Best Lures For Bass in 2021 | Catch the bass anywhere and anytime!

Lures have been proven to be the best alternative to live baits.  Anglers who invest in the best ones can attest to its effectiveness in attracting and hooking up the fish. However, there are different lures designed to entice different species of predators. Among the groups of these artificial baits are those that are designed to attract the bass. Beginners, as well as the expert bass anglers, need to always improve their game in order to be successful in every expedition. It is worth investing in lures that are highly versatile to save on the cost and space of having a variety of them.

You may be wondering why some other anglers make bass fishing seamlessly easy. Definitely, it is because they invest in the right tools, including the appropriate traps for bass. But picking the best lures for bass is such an overwhelming task given the many options available. This is the exact reason we have prepared this article to help you out. We will look at the six top-rated bass lures that can be used anywhere and anytime for a significant catch. Read on to get insights on how to pick one among them and get answers to frequently asked questions by bass fishing enthusiasts. 

Top 6 Lures For Bass In 2020 (Best Picks)

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A detailed review of six top-rated bass lures

As we have stated earlier, there are many lures in the market that can be used to trap the bass. Nevertheless, the anglers need to thoroughly understand the features of each one of them before making a choice. Since it is challenging and time-consuming to go through all of them, we have made your work easy by reviewing in detail the best six that can be found on Amazon. 

01- ROSE KULI Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Lures

Using Rose kuli products will make your fishing experience better. They have the best tools that are well designed to meet the needs of outdoor anglers. For this type of lures, it has been created in the right size that fits well in the tackle box and works well on topwater.  Bass will be easily attracted to them as they are life-like with 3D eyes and S action swim multi-jointed bodies that make catching easier. 

Casting Rose kuli artificial bait is effortless because of an in-built gravity ball. It can be thrown to a significant distance without being affected by the wind as a result of its streamlined design. There is no worry about buying them more often, as they are entirely reusable. The ABS material used and steel hook makes it durable and practical. No fish will dare flee once caught up as the steel hooks are very sharp. You cannot afford not having Rose Kuli bass lure in your tackle box!

Key Features

  • A right size which fits well to the fishing tackle box
  • S action swim and multi-jointed body with 3D eyes that makes it life-like
  • Robust ABS material with steel hooks that makes it re-usable
  • In-built gravity ball for distance throw
  • The streamlined design which makes it wind resistant
  • Two sharp hooks that will not let the caught bass escape
  • A special large tongue that makes it float


  • Brand: Rose Kuli 
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Length: 12 cm / 4.72 in 
  • Dive deep: 4ft 
  • Material: Steel Wire, ABS Plastic, 3D Eyes, Hooks. 

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02- RUNCL Top-water Frog Lures 

RUNCL lures perfectly imitate real frog with 3D eyes that easily attract the bass. Additionally, they replicate real swimming action with high-resolution body detail. They correctly sit in waters, waiting to hook up the predator. The barbed hooks are inserted into the belly that catches the fish well and prevents it from getting hung up by water-weeds. 

The materials used to make Runcl lure are PVC, which are environmentally friendly and taste like a real frog to avoid spit-up. You get a pack of five that come in different colors, which makes it perfect for all fishing environments.

Key Features

  • Come in five packs with different colors which are perfect for all fishing conditions
  • A weedless design which prevents it from getting entangled in water
  • 3D eyes with high-resolution body detail which makes them life-like
  • PVC material which is environmentally friendly and delicious to prevent spit-up
  • Barbed stomach embedded hooks that ensure positive hook-up


  • Brand: Runcl
  • Length: 2-1/4in
  • Quantity: 5pcs
  • Weight: 1/2oz.
  • Material: PVC

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03- BiCO Original Jig Lead-Free Bass Jigs

BiCO jig is made in unique standup design with OWNER hooks for durability, strength, and safe hooksets. This tool is the best for trapping lure either by swim jig or flipping jig. It cannot get entangled by weeds because of bait tapers head that is placed towards the eyelet that gives it a pointed nose that lets the lure to gaffe smoothly through different sea-weeds. When thrown in, they stand up while bouncing outstandingly because of the flat bottom design.

The jig head will not fade away even in chunks as it has durable finishing paint. The material used is lead-free, that makes it acceptable in all states. With BiCO, you are assured of quality as the product is handcrafted in the USA by an experienced bass angler. Try jigging with this lure in your next expedition and experience superb bass fishing trip!

