Best Ice Fishing Boots

Are you planning to go ice fishing? Are you looking for boots that will suit your needs? Worry no more. Here we have done the hard work for you. We have done our research and have a list of the ten best boots to go fishing in the ice with. 

If you don’t want your feet freezing up when fishing on the ice, you have to have boots meant for that purpose. Boots that will keep your feet warm and comfortable and prevent you from slipping and falling. The boots in this article are all waterproof. So you do not need to worry about your feet getting wet. We also have the things that you should put into consideration before buying ice fishing boots. We have a comparison table that will help you compare which boots are best for you and a section for your questions. Let’s dive right in.

Best Ice Fishing Boots

1. Best For A Splurge: Kamik canuck

These boots are long and have a bungee lacing system. Their insulation is rated -40 F

2. Best For Men: Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro

They have a rubber outsole, and their insulation is rated -60 F

3. Best For Extremely Low Temperature: Baffin Men’s control max insulated boots

They have an arctic rubber shell. They are rated -94 F

4. Best For Women: Muck boot women’s arctic ice tall boots

The midsole protects the feet from blistering.

5. Most Stylish Boot: Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac.

These stylish waterproof boots are made of nylon.

6. Best Budget: Arctic Shield Men’s 

These boots have a top drawstring that keeps ice away from your feet. They are affordable.

7. Best For Multi-Tasking: Kamik Nation Plus

These boots have a round lacing system and a seam-sealed waterproof design. 

8. Most Comfortable: Baffin Wolf

They have buckles at the ankle and calf helping them fit better in your feet.

9. Best For Kids: Muck Boots Rugged For Kids

They allow you to be stylish even when fishing on the ice.

10. Best For cleats: Muck Arctic Sport

These boots lack a lacing system. 

Comparison Of The Best Ice Fishing Boots 

The Best Ice Fishing BootsBest ForSpecsSizeUser  Rating/5
Kamik CanuckSplurge The tall shaft, snow collar, rated to -40°F, bungee lacing system, rubber outsole.7-144.6
Muck boots men’s arctic proMenThe tall shaft, rated to -40°F, stretch fit comfortable line.5-144.6
Baffin men`s control maxExtreme low temperature Rated to -94°F, waffle comb footed, multi-D-ring lace system.7-124.6
Muck boots women’s articWomenRated to -60°F, Flexible pandura, synthetic fabric, Vibram outsole.5-114.7
Sorel men’s 1964 PackMost stylishAnkle boots, stylish snow cuff, nylon upper, multi-D-lace system.7-154.5
Artic shield men’sBest budgetRated to -40°F, snow collar, adjustable Velcro closure strap, rubber sole.7-124.4
Baffin wolfMost comfortableRated to -40°F, snow collar, true to size7-134.5
Muck boots rugged for kidskidsRated to-40°F, EVA contoured footbed, no laces, pull tab.Ten months toddler to 7 years kid4.8
Kamik NationplusMulti-tasking Rated to -40°F, rubber outsole, round lacing system, anti-microbial footbed.7-144.6
Muck artic sportCleats Rated to -40°F, EVA contoured midsole6-154.7

Top Ten Ice Fishing Boots

In this section, we will take you through the boots we have reviewed in detail. We will discuss the key features of each product, the pros, and the cons. After going through this section, you can comfortably choose a product that best suits your needs. And one that you will love wearing at any time when going ice fishing.

1. Best splurge: Kamik Canuck

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Sole material Rubber
Closure type Lace-up

These boots are knee-high and are made of denier waterproof nylon. They have a rubber shell at the foot and a bungee lace lock. This is good news to those who don’t like buckles or normal laces. These bungee lace locks do not involve tying, making your work easier. This lacing system keeps snow and moisture out with the help of the snow collar, which is adjustable to fit you just right. 

They have waterproof bottoms that ensure your feet are not soaked up in the water and that they remain warm. The rubber outsole is lightweight and is designed for maximum traction, even in the most slippery conditions. They have a removable 8mm liner of Zylex, which is 97% recycled that will give you incredible warmth. 

Key Features 

 1. are made of 1000 denier nylon.

