Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

What is Achilles tendonitis? Achilles tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendon that connects the two calf muscles. The inflammation is a result of continuous stress, which might result in tears to the tendon. 

If you have Achilles tendonitis by bad luck, your number one priority should be acquiring the right running shoe that will ease the pain. Though it is an uphill task to pinpoint the right running shoe for Achilles tendonitis, experts point out that the best shoe to remedy such a situation must have a high heel-to-toe drop. In addition, it should have exceptional cushioning; have excellent arch support, and optimum flex to guarantee comfort.

Selecting the right running shoes that exhibit all these descriptions might be an enormous task. However, always remember that the cardinal rule for such a situation is to choose a running shoe that provides stability. Such shoes are many in the market. Your sole task is to navigate and land the best shoe that will handle the situation.

Below is the list of some of the best running shoes that will ease the pain, comfort the foot, and give you stability if you suffer from Achilles tendonitis.

List Of Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis








Here Is A Comparison Table Of The Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis.

Type Of ShoeFeatureReason For choosingTechnology
U4ic MidsoleBest Overall
Wave Cushioning Technology
Laminated mid cageBest Arch SupportGel Technology
DNA Loft Crash PadsBest for Non-insertion Achilles tendonitisGuideRails Technology.
Air unitsBest for Extra bounce
Nike Air Technology

Eva Foam

Best Transition

Gel technology


Best Cushioning
GuideRails Technology

3D Overlays

Best Performance.
FORMFIT Technology

It will be unwise to point out a particular running shoe that will help you ease the pain associated with Achilles tendonitis. Instead, the running shoe you will choose will be dependent on the nature of the pain and the extent of the damage your tendon has sustained.

Your foot type and walking style will also greatly influence the type of shoe you will use to manage Achilles pain. For instance, over-pronators will opt for motion-controlling shoes. But as a rule of thumb, go for the shoes that will handle the load to your Achilles. 

The 7 Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Analyzed and discussed below are the seven best shoes for running if you have Achilles tendonitis. Note that not all shoes will be of help to you.  Find out the one that will conform to your feet type and running style.

1. Best Overall: Mizuno Wave Rider 24

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The Wave Rider 24 is one of the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. It boasts a high heel-to-toe drop and exhibits exceptional flex. In addition, the Wave Rider 24 is a lightweight shoe with excellent cushioning.

Stress minimizes when running with the Wave Rider 24, thanks to the midsole that does superb shock absorption. The midsole features energy Foam running through to the heel. The Foam is soft and responsive. Additionally, the upper mesh has better breathability, making the shoes feel relaxed on your feet. Also, the shoe features a wave knit upper that snugs the footwell.

Even though these shoes are light, they last long. The Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is best for fast races since they provide unmatched speed work.

Here are the features of Wave Rider 24;

Energy Foam- the Wave Rider 24’s Energy Foam is very responsive and exhibits springy qualities compared to the previous EVA technology.

U4ic midsole- The U4ic system in the midsole provides an excellent ride by absorbing shocks on impact. In addition, the shoes support the arch.

Mizuno Wave- the Wave Rider 24 features a wave plate that distributes impact energy to a broader zone, offering a steady platform and optimum cushioning.

Outsole- The outsole, made of carbon rubber, is strong hence prolonged durability. In addition, the outsole gives optimal traction to all surfaces.

WAVEKNIT Upper- The upper provides a stretchy and sufficient toe box while it snugs the foot securely; the upper mesh’s breathability is optimum in the Wave Rider 24.


1. They have excellent traction.

2. They are breathable.

3. Long-lasting.

4. They are comfortable.

5. Unrivaled cushioning.


1. A bit expensive.

2. Best Arch Support: Asics Gel-Contend 4

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The Gel-contend 4 is suitable for both under-pronators and neutral runners who suffer from Achilles Tendonitis. Cushioning and appropriate fit are exceptional in Contend 4. Optimal stability and dependable support are provided by the upper, which features a laminated mid cage.

These shoes use the Rearfoot Gel system. The system absorbs shock whenever you are running on uneven terrains, thus cushioning your body. Additionally, the Gel system will also protect you from ground impact.

If you are looking for excellent transitions and the midstance positioning of your runs, the Contend 4 will serve you well and give you satisfaction.

The Gel-contend 4 comes highly recommended for use by runners suffering from Achilles tendonitis, thanks to the removable sock liner that accommodates orthotics. In addition, the sock liner offers extra support to your arch, thus supporting the Achilles.

The shoe has the moisture-wicking abilities to give you comfort when running. 

Have a peek at the Gel-Contend 4 features below;

Rearfoot GEL Technology- This cushioning system can absorb shock on impact permitting level transition towards midstance.

ComforDry Sockliner- This sock liner is removable. The sock liner offers excellent cushioning to your feet. Additionally, it wicks excessive moisture from your feet, giving them cool and dry comfort.

Breathable Mesh- The mesh upper offers superb breathability and has sweat-wicking capabilities. The breathable mesh ensures that your feet are dry and comfortable when you are running.

Pros And Cons Of Asics Gel-Contend 4


1. Optimal cushioning.

2. Excellent support.

3. Unrivaled stability and flexibility.

4. Optimum breathability.

5. Exceptional moisture-wicking abilities.


1. Not durable.

2. Unsatisfying design.

3. Best For Non-Insertion Achilles Tendonitis: Brooks Adrenaline 20

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The Brooks Adrenaline 20 is the right shoe if you are suffering from non-insertion Achilles tendonitis. The Adrenaline 20 boasts excellent comfort, exceptional support, and heavenly stability.

The shoe features a 12mm heel drop. This feature offers an excellent heel-to-toe feel, an essential aspect when you have Achilles tendonitis. In addition, if you have an inflammation in your Achilles, you need optimal arch support, which the Adrenaline GTS 20 excels in doing. 

