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In the past, anglers used to carry their gears and tools using tackle boxes. The tackle boxes were meant to make transport and removing the equipment easy when needed. Some anglers still use them, but with the introduction of tackle bags, it has become more comfortable and convenient to carry the fishing gears. This has seen the rise in the use of tackle bags as it leaves fishermen well organized with less effort. You will never find anglers yanking and pulling out everything when looking for particular tools. They calmly open the tackle bag and remove what they need in a matter of seconds as long as they invest in the best one.

The best fishing bags will enable you to get hold of the right tool at the right time. This makes it necessary for every angler to make a wise investment on the tackle bags. To help you with this, we have reviewed the six top-rated products on the market and provided the buying guide for the same. Here you will find the data you need to get a bag that will make well-organized anglers. 

Top 6 Fishing Bags In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Best Fishing Bags

A detailed review of the top-rated fishing bags

By looking at the summary, it might be challenging to understand the importance of every unique feature for the bags  fully. Below we review in detail the above-named products to help you make an informed decision.

01- Piscifun Fishing Bag 

Piscifun is a lightweight multipurpose bag with a perfect size that can be carried around the waist. It only weighs 10.690z while at the same time, being able to hold many tools with multiple pockets. The central compartment has an interior pouch that can be used to keep the wallet, licenses, and any other relevant documents. The phone and the passport can be stored in a unique hidden anti-theft zippered pocket at the back that not every person can be able to see if they got hold of it.

Those with a waist of up to 56 inches can use the bag comfortably since the adjustable belt with quick-release buckle. This feature makes it easy to carry and remove the bag when necessary. The extra part of the belt in case of the smaller waist will be helped by a well-placed hoop and loop clasps. Apart from the ample space inside, the bag has a total of five exterior pockets, which give room to store extra accessories and personal items such as water bottles and the keys. Buy this bag and enjoy the tough built that will guarantee long-lasting services.

Key Features

  • Made of lightweight, durable nylon fabric and weighs 0.70 pounds which makes it convenient to carry around
  • Hidden anti-theft pocket that can be used to store phones, passport and other personalized items
  • Water bottle holder with flexible buckle to keep it firm and safe
  • Exceptional twin flexible waist belt system that makes it more personalized for a waist up to 56 inches
  • Designed with smart storage features which makes it spacious for fishing gears and other items


  • Brand: Piscifun
  • Weight: 0.70 pounds
  • Dimension: 12.2*4.7*5.3 inches
  • Available colors: Camouflage, Khaki, Army Green, Black

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02- KastKing Fishing Tackle bag

KastKing Fishing bag is one of the largest tackle carriers that can be used on saltwater while maintaining its quality and durability. It can keep up to four 3600 and eight 3700 tackle boxes inside that can be used to store the fishing gears safely and in an organized manner.  The rip-stop nylon material used is sturdy and has an interior PVC layer with an exterior hydrophobic coating to ensure it is 100% waterproof. The bottom is made of tacky material which grips all type of services to prevent the bag from sliding. 

More storage space is provided by internal and 10 exterior pockets that can be used to arrange additional tools. The personal items such as keys, phone, and wallet can be kept inside to make sure they are protected against water damage. You genuinely get a functional bag that has double loop zippers that are robust and easy to pull using one finger. They are soft-sided for maximum comfort with neo-grip shoulder strap fabric that lets it stay in position while you continue fishing. Buy this model and get the best in the class capacity bag!

Key Features

  • Can store up to twelve 3700 and five 3600 tackle boxes which makes it best in class capacity bag
  • Extra tough nylon material with PVC lining and hydrophobic exterior to ensure it is totally waterproof
  • Twenty exterior and interior zippered pockets for extra storage space
  • Neo-grip shoulder strap fabric to keep the bag in place
  • Double-loop zippers that can be pulled off quickly with one finger


  • Brand: KastKing
  • Model: KKTB-HA-3712365
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Dimension: 26.4*11*15.4 inches

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03- Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag

Okeechobee bag is built with tough double-stitched seams in durable polyester canvas assortment. It provides large storage space and comes with four big utility boxes. A compartment is strategically placed for easy access with two outside and inside zippered pockets for additional space. Your fishing line, gloves, knives, and other gears can be stowed on the two front tools holders. Pick it to carry easily using the Velcro wrapped handle, and in case of heavy load, you can opt for a padded shoulder strap. There is no contest on this bag as you get a place for all gears at its place!

Key Features

  • Tough, water-resistant material
  • Neoprene wrap handle that is comfortable to carry
  • Three spacious zippered pockets to keep more items
  • Spacious main compartment that can hold up to eight utility boxes included in the package
  • Flexible padded shoulder strap to carry a heavy load


  • Brand: Okeechobee Fats
  • Dimension: 16.4*13.9*10.2 inches
  • Colors: Brown and green

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04- Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag 

The spiderwire bag is an excellent angling carrier that is spacious and rugged to keep up with the harsh and unpredictable fishing conditions. You keep all your items well organized and reachable at all times. Made of strong 1680-denier polyester and long-lasting PVC lining, it gives quality services like no other. The bottom is well molded with waterproof fabric that is firm to ensure it does not get sluggish when fully loaded. 

