Best Fishing Line For Redfish

The redfish is the most sought-after fish species by fishers. It is evident that most fishermen dedicate their precious time to the water, looking for giant redfish, commonly known as the “bull drum.” Fishing the bull drum requires a sturdy and best fishing line that will not give in to the struggles of the fish.

The fish is characterized by its refusal to give up easily when hooked. You have to use skills to overwhelm it because it must give a fight before giving up. The ability for the bull drum to strongly resist being taken out of its habitat could be one of the reasons why most fishers find it enjoyable to go for it. Besides the joy of the challenge posed by this species, many anglers find the bull drum an excellent and tasty fish on the table.

Due to the characteristics of the bull drum, a determined fisherman requires the best fishing line to make the kill. The market is awash with fishing lines making it daunting when choosing the right one that will suit you when targeting the bull drum.

Though debatable, the best fishing lines that stand out in handling the bull drum are monofilament and fluorocarbon. We have analyzed all lines existing in the market and come up with the ones on this page as the best choices to give you back the value for your money and effort. The lines have been chosen from both monofilament and fluorocarbon categories.

However, before discussing the individual best fishing lines for redfish, let us grasp the traits of both monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines.

Differences Between Monofilament And Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines 

Monofilament And Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines 

1. Strength

Comparing the two fishing lines, Fluorocarbon emerges with superior strength than monofilament. Fluorocarbon has higher abrasion resistance that is advantageous when hefty structures surround the fishing area. A good percentage of fluorocarbon fishing lines are thinner when compared to monofilament ones.

Unlike monofilament lines, fluorocarbon has excellent resistance to elements like humidity, rain, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. These conditions are a norm on waters during a fishing session; hence monofilament lines break down and lose strength over a while.

2. Stretch

Monofilament fishing lines are stretchy compared to fluorocarbon. The stretching ability of monofilament gives it an edge over fluorocarbon when fighting a big fish. The line will stretch well and absorb shocks while putting up a fight to get your fish out of water. 

3. Density

Nylon monofilament is less dense; thus, it suspends in the water while fluorocarbon is more viscous than water, making it sink deep. Depending on your fishing needs, both features have their upside and downside.

4. Visibility

Fluorocarbon is invisible in water, endearing it to fishers. Its refractive index is equivalent to freshwater, making it hard for the fish to spot it.

On the other hand, monofilament nylon is visible in the water, compared to fluorocarbon fishing lines.

5. Knot Tying

A strong knot ensures that your catch will not defeat you no matter how hard it puts up a fight. Fishers acknowledge that the knot is the weakest link in the fishing gear. Monofilament lines are suppler compared to fluorocarbon; thus, they offer a more strong knot. Fluorocarbon can also provide a competent knot, but the material is stiff; hence the knot must be coaxed to sit correctly to avoid slippages.

List Of The Best Fishing Lines For Redfish

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A Comparison Chart Of The Best Fishing Line For Redfish

Fishing LineThe reason I chose ItLengthBreaking StrainDiameter
Berkley Big Game Fishing Line.Best for Knot Strength.594 yards25lbs0.48mm
KastKing World’s Premium Fishing LineBest for Durability300 yards30lb0.5mm
Berkley Trilene XL Fishing LineBest for Versatility1000 yards
Seaguar Blue Label Fishing LineBest for abrasion resistant100 yards20lbs0.404mm
Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line.Best for Low memory2000 yards12lb0.43mm
Seaguar AbrazX 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing LineBest for invisibility200 yards12lbs0.285mm

The Seven Best Fishing Lines For Redfish

1. Berkley Big Game Custom Pool Fishing Line.

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The Berkley Big Game is a cost-effective monofilament fishing line reputable for winding in big fish without breaking. The line is abrasion-resistant, meaning it doesn’t snap when it encounters sharp edges.

Besides its quality, the product is liked by many fishermen who find it affordable and effective. Using the Berkley Big Game fishing line is ideal since the structure of the line withstands the bull drum’s struggle when hooked.

Features Of Berkley Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line

1. Abrasion Resistant Formula

The fishing line boasts an abrasion-resistant formula that allows it to run through the rod guides with minimal friction. The formula makes it possible for the fishing like to accept beatings when fishing in heavy structures without snapping. Comparing the rate of abrasion resistance featured in the product and the price tag is music to fishermen’s ears.

2. IGFA Rated

Most fishing lines absorb water while fishing, thus weakening and breaking down within a short time, but the Big Game fishing line is above that. IGFA rates the line after undergoing wet tests to the satisfaction of its standards.

3. Excellent Strength

The line was designed for big fish catching, hence the enhanced strength. The Big Game fishing line’s strength gives you total control of the fish when it is on the hook. Your task is to reel in your big catch with confidence, knowing that the line will not give it.

4. Shock Resistant

The stretching ability of the Big Game fishing line will give you an edge when fighting with a big fish. When your catch puts up a fight, the line will absorb the shocks by stretching, allowing you humble time to reel in your catch.

5. Knot Strength

The ability of the line to flex provides you with a strong knot that sits correctly to avoid slippage. A strong knot ensures that your catch doesn’t slip back to water while you are reeling it in.