2. Has an embroidered logo on the side of the shaft.

3. Has a removable 8mm Zylex liner.

4. Slip-resistant tread.

5. The insulation is rated at -40F.

6. It has an ice collar.

7. Has a bungee lace lock.


1. They are knee-high tall.

2. They offer maximum traction.

3. They have no laces.

4. They are waterproof.

5. JuuHave an ice collar to keep ice out.


1. The height can be a disadvantage for short people. 

2. Best For Men: Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro

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Closure Slip-on
Sole materialRubber 
Size 5-14

These are Muck’s warmest boots that are on the market with their insulation rated at -60F. They are featured with 2mm of thermal foam beneath the footbed, ensuring that your feet stay warm in extreme temperatures. They also have fleece foot linings for maximum warmth and comfort.

These boots have 8mm neoprene. This adjusts to the contours on your feet, maximizing comfort and retaining your body heat. They have a stretch fit comfort top line for a perfect fit, keeping cold out. They have Bob-tracker outsoles for durability and maximum. These boots come in different colors and prints, allowing you to choose the one you prefer.


1. They are 17-inch high.

2. 100% waterproof, so your feet will be warm and dry.

3. Lightweight midsole for additional cushioning.

4. 8mm neoprene for comfort and warmth.

5. It is insulation rated -60F.

6. It has a Bob Tracker molded outsole. 


1. They are tall

2. They have a stretch fit comfort top line.

3. Durable outsole.


1. They do not have a snow collar.

3. Best For Extreme Low Temperature: Baffin Men’s Control Max

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Sole materialRubber 
Fabric Leather 
Shaft height9.5 inches
Size 7-12

These boots from Baffin have been tested in extremely low temperatures. They have been proven to keep your feet warm at such a temperature as their insulation is rated at -94F. They are warm and comfortable from the molding technology and foam-based inner boot system. The sole comprises several advanced thermo-set polymers combined to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, low weight, and grip. 

The sole is fully tractioned, offering a nonslip grip. These boots have a removable boot liner for extra insulation and a top cinch to keep the warmth inside. They come in three colors, so you have a variety to choose from.


1. The insulation is rated at -94F.

2. Has a waffle-comb footbed.

3. The lacing system is a multi-D-ring.

4. Has a removable Baffin multi-layer inner boot system.


1. Top cinch to keep warmth inside.

2. Has boot liner for additional insulation.

3. Fits well alongside wool socks.

4. D-ring lace system makes tying easy.


1. They are bulky.

4. Best For Women: Muck Boots Women’s Arctic

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Sole materialVibram
Fabric Leather 
Size 5-11
Shaft height15.25 inches

These tall rubber women’s boots are designed to deliver grip and performance. They have an arctic grip outsole that offers maximum traction on ice. They are designed to match the contours of the female feet to offer maximum comfort. 

They have 8mm heavy-duty neoprene that is 100% waterproof and possess excellent heat retention properties. They also have a fleece lining that ensures warmth.


1. Soft fleece that enhances warmth and comfort.

2. Insulation is rated at -60F.

3. Flexible pandura that adds comfort against wear.


1. They offer a snug fit.

2. Adjusts to your foot shape.

3. The multidirectional outsole offers great traction.

4. Rear pull loop for easy on/off.


1. They have no snow collar.

5. Most Stylish: Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac

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Sole materialRubber 
Fabric Leather 
Size 7-15
Shaft heightankle

These nylon ankle boots are built with seam-sealed waterproofing and vulcanized rubber. They have a removable felt inside that offers warmth. These boots are made of nylon upper for maximum dryness.

The heel height of these boots is 4/5 of an inch and ½ an inch platform, providing comfort all day long. The midsole is a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug to give maximum warmth. The lacing system is multi D-ring, making them easy to tie.


1. They have a nylon upper.

2. Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber outsole. 

3. The shaft height reaches the ankles.

4. Removable 9mm washable inner boot. 


1. They are lightweight.

2. They come for both men and women.

3. They have a snow cuff ensuring ice stays out.

4. They are stylish.


1. Your feet are likely to get cold if you wear them too long.

6. Best Budget: Arctic Shield Men’s 

No products found.

