6 Best Bodyboards (Boogie Boards) of 2021 – Top 6 Products to Buy

Bodyboarding, also known as boogie boarding is one of the most popular water sports in the world. Regardless of age and skill level, anyone can enjoy this water activity! Bodyboarding is quite similar, to surfing as you have a board in the water that you ride on. Though there are some notable differences that make bodyboarding more accessible water sports for people who are not confident enough to surf or want different experiences in the water.

In bodyboarding, a person sits flat on their stomach in a bodyboard and rides along the waves of the sea. The bodyboards are small compared to the surfboards. There are a lot of bodyboards available in the market to pick from. These boogie boards vary in size; build quality, price, etc. So there are a lot of things that you have to consider when it comes to purchasing the bodyboard. Therefore, we bring to you a few of the best backpack coolers to help you pick the perfect model.

Top Bodyboards in 2021 (Best Picks)

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6 Best Bodyboards of 2021  

My Top Picks of the Best Bodyboards of 2021

1.Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard

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Tom Morey was the inventor of the boogie board. The Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard is the first modern bodyboard, and it is a classic one. It has been in the market for over four decades, and it is one of the most recognizable bodyboards in the world.

The Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard has an excellent built quality. The body of this board is made of Dow polyethylene, and the power rod stringer is made from a dual composite carbon, which ensures high strength and exceptional wave riding performance.

The Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard can handle people up to 5 foot 10 inches and can hold up to 190 pounds of weight. The board is flexible and can handle various waves and styles of bodyboarding. Though many will find the price of this board a bit high but considering the durability and effectiveness, it worth the price.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Curved Tail design
  • Power rod stringer


  • A bit pricey

2.Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom

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In surfing, wipeout is a common issue that a surfer must deal with. During the wipeout, a surfer can get hurt, and sometimes the board can break, so it is wiser to have a durable board while boogie boarding. So if you are looking for durability, then Lucky Bums Body Board is the best choice for you.

This board has an excellent built quality. The board is made of EPS core and a high-density plastic bottom that makes it incredibly rigid and sturdy. The base of the Lucky Bums Body Board can stand all kinds of waves and wipeouts. It has a 60/40 rail system that gives you ultimate control.

The Lucky Bums Body Board is lightweight, making it easy to cart around. It has three sizes and four colors available in the market. The board comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. It indicates how well the quality of this bodyboards.


  • Strap on leash
  • Great durability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Begin wear and tear earlier than normal

3.OWN THE WAVE ‘Beach Attack Pack’ – Wave Weapon

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Own The Wave is a very renowned company that has a lot of experience making water sports products like SUPs and paddles. Their product ‘Beach Attack Pack’ is an excellent bodyboard with features like lightweight, strong EPS core build and riding control. So, people who are looking for the best value for their money, this boogie board will be the right choice for them.

This board has an excellent build quality, has a slick bottom surface that allows the surfer to gain top speed, and the crescent-shaped tail allows ultimate control through waves of all levels. This board is renowned for its durability, and it will last many seasons.

The board comes with a full 12 month 100% satisfaction guarantee! The package includes a bodyboard, board bag, a leash, and a set of fin tethers. The company also provides printed instructions on how to get the most out of your board and look after the board.


  • Lightweight & durable
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Crescent tail


  • Criticism about quality from the user

4. GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboard             

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GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboard has the most available sizes in the market compared to other boards, and they are one of the best bodyboards in the business. This board has a crescent tail and slick bottom that ensure speed and maneuverability while bodyboarding.

It has an exceptional built quality with a tough EPS foam core that confirms ultimate durability and strength. People who love to surf in the rough waves can trust this bodyboard completely as it is designed to perform well under presser. Moreover, this board has a heated laminated shell so that you can surf this bodyboard in both cold and warm water.

GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboard has 60/40 rails that give a surfer the firmness to stay buoyant through the rough waves and gain top speeds with minimal drag. The bodyboard comes with a leash to ensure your board stays close by if you fall off.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durability and strength
  • Perfect for warm and cold water


  • No warranty available

5.BPS Storm Bodyboard

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The BPS Storm Bodyboard is a very colorful board that is available in 3 sizes from 33” to 41”. So there is a size for every family member. The 33” board is perfect for surfer up to 65 lbs and 4’, where the 41” is perfect for surfers up to 190 lbs and 5’9” tall.

It is an amazing lightweight board with features like slick bottom surface, high-speed, crescent tail, bottom rear channels, and last but not the least EPS core built for superior performance! The BPS Storm Bodyboard has fin tethers that protect the fins from damage and ensure your board last for a longer period.

This bodyboard is available in 12 amazing colors with tons of options for the writing and graphics color! The package includes printed instructions on how to get the most out of your board and look after the board. Moreover, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month guarantee for any defects.


  • Lightweight and high speed
  • Swim fin tethers
  • Available in 12 colors


  • Lack of durability

6.Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

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If you are looking for an extremely durable bodyboard, then Bo-Toys Body Board will be the best bodyboard for you. The board is made of high-density polyethylene, which is complemented by an EPS core with Heat lamination Technology. All these built qualities make this board lightweight, rigid, and allow excellent maneuverability and speed. It has 60/40 rails that allow more control in the rough waves.

This is a very stylish bodyboard, and it is available in four colors; blue, red, green, and pink. The board has a leash to make sure it doesn’t get swept away from you. Moreover, the board comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So if you are not happy with your board then you can change the board with a new one or get refund!


  • EPS core with Heat lamination Technology
  • Water-resistant
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Lack of durability

How to Choose the Best Bodyboard – Buyers Guide

All the bodyboards on our list are worth the value, but you have to remember that there are considerable variations among bodyboards, and they work differently in different circumstances. So not every board will fulfill your requirements and worth the money. There are a few very important factors that you have to consider before buying the best boogie board.

