What Are The Best Fishing Combo Under $50 (Reviews, Comparison & Budget Picks)

There are several affordable fishing rods and reels in the market, making it difficult to single out which one among them will befit the best fishing combo under $50. All anglers acknowledge the importance of having the best rod and reel that conform with individual desires. They understand in their hearts that their sole link to the underwater fish is their fishing combo.

It is common for avid anglers to spend multiple dollars acquiring suitable several fishing setups, but this culture is unnecessary, especially to new entrants into fishing and anglers with a restricted budget.

We will explore the best combo under $50 and give guidance on this page. The products discussed are currently available at Amazon stores. We will dig deep into helpful information about each combo to benefit you as you prepare to select an affordable fishing combo that will provide an excellent connection between you and your underwater catch.

Contrary to misconceptions, affordable fishing combos need not be necessarily sub-standard. Some are below the required standard, but others can compete with high-end combos in both efficiency and performance. You will be awed to discover that some of the overpriced fishing combos are overhyped; hence they are of poor quality comparing to some of the best combos under $50.

Here below, you will find some of the best fishing combos under $50 that are up to the task of providing optimal performance when you are reeling in your catch regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

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A Comparison Chart Of The Best Fishing Combo Under $50

ProductReason For Choosing ItLure Weight Gear RatioRod Power
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo.Excellent Strength1/4-5/8oz5.2:1Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, and Ultra-Heavy  
Lew’s American Hero Camo Spinning ComboWell Balanced1/8-1/2oz6.2:1medium
Abu Garcia Mike Iaconelli Fishing Rod Combo.Best for Pre-spooled Line.1/4 – 5/8oz3.0:1Medium
Sougayilang Fishing Rod CombosElegant Design14-28g5.5:1Medium
RICHCAT Fishing Rod and Reel CombosBest PriceMultiple Lure weight.5.2:1Medium-Heavy

The Five Best Fishing Combos Under $50

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo.

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The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 rod and reel combo is an affordable fishing gear that is sturdy enough to last for long. If you overlook cheap fishing combos, you will be forgiven when you realize that the Ugly stick GX2 provides better performance than some expensive gears in the market.

The reel lasts longer thanks to the glass-filled nylon material used to make it, while the impressive rod is made from a blend of fiberglass and graphite. The material constituting the rod makes it unbreakable regardless of the strain.

Features Of The Shakespeare GX2 Spinning Combo

1. Durable And Smooth Reel

The Ugly Stik GX2 comes with a durable reel engineered from glass-filled nylon material. The reel offers excellent performance when reeling in since the process is smooth and effortless. Even when struggling with a big catch, you are assured that the drag can’t surge; hence the reel will take good care of deep runs.

2. Sturdy Two-Piece Blanks 

The signature double blanks synonymous with the Ugly GX2 enables your gear to stay intact when struggling to drag a big fish from the bed of water. The additional advantage of this rod is that it is lightweight, thus easy to move around with the gear. You are at liberty to break down the combo when not in use and assemble it with ease when the need arises.

Thanks to its tip, you will be amazed at how maneuverable the Ugly GX2 is. It casts well in hard-to-reach spots such as banks. It is no surprise that bank anglers prefer the GX2 because of its casting capabilities.

3. 3 Ball Bearings

The bearings combine well with the one-way clutch anti-reverse bearing to provide a smooth gear feel and faster hook sets.

4. Ugly Tech

The Ugly Tech construction blends fiberglass and graphite to produce an exceptional rod.

5. Ugly Tuff

This feature involves one-piece stainless steel guides that offer exceptional longevity to the gear. The steel also acts as a deterrent to insert pop-outs.

6. Ugly Stik Clear Tip

This feature ensures that the combo is solid and sensitive to touch.


