What Are The Best Bike Under $100 in 2021? (Reviews, Comparisons & Factors To Consider)

Finding a decent bike under $100 is no easy task. The market is awash with several cheap bikes to an extent it becomes difficult to single out which one will be ideal for your kid. Most bicycles under this price tag are not of superior quality. In short, it is hard to recommend bikes in this price range since they mostly befall under the kid’s category. However, due to the budget constraints of some parents who desire to purchase a bike for their little ones, we have gone out of our way and tested quite a number of them.

Singling out the few that stood out was not a walk in the park. Sometimes it is hard to get a genuine evaluation from an overexcited testing kid. Still, we observed and listened to a few kid testers who gave a genuine opinion concerning the ease of handling the bike, balancing, and comfort. The bikes listed below emerged the best out of the rest.

List Of The Best Bikes Under $100

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A Comparison Chart Of The Best Bikes Under $100

          Bike    Weight        Frame    Seat Height    Drivetrain
Petimini kids bike for Boys & Girls.
    21 Inches

Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike.


22.25 Inches

Kids Bike 12 14 16 Inch Children Bike.


23.5 Inches

JOYSTAR Neo Kids Bike
High-Tensile Steel
41 Inches
JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike                23lbs  High-Tensile Steel.41 InchesSingle-Speed
Cycmoto Hawk Boys Bike
High-Tensile Steel20.5 InchesSingle-Speed

The 6 Best Bikes Under $100

1. Petimini kids bike for Boys & Girls.

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 If you are searching for the best bike under $100, the Petimin kid’s bike is one of the options worth considering. The bike comes with a durable steel freestyle frame and features training wheels that aid kids in achieving stability. The bike comes with either a 14-inch or 16-inch wheel, and it features front adjustable hand brakes. A 14-inch bike weighs 19lbs, while a 16-inch weighs 21lbs. the front brake caliper lever is crafted from aluminum and is adjustable to the desired level. 

All features of the Petimini ensure the security of your kids while they are training to ride. The bike has various colors, including blue, green, pink, and silver.

Features Of The Petimini Kids Bike

1. Steel Freestyle Frame

The bike comes with a sturdy carbon steel frame that enhances the stability of your kid’s bike. It is easy for kids to hop on and off the bike due to the design of the frame. The bike’s frame is not only strong and supportive to your kid but the steel material used in its construction is long-lasting, hence the bike’s durability.

2. Brakes 

The bike uses coaster brakes that are easy for kids to master. This braking system requires back-pedaling to initiate the stopping power. Safety is further enhanced by easy to reach hand brake levers that work efficiently for kids ready to take control of the bike’s speed. The combination of coaster brakes and the front hand brake levers will never put the young ones in harm’s way.

3. Shock-Proof Saddle

The bike boasts a wide shock-saddle that ensures optimal comfort to the kids. The wide saddle’s comfort is superior to the traditional narrow saddle primarily used on kids’ bikes. Additionally, this saddle comes in a beautiful brown faux leather that matches the accompanying grips.

The seat of the Petimini is adjustable to the desired level that will afford comfort to the kids while riding.

6. Wheels

There are two variations of wheel size in this bike, namely, the 14-inch and 16-inch. Both versions come with wheel reflectors in the front and rear wheels. Your kid’s stability is paramount; hence the bike is fitted with fat tires to enhance balancing. The bike further features removable training wheels that help kids when learning to cycle.

7. Handlebars

The handlebars offer various adjustable height ranges. The height of a 14-inch bike can be adjusted between 25.6” to 27.2 inches, while the 16-inch ranges between 27.2” to 29.3 inches.

8. Chain guards

The bike includes a protective chainguard that prevents the little ones from harming themselves.

9. Assembly

The bike is delivered with 85% assembly intact, and essential assembly tools are provided.


