Best Rod And Reel Combo Under $50

You don’t need an expensive reel and rod to start fishing. With just $50, you can get a good rod and reel combo and explore the waters as you make a catch.

For most people, fishing is a hobby and a way to relax while enjoying quality time with loved ones. Choosing the right fishing gear is key; as a beginner, you have so many options to choose from, and finding your best fit can be confusing. You need to choose a compatible reel and rod or buy a combo. Most rod and reel combos are quite pricey and finding one that doesn’t require you to break the bank should be your goal. A rod and reel combo is great for anyone who wishes to learn how to fish. Some of these models are easy to use and are quite affordable.

This article takes you through seven best rod and reel combos that cost less than 50 bucks. We will also take you through some of the factors to consider when buying a rod and reel combo and answer some common questions about them. Read through to the end.

Best Rod And Reel Combo Under $50

What Is The Best Rod And Reel Combo Under $50?

In this section, we list some of the tried and tested rod and reel combos under $50 and their specifications. We will tell you what each combo is best suited for and take you through it in detail. Let’s dive right in!

Best For Freshwater And Saltwater Fishing: Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Costs $23-$60 depending on the size you choose. It offers a comfortable grip and is lightweight for easy handling. The combo is also resistant to rust and portable, making it convenient for traveling. 

Best For Kids Fishing: Plussino Kids Fishing Pole

Costs between $27 to $34 depending on size and color. It is easy to use, making it most suitable for kids. With this combo, there’s no chance of getting tangled wires. The kids who use it can enjoy fishing. It is portable, and it can easily fit in a car. The combo features high-quality components, and the rod is telescopic.

Best For All-Day Fishing Excursions: Shakespeare Alpha Medium 6′ Low Profile Fishing Rod And Bait Cast Reel Combo (2 Piece)

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It is a low-profile with a great performance rod and reel combo that will only cost you $33. It is made in the USA with its best qualities being lightweight and durable. The combo comes with a two-piece casting rod that is easy to carry around.

Best For Saltwater Fishing: Richcat Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

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For only $43, you can get yourself this telescopic rod and spinning reel combo. It comes with a manual making it easy for anyone to use. The combo has a 7.9 feet long rod which allows fishing in deep water. The rod has a very comfortable EVA handle used by people with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. The combo has two handles, one for effort and the other for support.

Best For Multiple Uses: Blue Jade Fishing Combo

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This amazing package will only cost you $43 and comes with a rod and reel, hooks and lures, and a travel bag. The travel case is big enough for the fishing gear and can also be used as a storage bag. It easily fits in small spaces and is highly durable. The combo can be used in both freshwater and saltwater.

Best For Medium Fish:: Fishoaky Combo

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It is designed for fishing bass and trout. It comes with one year warranty. The buyer has a one-month refund period. The handle is adjustable to the right or left, depending on which side is comfortable for the user. It has ceramic guides with rings to ensure the tool is long-lasting.

Best For High Sensitivity: Milerong Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

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This product comes as a package comprising of a fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line, carrier bag, and tackle box and lures kit, all for just $ 46. The fishing rod is very sensitive. It is highly portable. The gear ratio is 5.2:1. It is preferred to catch trout, salmon, and trout. The best part is that it can be used in freshwater and saltwater.

Best Rod And Reel Combo Under $50 In A Comparison Chart

We have summarized all our rod and reel combos in this table to help you compare them with ease. If you’re short of time, a glance at this section can help you identify the features and specifications you are looking for.

The Best Rod And Reel Combo $50Best Suited ForSpecs Color Size/WeightShapes/ Dimensions 
Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel CombosBest for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Carbon fiber material with high density, nonslip EVA grip, the rod can be adjusted.Black in color1.8 MLxWxH: 17.3×8.6×2.6 inches
Plussino Kids Fishing PoleIt is best for freshwater, lake fishing and to catch panfish, small bass, or medium-sized troutIt is made for kids and starters in fishingBlack1.01 poundsL x W x H:17 x 6.4 x 3.1 inches
Shakespeare AlphaAll-day fishing excursionsIt is designed for beginnersAvailable in black and white color0.34 kg L x W x H:37x 3 x 1.5 inches
Richcat fishing rod and reel comboCatches big fishIts spinning reel allows a high retrieval ratioIt has a mixture of black and yellow color0.75 kgL x W x H:24x 5.5 x 4.5 inches
Blue Jade Fishing ComboIt is best suited for multiple uses.It is made of graphite which makes it more durableBlack in color0.54kgL x W x H:18.27x 6.54 x 2.13 inches
Fishoaky comboIt is suitable for inshore, saltwater, and freshwater fishing.It has ceramic guides and fiberglass fishing rodsIt is black in color2.1 inches
Milerong Fishing rod and reel comboBest suited for both starters and experienced anglersIt has a spinning fishing reel with a high speedBlack color700gL x W x H:16.93x 4.72 x 2.76 inches

The seven Best Rods And Reel Combo Under $50

This section takes you through each product on our list in detail; we look at their key features, specifications, pros, and cons. Reading through this section will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed buying decision.