Key Features

  • Versatile lead-free design
  • Standup and flat bottom design that makes it sit well in water and  flips exceptionally
  • Made with 5/0 owner hooks which are sharp, strong and durable
  • Weed-less design with long-lasting paint finishing
  • Handcrafted by an experienced bass angler in the USA for standard quality


  • Brand: BiCO performance jigs
  • Color: black & blue
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces

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04- Yamamoto Senko Bait

This is one of the best plastic worms that are best in trapping the bass. They will never disappoint with its versatility and simplicity in using them. When casting,  the Yamamoto falls horizontally with side by side tail action that is seductive enough to entice the predator. The fish are driven mad by this plastic bait because of the significant impregnated salt amount. Many anglers prefer this lure, and they attribute it to their success in catching bass. Buy one and try rigging it wacky style and experience the versatility that Senko brigs like no other

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • The amount of salt impregnated is large that drive fish crazy
  • Side-by-side tail action that easily seduces the predator
  • Can be fished in different styles, e.g., Texas-rigged, wacky style, weightless and flipping jig


  • Brand: Yamamoto
  • Model: 062252-P
  • Color: Green pumpkin chartreuse tail
  • Length: 5inch

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05- LotFancy Fishing Lures Crankbaits

LotFancy comes in a package of 30 pieces with varying sizes and can be used to attract different species of fish, including bass. Made of high-quality material with sharp steel hooks, you are guaranteed efficient and long-lasting services.  What attracts fish the most is the life-like design that is enhanced with 3D eyes and a high-resolution body built.

The lure has an in-built gravity ball to increase the cast distance and produce a sound that imitates the right live bait. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in bass fishing, this product will be the perfect choice for you. Get one and use it in both salty and freshwater to entice brass and other types of fish.

Key Features

  • 30pcs set that give more option to carry fishing under any conditions
  • High-quality materials with a sharp steel hook that ensures durability
  • High-resolution body detail and 3D eyes that makes it life-like
  • Can be used i9n attracting other species apart from the bass
  • In-built gravity ball that increases the throw distance and produces a sound that imitates live bait


  • Brand: LotFancy
  • Quantity: 30 pieces
  • Weight: 10.7 ounces

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06- Rapala Rattling O5 Fishing Lures

Rapala is a fantastic lure with an excellent swimming action that attracts predators more easily. The extraordinary sound chambers which are loaded with rattling’s BBs make it extra loud, which triggers fish attention. In order to make sure the fish does not escape, this device has full-size treble hooks in front and back. What makes this lure useful and unique is its uniform, harmonic, and in tune with nature coupled with Rapala wobble.

You can use it anywhere and anytime because of its long-lasting and lipless design. The hooks are made of VMC premium black nickel, which gives durable service. Once ordered, the device will be hand-tuned and tank-tested for ultimate performance out of the box. 

Key Features

  • Standard lipless design
  • Special rattle chamber that produces an extra loud voice that attracts predators
  • Balanced design
  • Long-casting 
  • High-quality VMC black nickel hooks which are  durable


  • Brand: Rapala
  • Model: RNR05BB’
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

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How to Choose the Best Lures For Bass – Buying Guide

There are many options for lures that can be used to catch a bass. The best choice will depend on a thorough understanding of their habits and fishing conditions. Here we will look at the different types of bass lure and how to choose one accordingly.

  • Crankbaits

The crankbait lures are best when there is a need to cover a large area in fishing. They are highly versatile and can work well in rocky bottoms, shallow flats, vegetation, and through grass and bushes. They mimic the live bait and rattles in water, which attracts the bass giving you a high success rate. Most of them are designed with 3D eyes that make it an easy target by predators as they typically strike it first. 

For best hookup, the crankbait is designed with hooks in front and at the back. These types can come with or without the lips, which will vary in effectiveness depending on the speed of reeling and depth of the water.  The lipless crankbaits are suitable for shallow waters, while those with lips should be used in deep waters. These types of artificial baits come in different colors, but since your target is bass, it is perfect to use contrasting patterns, crawfish, bluegills, dull shad patterns, and bright shad patterns. 

  • Jigs

The jigs are the most productive lures as they work well in all fishing conditions. When using this type, it is advisable to use pitching techniques, and short-range flipping as long-throw may render it ineffective. If you want a lure that can be used all-year-round, then the jig is the best. They work well regardless of water temperatures and can even be used in ice fishing. 

The first time bass fishers can go for jigs, especially when one is not aware of fishing conditions. They are always a sure bet as long as the right techniques are employed. Its versatility makes it the best option, and if you want to avoid having many, then it is recommended to buy jigs. Since they are meant to mimic crawfish, getting simple colors that are dark in murky water and light in clear water is the best. With artificial bait, you can easily trap the giant bass with very minimal chances of escape.

  • Plastic and rubber lures

The plastic and rubber lures are designed to mimic lizards and worms. They can be used in bass fishing since these species love worms. Any kind of fish will be attracted to this type of artificial bait because it is designed to be life-like with painted like a real worm. During winter, these types of lures are useful as the bass will be less active and are not enticed by more movement. 

The size of plastic lures that is appropriate will depend on the clarity of the water. Murky waters require long baits, while clearer ones will need shorter artificial traps. Be slow in using them, and be careful not to reel them as this technique may not work well. Simple colors should be maintained; purple, blue, and black is right in murky waters and red hue in clean ones. 

