The 10 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes, Bags & Backpacks of 2021

The number one problem for the angler is to bring all his favorite fishing accessories to the fishing spot. The solution to this problem is the fishing tackle box, bag, or backpack. Over the years fishing tackle box and bag has evolved a lot and now they’re more organized and functional. Tackle boxes are available in different shapes and sizes and they have different features too. 

We have reviewed 10 best fishing tackle boxes, bags, and backpacks currently available in the market. We also include a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best fishing tackle box that best suits your requirements. Let’s take a look at them!

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Best Hard Tackle Boxes of 2021

  1. Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System
  2. Plano Magnum 2 Sided Tackle Box
  3. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box
  4. Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes

1.Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

Plano is a very popular fishing gear manufacturer, and over the years, they have produced some of the best fishing tackle box available in the market. Anglers most of the time, pick Plano for fishing tackle boxes. This Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System is not resizable but it is versatile in other ways. This tackle box has four clear utility boxes inside the main compartment. Each box has resizable separate cups for tackle and gear. 

To the right, there is a set of small utility boxes where you can store jig components. These boxes have a clear window so you can easily see all the components. On the top of the bag, there is a clear plastic lid with several storage compartments inside where you can store critical or larger gear. When you open the lid, a large interior space revel for gear like line, reels, large tackle, etc. Considering all the features, this is the best hard tackle box on the market right now.

Features at a Glance

  • 4 Large utility boxes
  • 5 Customizable compartments
  • Clear compartment windows
  • Lifetime Warranty

2.Plano Magnum 2 Sided Tackle Box

If you are looking for a simple tackle box at a reasonable price, then you should consider buying the Plano Magnum 2 Sided Tackle Box. This is a very simple, straightforward two-sided waterproof tackle box from Plano. This box looks like a lunch box, yet very efficient. It has a square, symmetrical design that ensures enough storage with multiple boxes. Moreover, you can easily store this box anywhere in your boat. This is an excellent box where you can store different fishing gears like lures, terminal tackle, soft plastics, etc. 

This Plano 2 sided tackle box has individual storage slots and a clear green lid so you will have easy visibility of the tools. This box is made of durable plastic, which ensures excellent performance in rough conditions. The heavy-duty latch ensures a more secure closure! Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the internal dividers which may create a problem with some of the fishing gears. But there is not much to worry because bulks of fishing tackle fit just fine into the standard size dividers in these tackle boxes. The handle of this box is made of thick, sturdy cast plastic which is very reliable.

Features at a Glance

  • 19 Total compartments
  • Square stackable design
  • See-through lids
  • Ideal for boats

3.Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

If it is required to carry the fishing tackle box for a long distance, then you should buy a rolling tackle box. The Elkton Outdoors, Rolling Tackle Box, is the best rolling tackle box currently available in the market. If you are walking down the boardwalk or carrying gear, then this rolling tackle box will make your job very easy. While full this bag can handle up to 25 pounds of fishing gear. So you don’t have to think of the storage space and can carry all your favorite fishing gear. Moreover, this box is waterproof, makes it perfect for fishing activities.

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box has a shoulder strap, so you have the option to carry it on your shoulder if necessary. It has padded and adjustable top storage compartment, five 3600 sizes 18 compartments tackle trays to store all the fishing gears. You can easily store all your fishing gear organized way. This tackle box has durable zippers and tough fabric that keep all your gears in great condition. If you are an angler with huge loads of tackle and gear, then this is the ideal fishing tackle box for you.

Features at a Glance

  • 4 Fishing rod holders with straps
  • 5 Large 18-compartment utility boxes
  • Shoulder strap carry
  • Collapsible handle

4.Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes

The Plano Angled Tackle System Stowaway Boxes is the best solution for anglers who are looking for the smaller hard-sided tackle box. Plano is a manufacturer that you can trust in everything they made. This box has more features than the Plano Magnum, but smaller in size. This box has a storage capacity that is perfect for recreational anglers. It has five storage locations and all have a clear view. All the storage locations have transparent doors so you can easily locate the gear that you are looking for. Moreover, this tackle box has three 2 3650 Stowaway Utility boxes.

