6 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200

According to Bicycle Guider, hybrid bikes are the second most popular bike type in the US, just after mountain bikes. Hybrids come with shifting and braking components similar to that of mountain bikes. However, unlike them, hybrid bikes have flat handlebars and large, padded seats typical to a road bike. It is a perfect blend of the road bike and the mountain bike. It’s perfect for both casual, short-distance commuting and long trips on rough trails.

A hybrid bike might be the most practical purchase you make. If you don’t know where to start in buying one, you can follow the guide below.

Buyer’s Guide to Hybrid Bikes

In buying any bike, you must consider two important things– where you plan to ride and how you want to use the bike. Once you know the answer to these two questions, you can narrow down your search.

Riding for fitness

If you want to use cycling as a form of exercise, then look for hybrid bikes with skinny tires and a more rigid fork. These will give you a lighter but quicker ride on pavement. As your skills advance, you might want to move on from cycling on the pavement and have fun on more challenging terrains. In which case, you must ensure that the bike comes with a suspension fork. If, however, you plan to stick to pavements, then you’re good without the latter.

Riding for adventure

A hybrid bike with a suspension fork that allows it to remain stable despite bumps in the road and trail is perfect for this. Choose a bike that can perform well on dirt and pavement. Usually, these bikes have knobby tires for better traction. While these bikes are not the most stylish, they can be comfortable.

Riding for comfort

Recreational hybrid bikes usually have wide tires to give you extra stability and comfort. Choose one with a wide, padded saddle and suspension seat post. An upright geometry allows you to sit without hurting your butt or your back. Also, choose a bike that can maintain proper leg extension.

Riding for commute

If your purpose is to navigate around busy streets quickly, then you need more intuitive controls on your bike. Check the bike gears and shifting system. Also, don’t forget essentials like the rear rack for easy handling of your backpack or groceries, and lights to ensure safety when riding at night.

Top 6 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 (Best Picks)

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Hybrid Bikes

Best Hybrid Bike Reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a hybrid bike, it’s time to read reviews. You might get confused as to which one to buy, especially if you are not familiar with the different types of bike brands. If you are looking for the cheapest in the market, then this guide is for you. Here are the top hybrid bikes under 200 dollars:

1. sixthreezero Around the Block Bike

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Around the Block is a starter bike that you can easily ride and is designed for stability. It is comfortable and should be able to give you fewer vibrations when you ride it. It comes with a number of great features including an easy-to-mount frame and portable rear rack. It stands at 26” and has 21-speed, which means that it has 3 gears in the front and 7 gears in the rear. The front wheel comes with a suspension which is useful when you ride on potholed and rugged terrain.

Dual-spring seat and ergonomic handlebars

The seat is dual-spring which can ensure tailbone comfortability, especially during long rides. It doesn’t matter much if you’re riding along level or rocky roads. The springs on the seat are designed to absorb bumps, thus making every ride smooth. The wide handlebars also help with comfortability as it is contoured to perfectly fit your body, so you can grip the high-density foam with ease.

Steel frame with comfort details

This bike comes with the classic 17-inch steel frame design that allows you an upright riding position. For extra protection, it is equipped with front and rear fenders. Though good for beginners, it is greatly suitable for high-intensity rides. You can take it to boardwalks, paves, or hard-packed dirt roads.

Shimano gear and friction shifter

Its 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and shifting system helps in tackling any demanding trail, going on long distances, and even riding uphill. The bike comes with a hand brake at the front and pedal-powered coaster brake in the rear, so you can stop it with ease and precision. The Shimano external hub and Nexus shifter allow you to ride with leisure, but also makes long commutes possible.

Geometry and Specs:

  • 17-inch steel frame
  • steel fork with fork drop out
  • wide aluminum alloy wheels
  • 26×2.125-inch tires
  • 1/2″×1/8″ chain
  • 21-speed Shimano Shimano internal gear and shifting system
  • Weighs 35 lbs


  1. Can be used in riding multiple terrains
  2. Ensure comfortable rides
  3. Pedaling will be effortless
  4. Comes with stylish design
  5. Lightweight but durable


  1. Minor adjustments needed in brakes
  2. Difficult to put together


This bike is perfect for beginner riders who have adventurous natures and are likely to ride on more challenging terrains later on. It fits riders with a height that ranges from 5’2 to 6’3. The many ergonomic features of this bike ensure that you can have comfortable, long rides. The gear and shifting system also allows for ease of use.

2. ZOYO Hybrid Mountain Bike for Men and Women

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Zoyo might not be a brand that first comes to mind when it comes to hybrid bikes; however, it’s one of the cheapest out in the market. Despite its affordable price, the bike does have a strong aluminum frame and is sturdy and durable enough. The front fork is equipped with a shock absorption feature. The seat is adjustable. Moreover, the tires are anti-slip and wear-resistant. Zoyo Hybrid Mountain Bike is not lacking in any great features. What’s more is that it will come to you already 85% assembled, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have much background in assembling bicycles.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

This hybrid bike comes with a strong but lightweight aluminum frame. Its construction makes it durable and sturdy. In fact, it can hold a person that weighs up to 180 lbs. It is great for those who want to ride with speed as well as it has a front fork that absorbs shock well. The flat handlebar makes for an easy and comfortable grip.