1. The bike is durable.

2. It is safe for kids.

3. Better braking system.

4. The bike is affordable.

5. Wide wheels provide excellent stability and traction.

6. Training wheels provides confidence to young riders when learning to pedal.


1. Not suitable for kids above 7 years.


The petimini kid’s bike is an affordable bike that is best for training young ones how to cycle. The bike is long-lasting, meaning the kids will keep on cycling until they outgrow it.

2. Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike.

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The Dynacraft Magna kids bike comes with 16-inch wheels and a padded handlebar that adds comfort when steering the wheel. Wheels are fitted with knobby tires that offer exceptional traction and stability. For added stability to the young ones, the bike comes with removable training wheels that support the kid.

Durability is assured with the Magna Kids bike, thanks to the sturdy and lightweight frame used in its construction.

The bike is ideal for boys aged between 2 and 5 years but can be used by a 6year kid depending on his height.

The features found on this bike make it a contender in the best bikes under $100 currently in the market.

Features Of The Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike

1. Steel Frame

A frame is a vital part of the bike. The durability of any bike depends on its frame; hence the Magna kid’s bike is constructed with a sturdy steel frame. The frame is lightweight but brings stability and balance to young boys when trying to master one or two tricks while learning to bike.

2. Coaster Brakes

The bike features coaster brakes which are accessible for young masters to grasp how they function. While riding, the kid needs to pedal backward to stop the bike. Braking is efficient, thus safety to your kid. One admirable thing about the coaster braking system is that it doesn’t require constant maintenance.

3. Wheels

The Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike features 16-inch lightweight wheels synonymous with their strength and durability. The wheels are fitted with knobby treaded tires that provide stability to young riders. Additionally, the tires have excellent traction that combines with the coaster brakes to improve the safety of the little ones.

Further stability and confidence are provided by the detachable training wheels attached to the rear of the bike. The training wheels enable young kids to learn about cycling with ease.

4. Padded Handlebars

The handlebars of the Dynacraft Magna kids’ bike are padded to comfort the young boys while learning what it takes to ride.

5. Rigid Suspension

The bike also features a rigid suspension.

6. Chain Guards

Your little kids are safeguarded from accidentally harming themselves by the chain guard that seals off the chain from easy reach.


1. The bike is cheap.

2. Exceptional traction afforded by knobby treaded tires.

3. High-quality construction materials, thus enhanced durability.

4. Optimal stability for kids.

5. Excellent stopping power.

6. Stable rides with confidence.


1. Limited to age 6 and below.


The Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike is suitable for young boys, and it has every feature that will help bring out boyish characteristics. Young masters who are daring enough will learn how to pull a trick or two using this bike. At a cost below 100 USD, this bike is a bargain.

3. Kids Bike 12-Inch Children Bike.

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The kids bike 12-inch children’s bike is an ideal bike for beginners. The bike is suitable for both boys and girls, and it helps them exercise to promote their sports abilities. Like all kid’s bikes, this product comes with detachable training wheels that help transition the kids to bigger bikes.

At less than 100 USD, this bike has comfy adjustable seats and handlebars that enhance performance. Kids are also protected by a chain guard that ensures that their hands, legs, and garments don’t contact the chain.

Features Of The Kids Bike 12-Inch Children Bike

1. Sturdy BMX Frame

The bicycle features a sturdy BMX frame crafted from steel. The sturdiness of the construction material provides much-needed stability to the kids when they are learning to bike. Steel is renowned for its ability to resist rust and longevity; hence, its durability is extended. The strength of the 12-inch frame can support kids aged between 2 to 4 years.

2. Brakes

Regardless of how good the bike is, safety always counts on the efficiency of the braking system. This bike’s braking system uses a rear coaster, which pedals backward to exert the stopping force. Coaster brakes require minimal maintenance, and they can take a lot of punishment but remain intact. 

3. Wheels

Although there are 14″ and 16″ variations, this bike boasts a 12-inch wheel that is fitted with thickened wear resistance rubber tires.

4. Suspension

The bike comes equipped with front and rear suspension, meaning that your kid is cushioned from impacts. Pumps and jolts get neutralized by the suspension system. 