1. The combo has instant reverse that helps with hooksets.

2. Smooth casting of the reel.

3. Easy customization of the rod to your needs, thanks to the availability of various lengths and actions.

4. The price of the combo is affordable.

5. The gear is lightweight, hence easy to transport.

6. The combo is sturdy and durable.

7. The Ugly Stik GX2 provides a comfortable grip.


1. There is a possibility of a 2-piece blank breaking apart.


The Ugly Stik GX2 is a sturdy yet affordable fishing combo that performs its work with efficiency. It is easy to handle, and you have an assurance that no big fish will defeat you when using it.

2. Lew’s American Hero Camo Spinning Combo

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The Lew’s American Hero Camo Spinning Combos are affordable and ideal for both experienced and novice anglers. The fishing combo comes fitted with six stainless steel bearings with a zero clutch bearing system for smooth handling when casting the line.

The combo’s rod features EVA split-grip handles that provide sufficient gripping power whenever you are battling to haul a big fish out of water. The versatility of the rod enables it to cast well by both boat and bank anglers. Additionally, the rod is well balanced to combine well with the reel for enhanced performance.

The rod also comes with premium 2-piece graphite banks that feature guide frames with stainless steel inserts for easy handling and durability. 

Features Of Lew’s American Hero Camo Spinning Combo

1. Aluminum Handle

The aluminum handle features Lew’s performance handle knob that enables easy handling and optimal performance.

2. 2-Piece Graphite Blanks

The Lew’s American Hero Camo Spinning Combo features premium 2-piece IMF graphite blanks that are sturdy enough to handle your fishing tasks. The strength of the rod enables anglers to target heavyweight fish and drag them in with less difficulty. The quality of graphite blanks is superior, hence the extended durability of the combo.

3. Six Bearing System

The Combo’s reel comes with a six steel bearing system that combines with the zero clutches single-directional clutch bearing to provide smooth hauling in of your catch no matter the intense struggle from its end.

4. Double Anodized Aluminum Spool

The aluminum spool is sturdy enough to hold the fishing line and enhance the casting distance. The spool’s strength provides the surety that your gear will serve you for a long time.

5. Aluminum Bail

The bail is made of aluminum, a strong material that will not hinder the functions of winding and unwinding of the line. The sturdiness of the material also elongates the lifespan of the fishing combo.

6. EVA Split-Grip Handles

The fishing combo comes with lightweight EVA grip handles and offers the best performance when anglers spin and cast the line. 

Other notable features of the Lew’s American Camo Spinning combo include; a thin gearbox, stainless steel guide frames, a skeletal rotor, and a speed lube that ensures optimal smoothness and unhindered performance regardless of the weather conditions.


1. The combo is affordable.

2. Strong enough to handle big fish.

3. Exceptionally sensitive rod.

4. Lightweight EVA grip handle.

5. The rod has good guides.

6. Excellent casting.

7. The reel is smooth.

8. Smooth bearings


1. The combo lacks the wire hook keeper.


It is every angler’s dream to possess an affordable and efficient fishing combo. The Lew’s American Hero Camo Spinning Combo is the answer to your dreams. Besides the low price tag, this combo provides unmatched performance that will appeal to most anglers.

3. Abu Garcia Mike Iaconelli Pro-Designed Youth Reel And Fishing Rod Combo.

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 The Abu Garcia Mike Iaconelli Pro-Youth Reel and Fishing Rod Combo is the best fishing gear selling at a reasonable price under $50. It was designed by the legendary angler Mike Iaconelli. Played a vital role in inspiring the production of this lightweight combo purposely for youth anglers.

The features of Abu Garcia Mike Iaconelli Pro-Designed Youth and reel Fishing Rod Combo are impressive when comparing its price tag. Everything needed to make a fishing expedition succeed is incorporated in the combo.

Features Of The Abu Garcia Mike Iaconelli Pro-Designed Youth Reel And Fishing Rod Combo

1. Four Steel Ball Bearings And One Roller bearing

The bearings are vital in enhancing the performance of your fishing gear. It also maintains the machine’s functions by ensuring the proper positioning of components.