1. The line is UV resistant, hence extended longevity.

2. It is suitable for fresh and saltwater.

3. It has high abrasion resistance.

4. It provides a firm knot.

5. The fishing line is stretchy.


1. It lacks a smooth cast.


Trilene Big Game fishing line is excellent when fishing big fish that requires strength. It is strong enough to reel in your catch without trouble.

2. KastKing World’s Premium Fishing Line.

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The KastKing World’s Premium fishing line is made of nylon materials, ideal for bull drum fishing. The material is suitable for tying solid knots and is abrasion resistant, which can stay for an extended period.

The strength of the material makes it ideal for catching heavy fish such as the bull drum, and the line is compatible with both fresh and saltwater. The line is available in clear, blue, yellow, red, and clear colors.

Features Of The KastKing World’s Premium Fishing Line

1. Low Memory

The KastKing monofilament fishing line is made using the Parallel Roll Track technology that enhances the superior reeling capability for easier control and casting. Generally, low memory lines are those fishing lines that can stay straight for an extended period.

2. Abrasion Resistant

Fishing around heavy structures should worry you no more. The line is engineered with a higher abrasion resistance that ensures it withstands harsh conditions and emerges unscratched. The feature provides the line with durability.

3. Invisibility

KastKing’s clear fishing line is designed to be more invisible when it is cast in water. However, if you are a fishing enthusiast willing to try other fishing tactics, you have the luxury to go for additional color options such as yellow, blue, and red.

4. Low Absorption

This monofilament fishing line exhibits low absorption ability, offering the line minimal limpness and speedy retrieval. The low absorption action is a welcome gesture to any angler, as it allows you to fish applying any technique you prefer and in any condition with less or no hindrance.

5. Perfect Knot

Due to the flexibility of the line, you can tie a perfect knot that will not slip off under load. Additionally, the line is compatible with both salt and fresh water fishing.


1. The line is abrasion-resistant.

2. It is durable.

3. It takes less time to cut into water.

4. The line is strong.

5. It offers an excellent knot.

6. It is barely visible in the water.

7. The line has low memory.


1. The line is flimsy.

2. It might snap during casting.

3. Not suitable for surfcasting.


The KastKing Monoline is ideal for casting long distances, and its features enable it to haul a big catch such as the bull drum with ease. It is a line worth trying unless you are doing surfcasting.

3. Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Fishing Line.

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The Berkley Trilene XL Smooth fishing line is an ideal fishing gear for the redfish, especially the bull drum. The quality of the line works well with all anglers; regardless you are a beginner or a seasoned fisherman.

The line comes in different weights, giving you an option to choose depending on your fishing needs. Its smoothness and durability endear it to most users who also appreciate its durability.

It is worth mentioning that Berkley Triline is abrasion resistant, and it resists kinks affording you added control when casting.

Features Of Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Fishing Line

1. Versatility

The line provides you with an opportunity to use different fishing techniques and baits to lure the fish. Additionally, the spool comes in different weights, further expanding the versatility of the types of fish you will target.

2. Strength

The strength of the line gives you the confidence to target big fish without fear of losing your catch due to breakage. The line was designed to handle big fish that offers a fight before submission.

3. Smooth Casting

The design of the line allows smooth casting. The ease of casting provides you with optimal management of the fishing line. Additionally, the line resists kinks and twists that may hinder proper casting.

4. Sensitive Structure

The line structure has a good feel, and it exudes 20% extra flexibility that allows for smooth casting of the line.

5. Wet Strength

Berkley Trilene LX boasts over 20% superior wet strength vital for overall stability, efficiency, and durability.

6. Knot Strength

The knot of Trilene XL holds very well to the extent that you will not be worried about slippages when it is under load.


1. The line is strong, meaning it can haul large fish out of water.

2. It offers a strong knot that will not disappoint.

3. The line provides smooth casting.

4. It has enhanced wet strength.

5. It has no twists and kinks.

6. The line is versatile.


1. Available in one color only.


The Berkley Trilene XL is among the best nylon monofilament, and it is applied sparingly across fishing waters.

4. Seaguar Blue Label Fishing Line.

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The Seaguar Blue Label Fishing Line boasts a strong knot that can haul a monster fish from the bottom of water without slipping. This strong knot makes it ideal for fishing the redfish, more so the bull drum.

The line’s ability to resist chemicals makes it a favorite fishing line in all types of water. The seaguar also has high abrasion resistance and excellent UV resistance abilities that enhance its durability.

If you are searching for the fishing line that will sink to the bottom of waters, seek no further, the density of the Seaguar ensures that it descends to the bottom.

Features Of The Seaguar Blue Label Fishing Line

1. U.V Resistant

The line’s ability to resist UV rays ensures that it is not brittle and can’t be affected either in water or during storage, resulting in extended durability.

2. Abrasion Resistant

The Seaguar Blue Label Fishing line allows you to fish around heavy structures, courtesy of its ability to resist abrasion. This feature ensures that the line comes out of water unscathed. 

3. Chemical Resistant

Due to the line’s ability to resist attack from chemicals, you are at liberty to fish in any type of water and bring your line save back to the store.

