Best Place To Sell Used Bikes Online (Selling Tips)

Do you want to move your beloved bike on?  We understand that selling your favorite wheels is not easy. But if you feel it has served you well and you wish to create room for a new cycle, you can overcome emotions attached to your bike and let it find a new owner. Having arrived at this conclusion, you need to identify the best place to sell your bike online. 

Where Do I Sell My Secondhand Cycle Online?

Where Do I Sell My Secondhand Cycle Online

Several online platforms such as eBay and Facebook can aid you in selling your used bike. All that is required is determining the right price depending on the bike’s condition and how long you have used it. This article explores the best online bike-selling platforms and gives tips to enable you to sell successfully.

The 5 Best Online Platforms for Selling Bikes 

1. Bike Exchange

Bike Exchange is an online platform that enables you to sell, buy, and gather more information about bicycles.

All types of bikes ranging from kid’s bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and many more, are sold at the bike exchange platform.

Maybe you are wondering, “how do I sell my bike at bike exchange?” The process isn’t complicated. Just upload good images of your bike and place an ad on the platform. A nominal fee is charged upfront when placing your ad. The amount of money paid as a fee depends on the price of your bike. Below is a table illustrating the fee paid to place an ad at the bike exchange platform;

Secondhand ProductsNew Products
Bike PriceFeeBike PriceFee
Under $500FreeUnder $500$9.95
$1000-$2000$9.95$1000 & More$19.95
$2000 & More$14.95

Once you have placed your ad, it will be on display for 60 days. You can renew the ad at 50% of the original fee if the bike doesn’t sell after 60 days.

If you wish to make a quick sell, boost your ad with an additional $9.95, and your listing will get an upgrade to appear at the top of the search list.

2. Bicycle Blue Book

This online platform was created to evaluate your used bike and recommend a fair price. However, the company has extended its services and provides 3 ways you can use to trade your bike:

Market Place

The marketplace gets visited by thousands of bike enthusiasts seeking new wheels for their adventure. All you need to do is create a listing, which is made visible on the marketplace for potential buyers to evaluate.

Instant Cash

This option is ideal if you desire to get instant cash for your used bike. Here, the company buys the bike from you as they pay in cash with the intent of reselling it at a later date.


If you desire to sell your bike to replace it with an upgraded one, the company allows you to trade in your older cycle with an in-store credit that will enable you to get an upgraded one.

If you succeed in selling your cycle through or to the company, your payment will arrive through PayPal.

3. OfferUp

suppose you are searching for a trusted online marketplace for your used bike; OfferUp is the ideal platform for you. Listing your bike on the platform is absolutely free, and you can see the rating of potential buyers on the platform to enable you to decide whether they are genuine.

Before listing your bike on the platform, download the OfferUp app for your android or iPhone. The next step is to upload your bike’s images and give a brief description of the cycle.

If your item sells successfully, you must part with a commission fee of 12.9% of the sale value.

Since your cycle is sold locally, it is easy to arrange how the item can be shipped to the buyer.

4. eBay

eBay is the giant of the online marketplace as far as used stuff is concerned. The platform provides you with tools to quickly set up a listing for your bike. Upload a few photos to showcase your cycle. Don’t forget to give a brief description of the bike’s condition.

It is free to list your bike for sale at eBay, but if you sell successfully, you will pay a 10% fee of the item’s sale value. The fee is automatically deducted after the sale.

You are solely responsible for the shipping cost to the customer, so be advised to charge separately for the service.

Thanks to their high user traffic of over 187 million users, you can’t miss a customer at eBay. Upon successful sale of your bike, you’ll receive your money through PayPal.

5. Facebook Marketplace

If you are searching for an online platform that can quickly help you sell your used bike locally at no fee, then Facebook is ideal for you.

Listing your bike on the marketplace is free and takes less time. Upload a few photos of your bike and provide a short description of its condition.

Facebook does its magic by using its algorithm and showing your listing to people searching for used bikes in your locality.

The platform provides convenience as the seller, and the buyer can meet in person, and payment can be cash.

Tips To Successfully Sell Your Bike Online 

Tips To Successfully Sell Your Bike Online 

1. Be Honest

When posting your bike online for sale, be honest about its condition. Some platforms such as eBay give ultimate power to the customer; hence if you lied about the product and the customer complained, the platform sides with the customer, and you might lose the item and the cash.

2. Give Sufficient Details

Your ultimate goal for listing your item online is to make a quick sale. Try giving enough details of your bike as this might appeal to potential buyers.

3. Be Realistic

 When valuing your bike, be realistic about its condition and how long you have used it. Generally, the value of your bike depreciates by a certain percentage every year.

 Final Thoughts

Selling your used bike online can be a tedious process. However, you can make it hassle-free by being realistic in setting prices, being honest about its condition, and posting the item’s great photos. Having done that, relax and wait for the item to sell.

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