The bearings featured in this combo carry the load when hauling a big fish from the water, reducing friction whenever your catch gives a fight. Without the bearings, your fishing gear will wear off quickly, and you can’t be able to reel in a heavy fish that knows how to put up a fight.

2. Pre-Spooled Line

If you fall into those anglers that don’t like spooling, you are already sorted by this product. The fishing combo comes with a pre-spooled 10lbs fishing line, meaning that you have been saved from the hassle of spooling and a surety that you have a line that can haul a load of 10lbs. 

3. Aluminum Spool

This fishing gear features a machined aluminum spool that lets anglers drag their catch out of the water with less effort. As it is familiar with aluminum products, the spool will neither erode nor wear out quickly; thus, the combo lasts longer.

1. Brass Gear

Abu Garcia uses Duragear brass gear in all devices from their line. Besides extending the gear’s lifespan, its efficiency is also enhanced by this feature.

2. Power Drag System

The fishing combo uses the power disk drag system to enhance the reel and rod’s capabilities of enduring drag pressure emanating from big catches.


1. The 10lbs fishing line pre-spooled is strong.

2. The rod is sturdy to withstand fish struggle when hooked.

3. The reel is durable. 

4. Easy dragging of heavy fish.

5. Exceptional efficiency.


1. Absence of functional anti-reverse functions.


The Abu Garcia Mike Iaconell pro-Designed Youth Reel and Fishing Rod Combo is an affordable fishing gear that performs better than other priced products in the same range. If you are impressed by its features, it is time to say goodbye to overpriced combos and embrace it.

4. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos

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The Sougyang Fishing Rod Reel combo features a telescopic rod, making it one of the best fishing combos under $50 available in the market today. What more can an angler ask for when this combo provides an effective combo whose rod is not only elegant but made of fiberglass and graphite? The combo boasts an exceptionally corrosion-resistant construction. The resistance gives anglers freedom to fish wherever they choose to take their fishing escapades.

Depending on your budget, you can purchase the telescopic rod alone or with the reel and a complete kit. If you opt for an entire kit, the combo will come with a convenient bag that will safeguard the rod plus the reel. The complete kit is so compact thus storage doesn’t present problems. Generally, the combo is compact and small-sized you can store it either in your car or your boat.

Features Of Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos

To determine whether the Sougayilang fishing rod reel combos are the best choice for your fishing needs, we will have to dig deep into its features;

1. Design

If you care about appearance and performance, this combo has you covered. Besides efficiency, the rod is beautifully designed and has an appealing finish. You will get your rod with either a black or metallic exterior. The reel also replicates the rod’s design; thus, they both look stylish. 

2. Graphite & Fiberglass Rod

Unlike most rods that feature graphite bodies, the Souyilang boasts a blend of graphite and fiberglass. The composition of the body structure makes the rod ultra-lightweight yet sturdy. The rod also features multidirectional winding that ensures even tension distribution to avoid breakages while under load.

The telescopic rod is available in six various length sizes ranging between 5.91- 10.8 feet. However, the maximum size that fits in the bag is 7.87 feet. It is also vital to note that the Sougayilang breaks down into 5-8 segments subject to the length of the pole.

3. Line Guides

You will get between 5-8 guiding lines subject to the sections of your pole. Each ring supplied is corrosion-resistant. The guidelines deter friction; hence they can drag a heavy catch effectively.

4. Reel Seat

The reel seat of this gear has a provision for width adjustment to conform with the reel foot length. Its construction boasts corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

5. Handle

The combo comes with a cushioned handle with sufficient EVA foam, but it is uncomfortable for large hands.

6. The reel

The reel features 13 ball bearings and an extra one for anti-reverse. This feature makes it easy to drag a large fish that will often fight back. The gear ratio of the reel is 5.5:1.

You have an option to alternate between left and right reeling, depending on your preference and convenience.