5. Seat And Handlebars

One positive aspect of this bike is that it grows with your kid. The seat and the handlebars are adjustable to the desired height. The seat features a quick-release feature that assists in effortless adjustment.

6. Chain Guard

The chain guard feature helps protect young riders from messing with the chain, which might end up dirtying their clothes, or worse, still hurt them. 


1. Excellent stability.

2. The bike is durable.

3. The bike offers a comfortable riding experience, courtesy of a full suspension system.

4. Wheels offer optimal traction.

5. Better stopping power.

6. Affordable.


1. Limited to 4 years and below.


The kids bike 12-inch children bike ticks all the boxes of the best bike under $100. It is the perfect wheel to transition your young ones into real biking. However, when choosing, don’t restrict yourself to the age set. Also, consider the height of your kid.

4. JOYSTAR Neo Kids Bike

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The JOYSTAR Neo Bike is an affordable bike retailing below 100 USD. It comes strongly regarded among the best in the under $100 price tag. This bike brings joy to kids when learning how to transition to bigger bikes.

The bike’s frame is crafted from high-tensile steel, a material renowned for being strong yet lightweight. The JOYSTAR Neo kids bike is a durable bike that will grow with your kid. Young kids find it fun and comfortable to train with this bike.

Features Of The JOYSTAR Neo Kids Bike

1. High-Tensile Steel Frame and Fork

The strength of a bike relies solely on the type of frame used in its construction. The Neo kids bike is built by a sturdy frame crafted from high-tensile steel, which is non-corrosive. The ability of the frame to resist rusting enhances the durability of the bike. Additionally, the frame provides excellent support to kids ranging from 4-7 years, and it can withstand any abuse associated with kids without wearing out.

The fork attached to a sturdy frame offers excellent impact resistance as the young heroes embark on exploring unchartered terrains.

2. Wheels

The bike is a 16-inch wheeler fitted with resistance rubber tires. The rim is sturdy to ride in multiple terrains without giving in, while the tires have optimal traction regardless of the surface. Accompanying the bike are the detachable training wheels that support and boost the morale of the little ones as they focus on cycling.

3. Braking System

Besides the rear coaster brake, the bike also boasts a front caliper brake, ensuring double safety. The bike exhibits optimal stopping power irrespective of the riding surface. The functioning of the two braking systems is achieved by hand pull if you are applying the frontal hand brake or by pedaling backward when applying the rear coaster brake.

4. Saddle And Seat

The seat is adjustable to conform to the height of the riding kid, and it is designed to offer comfort as the kid focuses on conquering the terrains.

5. Drivetrain

Thanks to the simple single-speed drivetrain, this bike has minimal maintenance cost compared to multi-speed bikes.

6. Assembly

The task of completing 15% of bike assembly rests on your shoulders. The bike is usually 85% assembled before delivery. The assembling tools are inclusive of the delivered package.


1. The bike is affordable.

2. Dependable braking system.

3. Optimal stability.

4. Dependable traction.

5. Highly durable.

6. The tires have maximum traction.


1. It is restricted to the 4-7yeas age group.


The JOYSTAR Neo Kids Bike is an excellent bike retailing at under $100. It brings joy, fun, and comfort to the young bikers as they learn to ride. Irrespective of how the youngsters will treat the bike, it will survive to provide another ride when required.

5. JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike

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The Whizz Kids Bike is a fantastic bike featuring stable pneumatic tires and a high-tensile steel frame. The frame’s exceptional quality sets the bike apart from others in the same category. This under $100 bike comes with an ergonomic seat that provides comfort to the little ones as they seek to master riding skills.

Features Of The JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike

1. High-Tensile Steel Frame And Fork

The high-tensile steel is a standout feature of this bike. As is the norm, the frame defines the quality of the bike. The one featured on this bike is lightweight, providing kids with an opportunity to maneuver the bike quickly. Besides the frame is lightweight, it is also rust-free, meaning that its longevity is extended. 

