M200 Derailleur System
Diamondback Bikes Overdrive Hardtails Mountain Bike
Carbon Fiber
Shimano M315 Hydraulic Disc BrakesSRAM NX Single-Ring 11-Speed
Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike  
TIG-Welded Steel Frame
Alloy Caliper front and Linear pull Brakes

The 8 Best Bikes To Learn To Wheelie

1. Best Design: Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

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The Mongoose bikes are well known for their exceptional performance in mountain biking. In the same breath, the Mongoose switchback is ranked the best bike to learn to wheelie. Performing riding stunts with the Mongoose Switchback is highly recommended because the bike is durable, sturdy, and is made of high-quality components.

Furthermore, the Switchback comes in four different styles of three different frame sizes. So if you are searching for a bike that conforms to your flair, the Mongoose Switchback is worthy of sampling out.  

Features Of The Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

1. Aluminum Frame

The Mongoose Adult Mountain Bike comes with a tectonicT1 aluminum frame. The frame is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. The bike is reliable for performing stunts due to the aluminum frame’s ability to withstand complex maneuvers without bending. Additionally, the frame is rust-proof.

2. Braking System

All mongoose bikes have a superb mechanical disk braking system. The brakes perform exceptionally in all-weather situations, and they demand less effort to attain stopping power. When biking or performing stunts, the brakes always come to your aid when called upon. 

3. Tires And Rims

The Switchback comes with wide tires that provide smooth rides. The tires measuring 27.5 Inches affords you balance and stability when performing a wheelie with your bike.

Learning to wheelie becomes easier when riding the Switchback since it also features rims with an aluminum double-wall enclosure. The rim enables the bike to endure rough rides, wheelies inclusive.

4. Internal Cable Routing

The internal cable routing in the Switchback ensures that your bike’s wires are rust-free, thus enhancing safety standards. Apart from rust protection, the internal cable routing gives the Mongoose Switchback an appealing design.


1. Durable aluminum frame.

2. Appealing design due to internal routing.

3. Good for speed.

4. Suitable for wheelies.

5. Excellent braking system.

6. Comfortable riding for an extended period.

7. It provides flexibility.


1. The seat is a bit uncomfortable.


The Mongoose Switchback has all that is required of a bike for learning wheelies. It is a reliable bike that will not disappoint while you are learning to wheelie.

2. Best Budget: Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

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If you are learning to wheelie, the Schwinn High Timber is a cheap alternative of the bikes to choose from. The bike is stable and efficient to the point of making wheelies effortless as it ensures your protection.

Features Of The Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

1. Frame

The Bike comes with a sturdy frame constructed from steel. Due to the top-notch quality of the frame, the High Timber performs wheelies effortlessly, as the steel structure will not cave in. durability of the bike is unquestionable. Steel is renowned for its long-lasting and rust resistance abilities.

2. Suspension Fork

The High Timber is worth a mention at the biker’s dining table, thanks to the excellent quality of the suspension fork that absorbs shocks and jolts during bumpy rides, affording you a smooth and effortless ride.

The efficiency of the suspension fork makes the bike suitable for riders wishing to learn how to wheelie.

3. Wheels

The High Timber boasts a 27.5-inch wheel size. The size of the wheel adds to the lightweight of the bike; hence acceleration is achieved effortlessly. Moreover, your 27.5-inch wheel is suitable when learning to wheelie, as you will be trying and practicing the stunts effortlessly.

4. Braking System

The bike is equipped with alloy V brakes that are reliable when bringing the bike to a stop. The alloy V brakes are efficient in any terrain during dry weather, but they might disappoint you during wet conditions. 

5. Padded Saddle

Are you worried about fatigue and saddle soreness? With the High timber, you will worry no more. The saddle is well Padded and improved with sufficient cushioning to give you added comfort when riding on rough terrains. Furthermore, cushioning plays a vital role in protecting you while practicing wheelies.

6. Drivetrain

SRAM gripped gear with 21 gears is the signature of the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike. The gears might be limiting, but you should keep in mind that the bike is for casual riding.


1. Steady gearing.

2. Easy to maintain.

3. Strong construction.

4. Lightweight.

5. Durable.

6. Excellent stability and control.


1. A few components are substandard.

Final Verdict

The sturdiness of the High Timber combines with the superior stability of the wheels to make the bike a suitable beast for learning how to wheelie. Additionally, the knobby tires fitted to the bike are a plus for your practice.

3. Best For Stability: Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

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The Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain bike is a 24-speed bike perfect for wheelie practicing for beginners. The machine boasts a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame that improves its durability and stability.

