Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Fishing rod and reel combo is a combination of a fishing reel and rod that come pre-assembled. This type of package is best for beginners who don’t know much about fishing and how to match the rod and reel. Fishing is a very adventurous and fun activity only if you have the proper equipment with you while fishing.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned angler, the success or failure of a fishing trip largely depends on the fishing rod and real. You have to pick the best fishing rod and reel combo that will match your fishing style and capable of enduring the kind of fish you plan on catching. Furthermore, you have to ensure that the rod and reel combo has an excellent built quality to increase the life cycle of the package.

When you are at the market to buy the combo, you will have two options to choose from: spinning or baiting rod and reel combo. A spinning reel is usually attached at the bottom of the rod and has an open face and an axis aligned with the rod. Baiting rod and reel combo, on the other hand, has a reel on the top of the rod and the axis remains perpendicular to the rod. 

We have analyzed rod and reel combo available in the market and pick 8 best fishing rod and reel combo for anglers in different conditions. We also include a buying guide at the end of the review; make sure you read it thoroughly to have an idea about how you can pick a combo that best suits you.

8 Fishing Rods and Reel Combo of 2021 (Best Picks)

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 Fishing Rods and Reel Combo

8 Best Fishing Rods and Reel Combo of 2021

My Top Picks of the Best Fishing Rods and Reel Combo of 2020

1.Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

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Ugly Stik is a very popular fishing rod manufacturer, and over the years they have produced some of the best fishing rod and reel combo available in the market. The rod of this combo is a composite rod, and it is made from a combination of graphite and fiberglass. This rod is very strong and durable. Moreover, it is also lightweight and has good sensitivity. It has an EVA handle that ensures comfort and durability.

This rod and reel are not too stiff, and it is sensitive enough to give you a good cast and action. The reel of this combo can handle 8-20 lines and tough enough to handle all kinds of fishing like the lake, river, saltwater, and ocean fishing. The design of this combo provides great balance while fishing. Moreover, this rod and reel combo has 3 ball bearings as well as an anti-reverse bearing that ensure a smooth experience when casting and reeling in.


  • Excellent for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Durable and scratch-resistant 
  • Easy to cast and reel
  • Very sensitive rod


  • Reel sticks over time
  • Handle is wobbly

2.Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

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This is an excellent rod and reel combo from Abu Garcia, and it is strong enough to catch medium to large-sized fishes. This combo is available in two different sizes, 6’6”, or 7’ with a medium or medium-heavy build. So you can easily pick a fishing rod according to your requirements. The rod of this combo is made from high modulus graphite, which makes the rod lightweight yet very durable. All the components of this rod are high standards that include stainless steel guides, titanium oxide inserts, high-density EVA handles, and Texas-rigged hook keeper.

This rod and reel combo has 4 ball bearings with one roller bearing to make sure you can easily cast out and cast in the line. Abu Garcia uses a power disk system so that the angler can create the right amount of drag to balance out the smoothness that they need. The reel seat ensures the reel stays right up next to the rod. This baitcasting reel has a brake system that provides consistent brake pressure so that the angler gets an excellent accuracy and cast the hook right where he wants.


  • Beginner’s fishing rod        
  • Sleek design
  • Casts far and accurately
  • Lightweight graphite frame


  • Not for lightweight lures

3.Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

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This combo from Ugly Stik has a 6’6” rod with a single ball bearing graphite spool that comes with a 12-pound line. The rod of this combo is made from graphite and has a double paddle aluminum handle. This combo comes with 7 years warranty, and it indicates the quality and durability of the rod and reel. Moreover, you don’t have to think about the after-sale service. This combo is designed for right-handed angler so if you are a left-handed angler, then you have to look for another combo. This rod and reel combo is best for catching small to medium size fish.

Ugly Stik GX2 has an excellent balance between the rod and reel so every angler regardless of their skill, will love fishing with this combo. Despite being little heaver at the nose, this reel and rod combo is very easy to use and very easy to hold for a long time. So you can enjoy your fishing trip no matter how long you are out in the water. If you are looking for a strong and durable rod and reel combo at a reasonable price, then this combo will be the ideal choice for you.


