What is the Best Paint for an Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

It should not be lost that the outdoor ping pong table spends most of its lifespan outdoors. Therefore, the ideal paint for the table must enhance its ability to withstand outdoor challenges such as humidity, rain, and adverse weather. Paints like Kryan and black chalkboard coating ensure extended lifespan to your ping pong table.

Ping pong is one of the most popular sports among families and children. Even though this sport began in England, it has spread to many regions of the globe. As a result, you can discover a wealth of information about it on the Internet.

So, since you love playing your outdoor ping pong, consider painting it. The paint you use should withstand the harsh outdoor environment and give your ping pong table that perfect classic look you desire. However, the big question is; which is the best paint for an outdoor ping pong table?

What Type of Paints Should I Use for My Ping Pong Table?

Type Of Paints Should Use For My Ping Pong Table

Discussed below are the best paints that provide your ping pong table with a classy look and extent its lifespan at the same time:

Krylon “Italian Olive”

This Krylon “Italian olive” blue gives your table a rich appearance and a flawless finish.

Krylon Colormaxx paint and primer come in various vivid and vibrant colors used on multiple surfaces. It has a smooth texture and provides excellent corrosion resistance. For a simple application, the spray tip features a large push button. 

This aerosol mixture allows for rapid coverage because you may spray from any angle. Colormaxx paints are ideal for wood, metal, wicker, plastic, ceramics, and glass. They dry in 10 minutes or less whether used indoors or outdoors. 


Ping pong black chalkboard coating 1711 is highly recommended for professional players’ tables. It gives the table a matte finish. 

Some individuals suggest that chalkboard paint can accomplish the task, while others claim it is too gritty, causing problems with the ball’s bounce and the table’s speed. However, since getting what the manufacturers use is challenging, this may be a viable solution.

Alkyd paint is another name for chalkboard paint. It’s long-lasting and found at most home improvement stores. Sheffield sells a dark green “Sheffield 5685 Chalkboard and Table Tennis Finish” also used at home. If you can’t find it, try for green chalkboard paint instead.

How to Paint an Outdoor Ping Pong Table Yourself?

How To Paint An Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Sometimes, you may feel that you want to paint your ping pong table personally if you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) type. You may have made that decision because of financial constraints and feeling your free time need to be used constructively. First of all, for you to paint the table, consider the following factors:


Before you start painting, the surface of the ping pong table should be smooth. If you encounter cracks, use wood fillers or sand to cover them. This way, the paint wouldn’t drip on your table.


Select the ideal paint you want to use during the process. Do Diligent Research before choosing the perfect stain that resonates well with you. 

After taking care of the above factors, you can now proceed with the painting process.


Alkyd paint in blue and white, or chalkboard paint, a selection of standard-sized painting brushes, and a piece of masking tape (optional)

The Painting Procedure

Clear the Net

First and foremost, have you removed the net away from the playing table? In this first step, you need to remove the net safely and put it away from your table. Once you put the net away from the work surface, you can start the process.

Clean the Table

Before doing any paint on the table, clean it first to remove any impurities. The surface should be sparkling clean before you start working on it. Cleaning the table enables you to easily spot areas needing extra attention and painting when you commence the process.

Cover the White Boundary Lines

As you know, the ping pong table has white boundary lines. The boundary lines are vital when playing the game; thus, they should not be painted. 

To avoid painting the boundary lines, ensure you cover all of them with painter’s tape. It is an essential step as you will need to restore the white boundary lines after completing the painting.

Apply a Primer Layer

Start with applying a primer layer to form the basis of your painting. The Primer coat you make should be super thick to lay a good foundation before painting.

Apply Blue Chalkboard Paint

Now that you have applied the primer and it has already dried out, you should start applying the first coat of blue chalkboard paint. After the first coat of paint dries, you can apply a second coat. While applying the second coat, emphasize the parts you haven’t applied well.

Remove the Painters’ Tape

Now that you have painted the ping pong table and are satisfied with your results, you can remove the white boundary line painter’s tape you had put in place. Once they are out of your table, you should start painting your table. And, it would be fantastic if you were very careful with following the straight line.

If you’re unsure about this step, you can cover the white line limits with masking tape. However, when removing the masking tape, use extreme caution. Once you’ve finished painting the ping pong table, all you have to do now is wait for the paint to dry. Once you’ve confirmed that the table is entirely dry, inspect it thoroughly for any anomalies.

You can repeat the painting procedure if you are not satisfied with the results. If you’re happy with the painting, you may finally mount the net on the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of Using a Painter’s Tape?

using a painter’s tape to cover the white ping pong table boundaries when painting protects it from the blue or green paint layers.

The Final Line

Painting an outdoor ping pong table is a noble idea. it does not only add beauty to the table, but it also extends its lifespan. Before deciding on the paint you’ll use, do diligent research to determine the one that can serve you better between Chalkboard and Krylon paints.

When painting, ensure youremove the net and clean the table to rid it of any debris that might not auger well with the paint.

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