The adjustable interior dividers allow anglers to personalize the way they organize the gears while making use of the four utility boxes that comes with it. Other tools that are used regularly can be kept in the two front pockets for quick access. Those items that get wet while fishing does not have to be put inside as there is a rubberized exterior back pocket meant just for that. With Spiderwire bag, you go fishing ready for anything that comes across!

Key Feature

  • Sturdy polyester fabric with long-lasting PVC backing
  • Soft-sided and waterproof for maximum comfort and functionality while fishing
  • Spacious design that holds up to four big tackle boxes that comes with the package
  • Two front tool holders that can hook up the items that are used regularly
  • Top-quality latches, buckles, and zippers for long-lasting services


  • Brand: Spiderwire
  • Model:SPA006
  • Weight: 6.35 pounds
  • Dimension: 15*8*12.5 inches

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05- Berkey Tackle Bag

Berkey tackle bag gives you the efficiency to manage and keep your fishing gears. It has a padded interior to keep the tools safe with two small tackle boxes that are included in the package. The zippered side and front pockets offer additional storage space, where extra items can be kept well. You can easily access the mesh side pockets where a water bottle can be kept preventing it from falling down.  It has handle wrap and shoulder strap that can be used to carry the bag depending on the load. Get one and enjoy the efficiency that it brings in the way you manage your fishing gear.

Key Features

  • Padded interior to keep the tools safe
  • Include two small tackle boxes that can be used to organize the fishing gears effectively
  • Zippered side and from pockets for extra storage space
  • Mesh side pockets that are easily accessible
  • Handle warp and shoulder strap for carrying the bag


  • Brand: Berkey
  • Model: BATBSFW
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10*6*5 inches
  • Color: Red

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06- Ugly Stik Fishing Bag

Ugly Stik bag is roomy featuring multiple compartments, interior, and exterior pockets to help fishermen keep their gears well organized and reachable. The main compartment holds up to four standard tackle boxes, while extra items can be kept in three zippered exterior pockets. The detachable tool holster that has a belt clip is also offered, and it fits a two-inch belt.

Carrying is quite comfortable with the mesh top handle or padded shoulder strap. The bottom is made of rugged non-slip material to make it waterproof and durable. With this bag, you get a lifetime warranty as long as it is used for the intended purpose under normal circumstances. 

Key Features

  • Made of rugged polyester material which is durable
  • Soft-sided with the main compartment that holds up to four standard tackle boxes
  • Mesh top handle and padded shoulder strap for comfort while carrying
  • Three zippered exterior pockets for keeping the extra accessory
  • Compression-molded bottom to ensure it is non-slip and durable


  • Brand: Ugly Stik
  • Model: USA006US-008
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimension: 9.65*11.4*7.7 inches

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Buying Guide for the Best Fishing Bag

The fishing bags provide the convenient and comfort that you need while carrying your angling gear in an organized way. The best tackle bag should be designed in a way that will serve your needs to the maximum. This is the purpose why every angler should check every feature in detail and narrow down according to their expectations. To make you work more comfortable, the essential factors that should be keenly looked at are discussed below:

  • Durability

The fishing ag should be made of durable material that can hold up the maximum load while maintaining its quality. The chest straps and the handle should be checked keenly to ensure they are well made to support the bag when fully loaded. The padded straps and the mesh handle have been known to be comfortable and durable, and therefore, should be prioritized. The compartment where the tackle boxes are placed should be tough enough to prevent being toned down by the sharp angling gear. Getting a durable bag will save you money and time of having to look for a new more often.

  • Size

The size is the most crucial thing to look at. A bag that can be able to carry everything you need is the best. No one wants something that will leave some tools out or unnecessarily bigger. Anglers should check the amount of gear they need and get a bag that can take all of them at once. The bigger one is better just in case of any additional equipment in the future. However, this can be cumbersome to carry around when fishing. The balance between the size and the ability to maneuver around while taking it should be put into consideration.

  • Storage compartments

The storage compartments usually make it easy to get all the gear organized and reachable at all times. Check that the bag has this partition where tackle boxes can be placed to keep different types of tools. The pockets that can be used to store personal items should be there. Those that have unique interior and exterior zippered pockets provide the best choice.

  • Comfort and versatility

Fishing is something that is quite enjoyable to many anglers. Nevertheless, it can be tiring, especially when the tools and equipment needed are not chosen wisely. A bag is one of those tools that can make or break your day out. The one that slung on the shoulder can be cumbersome to carry more so for long distances. Buy the soft-sided bag that has a padded shoulder strap, which makes you feel comfortable while taking it. Those that are ergonomically designed to keep all the gears in balance are a plus. The zippers should be stress-free to open, and the pockets should be easily reachable when needed. Never sacrifice your comfort for anything at it will dictate how much fun you have while fishing.