The fork attached to the frame impressively disperses impacts, affording young riders a comfortable ride they will remember for long.

2. Wheels

The bike comes with a sturdy 12-inch wheel fitted with resistance rubber off-road tires. The wheels offer unrivaled performance. The stability and traction of the tires are unmatched regardless of the prevailing weather situation or the terrain the young heroes choose to explore.

Optimal support is offered to the little ones by the removable training wheels that enable them to gain stability as they grasp the basics of cycling.

3. Braking System

Phenomenal stopping force is provided by a combination of frontal handbrake and rear coaster brake.

4. Drivetrain

The bike has a Single-Speed drivetrain that is easy to maintain.

5. Ergonomic Seat

The ergonomic seat featured on the Whizz Kids Bike provides what the kids crave, Comfort, a safe ride, and an exceptional riding experience.


1. Durable.

2. The bike is stable.

3. The bike provides excellent performance.

4. It is relatively cheaper.

5. It provides superior stopping force and better traction.


1. Restricted to age group 2-4years.


The JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike’s features make it uncontested 12-inch kids bike under $100.

6. Cycmoto Hawk Boys Bike

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Cycmoto Hawk Boys Bike is another contender in the list of best bikes under $100. The 14-inch bike boasts a sturdy yet lightweight frame crafted from durable high-tensile steel. It is designed for kids aged 3-5 years but can be ridden by a 6years kid depending on height. The tire featured on the Cycmoto is a 2.2125-inch pneumatic tire with excellent traction and stability.

Features Of Cycmoto Hawk Boys Bike

1. High-Tensile Steel Frame

A high-tensile, lightweight yet strong frame is the signature feature of this bike. The frame makes the Hawk Boys bike one of the best around.

Designed for boys aged 3 to 5 years, the Hawk boasts a full cover chain guard that guards young riders against dirtying or injuring themselves.

2. Braking System 

Your kid has an option of using either the frontal handbrake or the rear coaster brake to stop the bike when necessary. The combination of these two braking systems is meant to ensure the kids’ safety when they are out there on the terrains mastering riding skills.

3. Wheels

The 14-inch wheel size comes fitted with pneumatic tires that provide better traction irrespective of the terrain or weather condition. In addition, the bike arrives at your door with removable training wheels. The training wheels are essential when kids are learning to ride. They provide balance and stability, hence boosting the confidence of the little ones.

4. Adjustable Seat And Handlebars

The Hawk comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars. These two components are adjusted to the comfort of the kid. As the kid grows, you will readjust both to accommodate the new height.

5. Assembly

The bike is delivered 85% assembled. Your task is to complete the remaining 15%assembly, which consists of the front wheel, pedals, seat, and handlebars. The seller provides the essential tools used for assembling.


1. Affordable.

2. Durable.

3. Better traction.

4. Exceptional stability.


1. Confined to a select age group.


The Cycmoto Hawk Boys Bike provides optimal performance for kids regardless of whether they are learning to cycle or have mastered cycling skills. It is a worthy option comparing the price tag.

Factors Worth Considering When Buying The Best Bike Under $100

1. Durability

Before deciding which bike you will buy for your kid, ensure materials used in its construction are solid and non-corrosive—high-quality materials such as steel and aluminum last longer.

2. Bike Weight

Buy the right weight that your kid can maneuver. The weight should preferably be at most half the weight of the kid.

3. Design

Kids’ bikes come in three designs. Some designs conform with boys, others with girls, while some are unisex. Decide on the design you will settle for according to the kid’s gender and preference.

4. Age/Height Of The Kid

Different bike sizes are suitable for different ages and heights. Know the age and height of your kid before deciding on the right bike to carry home.

The Takeaway

If you desire to buy the best bike under $100, the information in this article will guide you to make a wise choice. Many bikes fall under this category, but not all will be suitable for you and your kid. Weigh carefully and settle on a bike that meets your demands.

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