  • Top-water lures

Topwaters are the perfect option if you are fishing in areas covered in top vegetation or in shallow waters. The advantage of this is that you get a benefit of seeing the bass being a trap by the lure as it leaps out of the water as it is hooked up. Most anglers carry fishing cameras to capture these memorable moments, and it is the reason why some prefer them. Apart from being chosen because of the fantastic experience, it is useful in enticing the bass as well.

Since they are meant to stimulate agitation or the feeding response, the lure should be used in such a way it imitates a struggling prey or the one trying to flee. Those that produce splash and sound are best in getting the bass’s attention. Once the predator spots the lure, it will come up fast, thinking it got an easy target. Your work will be just to pull in the reel.

Go for this artificial bait if you are fishing in low light conditions, calm waters, or during the rainy season. The colors should be kept simple with yellow, black, green, and white, doing well with these top-waters.

  • Spinnerbaits

The spinnerbaits are a perfect choice when you want to cover a lot of water in a short span. They are quite simple to use, and weedless design makes them a choice on vegetative waters. They come in three distinct blades which are Indiana, Colorado, and leaf. The fishing condition will dictate which kind of edge is appropriate.

If you are fishing in vegetative and clear waters, then the leaf blade will be perfect, while the murky and low light condition calls for the Colorado blade. Indiana comes in-between the two edges, and when not sure the kind of waters you are going to, then it will be the best option. The bass is attracted to this lure as spins and vibrates through the water. Although most people dislike them because of its non-resemblance to real fish it has been proven to work well in trapping bass. 


Q: Which type of lure works best in catching a bass?

Different bass lures work better in diverse fishing conditions. This implies that what is best for one angler does not necessarily mean it will be useful to the other. The topwater, spinnerbait, crankbait, jigs, and plastic worms have their own strengths and weaknesses. You need to test each one of them in order to identify the one which works best for your situation. 

However, picking any of the reviewed lures will just work perfectly well as they have been proven to have successful results in catching bass. If you can, try the different types and eventually identify the one that works best in your situation.

Q: Are the bass lures reusable?

Most of them are reusable, especially if they miss the catch. However, it will depend on the quality of the material used. Also, you should buy from a trusted source for quality assurance.

On the other hand, if the lure is successful in catching the bass, it may get damaged as the predators try to escape. In this case, you may need to replace your bait; after all, it has achieved its objective. If in the fortunate incidence, the lure is not damaged, then it can be used in the next catch.

Q: Why do I require a unique lure for bass fishing?

Every species have their own preference when it comes to feeding habits and stimulus. They, therefore, respond differently to distinct types of lures. The brass needs a unique trick that will be able to entice and probably trap them. If you pick any bait that is not right for bass fishing, then the success rate will be meager. Though there are some lures that attract different types of predators, it is always good to pick one that is specially designed for your angling style. 

Features of the Top bass lures in 2020

# Product Name  Features More Info
1 ROSE KULI Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Lures
In-built gravity ball
Sharp steel hooks
Streamlined design
3D eyes
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2 RUNCL Top-water Frog Lures 
High-resolution body detail
Barbed body embedded hooks
Weed-less design
Life-like swimming actions
PVC material
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3 BiCO Original Jig Lead-Free Bass Jigs
Lead-free material
5/0 owner hooks
Weed-less design
Standup with a flat bottom
Handcrafted in the US
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4 Yamamoto Senko Bait
5inch long
Horizontal tail-to-tail action
Simple versatile
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5 LotFancy Fishing Lures Crankbaits
30 pieces
Between 1.57 t03.66 inches
3D eyes
High-resolution body built
Inbuilt gravity ball
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6 Rapala rattling 05 fishing lures Balanced design
Special sound chamber
VMC black nickel hooks
Check Latest Price

Final Words

Getting the right lure for bass fishing is crucial. The best lures for bass will guarantee effectiveness and success in every fishing excursion. But, choosing can be a challenge as there is much artificial bait in the market. This is the reason why we reviewed and prepared a buying guide for you above.

The most important thing is to understand thoroughly the fishing conditions you are in. Then go through the buying guide to know which lure among the six is best suited to your angling environment. When not sure, pick the jigs like BiCO Original lures, which are highly versatile and can trap fish anywhere and anytime. In fact, it is handcrafted by an experienced bass fisherman to ensure quality is guaranteed.

If you want to capture those special moments when your bait catches the bass, then top-water lures are perfect. They attract bass on the top of the water, and as they take a bite, you will be able to witness every action. However, it may not work well in deep waters where crankbait with lips will be the perfect option. Lotfancy crankbait can be used if the waters are deep, and there is a need to cover large areas within a short time. 

Categorically, there is no fishing lure that can be deemed to outsmart others as it will largely depend on the fishing conditions. Ensure you go through the reviewed products and the buying guide, which will help in picking the right lure. All the considered baits are the best among those in the market, and any of them can entice the bass just correctly, depending on the environment.

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