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The success of fishing largely depends on the level of preparedness. An angler who is well prepared should go out to fish with all the necessary equipment. One of the essential gears needed is the casting net, which helps in trapping live bait. The device is usually big and rounded with some weight around it to ensure it sinks well in water. The angler throws in the net, which stretches out trapping all small fish that are underneath, leaving little room for escape. The small fish is then used as live bait to catch the bigger ones. This method of getting live bait is much cheaper and saves time compared to going to buy them from the shops. 

The most significant achievement of every angler is to catch the biggest fish. The use of the fresh live bait which can only come instantly from the waters has been proven to work well. The big fish like feeding on the small ones and other fresh seafood. Having the best cast net is, therefore, crucial in trapping as many live baits as possible. A bad one will not change the fishing outcome, which can end up frustrating you and a waste of money. This is the reason why we have reviewed the best in the market to make your work easier. Additionally, the buying guide and answers to FAQs are provided to help you in choosing the best with ease. Read through carefully and change your approach to fishing for better. 

Top 6 Cast Nets In 2021 (Best picks)

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Cast Nets

Detailed Reviews of Top 6 Cast Nets In 2020

Confused on which one to pick? Relax! The comprehensive review of the best cast net is done below to help you make informed decisions.

01- Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net

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Betts is a trusted brand that manufactures quality nets. The old salt premium product is perfect for catching bait without wearing out over a long period of time. Many anglers buy this type of gear because of its affordability and durability.

The product includes a utility box that is suitable for keeping the net together with tools, hooks, lures, and other accessories. It measures 6ft by 3/8 inches and weighs only 7-pound, making it light enough to carry around.  You can also get the same make with smaller size measuring 4ft by 3/8 with other similar features.  

The material used is nylon, which is perfect in trapping all unsuspecting fish with a small room for escape. First-time fishermen find it easy to use this type of net as it sinks fast and spread quickly, catching the fish within seconds. In case of any challenge, one can always go through the instructions guide, which comes with the product. As much as it is durable, care should be taken to prevent any tear since the slightest slit reduces its length of service.

Features that make it stand out

  • Sinks and spread fast to trap all the unsuspecting fish quickly
  • Has a utility box for secure storage of net and other crucial accessories
  • Includes instruction manual to guide on the proper use of the product
  • Nylon material which is durable


  • Brand: Betts
  • Model: 3111680
  • Size: 6ft by 3/8 inch
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Material: Nylon

02- Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

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There are different sizes of 4ft to 12ft in radius products from Goture that anglers can choose from. The one reviewed here is an 8ft radius, which is middle size making it ideal for the majority of fishermen. It is handmade with copolymer mesh of 0.3mm thickness and 32ft poly hand line that floats on water. The product is easy to use and sinks effortlessly lying flat to trap much live bait. 

Capturing bait with this net is fun as it feels softer, easy to throw, and has a close-fitting bottom seal to thwart bait from escaping. As you pull out the net, it closes securely and does not tear easily. This makes it durable and easy to use. The product is made of nylon and comes with a utility for storing net and other useful accessories. Casting can be done up to 30ft deep, and aid belt on the product can be used to secure it. The gear works perfectly well in relatively shallow waters.

Features that make it stand out

  • Handmade copolymer monofilament mesh that is soft and easy to throw into the water
  • Weights 6.83lb that is quite portable and still sinks faster
  • Comes with utility box for storing the net and other useful accessories
  • Made of strong nylon material that makes it durable
  • 30ft hand line that makes it possible to cast further


  • Brand: Goture
  • Model: HCN-5
  • Size: 8ft radius
  • Weight: 6.83lbs
  • Material: Nylon

03- Hurricane Casting Net

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Hurricane can be used by anglers in both salt and freshwaters. It measures 5ft in radius and is perfect for trapping live bait. Storage of the net is easy as the product comes with a utility box that doubles up in keeping other important accessories.  An instruction manual is also provided to guide anglers when using it, especially for the first time and when making any reference. 

Monofilament is used to make this product with the plastic weight attached to the net. This somewhat slows down the gear when casting into the water, which might leave some fish to escape. Despite this, it will still trap some fish that is enough to use as bait. 

Features that make it stand out

  • Can be used in fresh and saltwater without affecting its quality
  • Has utility box for keeping the net and other important accessories
  • An instruction manual is provided for reference


  • Brand: Hurricane
  • Size: 5ft radius
  • Weight: 5.51 pounds
  • Material: Monofilament

04- South Bend Mono Fil Casting Net

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South bend mono-product is perfect for catching live bait since it sinks and opens easily in water. The material used is monofilament, which is soft and durable. You can use this product in both saltwater and freshwater without affecting the quality.