  • Weatherproof

The material used to make the bag should withstand all weather conditions. It should not be affected by the hot sun, and at the same time, it should not let water in when raining. The bag should, therefore, be waterproof and have a rugged bottom that is non-slid. This will ensure the quality is maintained over a long period of time to avoid having to buy one every season.

  • Type

There are soft cases and hard cases types of tackle bags. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one over the other could have an implication. If you need a carrier that is lightweight and easy to carry around, then go for a soft case. However, be ready to buy a new one after a while as they may not last for long.

On the other hand, if you want a long-lasting bag, then a hard case is the best option. They give durable services, although they are too cumbersome to carry around. They take up significant storage space in the vehicle and can only be an option when you need to take many and heavy angling tools.


Q: Why is it essential to keep the fishing gears in a tackle bag?

The tackle bag enables anglers to keep gears in a well-organized and reachable manner. These make carrying comfortable and allow you to have good experience fishing. In order to ensure you do not make it unnecessarily bulky, take what you might need only.

Q: What should I put in my angling bag?

A reel is a gear that cannot miss in a tackle bag. Rods, hooks, and bait are tools that you should also carry in your case. In order to keep your body hydrated at all times, the water and drinks should be packed. Other things that can be included are extra clothes, compass, and snacks. Hunger should not cut off your trip, and this is the reason for carrying snacks. Extra clothing is meant for emergency cases where one can get soaked in water and want to change so as to stay dry and warm. 

Q: Which one is the best between the soft-sided and the hard-sided bag?

Every type of bag has a benefit and drawback. Every angler might have a reason for choosing a soft-sided or hard-sided suitcase. The advantage of getting a soft one is that they are lightweight, flexible, and less bulky. They take a small space in the car. You get to carry them quickly as they come with a padded shoulder strap, which is more convenient and comfortable; this frees up your hand for other necessary activities. However, soft-sided are less durable as they can tear up easily. 

The hard-sided, on the other hand, last longer and safeguard the gear well against weather elements. They come with various compartments that can be used to keep all tools separately for easy removal when needed. Nevertheless, hard cases can be cumbersome to carry and take up considerable storage space in your car. They are better moved on hand, which may leave you inflexible to attend to other fishing activities.

Features of the Best Fishing Bags

# Product Name Features More Info
1 Piscifun Fishing Bag 
Made of nylon fabric
5 outer pockets
Anti-theft hidden pockets
Adjustable waist belt with quick-release buckle
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2 KastKing Fishing Tackle bag
Super storage space
Neo-grip shoulder strap fabric
20 internal and external zippered pockets
420D rip-stop nylon fabric
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3 Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag
Tough polyester canvas blend
Four large tackle boxes included
Two front tool holders
Outside and inside zippered pockets for additional storage space
Sunglasses compartment
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4 Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag 
1680-denier polyester fabric
Twin front tool holders
Four large tackle boxes included
Zippered pockets for additional storage space
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5 Berkey Tackle Bag   Accessible mesh side pocket
Two small tackle boxes included
Padded interior
Handle wrap and shoulder strap
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6 Ugly Stik Fishing Bag Polyester material
Three zippered exterior pockets
Padded shoulder strap
Handle meshed wrap
Four large tackle boxes included
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Final Word

As we have seen, the fishing bag is among the necessary items that every angler should buy. They keep the gears safely and well-organized in a reachable manner. With the best fishing bags, you will never have to take a lot of time throwing things up and down to get one tool that is needed. It will take just a matter of seconds to pick the required equipment saving on time and making fishing less tiring. 

The product reviewed here is the best in the market, and choosing one will guarantee the convenience and comfort that you need. To be able to identify the one that will serve your needs well, consider the size, storage compartments, durability, support, and waterproofness. The size should not be too small or big. A lesser one will leave out some gears while a bid one might be too cumbersome to carry around. In terms of durability, one should check the material used to ensure it is robust and doesn’t wear and tear quickly. 

The storage compartments should be well placed to allow you to organize your gear in tackle boxes. Some come with containers reducing the cost and time of looking for them. Comfort comes in terms of ease of storage and use. The shoulder straps should be padded, and the handle meshed. Those that are soft-sided are known to be more comfortable in carrying as they are lightweight with shoulder straps. 

Water can damage the gear inside, and therefore, those which are liquid proof should be purchased. Check to ensure the bottom is well built to prevent water from zipping in and non-slipping. With this guide, you will definitely get the right bag that will keep your gear at the right place, ensuring you get it quickly at the right time. Getting a bag that meets your needs in all aspects will guarantee comfort and convenience, leaving you to have fun fishing. 

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