1. Best For Freshwater And Saltwater Fishing: Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Users are different, some look at the appearance, and others look for performance. Sougayilang combo has both qualities. It performs well, and it has a beautiful look. This combo is made up of the pole, line guides, reel seat, handle, and reel. The parts contribute to its functionality. 

Key Features

1. High-density 24-ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite are used to make the rods. It gives the combo the strength it needs to operate. The user doesn’t experience fatigue due to its light nature. 

2. The rod and reel combo is resistant to rust because the reel seat has CNC machined aluminum. It makes it long-lasting.

3. It has three-point welded stainless steel guides. The guides are combined with ceramic inserts. It is suitable to be used in braided or mono fishing lines.

4. The user can carry it anywhere due to its portable nature. It is convenient to use.

Product Specifications

Weight1.44 kg
Dimensions17.3×8.6×2.6 inches

1. It is comfortable in usage

2. It is rust-resistant

3. It occupies small spaces

4. It is a good tool for those who fish anywhere


1. It is bulky thus hard to handle

2. Best For Kids Fishing: Plussino Kids Fishing Pole

This model is easily flexible because it is easy to fold out and collapse to the length of your choice. It has 12 bearings which allow smooth casting. It is easy to adjust the drag. It is not prone to breakages and damage. It is attractive to fishers who love traveling. It is inadvisable to use it to catch big fish.


1. Beautiful look

2. Plastic hooded reel seats

3. Non-slip EVA handle

Product Specifications

Brand namePlussino
Weight1.01 pounds
Dimensions17 x 6.4 x 3.1 inches

1. It has an adjustable length, and the user can easily assemble the parts

2. It is portable since it collapses to a length of 16 inches

3. The package entails a case for travel purposes

4. The reel has high quality

5. Rod has high flexibility


1. It is not suitable for catching big fish due to the absence of more backbone

3. Best For All-Day Fishing Excursions: Shakespeare Alpha Medium 6′ Low Profile Fishing Rod And Bait Cast Reel Combo (2 Piece)

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The rod part is made of tubular glass blank, which helps it last longer. As for the reel, it is made of graphite that makes it strong to withstand pressure. The buyer can start using it immediately due to its 8-pound line. Also, it can fish with high precision because it has a magnetic adjustable cast control. It is magnetic. Another feature is multi-stop anti-reverse, whose main role is to allow smooth reeling. It is best suited for leisure fishing and offshore fishing.


1. High performance and cost-friendly.

2. It offers the user convenience since it has pre-spooled with an 8-pound line.

3. EVA grips are ergonomic and lightweight, making them ideal for long hours of fishing. 

4. Tubular glass blank on the product makes it long-lasting. 

5. EVA grips offer a firm, comfortable grip

Product Description

Item dimensions37x 3 x 1.5 inches

1. It is easy to use

2. It is suitable for beginners in fishing

3. It works smoothly


1. Rod might break easily under pressure.

4. Best For Saltwater Fishing: Richcat Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

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The 24T carbon fiber and fiberglass increase their durability. The aluminum material of the reel seat prevents corrosion, thus more long-lasting. The guides and the anti-slip handle help the user to cast far. It is fast. Once it catches fish, the user is alerted immediately through a signal


1. 24T carbon fiber and fiberglass of high density 

2. Reel seat has double fixing knobs

3. The guide and reel seat is made of aluminum to prevent rust.

Product Specifications

Item measurement L x W x H24x 5.5 x 4.5 inches

1. It can be used in deep waters since the rod is long

2. It is light

3. It does not rust

4. It is long-lasting


1. It experiences breakages on the rod’s tip

2. It requires servicing

5. Best For Multiple Uses: Blue Jade Fishing Combo

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The package comes with several components: one telescopic fishing rod, one spinning fishing reel, one bag, ten jig head hooks, and 42 pieces of soft lure. The line is designed in a way that prevents fatigue of the user. The travel case has a length of 19.7 inches. 


1. The rod is 1.3m long

2. A comfortable handle

3. It is made of hard carbon fiber and fiberglass

4. It has a fishing bag made of anti-scratch Oxford nylon

5. It comes with 42 pieces of soft artificial baits and ten pieces of jig head hooks

Product Specifications 

BrandBlue Jade
Item measurements L x W x H18.27x 6.54 x 2.13 inches

1. Comfortable

2. Durable


1. It can break

6. Best For Inshore Fishing: Fishoaky Combo

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It is made of various components, so the buyer does not need to buy anything else. It has one rod, one reel, fishing line, fishing bag, lures, and hooks. There are four steps to connect the combo, and they are: connecting the reel to the rod, spool the reel, string the rod, and tightly tying the knot that that will hold the hook.


