Best Climbing Shoes | Where To Buy Best Climbing Shoes?

If you’re doing indoor climbing with your brother or with your friend you don’t need to buy special climbing shoes. You can go with your trainers. It won’t affect your climbing too much. 

But If you’re going for outdoor climbing, you must need to buy good climbing shoes. Climbing shoes turn your feet into a foot of a mountain goat and you can easily climb the rock. It can make climbing easier and makes it possible as well. 

You can buy good climbing shoes on the following brands:

AMAZON, Acopa (headquarter in California), Climb X (Made in Asia), Boreal (Headquarter in Spain), Snake (headquarter in Brazil), Teknia (headquarter in Argentina), Zamberlan (headquarter in Italy), Simond (headquarter in France).

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2. You can also visit the Amazon site for best shoes.

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4. If you are living in USA, you can buy climbing shoes by visiting the given link

Obviously, if you are an elite rock climber you must have to buy climbing shoes. For that, first of all you’ll have to check the features of good climbing shoes.


How To Choose Good Climbing Shoes???

So, whenever you’re going to buy climbing shoes you must keep the following features in your mind:

1. Choose between neutral, moderate, and aggressive shoes depending upon the type of climbing you want to do.

2. Laces, straps, linings, and rubber all are necessary for good shoes and they all affect the overall performance.

3. Get the shoes with the right fit as they help you to ascend the harder rocks and are not so painful.

4. Shoes upper is made up of either synthetic or leather as they provide the easiest care.

5. Best climbing shoes have a close fit and smooth rubber sole.

6. Prefer the ‘CLIMBING SHOE LAST’. As they give shoes their maximum height, width, and dimension as well. So, most of people prefer slip-lasted and broad-lasted shoes.


So, here is the list of best climbing shoes;


These are the most comfortable shoes as they can tackle every obstacle during climbing. These shoes have a rubber sole which is quite rigid and long-lasting. Their lacing structure provides more security during climbing.

Weight: 9.4 Oz


These are the shoes that will help you to climb the biggest rocks. They offer amazing performance as they provide excellent friction and overcome every obstacle in your way. These shoes have some form of ventilation so keeps you fresh as well. They are made up of synthetic material. High friction helps you to perform the best.

Weight: 0.1 Oz


Rock ascending is transformed into not so difficult to proceed once these shoes are on. Fragile stain and small edges don’t sound that dangerous anymore. They are just similar to your regular shoes. These are ideal for climbers who are scared by the smelly climbing shoes.


These shoes are affordable and easy to buy. This is a Korean Brand and has quickly received huge recognition in past few years. The upper material of the shoes is made up of leather which is quite soft and comfortable. The Zig-zag straps give climbers a tight fit and they can easily climb the big rocks.


This Momentum model created by the Black diamond is very satisfying. These shoes are the priority of many climbers. They are made up of knit fabric which makes the shoes quite comfortable and the flats of the shoes are so soft and best for full-day training.


The Venga model designed by Evolv is flexible enough to allow you to move freely and provides some form of ventilation as well. The upper is made up of synthetic material and these are particularly designed for kids as they love to climb the trees and often do indoor climbing.

Weight: 4.8 Oz


These are so aggressive and comfortable. These are the most enjoyable shoes and helps you to ascend huge rocks and sharp edges. The wide rubber box on the toes provides you long-lasting comfort. So, you must go for it.


The upper is made up of microfiber and the footbed is made of leather. Its price is affordable. They are so reliable and can be worn during gym workouts and rock climbing.


Its upper material is made up of synthetic leather. These are also used for rock climbing as well as for gym workouts. The synthetic leather lacing provides great foot support during ascending the rock. Moreover, they are extremely affordable.

Some Faqs Related To Best Climbing Shoes;

1. What Are Climbing Shoes?

Climbing shoes are the most important gears that climbers use to ascend the rock. Climbing shoes are specially made for climbing that fits around the climber’s toe and helps the climber to overcome the obstacles. Also, they are made with a special rubber that is built to grip rock faces and indoor climbing walls better than standard shoe rubber.

2. Can I Climb Without Climbing Shoes?

Though it is not a requirement, rock climbing and bouldering are very difficult without climbing shoes so it is recommended. Without climbing shoes, you will be limited to intro climbing levels because your street shoes will be too big to fit on your footholds.

3. What Kind Of Terrain Will I Be On?

It’s important that you buy a shoe that’s appropriate for the type of rock you’ll be on the most, whether that’s climbing cracks at Yosemite, smearing on the grit at Joshua Tree, toe-hooking a pocket on a boulder in Hueco Tanks, or pulling plastic at your local indoor gym.  Shoes come in a variety of shapes, can be stiff or flexible, and range from low-top pull-on slippers to ankle-high lace-ups.  These attributes make them well-suited to particular uses and not so good for others.  If you’re not sure what you’ll be doing most, or are planning to do a little of everything, don’t worry- there are many shoes that work well on many different types of terrain.

4. How Much Do You Want To Spend?

The price of a new pair of climbing shoes typically ranges from $60-170. Shoes expensive than this are obviously made up of more advanced materials and will perform better than less expensive shoes. However, even the most basic models available today are infinitely better than bare feet, hiking boots, or wrong-footed Converse tennis shoes (worn in the early days so that the straight edge was on the inside of the foot for better edging).

5. Can You Climb Barefoot?

Most of the climbing gyms require you to wear shoes of some sort while climbing to protect from spreading Athletes’ foot. Unfortunately, if a climber has athletes’ foot and climbs, every person that touches the footholds or handholds afterward are susceptible to getting athletes foot and even athletes’ foot on their face.

Physiology Of Rock Climbing:

In Rock climbing, there are repeated bouts of Isometric contractions (A muscular contraction in which the length of the muscles does not change). During Intense climbing, we begin to breathe faster because we have to supply a large amount of oxygen to our muscles. So, when Oxygen level becomes low our body tries to fulfill oxygen requirement through anaerobic respiration. Glucose is broken down into pyruvate and this pyruvate is converted into lactic acid. This lactic acid supplies us the energy anaerobically. As the angle of climbing increases so the blood lactate level increases and lactic acid accumulates in the blood. Higher levels of lactic acid cause muscle fatigue. This lactic acid is removed with Active recovery and allows the body to return to its pre-exercise state. As the climbing gets difficult, the oxygen consumption increases followed by an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

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