Shimano Gear and Shifters

With a Shimano 21 speed front and rear shifters, you can take this bike to a hillside ride. You will have little problem running through rocky terrain. Adjusting the gear can also go smoothly with the bike’s shifters. This is highly helpful for when you want to change gears when riding through smooth and then rough paths.

Disc Brakes

Zoyo recognizes the importance of an efficient brake system for your safety. As this hybrid bike has disc brakes, it allows you to slowly or swiftly stop depending on the situation. You have full control of the ride.

27.5-inch Wheels with Alloy Rims

To get the best traction and stability, this bike is integrated with mountain bike wheels with 27.5 inch aluminum alloy rims. It will give you the stability you need when you want to cruise at high speeds. The wheels are also not resistant to spinning, thus riding can go smoothly and comfortably.

Geometry and Specs:

  • lightweight aluminum frame
  • front fork that absorbs shock
  • aluminum alloy wheel rim
  • anti-slip tires
  • disc brakes
  • 21-speed Shimano


  1. Lightweight bike that’s good for portability
  2. Highly efficient braking system
  3. 85% assembled
  4. Features Shimano gears for hillside rides


  1. Not fit for competition riding
  2. Can’t hold heavy riders


The best thing about this bike is that it is good for people who don’t know much about bike assembly. After you buy it, you only need to fix and attach the handlebars, pedals, saddle, and wheels. This hybrid bike can carry people with 5’6 to 6′ height and 180lbs.

3. Schwinn Men’s Community Hybrid Bike

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Schwinn has been around since 1895, and there’s a reason they’ve survived in the market for so long. They are one of the leading brands when it comes to bikes for men. One of their top-selling designs is this hybrid bike. It is made specifically for men who are looking for a thrill ride. With its suspension forks, it can withstand the bumpiest roads. It also features the Shimano gear shift system and double-walled wheels. It is often recommended for its lightweight frame, alloy bracket, and integrated headset.

Sturdy Frame Construction

This hybrid bike is made for the road, with its sturdy aluminum frame, 700C tires, and raised rims. It does not only give lightness but also stability. With this bike, it is easy to navigate around rough terrains and deal with unexpected bumps. Its flat handlebar is easy to grip and handle. The padded seat is comfortable. All these are to maximize ergonomics and comfortability.

Schwinn Gearshift System with SRAM shifters

Schwinn uses Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur for this bike. This allows you to travel on different terrains, including sharp slopes and other difficult landscapes. In other words, this gear system allows you optimum exploration on your trips. With SRAM shifters, you can shift the gears with speed. As safety is important when riding through rough roads, this bike is also designed with suspension forks so that the rider can barely feel the effects of bumps and dents.

Ease-of-travel with a Rear Rack

If you are going on long rides, you’ll be happy to hear that this bike comes with a rear rack where you can put travel essentials such as your water bottle, wallet, and phone. This rear rack allows you to go biking with nothing on your back, so you focus on the ride itself. Not only does Schwinn ensure that you travel with ease, but they also make your journey comfortable. Because of the bike’s design, you can adopt a vertical position for dynamic driving. The broad saddle is also a great additional feature.

Geometry and Specs:

  • Mechanical Rim Brake Style
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Front Suspension
  • Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur
  • Rear rack
  • Weighs 48.65 lbs


  1. Has comfortable saddle
  2. Shimano comes with SRAM shifters for quick shifts of gears
  3. Lightweight but sturdy
  4. With rare carrier and full fenders


  1. Bike’s brake needs constant checking
  2. Tuning needed for shifts


The Schwinn Men’s Community Hybrid Bike has almost all of the essential features that make a great hybrid bike. It is light, comfortable, fast, and efficient. It is primarily designed to perform well and carry professional bike riders. It is as effective as a mountain bike in navigating rough terrains.

4. Kent Northwoods Hybrid Bike for Women

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Kent International is one of the largest manufacturers in the US and the Springdale is their leading model of hybrid bikes specially made for women. This bike is made lightweight with advanced gears to make it versatile and give the rider more control. You can use it to navigate around metro traffic or a more challenging terrain. It is also stylish and affordable. However, it only comes in one size, which disappoints shorter cyclists.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

The frame of the bike is made out of aluminum alloy, which is both lightweight and durable. While this hybrid bike shares a lot of features of a mountain bike, it weighs less and is more responsive to the rider’s control. It is great for commuting as it does not cause much fatigue. It is also fast and allows you to get to your destination quickly.

Linear Pull Brakes

There are linear-pull brakes in the front and the rear. Both provide great stopping power, so you can stop immediately during emergency situations. This brake system works well even in wet weather. You can access the pull brake easily.

Impressive Shifter System

This bike has 21 gears to make your ride smooth with minimal effort on your part. So while it’s best used as a commute bike, you can easily take it to a steep hill. You can also walk the bike if you don’t have enough power to pedal upwards. This Springdale is not only known for its speed but also its performance. With its line shifter system, you are given varied gear options that you can choose depending on the terrain.