Bodyboard Size

The size of the bodyboard is the most important thing that you must consider seriously before buying your board. Each boogie board has a specific shape that makes them able to ride waves. So if you buy a board that is small, then you will be low in the water. Your arms and legs will be hanging from the board. In contrast, if you have a large board compared to your height you will be having problems controlling it.

So you definitely want your board to match the size according to your height and weight. There is an indicator; if your arm is almost hanging straight at your side when you are carrying the board, then you have the correct size bodyboard. You can easily find out the appropriate size of the board; measure the distance between the ground and your belly button, and this is the length of the board you should consider. Don’t forget about the weight limit as it also plays a vital role while buying your board.

Wave Size

Different wave size has a different impact on bodyboard. Generally, for smaller waves, large bodyboards are best. A large bodyboard will give more stability and control in the water. The extra length will help you ride over the small waves very easily. Larger waves, on the other hand, require small boards. For large waves you will need more control and turning ability. Big boards are thrown around too much by big waves so that you will need the control and agility of a small bodyboard. If you are a beginner then you should start with small waves and large board. Once you have learned the basics then you can move onto large waves with small bodyboards.

Prone Vs. Drop-knee

Now that you have known the bodyboard size, it’s time to consider your board riding style. There are two main riding styles: prone and drop-knee. When you ride the board on your stomach, it’s prone style. In drop-knee style, you ride the board with one knee on the bodyboard and your other foot flat on the nose of the bodyboard.

Generally, the prone style is for beginners. So if you are a beginner, then you must buy a board that is suitable for prone style riding. Drop-knee style is more of an advanced style. This type of riding style is for experts. In drop-knee riding it is very hard to control the bodyboard. So make sure you choose a boogie board that is suitable for drop-knee style.

Built Quality

It is important to check the built quality of bodyboards as the materials used to make these bodyboards will determine how they will perform in the water and how long they will last. Normally bodyboards are made from two materials; polyethylene foam (PE) and polypropylene foam (PP). Boards made of polypropylene foam are stronger and lighter than the boards made of polyethylene foam. Polypropylene boards will cost more than the polyethylene boards, but the extra money is worth it in the long run. If you are serious about bodyboarding, then you should buy polypropylene boards as it will be stronger, lighter, and last long.


Stringer is a piece of material on the board that creates extra flex and stiffness to the best bodyboard. Stringer makes bodyboard more durable. Stringer is mostly available in large bodyboards as it keeps the large board’s integrity and strength high. Make sure strings are made of durable materials and come as one single piece as this part of your board is going to take the impact of the damage.

Tail & Rocker

The Tail of the bodyboard has a great impact on how the board will perform. There are two types of board tail; they are crescent & bat tail. The crescent is the more conventional shape, and it will give you a more comfortable and controlled ride. Bat tail, on the other hand, is a new invention, and it gives rider more control over the board for doing tricks, especially in smaller waves. Moreover, bat tail gives extra lift and more speed.

Rocker refers to the upward curve in front of the bodyboard. Rocker determines the control of the board. If the bodyboard has fewer rockers at the front, then the board will be faster, but it will have less maneuverability. More rockers mean more maneuverability, but it will cost you speed. So the choice is up to you, whether you value speed over maneuverability or the opposite.

FAQs about Bodyboards

Is bodyboarding easy?

Compared to surfing, bodyboarding is a much easier way to get into the waves. Many consider bodyboarding as the ultimate wave riding sport. It’s very fun activity.

What is the right size bodyboard for me?

Bodyboard size depends on the height and weight of the rider. For example, the right bodyboard size for a rider with 5’3″-5″6″ height and 110-130 lbs. is 40”.

Do I need fins to bodyboard?

You can bodyboard without the fins, but you will need extra power to get into small waves.

Should you wax a bodyboard?

Yes, you can wax a bodyboard. Waxing a bodyboard will reduce the chances of wipe-outs in bigger waves. You can wax down the contact area of the bodyboard; it will cause no harm.

What is the best bodyboard brand?

There are a lot of bodyboards and brands available in the market. The models we talked about in the post are some of the best bodyboards available in the market.

How do you clean the wax from a bodyboard?

You can use a hairdryer to melt the wax from the bodyboard. You can also use warm water to remove wax from the board. You can also use a plastic scraper with a grease remover to clean the bodyboard.

Is bodyboarding good exercise?

Bodyboarding is a great form of exercise as it offers a full-body workout.

Is bodyboarding easier than surfing?

Bodyboarding is much easier and safer than surfing. You can easily try the bigger waves with much less risk on a bodyboard than on a surfboard. If you are a beginner, then bodyboarding is a way of training for a surfboard.

What is drop knee bodyboarding?

Drop-knee bodyboarding is a style of bodyboarding. In drop-knee style, you ride the board with one knee on the bodyboard and your other foot flat on the nose of the bodyboard.

What is an EPS core for a bodyboard?

The EPS core is the short form of Expanded Polystyrene Core. The EPS core is mainly used in beginner bodyboards. These types of boards are used for diving onto broken waves and riding them to the beach.

How To Bodyboard

Final Thoughts

The most amazing thing about bodyboarding is; it is open to anyone. Regardless of size and skill, anyone can enjoy bodyboarding. So if you are interested in bodyboarding, then it’s time to buy the best bodyboard for you. The bodyboards that we have talked about in this post will help you attain a great bodyboarding experience. Just make sure you consider all your requirements and circumstance so that you end up buying the best bodyboard.

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