4. Visibility

The Blue label fluorocarbon is invisible in water because its refractive index is similar to water.

5. Knot Strength

The seaguar Blue Label material provides a knot with 34% superior strength compared to other fluorocarbon competitors.

6. Non-Absorbent And High Density

The ability not to absorb water combines well with the seaguar’s Blue Label’s density to ensure that the line descends to the bottom of the water.

7. 100% Seaguar Resins

It features 100% seaguar resins. Production of the blue label is achieved by the use of a proprietary extrusion procedure.


1. The line is chemical resistant.

2. Excellent Knot strength,

3. Works in any water.

4. It resists abrasion.

5. Excellent sinking abilities.

6. It is invisible in water.

7. It doesn’t absorb water.


1. Unsuitable for beginners.

2. Expensive.


The Seagur Blue Label fishing line is a strong product that withstands abrasion and chemicals to provide efficient fishing services for a very long period. Regardless of the fight, your catch will give, it will eventually submit since the line will never weaken under any stress.

5. Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line.

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Have you ever pictured a scenario whereby you are reeling in your redfish, then the line breaks on the hookset? It is a disheartening scenario that the Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line’s strength remedies with ease.

No matter the size and the fight of your catch, this line will never abandon you. The Trilene, 100% Fluorocarbon, is capable of withstanding complex knots and is highly abrasion-resistant. If you doubt the strength of this line, try breaking it on purpose, and you can’t succeed. Additionally, the line comes in a smaller diameter, and it is smooth hence its ability to cast fine for a long distance.

Features Of The Berkley 100%Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

1. Invisibility

The refractive index of this line is the same as that of water; thus, it is invisible to the fish when casted in water.

2. Lower Memory

The line can maintain a straight course for an extended period enabling smooth reeling in and excellent casting.

3. Ultimate Impact Strength

Thanks to the proprietary 100 percent PVDF formula used to process it, the line exhibits ultimate impact strength.  

4. Green Tint

The Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line comes in a green tint that limits flash and sparkle in the water.

5. Knot Strength

The nature of the material used to process the line allows for tying a superior knot to the hook. The strength of the knot ensures that there are no slippages when hauling in your catch. Most big fish give an intense fight before submitting, thus needing a solid knot that will guarantee safe delivery of the catch.

6. Reasonable Stretch

Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line has reasonable stretch abilities that allow for the correct movements of the fishing rod when driving in the hook.


1. The line has excellent knot strength.

2. It is invisible. 

3. The line has low memory.

4. It offers incredible impact strength.

5. Smooth casting.

6. The line is abrasion-resistant.

7. The line comes with a good stretch.


1. Expensive.


The Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line has incredible features that enable it to reel in any fish regardless of its size. The line is durable and robust; hence it is worth your investment.

6. Seaguar AbrazX 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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The Seaguar AbrazX 100% Fluorocarbon Line has high abrasion resistance and can withstand a determined and robust fish like the redfish bull drum. The line takes any punishment subjected to it both under and above water.

The line is renowned for its knot and impact strength that is exceptional. “Ever heard of a stealth fishing line?”  AbrazX 100% Fluorocarbon line is a stealth line that doesn’t announce its presence under the water. No fish can spot it because it shares the same refractive index as water.

Like all fluorocarbon fishing lines, the AbrazX is resistant to UV rays and chemicals, plus it is non-absorbent

Features Of The AbrazX

1. Invisibility

The AbrazX is designed to be invisible underwater, thanks to its refraction index, which resembles the refraction of water.

2. Non-Absorbent

The line doesn’t absorb water, thus its ability to sink faster when combined with its high density.

3. Resistant To UV and Chemicals

The AbzarX excellently resists UV radiations and attacks from other chemicals, making it one of the best lines in durability.

Other features that the AbrazX fishing line boasts are; strong knot that can’t slip under load and struggle of your catch, the incredible impact that enables smooth reeling in of your catch, and Seaguar resins that are extracted using the brand’s unique process.


1. The line is non-visible in water.

2. It is non-absorbent.

3. It is resistant to chemicals and UV radiation.

4. It is resistant to abrasions.


1. Expensive.

2. Not ideal for topwater fishing.


If you are searching for a fishing line that will offer you excellent performance in bull drum fishing, AbrazX’s exceptional qualities should be your line of choice.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Fishing Line.

1. Line Memory

The line should be able to maintain a straight position for an extended period. When a line exhibits this trait, it is called a low memory line.

2. Sink Rate

Choose the sink rate of the fishing line depending on your fishing needs. If you are doing topwater fishing, go for monofilament lines, but fluorocarbon lines will be ideal if your fishing is done in deep waters.

3. Diameter

Always go for solid lines with a small diameter. Most fluorocarbon fishing lines come with small diameters and are more robust compared to monofilament lines.

The other factors to consider before selecting the best fishing line for redfish include; your target species, line color, line strength, and weight. 


When selecting the best fishing line for redfish, fluorocarbon has the edge over monofilament lines. However, you should assess well, bearing in mind that there are situations where monofilament will outsmart fluorocarbon. 

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