700C Tires

700c wheels will not allow you to lose stability even when you are in a rough landscape. This ensures traction that will keep your rides smooth. Despite the tire’s narrow design, they are quite rugged and versatile. They have a good grip, so slipping is almost impossible.

Geometry and Specs:

  • Aluminum alloy frame construction
  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • Linear pull brakes
  • 700c tires


  1. Tires with great traction
  2. Fenders that will protect you from water splash
  3. Different gear options
  4. Sturdy aluminum alloy frame construction
  5. Stylish design and paint job
  6. Front and rear linear-pull brake system


  1. Shifter system is difficult for beginners
  2. Brakes may be squeaky
  3. Bike available only in one size


Kent Northwoods Hybrid Bike is built solidly and packed with features great for a daily commute or a more challenging ride. This bike is most suitable for cyclists that are 5’6 to 6’0. Those under 5’4 will have a hard time handling this bike. Its gear system gives you a lot of control, so it works well for both beginners and pros.

5. Columbia Cross Train Hybrid Bike

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Columbia Cross Train Hybrid Bike is perfect for both leisure riders and commuting around the city. It is designed to fulfill the essential features needed by cyclists. Its frame is lightweight but durable. The wheels are wide and provide just enough cushion of air so that you smoothly ride through bumps and rough paths. Coupled with V brakes, it also ensures optimal safety. With straight handlebars and a comfortable saddle, you can ride it with an upright posture.

21-Speed Shimano and RAPIDFIRE Shifter

You can ride this bike at varying speeds depending on the terrain you’re in. Pair the 21-speed Shimano with the RAPIDFIRE gear shifter, and you can downshift up to three gears with just one stroke. Thus, you can shift with speed and ease with just a push of a thumb. Though there are different gear combinations that you might need to know, you can learn them easily.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame and Straight Handlebars

It is possible for the bike frame to be lightweight and durable at the same time. Columbia Cross Train Hybrid Bike is constructed to be sturdy enough so that you can maneuver through varied trails with ease and stability. Its straight handlebars allow you to sit upright, so you don’t strain your back when you are riding for a long time.

Back-Friendly Saddle

The design of the bike is ergonomic, keeping the cyclist in a healthy upright position when riding. This makes the bike perfect not only for young riders but also for older ones. It does not overly cause fatigue even after a long ride. The overall goal of the bike’s design is comfortability.

Geometry and Specs:

  • Aluminum Bike Frame
  • RAPIDFIRE gear shifter
  • 21-speed Shimano
  • Alloy V-brakes
  • Weighs 39.68 lbs
  • High steel suspension fork


  1. Easy to control shifts and speed
  2. Comfortable with its ergonomic design
  3. Lightweight and sturdy


  1. Has a standard height limit


This bike is a marriage between a road bike and a mountain bike. It can go at a reasonable speed, which you have full control over, depending on the terrain you’re in. Morever, it’s designed by keeping your health in mind, so it offers maximum comfort.

6.  sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Bike for Women

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This is another bike series brought by sixthreezero. EVRYjourney Hybrid Bike retains all the classic features of a cruiser bike like the gear system and pedal brakes. However, it’s also redesigned to include line brakes and a wider range of gear shifts. This is one of the best bikes for long commutes in heavy traffic areas.

Stylish and Comfortable Design

This bike comes in different refreshing colors which can fit well in the metro. It has a forward pedaling design, so you can either assume a riding position and stay upright or place your foot flat on the ground in a stand over position while maintaining proper leg extension. The wheels of the bike are slick whitewalls that are about 2 inches wide, so it provides enough traction on rainy days.

Step-through Aluminum Frame

Cruiser bikes are known for their heavy-duty frame made out of stainless steel. However, sixthreezero has made some changes to make EVRYjourney Hybrid Bike lightweight. This time, the aluminum frame is used with gloss chrome to give the bike a vintage appeal.

21-speed Model

While the original EVRYjourney design is single-speed, you can get the hybrid version with 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur. The latter allows you to cycle almost anywhere. You can go on hilly terrain, and you won’t have any problems. The bike can perform well on gravel or dirt.

Geometry and Specs:

  • Aluminum frame
  • 21-speed Shimano and friction shifters
  • Forward pedaling design
  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • Wide whitewall wheels


  1. Lightweight frame
  2. Stylish, modern design
  3. Easy to assemble


  1. Don’t have shock absorption powers
  2. Not for pros who want to go on extreme off-road adventures


While this bike can handle dirt and rough terrains, they best fit daily commute rides. It is not heavy or sluggish, so it’s easy for you to navigate around traffic with this. This bike is good for those who stand at 5’4″ to 6’5″. You can buy the 24-inch version if you are 5’0″ below.

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Usually, nothing goes wrong in buying a hybrid bike. However, if you want to get the most out of your money, you must carefully evaluate your options. The abovementioned hybrid bikes are the best in the market especially in terms of price. However, you must consider the bike’s value first and foremost. What you choose to buy should depend on where you plan to use the bike and how you want to ride it. Review the bikes’ features carefully before you make your final decision.

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