Since the net spread fast in the water, it quickly traps the fish with minimal chance of escaping. It has a utility box that is used to store the net other accessories, such as lures and hooks. The net is handmade by experts that make it unique in its own way. However, some have claimed that it can develop holes if not thrown correctly in the water. Therefore, the net should be carefully used.

Features that make it stand out

  • Has utility box for easy storage of the net and other accessories
  • Quality monofilament material which is soft and durable
  • Sinks and spread fact to quickly trap the live bait
  • Can be used in both salt and freshwater without compromising on the quality


  • Brand: South Bend
  • Model: CNM04
  • Size: 3ft radius
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Material: Monofilament

05- Bait Buster Professional Grade Casting Net

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Bait buster net is made of monofilament material with 0.28mm thickness is making it suitable for heavy-duty. The net is handmade, and its quality has been proven to be superior. This is a result of 100lbs rated line test braille with a 25ft quality braided hand line. 

The net sinks really quickly because of 1.5lbs weight per foot around the radius. This allows quick trapping of the fish with minimal chance of escape. The long hand line means a great depth of casting the net. This allows anglers to try their luck in different spots without necessarily moving the fishing vessel.

Features that make it stand out

  • Increased weight per foot making the net to sink really fast
  • 25ft hand line for increased length of casting the net
  • Green color net which is good in luring bait
  • 0.28mm thick monofilament material which makes it durable and suitable for heavy-duty


  • Brand: Bait Buster
  • Model: CBT-BBA8
  • Size: 8ft radius
  • Weight: 1.5lbs per foot
  • Material: Monofilament

06- Drasry Saltwater Fishing Casting Net

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Drasry net is handcrafted with long-lasting and copolymer monofilament material, which is easy to throw. The real lead sinkers make it easy for the net to sink quickly, capturing the majority of live bait underwater, leaving no room for them to escape. Two lines at the bottom of the net make it strong enough against any tear giving fishermen long and quality services. 

The net comes packaged in a portable handbag, which is used to store it and other essential accessories. Carrying around is also comfortable with the utility bag.  The hand line is 43ft that increases the distance of casting the net. The bottom seal is tight to prevent bait escape as the net is pulled out. You will surely get a pleasant experience when using this product for fishing.

Features that make it stand out

  • Increased weight per foot making the net to sink really fast
  • 25ft hand line for increased length of casting the net
  • Green color net which is good in luring bait
  • 0.28mm thick monofilament material which makes it durable and suitable for heavy-duty
  • Comes with a handbag for easy storage of net and other accessories


  • Brand: Drasry
  • Size: 6ft radius
  • Weight: 15.73lbs
  • Material: Monofilament

Buying Guide for Best Cast Net: How to Choose the Top in the Market

It can be challenging to pick one out of the many, even after familiarizing yourself with the best in the market. You have to get one that will give a high rate of success. Just having a net will not guarantee success, getting the appropriate one, and knowing how to use it will lead to positive results. In order to help you choose one, we have put together a buying guide. This buying guide highlights the factors that you should consider when purchasing the net for trapping live bait.

  • Weight 

The amount of weight that is put around the net should be considered. This is important as it will determine how fast the gear will sink in water. The more substantial equipment is usually preferred though the weight should not be a hindrance when throwing the net. Too heavy products may make it hard to cast the net in the water. Ensure the load is appropriate for both the depth of water and the effort needed to throw in. 

  • Size of the net

The experience you have in fishing will largely dictate the appropriate gear needed. For beginners, the size of the 8ft radius or less is suitable. Those with significant experience can use 10ft while the experts 12ft or more will work well for them. However, the bigger the size, the better in trapping many live baits. 

Additionally, the size will depend on the depth of the waters. Deeper waters will require large nets compared to shallow ones. The use of small vessels does not need bigger ones; those gears which are 6ft in radius can serve the purpose. 

  • Size of the mesh

The size of the mesh will determine the number of live bait you are going to catch. The size of the mesh holes also matters. If you intend to trap small fish, then the weave size of the mesh should not be significant. Bigger holes will leave room for small fish to swim away. Additionally, shallow waters require small mesh, and this is where most small fish stay. The deeper water will need large mesh as it will sink fast and trap large types of fish such as minnows and shrimps. 

  • Material

Net is made of either nylon or monofilament materials. Each has its merits and demerits. The nylon is suitable as it does not absorb water and does not tangle much. This will leave your net always looking excellent and in ideal condition. The downside is the nylon material is visible to fish and does not sink faster. This will allow some fish to escape reducing the number of live bait captured in a single throw.