Sole material Rubber 
Fabric Nylon 
Size 7-12
Shaft height14 inches

These boots are high-tech. This technology used in insulation captures and returns up to 90% of your body’s warmth since they are heat resistant. This prevents cold from getting in, ensuring maximum warmth. 

They are lightweight and comfortable, so you can have them on for several hours without feeling discomfort. They are made of waterproof shells keeping your feet dry and warm even in wet ice. These boots have a lace lock snow collar that ensures cold stays out. They have mid-foot adjustable Velcro closure straps that keep your feet snug. The rubber sole is also treaded well for maximum traction.


1. They have a mid-foot adjustable Velcro closure strap.

2. Insulation is rated at -40°F.

3. 8mm removable thermal liner.

4. Have lace lock snow collar.


1. They are lightweight.

2. They are made of durable shells.


1. Finding the right size may be difficult. You should go for a size bigger.

7. Most Comfortable: Baffin Wolf

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Fabric Nylon 
Size 7-13
Shaft height11 inches

These boots combine molding technology with a foam-based inner boot system. Creating a hybrid style of high-performance footwear. This boot is designed for more warmth, better fit, and superior comfort. The sole comprises several advanced thermoset polymers, put together to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, lightweight, and grip.


1. Insulation is rated at -40°F.

2. They have a removable Baffin multi-layer inner boot system.

3. They have a snow collar that ensures snow does not get in.


1. Have a snow collar.

2. They are true to size.

3. They are very light.

4. They offer a snug fit.


1. They may leak.

2. They are bulky, especially in the shaft.

8. Best For Kids: Muck Boots Rugged For Kids.

No products found.

Sole MaterialRubber 
Fabric Rubber and textile 
Size From 10 months toddler to 7-year-old child

You don’t have to worry about your child’s feet freezing during cold days anymore. Muck boots for kids got you covered. You can now take them fishing with you. These boots are 100% waterproof, ensuring your child’s feet are warm and dry even in wet ice. 

They can keep your kid’s feet warm up to -40°F with the help of a soft fleece lining which also provides comfort. They have 5mm neoprene which gives additional comfort and flexibility. It is also good in shock absorption and heat retention properties. It adjusts to the shape of the little feet to resist blisters and chafing.

They have an EVA footbed in the boots, which cushions their feet for long hours of outdoor activities. Their aggressive outsole offers maximum traction on ice, preventing slipping and falling. They come in different colors, allowing your kid to wear their favorite color.

Key Features.

1. They have 5mm neoprene for comfort and flexibility.

2. They are 100% waterproof.

3. Insulation is rated at -40°F.

4. Have EVA footbed for cushioning.


1. They are lightweight.

2. They have no laces.

3. Adjust to the feet so no blisters.

4. They have a pull tab for easy on/ off.


1. They do not have a snow collar.

9. Best For Multi-Tasking: Kamik Nationplus.

No products found.

Sole materialRubber 
Fabric leather
Size 7-14
Shaft height 10 inches

The rubber lower of these boots is designed carefully to provide waterproof protection, keeping your feet dry. They have removable liners for easy washing and drying. They have an aggressive rubber outsole for maximum traction in ice, keeping your feet in place with their firm grip. 

These boots have a round lacing system that looks great. They have 200B Thinsulate that wraps your feet with insufficient insulation for a -40°F that gives your feet enough warmth. They come in different colors so you can choose according to your preference.


1. Their insulation is rated at -40°F.

2. They have a moisture-wicking lining 

3. Posses comfortable anti-microbial footbed.


1. They are attractive.

2. They have excellent warmth.


1. Round laces may come loose or break.

2. No snow collar.

10. Best Cleats: Muck Arctic Sport

No products found.

Sole MaterialRubber 
Fabric Rubber 
Size 6-15
Shaft HeightMid-calf inches

These boots will keep your feet warm even in environments with temperatures as low as -40°F. This is possible with the help of a soft fleece lining in the boots. They have a contoured midsole and warm fleece lining with thermal foam under the footbed.