On the top of this box, you can store large and bulky gear like spools of line or larger lures. Under the fit, there are storage spaces for gears that won’t fit in the box. The best part of this tackle box is the angled utility box storage. These boxes slide in at a slight downward angle so they won’t jostle out. There is also a clear lid for extra insurance in case you forget to close the lid. This is an ideal solid tackle box for the weekend fishing warrior.

Features at a Glance

  • 3 Utility boxes
  • 15-degree angle box
  • 5 Clear view storage windows
  • Medium size tackle box

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Best Fishing Tackle Bags of 2020

  1. Flambeau 400ZK-1 IKE 400 Tackle Bag
  2. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag
  3. BLISSWILL Multifunctional Fishing Tackle Bag

1.Flambeau 400ZK-1 IKE 400 Tackle Bag

This is an excellent soft-sided bag with tons of storage space. If you are looking for a soft-sided tackle bag, then this is the ideal bag for you. It has enough storage space to store up to 4 large utility boxes in the main compartment. So you can take all your favorite fishing gear with you. It has a Velcro neoprene handle and fully adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfortable carry. There is also a sunglasses case with a protective hard shell on the outside of the bag for convenience. There are four 4007 Zerust Tuff Tainers included with this bag.

There are four exterior zipper pockets available in this bag, with two at both sides. There are multiple sub-pockets available to organize all your small gears. In front of the bag, there is a small pocket with elastic pockets for pliers or hemostats. This is a perfect tackle bag for anglers who need storage space for an absolute pile of gear in one place. This bag has foam-padded walls, lid, and base with lining for best performance in rough conditions. With all the features and storage capacity, this is one of the best tackle bags currently available in the market.

Features at a Glance

  • Room for 4 large utility boxes
  • Handle or shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant 600D shell
  • Three accessory pockets

2.Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag best suits kayak fishers or those with minimal tackle needs. If you want a light tackle box that you can move with it and require less storage space, then you should consider this bag. There will be a circumstance where you can’t carry or bring a big tackle bag or box like fishing from a kayak. In those situations, this tackle bag will help you carry all the necessary fishing gear. The best part of this tackle bag is; it is waterproof. This bag is made from Water-resistant 1000D high-density nylon fabrics for best performance under tough situations.

This tackle storage bag has three main pockets and other organization options to store all your fishing gear. You can easily store a couple of fly boxes or small utility boxes in this storage bag. You can store the lures, pliers, line, fishing lure boxes, wallet, phone, iPad, camera, keys, and other fishing accessories you need for fishing purposes. There are two exchangeable, adjustable, and detachable shoulder straps available for easy carry. This is the perfect tackle bag for the angler with minimal tackle and lightweight, mobile needs.

Features at a Glance

  • 1000D high-density nylon fabrics
  • 3 external zippered pockets
  • Lightweight and minimal
  • Indestructible KAM buckle
  • SBS zippers

3.BLISSWILL Multifunctional Fishing Tackle Bag

BLISSWILL Multifunctional Fishing Tackle Bag is a modest size tackle bag with enough storage for fishing gears, a water bottle, and a few other accessories. This bag is excellent for compact tackle storage. Moreover, there are a lot of ways you can attach your gear to the outside of this bag. You can easily store the pliers, fillet knife, and other bulky items on the daisy chain style Velcro front for quick access. This bag is multifunctional and has an adjustable, detachable strap for easy carry. You can use this bag as a waist bag, shoulder bag, and handbags.

The main compartment of this bag has room for several small utility boxes, but they may not be sufficient for bulk gear. It has three modest pockets where you can store small fishing accessories. This multi-functional tackle bag is made from high quality 2000D water-resistant nylon fabrics. It has a high-quality ABS buckle and YKK zipper which makes this bag durable in tough conditions. This bag is Non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Features at a Glance

  • Multi-functional bag
  • Water bottle storage
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Accessory straps on the exterior

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Best Fishing Tackle Backpacks of 2020

  1. Wild River Nomad by CLC Custom LeatherCraft Tackle Backpack
  2. Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack Vest Combo
  3. Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack

1.Wild River Nomad by CLC Custom LeatherCraft Tackle Backpack

If you are looking for a fishing tackle backpack where you can store and carry all the important fishing gear, then this Custom LeatherCraft Tackle Backpack is the ideal choice for you. This backpack is a bit pricey but all the features make this bag an excellent fishing tackle backpack. It has an integrated LED light system so you can easily see into the bag in a dark place or at night. This backpack has a large upper storage space with a removable divider. So you can easily transform this bag into a full-size backpack for storing large fishing accessories.