  • 12-pound line
  • Graphite and aluminum construction
  • 7-year warranty
  • Excellent balance and durability


  • The included line is not ideal

4.PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

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Most of the experienced angler prefers separate pole and reel, while there are others who prefer the rod and reel combo. For combo lover PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel is the best choice as it comes with great quality and affordable prices.

The rod is made of graphite composite blank, and it provides great sensitivity, strength, and performance. Moreover, it has aluminum oxide twin-foot guides that ensure years of protection from surf, sand, and sun. To add its feature, this fishing rod has five stainless steel ball bearings. So your rod will get more protection from the corrosion of saltwater.

If you are looking for more options in size, then this Fishing Rod and Reel Combo are perfect for you. PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo are available in several lengths, ranging from 6’6” to 10’. So it will provide more or less casting freedom for you.

The overall performance and features make the PENN Battle II a nice surf fishing rod for the money, and it is cheap enough to buy two rods of different lengths.


  • Graphite composite blank
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • Instant anti- reverses bearing
  • Super line Spool


  • Lack of durability
  • The guide spacing is wide

5.Lew’s American Hero Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

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Lew’s American Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo is available in two different sizes, so you should consider them carefully before making the final decision. The rod of this combo is made from premium IM6 one-piece graphite blanks and features multi-layer, multidirectional construction for excellent strength and durability for rough situations. This rod is lightweight and has cushioned stainless steel hoods for great hand/reel steadiness and comfort. The spool of this combo is made of anodized aluminum and solid brass make up ensure high quality everywhere you look.

This rod and reel combo has an exposed blank for instant vibration transmission, high-density EVA split-grips, patented “No Foul” hook keeper, Lew’s custom skeletal, and graphite reel seat for an excellent performance. The baitcasting reel is made from one piece graphite composite frame and has a high-quality 5-bearing system with stainless steel double-shielded ball bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing. It also has a magnetic control system and Rulon drag system that ensure power that you desire while out fishing in the water.


  • IM6 graphite blank
  • Patented hook keeper
  • The stainless steel reel seat
  • Fast action with medium heavy


  • A little bit noisy when winding
  • Schematics not available

6.Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo

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This is a very affordable reel and rod combo from Abu Garcia. The rod of this combo is made of a single-piece graphite frame. This rod is durable and lightweight, but you may find it hard to store compared to other telescopic rods. In this price range, this combo comes with a high-quality reel. The reel has six ball bearings and a 6.4:1 gear ratio. The reel also has an instant anti-reversing bearing that ensures a swift and smooth retrieve. All the components of this rod are high standards so you don’t have to worry about the quality and performance.

This combo has a MagTrax brake system that allows the anglers for swift adjustments to line release. So if you are planning to switch between different types of lures, you can quickly and easily alter the brake control settings to best suit your needs. This system will help you get excellent accuracy without spending too much time changing the controls. The drag control of this combo is very smooth and distributes line flawlessly thus reduce jerks of the line and ensure fewer fish lost.


  • Affordable reel and rod combo           
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Anti-reversing bearing
  • MagTrax brake system


  • Not for lightweight lures

7.Daiwa Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo

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If you are looking for a portable spinning reel and combo, then consider buying the Daiwa Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo. This rod and reel combo is perfect for fishers who are always on the move. This combo comes with a 4’6” ultralight rod and perfect for two- to six-pound test line and 1/16- to 1/4-ounce lures. The five-piece rod comes in a compact hard case with built-in tackle compartments. So you can easily carry the combo in your luggage or backpack.

This combo has an ultralight MS-S500T reel that ensures smooth casting. It has a single ball bearing drive, multi-disc drag, Twist Buster line twist reduction, and a speedy 5.1:1 gear ratio. The Twist Buster and GyroSpin technologies decrease the chance of line twists and offer excellent balance while fishing in the water. This combo is compatible with right or left-handed use which is very convenient. This rod and reel combo comes with limited manufacturer warranty so you don’t have to worry about the after-sale service.


  • Ultra-compact hard case
  • Ultralight MS-S500T reel 
  • Multi-disc drag
  • Twist Buster line twist reduction         


  • Schematics not available

8.PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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This is an excellent fly fishing rod and reel for anglers. This fishing gear includes a fly fishing line, fly reel and a fly fishing rod. You will get a carrier bag and a fly box with this fly fishing rod. For beginner fly fisher, this is an excellent package because it’s a full fly fishing kit. You also have the option to buy only the rod if you already have the reel. This rod is made of composite graphite and carbon body for sensitivity and durability. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod is 8 ft. long and has a cork grip for an excellent grip. This rod is thin and lightweight, perfect for extended fishing hours.