5mm neoprene in them absorbs shock, retains heat, prevents chafing, and is waterproof. The rubber outsole of these boots offers great traction on the ice. They also have a boot shaft for 

additional protection in the drifts.

Key Features. 

1. Their insulation is rated at -40°F.

2. They have EVA contoured midsole that adjusts to your feet.

3. 5mm neoprene for additional comfort.


1. Posses pull tab for easy on/off.

2. They are tall.

3. They have no laces.


1. Their grip on hard wet surfaces like rock is not as good.

2. They have no snow collar.

Factors To Consider When Buying Ice Fishing Boots.

This section will take you through what you should look at when buying boots for ice fishing. These factors will ensure that you get boots that will serve you just right and those you prefer. Let us look at some of the factors.

1. Waterproof.

When choosing boots for ice fishing, you have to consider this. Fishing in ice can make your feet soak up in the water, especially if you end up getting in it. Waterproof boots give you confidence when fishing, so you do not have to worry about your feet getting wet and, in turn, freezing. With such boots, your only task is to ensure that ice does not get in from the top, and your feet will be as dry as when you wore your boots.

2. Traction.

Ice can be very slippery. This requires you to have boots whose outsole has been made well to prevent slipping. Most boots that offer good traction on ice have a rubber outsole. This helps them to have maximum grip on slippery ice.

Some boots may offer good traction on ice, but their traction on wet hard surfaces may not be good. You should also consider this if you want to use your boots for more than just ice fishing. If you want your boots to be multipurpose, then you have to go for a multipurpose outsole.

3. Shaft Height

The taller the shaft, the better. Getting ice into your boots is a risk that you don’t want to take during freezing days. One of the ways of ensuring that ice does not get into them is by having tall-shafted boots. 

Boots with a tall shaft allow you to get into the snow without worrying about snow getting into them.

4. Snow Collar

A snow collar in ice fishing boots is an added advantage to a tall shaft. You can always be sure that your feet will be dry the whole time you will be fishing. Even if it snows or you step on the ice, your feet stay dry. 

5. Style

If you want to multi-task with your ice fishing boots, then you have to consider style. Stylish boots allow you to go out on a snowy day with confidence. You should not work looking like you are going fishing, yet there is a better choice of boots for you. 

6. Durable

No one wants to go back to buy the same thing they just recently bought, especially if it is costly. When shopping for ice fishing boots, you have to consider ones that will last you long enough. These are the ones that will take a long time before they wear out.

7. Material

You consider the material from which the boots are made. You can come across rubber, synthetic materials, and leather. These are the best materials that make a good pair of waterproof and warm boots.

8. Warm

What is the use of having ice fishing boots that are not warm? A good pair of such boots have to be warm to sustain you through ice fishing activities. They have to keep your feet warm in extremely low temperatures for them to be effective.

Warm boots allow you to stay in the cold for a long period without your feet becoming numb or feeling cold. You should check what the insulation is rated at to be sure. This should be done according to how cold your environment or where you want to use them can get.

9. Size

Some boots are not true to size in that; you might need a size bigger for them to fit well. Some people prefer wearing socks with their boots to enhance warmth. If you are one of them, you need to go for a size higher to leave space for the socks. You should confirm with the seller if the shoes are true to size or if you need to buy a size bigger than what you usually wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will address some of the questions that we think you might have, but we have not answered yet. 

1. What Are The Warmest Boots?

According to our research, the warmest boots Baffin’s Men’s Control Max. Their insulation is rated to -94°F. This can keep your feet warm in extremely cold temperatures. 

2. Are Muck Boots Good For Ice Fishing?

Yes, Muck boots are good for ice fishing. They have all the qualities that good ice fishing boots should have. Their outsole has good traction on ice, ensuring that you don’t slip. They are waterproof, so you can walk on wet surfaces without worrying 

In Conclusion

We hope that you find our article helpful. Now, deciding on which boot you should purchase for ice fishing will be easier for you. You can get your boots from our list or use our buying guide to get other boots that will suit your preference.

Our top pick is Baffin Men’s Control Max in our list of ten best boots for ice fishing. These boots have a snow collar; their insulation is rated to -94°F, and their shaft is 9.5 inches. 

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