This tackle backpack has the capacity to hold up to 6 medium number 3600 and 4 number 3500 trays. It has external and internal mesh pockets to store small fishing gears. The optional solar charging panel ensures the power supply in case of an emergency. This backpack is perfect for serious fishers as well as hobby fishermen and they will appreciate the innovation and think tank for creating this Wild River Tackle backpack.

Features at a Glance

  • 5000mAh rechargeable USB power supply
  • Optional clip-on solar panel
  • Integrated LED light system
  • Room for up to 8 utility boxes

2.Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack Vest Combo

This backpack vest combo is designed for anglers who want to spend long days on the water. This is a smaller vest style tackle backpack where the vest is specifically designed for the fly fisher. This backpack has a 1.5-liter water bladder so you can stay hydrated. It has enough storage capacity to store important fishing gear. The adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensure a perfect fit. The main compartment of this backpack has room for 2-4 fly boxes. 

The webbing loops make sure flawless attachments for hemostats, pliers, or a knife. You can use the expandable mesh pocket to store your mobile, keys, wallet, iPad, camera, and other accessories. The vest is fully adjustable so it can fit most people within the adjustment range. If you are a fly fisher, then you can easily put your trust on this tackle backpack.

Features at a Glance

  • Built-in 1.5 liter hydration bladder
  • Fully adjustable vest-style design
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Two mesh pockets             

3.Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack

Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack is the most dedicated fishing tackle backpacks currently available in the market. You can store absolute piles of fishing gears in this multi-tackle small backpack. This backpack is available in different sizes so you will have the option to choose according to your needs. It has lime green internals which makes the bag very bright and stylish. This small backpack has 5 small pockets where you can store the small fishing gears and accessories.

There are two expandable mesh pockets where you can store your personal accessories like phone, wallet, iPad, etc. You can remove the dividers in the upper storage area and can pile a few more small utility boxes if needed. It has large adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfortable carry. There is a clear internal pocket available in this bag where you can keep your maps and licenses visible.

Features at a Glance

  • Holds 4 #3500 utility boxes
  • Upper storage area
  • External pockets
  • Removable divider

How to Choose the Best Tackle Box

In order to pick the fishing tackle box that best suits you, there are few things that you have to consider. Here I have discussed a few important features and functions of a tackle box so you can easily buy the best fishing tackle box.

Fishing Style

Fishing style plays an important role in the fishing tackle box. If you have your boat, then you can store your tackle in the same place every time. If you require to carry a lot of fishing gear, then you can buy hard-sided tackle boxes. If you are fishing from the shore or require hiking to reach the fishing spot, then consider buying a tackle backpack. If you love kayak fishing, then you should buy a soft-sided tackle bag because there isn’t enough room available in the kayak for a large tackle box.

Water Resistance

It’s important you buy a tackle box that is water-resistant or waterproof to keep all your fishing gears in good condition. Moreover, you will store your accessories in the tackle box so waterproof features will keep them safe from water damage.

Quality Zippers

The next thing that you should check in a fishing tackle box is the quality of the zipper. It’s important you buy a tackle box that has a heavy-duty zipper to protect the fishing gears and other accessories from the water. The low-quality zipper will compromise the sturdiness of the tackle box.


Most of the tackle box, bag, or backpack has transparent plastic utility boxes that you can quickly remove for easy access to the gears. Moreover, you can organize the fishing gears by type and store them separately in the utility boxes so that you can easily find the gear in case of an emergency.

Fishing Tackle Boxe

Final Thoughts

Fishing requires a lot of gears, and a fishing tackle box can help you store, organize, and carry all the important fishing accessories with you. The appropriate tackle box can make or break your day on the water. Therefore, while buying the best fishing tackle box, be sure to consider where and how often you fish. Always remember, your requirement may change and you would require more storage space. So buy a tackle box that has more storage space to meet your requirements.                         


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