7. Rod Power And Action

The sougayilang is limited to a rod with medium power with a moderate action, limiting you to medium and small fish.


1. The fishing gear is light and effective.

2. Available in varying lengths.

3. The butt section is adjustable.

4. It consists of a sturdy graphite construction.

5. You have an option of buying the complete kit or separate components, depending on your desire.


1. The handle is a bit uncomfortable.


If you are an angler who targets small to medium fish, the Sougaylang is the best fishing combo under $50 that will perfectly cater to your needs. It also offers you quite a variety of lengths to choose from according to your needs.

5. RICHCAT Fishing Rod and Reel Combos 

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Richcat Fishing Rod and Reel Combo emerge as the best fishing gear decorated with quite some exceptional features. Apart from this product, no other fishing combo comes with a fishing guide. Additionally, the gear used by the Richcat is synonymous with only this brand.

The product is ideal for fishing in slightly deep waters, thanks to its long rod. Furthermore, the Richcat is durable due to its ability to resist rust. Many anglers searching for the best fishing combo under $50 will be happy to discover that the Richcat ticks right all their boxes.

Features Of The RICHCAT Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

1. EVA Handle and Supportive Handles

The combo comes with EVA handles that provide optimal comfort to your hands whenever you struggle to drag in your catch. The product also features a chrome guide to complement its handling.

The combo comes with two handles that enhance performance. While one handle offers the effort, the other one plays a supportive role.

2. Flag

The flag is an essential feature in the Richcat fishing combo. The light flag quickly relays the signal whenever it catches the fish, identifying the instant it is hooked.

3. Pre-Spooled Line

Anglers find it appealing whenever they acquire cheaper fishing gear; then, in addition, they are supplied with a free pre-spooled fishing line. When you purchase the Richcat, you are provided with a pre-spooled monofilament size22-pound fishing line.

4. Rod

The rod measuring 7.9 feet makes it suitable for fishing in slightly deep waters. The rod is light yet strong, courtesy of the incredible density of carbon fiber material that constitutes its construction. Tip snapping of the rod is avoided by the reinforcement done to the first section of the rod.

5. Guide And Reel Seat

These two components are constructed by corrosion-resistant aluminum; thus, the gear is suitable for fishing in saltwater and surf fishing.


1. The fishing gear is durable.

2. It is resistant to corrosion.

3. The long load is suitable for fishing in deep waters.

4. The combo is suitable for surf fishing.

5. The gear is light and sensitive.

6. The price is affordable.

7. The gear is supplied with a pre-spooled fishing line.


1. Requires regular servicing.

The Verdict

The Richcat pronounces itself as the best fishing combo under $50 that is both stylish and efficient. With this gear, you have the advantage of being alarmed by the flag whenever it hooks a fish.

Factors To Ponder When Choosing The Best Fishing Combo Under $50

Factors To Ponder When Choosing The Best Fishing Combo

1. Spinning Reels

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced angler, the best fishing combo is the one featuring spinning reels. They are fun to work with, and they are a sure way of enhancing productivity.

2. Rod Power

Some fish are known to give a fierce fight before giving up. Such fish will either break or bend the rod if it is weak. Always go for light and sturdy rods such as the ones made from fiber grass blended with graphite.

3. Rod Length

Identify the depth of water that your fishing will take place and buy a load with conforming length. However, it will be prudent to choose an 8-inch rod since it is versatile, and it will be used in deep and shallow waters.

4. Weight

A heavy fishing combo will fatigue you before luring your catch. On this breath, I advise that you settle on a light but sturdy gear.

5. Durability

Remember, you are going to spend your precious dollars on the combo. So go for a gear that will last for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Fishing Combo Last?

With good maintenance practices, the fishing combo can last up to four years. However, the lifespan of the fishing combo solely depends on how you handle and maintain it.


The guide on this page will guide you to make an informed choice of the best fishing combo under $50. Go through it carefully before deciding on the product that will suit your fishing needs.

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