Features Of The Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

1. Frame & Fork

The wheelie boasts a sturdy yet lightweight 17-Inch aluminum frame that provides comfort when riding or practicing wheelies. In addition, durability is guaranteed by the superior and rust-free aluminum frame. Finally, it should not be lost that the Schwinn suspension fork excellently absorbs shocks and vibrations resulting from rough trails, ensuring smooth riding.

Schwinn is confident of the strength of their frame to the extent of offering you five years warranty when you purchase Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike.

2. Braking System

The stopping power of the bike’s braking system is unquestionable. In addition, the Bonafide comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes to both the rear and front wheels. The disc brakes give the rider complete control of the bike regardless of the terrain.

3. Drivetrain

The Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike’s gears are easily shifted. The bike features a fantastic 24-speed with Shimano EZ fire trigger shifter. Shimano derailleurs are also featured in both rear and front wheels to enhance smooth and effortless shifting.

4. Wheels

The bike’s rims are double-walled to improve sturdiness and durability. In addition, rims are made of alloy, a strong material that perseveres diverse terrains. 

The tires fitted to the wheels have optimal traction, courtesy of the unique tread design they possess. Additionally, these tires are wide enough to afford you stability whenever you are practicing the wheelies.


1. The bike is durable.

2. The bike requires little maintenance.

3. The bike is fast and controllable.

4. Appealing design.

5. The bike is stable.

6. Comfortable to ride regardless of the drivetrain.


1. Difficult to assemble.


The bike is equipped with excellent features that make it efficient, though not all riders will be comfortable with the Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. Expert riders opt for more advanced options that are performance-oriented.

4. Excellent Hydraulic Braking System: Savadeck Carbon Mountain Bike

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 If you desire to learn and perform hardcore stunts like a wheelie, then the Savadek Carbon Mountain Bike is your machine of choice. The bike is lightweight and exceptionally stable, making it ideal for beginners to try their wheelie stunts. In addition, the bike’s sturdy frame withstands whichever punishment has been thrown in its way, and that is why newbies can use it to learn how to wheelie with confidence.

Features Of The Savadeck Carbon Mountain Bike

1. Frame 

The Toray T800 makes the frame of the Savadeck Carbon Mountain Bike one of the lightest in the market. Though the frame is lightweight, it is sufficiently strong to withstand harsh conditions, courtesy of the top-notch construction quality and the combination of best parts and fittings. In addition, the frame is durable and rust-resistant.

2. Drivetrain

Riding the Savadeck Carbon Mountain Bike is a fantastic experience, thanks to the superior Shimano M200 DEORE 3 by 95 derailleur system that includes a Shimano ALTUS FD-M2000 for both front and rear wheels. The system makes riding an effortless adventure and gives you comfort as you focus on your riding.

3. Braking System

This bike features a complete Shimano BD-MT200 Hydraulic disc brake system that provides smooth stoppage regardless of the terrain. The braking system guarantees you ultimate control over the cycle, whether you are riding or practicing wheelies. 

4. Fork Suspension

Even though the bike is expensive, its hydraulic fork suspension is pure value for your money. The suspension allows the rider to experience an out-of-this-world ride as well as exceptional stunting. Practicing a wheelie on this bike will give you a feel like none other. 

5. Internal Cable Routing

The internal cable routing featured by the bike provides sufficient airflow throughout the whole cycle and works hand in hand with the disc brake to enhance the bike’s stopping power.


1. Smooth stopping power.

2. Ultra-lightweight.

3. Easy to use by both genders.

4. The bike is sturdy.

5. Features Shimano’s high-quality parts.


1. The bike is pricy.

Final Verdict

The bike might be pricy, but it is one of the most robust cycles in the market. Everything in the Savadeck has been given a touch of precision to ensure that you are afforded comfort regardless of the terrain you choose to do your riding. In addition, the frame structure provides stability; thus, even if you have never done wheelies before, you can try learning them on this bike with confidence.

5. Best Tubeless Wheels: Diamondback Bikes Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

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Without any doubt, the Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike is the king of doing wheelies. It is a lightweight bike, courtesy of the complete body carbon frame. The Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike features make it the ultimate choice for newbies to train to wheelie, as the body of the bike can withstand harsh conditions without compromising the rider’s safety.

Features Of The Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

1. Fork

The fork of the Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bikes is a sight to marvel. You will experience a smooth and flexible ride, courtesy of the RockShox Reco gold RL fork plus on-the-fly Lockout control. This fork does an excellent job of absorbing shocks and vibrations to afford a smooth non-eventful ride.

2. Frame

The cycle boasts a carbon fiber on its entire body frame. Apart from enhancing performance, speed, and precision, the frame improves the rider’s comfort level. Although the carbon frame is lightweight, it is robust to the extent of accepting complex stunts like practicing to wheelie without complaint. You can punish the bike all you want, but it will not bend.

