The Best Japanese Bike Brands How Do You Say Bike In Japanese)?

If you are new in Japan, you must have realized that bicycles are a popular mode of transportation. Japanese embrace cycling and often use bikes to move from one place to the other. Have you ever wondered what a bike is called in Japanese? They call it “Baiku” or “Jitensha.” A mountain bike is called “Mountenbaiku,” while a road bike is known as “Rōdobaiku.” 

Japan produces some of the finest bicycle brands in the market. Their brands are embraced worldwide since they are of superior quality hence long-lasting and better performance. the innovation and build of Japanese bikes give them the edge over other bikes in the market.

This article will explore some of the finest Japanese bike brands and analyze their features and specifications. If you wish to acquire one, we will aid you in making an informed decision through this page. Keep reading!

The 8 Top Japanese Bike Brands

The 8 Top Japanese Bike Brands

If you are a fan of Japanese bike brands, we will discuss 8 famous Japanese bike brands ranging from Fuji to Miyata bikes.

  1. Fuji Bikes 

The Fuji brand is renowned for crafting high-endurance bikes. Previously the Fuji bikes brand was known as Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company Limited. 

The experience of bike making by Fuji spans over a century, with some of their bike types being; mountain bikes, racing bikes, and city bikes. The most popular bike from their brand is the Rakan 29 1.1.

If you desire to purchase any Fuji product ranging from bikes to cycling accessories and gear, you can make your order online. 

  1. Nagasawa bicycles

The Nagasawa bike brand was founded in 1976 by a former cycling professional known as Yoshiaki Nagasawa. The frames used to craft the Nagasawa bikes have gained fame because Kochi Nakano raced used the Keirin frames and won 10 consecutive world titles. 

The Keirin frames propelled Nagasawa bikes to the extent that they are the most valued racing bikes available in the market today. 

Even though Nagasawa is a small bicycle shop in Osaka, it is reputed for crafting fine bikes based on custom orders.

One of the popular bikes from Nagasawa is the Weltmeister Nagasawa that rose to fame after Kochi Nakano won the world championship using it in 1985.

  1. Tokyo Bikes

Tokyo bike is a brand that was founded two decades ago. The minimalistic design of the Tokyo brand of bikes has given it an unmatched reputation elevating it to the stature of a trustworthy brand.

Tokyo bikes feature a modern design that conforms with urban styles, and they have a unique characteristic that is synonymous with Japan.

Tokyo bikes are lightweight, courtesy of light frames crafted from alloy. The bikes also feature small wheels that enable them to be compact.

The linear design of Tokyo bikes enables them to accelerate quickly. The incredible bike from the Tokyo brand is the Classic Sport 26.

  1. Araya Bikes

Araya bikes are renowned for their durability and top-quality wheels. The Araya brand started as a bike rim manufacturing company in 1903. In 1946, they produced swallow bicycles. Araya brand makes touring bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, and city bicycles.

All bikes from Araya boast small diameter wheels that enable them to be both lightweight and practical. These light wheels endear them to the racing world.

Besides crafting excellent bikes, Araya also makes high-quality spare parts.

One of the most famous cycles from Araya is the Muddy Fox MFB that was launched in 1982.

  1. Asahi Cycle

Asahi cycles craft high-quality bikes that are environmentally friendly. The brand is synonymous with non-flat tire bikes that are famous in the cycling world. With Asahi non-flat tire bikes, you don’t have to stress about air leaks and flat tires.

If you desire to purchase an excellent bike for a city ride that’s functional and convenient, Asahi cycles has you covered.

The goal of Asahi Cycles is to craft bikes featuring consistent quality for customer satisfaction. The belief at Asahi that bikes hold lots of “potential for the future” is fulfilled by producing eco-friendly cycles.

The Asahi brand was founded in 1986 and are famed for their Non-flat tire bicycles.

  1. Dahon

The Dahon brand was initially founded in California in 1982 by David Hon but got licensed in Japan in 2018. Dahon produces high-quality cycles with a unique and great design.

The Dahon brand is famous for its unique, innovative folding cycles. The folding bike’s design was pioneered by the founder of the company more than 35 years ago. The folding bikes are famous for their efficiency and functionality.

Although the original technology of the folding bikes has seen further improvements, its basis remains the same as David Hon envisioned it.

To date, the most popular product produced by Dahon is the Horize Disc 20 inch.

  1. Maruishi Cycles

Maruishi Cycles is a family-oriented brand that crafts bikes with a focus on safety. Most models from Maruishi come with an option to attach a seat for the kid.

The design of Maruishi bicycles excellently optimizes the gravitational center to ensure a stable and safe ride.

The brand crafts great bikes for families, hence the option for most bikes to attach two child seats.

Since the company was founded in 1972, Maruishi has produced many excellent bikes. However, the most popular product to date is the Frackers Float Cozutti.

  1. Miyata Cycles

Miyata cycles crafts quality bikes and is renowned for its racing bicycles. The racing bikes from Miyata are crafted using the Koga Miyata Frame. This famous frame is designed using the Chromoly steel process.

The Koga Miyata Frame was propelled into fame in 1981 when used in the bike that won the Tour de France.

The Miyata Cycles company was founded in 1890, and since then, they have been crafting unique frames. The most popular bike from Miyata Cycles is the Miyata Sport 2015.


If you are a biker with a soft spot on Japanese bikes and you don’t understand which best suits your needs, pick any from our list, and you will ride away happily. If you never knew how to say the word ‘bike,’ in Japanese, now you have learned. Shout the word with confidence, ‘Jitensha?’ Yes, the bike is called ‘Jitensha’ in Japanese.

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