Excellent build quality makes the rod very flexible for smooth casting. It has high-quality stainless steel chromed guide rings that ensure smooth line flow without any kind of friction or heat. This fly fishing rod has a sensitive tip for accurate casts. The reel seat has great construction, and it accommodates the reel firmly. The aluminum spool and stainless steel guide rings make sure you have an amazing fly fishing experience.


  • Affordable Price
  • Durable aluminum reel
  • Ultralight rod
  • Carrier bag and a fly box


  • Medium size
  • Require Assembling         

How to choose the Best Fishing Rod and Reel

In order to buy the finest fishing rod and reel, you have to understand that the best rod and reel combos are not cheap or expensive. A good rod and reel combo will help you get excellent accuracy while casting the lure, durable, and allow you hours of hassle-free fishing experience. Apart from that, there are a few very important factors that you have to consider before buying the rod and reel combo.

Rod Size

Rod size is very important when you are choosing your fishing rod. You will find rods between 5 and 8 feet long. So there is a wide range of lengths available to choose from. Make sure you buy a fishing pole that is big enough, or ideal enough, for you to exert. Moreover, you have to select a rod that is appropriate for your height.

Apart from the rod size, you also have to think about the collapsibility of the rod and how you can store them safely for further use because you may find it very difficult to store something on your house that is too long. So it is wiser to buy a long fly fishing rod that is easily taken apart and put back together.


A rod works best with the matching reel. Like the rod and line reels also rated by weight. So it’s very important you pick a reel accordingly that matches the rod. Matching reel, rod, and line ensures plenty of space in your reel for an extra line. But while picking the reel, you also have to consider the quality of the reel and your fishing style. If you have a light rod, then you should pick a light reel. For the larger rod, it’s wiser to use a heavy reel. It’s always best to buy a well-constructed reel that matches the weight of your rod and line.

Ball Bearings

The number of ball bearings a reel has indicates how smooth the reel-in is. You will find a cheap rod and reel combo that has bushings inside the reel instead of ball bearings. This type of reel doesn’t perform well. So it is wiser to buy a reel with sealed stainless steel balls for excellent performance and durability. A good fishing reel will at least have two ball bearings but a well-maid fishing reel is consists of 4-6 ball bearings for premium performance.

Rod Power

This is another important factor to consider while buying your bass fishing stick. Rod power means the strength of the rod or its lifting power while catching fish. Rod power ranges from light to heavy. Most of the anglers prefer the middle of the range at medium-heavy.

This is because the medium-heavy fishing pole provides the most versatile option for bass anglers. Moreover, you have to pick the right line while choosing the rod power. If you pick a heavier rod, make sure the line is also heavier; otherwise, there is a risk breaking fish off more frequently.    

Drag System

Drag means the amount of resistance a reel requires to pull the line away from the reel. It is very important to maintain a minimum drag amount because if the line is too rigid, then a big fish can break the line by putting up a big fight. If you buy a reel with a low-quality drag system, then it may become the reason your line to break. 

The drag system is available in two varieties: star drags or lever drags. The star drag system has a star-shaped knob located near the handle that increases or decreases the resistance. Lever drag operates by holding down a bar or button. Lever drags offer more accuracy when casting and has a smoother release compared to star drags and they will cost more than the star drags.

Gear Ratios

The gear ratios of a reel work similarly to the car or a bike. Lower gears provide more power where higher gears ensure more speed. You will find fishing reels with gear ratios between 2:1 to 6:1. What type of gear ratios you require depends on your fishing style. If you want to draw your line rapidly, then you need a higher gear ratio. But if you are looking to draw in a lot of power, then you will require a lower gear ratio. Nowadays, fishing reels are available in multiple gears, so if you are not sure about your gear ratios to buy a rod and reel combo, that has multiple gear ratios.

How To Set Up New Fishing Rod

Final Thoughts

The fishing rod and reel combos that we have talked about in this post will help you catch more fish and provide many hours of great fishing experience. Just make sure you consider all your fishing requirements and fishing style so that you end up buying the fishing rod and reel combo.                    


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