Monofilament, on the other hand, is less visible and sinks really fast. This leaves minimal room for bait to escape making it possible to trap many in a single throw. The only challenge with this material is that it absorbs water and tangle more often. This leaves in a bad looking condition. However, the monofilament is better as it produces excellent results in catching live bait.

  • Use 

The net has to be adequately thrown in order to trap as much bait as possible. If you have never used it before, and easy to throw net will be the best choice. You should also buy one that comes with the instruction manual to assist in learning how to use it properly. Alternatively, you can look for an experienced partner to help in casting the net. 

Those who are experienced can go for any top-rated net. They should ensure they are confident enough to use any kind of product. Buying one that using is a challenge that will not guarantee results no matter how best it is. 

  • Catch size

The intended size of the bait to be trapped should be considered when looking for a net. A larger mesh is needed if the target is to catch mullet, while the shrimp will require a smaller size. The size of the bait may also dictate the size of the net. Smaller live bait tends to stay in shallow water, and therefore if they are targeted, the angler will need not so big net with small mesh.

FAQs of Cast Net You Need To Know

As anglers look for the best nets, they have several questions that cross their minds. Here are the most FAQs with answers so that you can get the best from the market.

Q: Why does the size of the mesh matters when buying a net for casting?

The woven part of the net is what is known as the mesh. This part is essential as its size will determine the kind of fish that will be trapped. Large holes in the mesh will leave the small fish to swim away. Therefore, the size of the bait may dictate the kind of mesh that fishermen should have. Different depth of waters will require different mesh sizes. Shallow waters will need small mesh while deep waters call for a bigger one. Therefore, you need to carefully examine many factors before deciding on the size of mesh that will give positive results.

Q: What is the proper way of cleaning the net?

Like any other fishing products, it is advisable to always rinse it off after use. If the net is not rinsed off, especially after using it in salty water, it can tear and wear really fast. Rinsing also is a way of protecting the environment. Taking dirty nets to different water bodies might disturb a delicate ecosystem. Freshwater should be used when rinsing off and dried well before the next use.

Q: How do I store my net? 

Mostly, the nets will come with a storage box or handbag. This is an appropriate place to put the gear when carrying it or if it is not in use. Before keeping the net, ensure it is well dry to avoid it getting a dump. Those planning to keep it for a while should look for space indoors. This is to prevent direct sunlight that can damage the net and affects its durability. 

Q: Why do I need the net when I can buy bait from the shop?

The live bait works well in trapping bigger fish from the water. Buying live bait is not only uncalled for but expensive as well. The purchased bait is not fresh, and some fish species will not be attracted to it. The net for casting will, therefore, come in handy to help you get the live bait more cheaply. You only need to buy gear which can last for a very long time if used properly. 

Features of the Top 6 Cast Nets

Product Name Features Info
Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net
Has utility box
6ft by 3/8 inches
Weighs 1-pound per foot
Includes instruction manual
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Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net
Has utility box
8ft radius by 3/8 inches
Weighs 6.35lbs
Includes instructional manual
30ft hand line
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Hurricane Cast Net

Has utility box
5ft radius
Weighs 5.51 pounds
Instruction manual included
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South Bend Mono Fil Cast Net
Monofilament material
Has utility box
3ft by3/8 inches
Sink and spreads fast
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Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net
Monofilament material Green color
Superior craftsmanship
1.5lbs per foot
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Drasry Saltwater Fishing Cast Net
Monofilament material
Weighs 5.73lbs
6ft radius
Comes with handbag
Two lines design at the bottom
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Final Word

Thorough research is needed before settling on a particular product. In order to get the best cast net for trapping bait, you will need knowledge of all the factors that should be considered. This will give you value for your money in addition to increasing effectiveness in angling. 

Using live bait has been proven now and again to work best in catching big fish. The dream of every angler is to be able to catch bigger fish without using much energy and money. This is what precisely the casting net will do for you. Go through all the six reviewed here and choose one according to your needs. All of them work best, but the right one for you will depend on the many factors explained above. 

The features listed under every product review will help you in making a choice. If, for example, you intend to use the net in deeper waters, buy bigger gear with monofilament material. It will quickly sink in water without much energy. Beginners should look for a tool that is easy to throw in water and comes with the instruction manual. This is because not using it well will not give any meaningful results. 

In case you have any questions ensure you check the FAQs to see whether it has been answered. Most of the concerns of anglers have been looked at and responded well. This buying guide will surely help you get the perfect net, which guarantees your success in fishing!

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