1. The rod is made of carbon fiber, thus making it durable.

2. It has guides which are stainless steel

3. It has an aluminum handle that can be changed to right or left.

Product Specifications

Brand nameFishoaky
Length2.1 meters

1. It is rust-resistant

2. It is light in weight

3. It is portable


1. Rod might break if used to drag the fish ashore directly. 

8. Best For High Sensitivity: Milerong Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

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The reel is spinning, and it is made up of a short, large spool, large line capacity. The spool is aluminum with one line hole and double color. It has a changeable handle, either right or left. Its line winding is good due to its S-curve oscillation system.


1. It has a carrier case

2. The fishing pole is made of dense carbon fiber

3. The handle does not wear out or slip

4. Its ceramic guide prevents friction

 Product Specifications

Item measurements L x W x H16.93x 4.72 x 2.76 inches
Size 7 feet
Weight700 grams

1. Durable

2. It is light in weight


1. It may break easily

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Rod And Reel Combo Under $50 

1. Choose The Specific Fish Species You Are Targeting To Catch

The species of fish you intend to catch will greatly impact your choice of rod and reel. Some fish species, such as bass, are aggressive, and you need a strong rod. Some others have a very light bite, and you need a very sensitive rod for such species. If you target big fish, you will need a stronger rod than someone targeting small and medium-sized rod. As a beginner, you might want to experiment with different species before you settle on one. For this, you will need a rod that is powerful and works well all around.

2. Consider Your Fishing Location

Your fishing location can impact your choice of rod in two ways: type of water and the coverage you will fish in. You will need a fly fishing rod that will not get caught up in the coverage for rocky areas or areas with lots of vegetation. The fishing water environment will determine the type of fishing combo to buy. Some are best suited for freshwater and others for saltwater. A freshwater combo should be used on saltwater because it will rust. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to buy a saltwater fishing combo because it can be used in both water environments and resistant to corrosion.

3. Choose The Right Size And Rod Power

Rods have different power. Medium-light and light power rods are suitable for small and medium fish, such as bass and walleye. The ultralight power rods are for the small fish. Medium-heavy or heavy power rods are suitable for big fish such as big catfish, pike, muskies, striped bass, and tarpon. A fast medium-light power rod is the best option regardless of the type of fish caught. After getting the rod, the next important decision here is to select the best reel for the rod. Their strengths should match.

4. Choose The Most Suitable Reel

You can choose between a casting reel and a spinning one. Spinning reels are easier to use, but you have less control while casting reels requires a specialized skill. It is important to combine the right rod with the right reel. It helps to catch big fish using smaller baits. Best fishing reels are designed to apply smooth resistance when a fish pulls a line off your spool. It is also vital to prevent a fish from breaking the line when it resists. Thus, a good reel should ensure a smooth drag. A smooth drag also plays a role in preventing a fish from taking out too much line. If a fish takes too much line, it increases the chances of losing the fish. 

5. Choose According To Your Level Of Prowess

As with any other equipment, fishing gear is made with the user’s level of experience in mind. It would be best to consider a lightweight combo for kids and beginners, easy to use, and the right length. As you continue to grow in skill and expertise, you can try out more complicated rods and reels.

6. Have A Budget And Stick To It

Before you head out looking for a rod and reel, have a set budget in place. Having a budget will help you get value for money, and you can also easily compare options within your budget. Ensure you set the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the combo without financially burdening yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Should Be A Fishing Rod?

A: 5 to 7 feet is the best length. There are longer rods that are 4 feet. The most important factor here is to choose a shorter rod because they are easy to handle. It is advisable to choose a 7 feet rod if you are a beginner in fishing.

Q: Which Is The Best Material For A Fishing Rod?

A: Rods can be made of graphite, fiberglass, or composite. The fiberglass rod is heavy. Graphite rods can easily break but are sensitive. Composite rods have high performance. The best rod is the one that combines all the materials. 

Q: Which Is The Recommended Rod Power?

A: The available rod power in the market is Ultra Light, Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, and Ultra Heavy. It is important to use the right power. If the rod is too heavy, the line will break. If the line is heavy, the rod will break. The right rod power is the one indicated on the markings on the rod blank.

Q: When Buying A Fishing Rod, Which Fishing Rod Actions Are Available?

A: Fast action, medium action, or slow action. In fast action, the casting distance is medium or long. In medium action, casting distance is short, medium, or long. As for slow action, the casting distance is short.

Q: Which Are The Best Types Of Fishing Reels For Beginners?

A: There are four types of fishing reels: spinning reel, baitcasting reel, spin-cast reels, and conventional reels. Spincast reels are best suited for beginners because they are the easiest to use. 

Q: What Are The Components Of Terminal Tackle?

A: Floats, sinkers, leader, swivels, and hooks


Rod and reel combos make your work easier and help you save some bucks. With less than $50, you can get yourself a good comb that will last for decades. Our top pick is the Richcat rod and reel combo. It is a comprehensive combo that comes with a manual on how to use it. It is affordable and the most durable combo for its price. We hope that you’ve found your perfect fit from our recommendations. Happy fishing!

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