3. Tubeless Tires

The Overdrive Hardtail comes with versatile wheels measuring 29 inches, and they can roll on any terrain, be they rocky, bumpy, or smooth. Additionally, the much-hyped tires of the bike are tubeless, with a strong well designed exterior rubber that provides smoothness and traction.

4. Braking System

The signature braking system of the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike consists of Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes that are famed for their precision. The brakes provide you with complete control of the bike while practicing to wheelie.

5. Drivetrain

The bike features SRAM NX Single-Ring 11-Speed drivetrain, making it easier to shift gears even to beginners.


1. Well-adjusted brakes.

2. Remarkable graphics on the finishing.

3. Quick and easy assembling process.

4. Versatile wheels that can ride on any surface.

5. Easy control regardless of the speed.

6. Efficient and durable.

7. Suitable for practicing how to wheelie.


1. Comes with uncomfortable seats.

Final Verdict

Despite the uncomfortable original seat, you can change to your customized seat and enjoy the bike’s versatility. In addition, this bike is optimally cushioned to protect you as you try learning how to wheelie.

6. Best For Stunts: Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike

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Razor Nebula is a bike designed for learning Wheelies. The cycle is extra-tough and durable; hence whatever you throw on its way, it will accept it without further ado. The Razor Nebula BMX is sure to survive wear and tear associated with wheelies and other stunts. The designers of the Nebula BMX purposely engineered this beast for freestyling, meaning wheelies and other tricks are what it was engineered for.

Features Of The Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike

1. TIG-Welded Steel Frame & Fork

The robust frame and fork absorb shocks on impact to ensure a smooth ride as you attempt your stunts. In addition, the bike’s body is strong to endure whatever punishment you have in store for it. Most stunts exhaust bikes, but not the Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike. Additionally, your bike’s high-tensile Razor freestyle frame and fork are durable and flexible.

2. Wheels 

The forever enduring Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike comes with 20-Inch wheels featuring pegs and a freestyle rotor that rotates 360 degrees. The 20-Inch tires fitted into the bike’s wheels provide optimal speed and traction.

3. Braking System

The bike is equipped with both the front and rear braking system to efficiently assist you in mastering the art of pulling stunts at will.

4. Drivetrain

Without any doubt, The Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike is the easiest bike to ride as you learn your stunts. The bike uses a single-speed drivetrain which offers comfort to those riders who find it hard to shift gears while riding. 


1. The frame is vital to handle obstacles.

2. 360-degree rotation.

3. Offers a comfortable ride.


1. Questionable durability.

Final Verdict

The Razor Nebula’s durability might be questionable, but it is the best bike for newbies to learn to wheelie. In addition, it will sustain the punishment most learners throw to bikes when mastering the skill of doing wheelies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Suitable Bike Types For Learning To Wheelie?

The best bike types for learning wheelies are mountain bikes and BMX bikes. However, BMX is second to none. They simplify the tricks for you because they are designed for enduring punishment.

How Dangerous Are The Wheelies?

Like any other stunt, wheelies may pose safety challenges, more especially when you are a newbie. So always wear protective gear when pulling out wheelies.

Can Wheelies Damage My Bike?

Doing wheelies the right way will do minor damage to your bike. However, if you are a newbie learning the ropes, be sure that your bike will receive some punishment resulting in severe damages.

How Can I Do A Wheelie On My Bike?

Doing a wheelie is not as simple as it appears. To pull the stunt requires practice and patience. However, you can try doing a wheelie by lifting the front half of your bike using the handlebars and move forward using your hind wheel only.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bike To Learn To Wheelie

Performing wheelies demand that your bike should be in perfect shape. Given below are some of the areas to pay attention to when selecting the best bike that you will use to learn how to wheelie;

1. Rear Brakes

The excellent rear brake is a must when selecting a bike that you will use to master wheelies. Although the emphasis is put on the rear brakes, handlebar brakes are also recommended.

2. Weight

The best bike to learn to wheelie should be lightweight. Lightweight bicycles reach maximum speeds with ease, hence improving the bike’s portability. BMX bikes are light, and their design favors them to pull stunts without damaging the bike itself.

3. Excellent Gears

Gears should shift smoothly to enable smooth transitioning. Additionally, effortless transitioning will aid you when shifting from riding to wheelies.

4. Drivetrain

Remember that your drivetrain will be subjected to wears and tears whenever you are performing wheelies. So when choosing the best bike for learning how to wheelie, select the one with a durable drivetrain.


Pulling stunts with your bike is fun. Doing wheelies is among the best stunts when adequately mastered. To master the trick, you need the best bike beside you. The bikes discussed on this page are among the best for pulling such stunts. Follow the guide and choose the one that will meet your demands. 

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