The seamless and breathable upper mesh gives the shoe its lightweight. It is essential to note that the Adrenaline 20 is lightweight but durable. GuideRails system ensures that your tendon is taken care of by giving better support to your heel. In addition, the cushions featured in the shoe are soft and comfy.

If you have flat feet and you suffer from an Achilles tendon, the shoe’s optimal arch support will serve you loads of good.

The midsole features DNA Loft crash pads. The pads cushion your feet from impact whenever you touch the ground while running. To adapt to your stride, DNA works with BioMoGo whenever you make a footfall. 

Find below the features of Brooks Adrenaline 20;

GuideRails Support System- the GuideRails holistic support system used to engineer this shoe ensures that you are kept safe when running by checking your movement. This action of motion checking will protect your body, more especially joints, tendons, and knees, from getting injuries.

3D Fit Print- The mesh upper, engineered with a 3D fit print that strengthens the structure, and snugs fit your feet.

The DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA- The two systems work together to give the adrenaline 20 a well-balanced and soft cushioning.

Roomy Toe Box- Adrenaline offers an ample toe box to accommodate all runners, including flat-footed runners with flat feet.

Breathability- the Brooks Adrenaline 20 has a seamless mesh upper which ensures that breathability is optimal.

The Pros And Cons Of Brooks Adrenaline 20

Here below, let’s explore the pros and cons of the Adrenaline 20;


1. It fits well.

2. It is breathable.

3. The shoe is lightweight.

4. The shoe has excellent responsiveness.

5. The shoe has a high heel drop of 12mm.

6. Perfect for running long distances.

7. Supportive and stable.


Not suitable for speed. 

Laces loosen easily.

4. Best For Extra Bounce: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

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The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is an excellent running shoe for Achilles tendonitis. The high heel-to-toe drop allows it to give support to the Achilles tendon, thus easing the pain. So if you are a runner with a natural stride, and Achilles tendonitis is weighing you down, the Air Pegasus 38 is heavenly-sent for you.

Air circulation in the Air Pegasus 38 is via the well breathable mesh upper. The midsole is much softer and comfy, thanks to additional air units. The exceptionally cushioned midsole shields your foot and provides flex at the same time.

The midfoot has an adaptive band that secures your foot and supports the arch area perfectly. Additionally, it has a wider toe box compared to other models. The heel cup is deep hence providing optimal heel support.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is a comfortable running shoe with top-notch cushioning, and it has vigor for speed. You can choose to walk around with the shoe when not running, and it will be comfy to your feet.

The following are the features of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 running shoes;

Zoom Air UnitsThe air units found at the forefoot are positioned near the foot to give it an instant reaction that will provide you with the required bounce in each step.

Upper Mesh- The mesh offers a breathable feel that accompanies you all the way when running.

Foam Tongue- The tongue will cushion you from lace pressure that might affect the top of your feet.

Nike React Foam This Foam is durable, spongy, lightweight, and provides a responsive ride.

Roomy Toe Boxthe Air Zoom Pegasus 38 offers a roomy toe box that can accommodate all toes if your foot is not extra wide.

The Pros And Cons Of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38


1. Optimal support.

2. Better cushion.

3. Sufficient breathability.

4. Excellent stability.

5. Comfy and flexible.


1. Not long-lasting.

2. Not suitable for extra wide feet.

5. Best For Transition: Asics Gel-Cumulus 23

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The snappy feel of the Gel-Cumulus 23 combined with its high drop of 10mm, has endeared it to runners suffering from Achilles tendonitis. Another good music to Achilles Tendonitis runners is the shoe is super light; hence it cannot weigh down your already ailing tendons.

What more can you ask for when you get guided to maintain the alignment of your foot by the guidance strip featured on the Cumulus 23’s tread? In addition, the Achilles region gets further support by the heel cup that firmly cradles the ankle and the heel as you are on the move.

The intensity of stress suffered by Achilles gets reduced. Thanks to the heel-to-toe drop of 10mm boasted by the shoe. Shock is further taken care of by the combo of impact absorbing gel pad positioned at the heel and the springy gel at the sole’s front.

The amount of comfort exuded by the Cumulus 23 is unrivaled. It features comfy Eva Foam directly beneath your foot and has a roomy toe box that accommodates wide feet. In addition, the shoe upper is a feature to marvel. Your foot feels the comfort immediately you put it in the shoe. The bottom line is, all these cushioning features got designed to guard your Achilles.

Here below are some of the features of the Asics Gel-Cumulus 23;

Engineered Mesh Upper- The mesh upper of the cumulus 23 offers optimal breathability that soots the foot and provides a sensational feeling while you are on the go. It also exhibits sweat-wicking abilities.

FlyteFoam System- The system offers lightweight cushioning to your feet while you are running.

Gel Technology- This system offers optimum cushioning. Shocks get absorbed by the gel system that responds instantly to keep the runner out of harm’s way. Thanks to the technology, the heel, ankle, tendons, and knee get the proper protection they deserve.

3D Space Construction- 3D space construction is used to engineer shoes that conform to both genders.

The Pros And Cons Of The Asics Gel-cumulus 23


1. Breathable.

2. Better cushion.

3. Sweat-wicking.

4. Achilles supports.

5. Big toe box.

6. Stable.

7. Comfortable


1. Stretchy mid-foot and hill might not fit perfectly.

6. Best Cushioning: Brooks Ghost 14 Running Shoes

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The Brooks Ghost 14 is recommended for runners recovering from Achilles tendonitis. The shoes have a high drop which will lessen the load to the Achilles, hence less strain to the tendon. Additionally, the shoe provides impeccable support to the heel and Achilles. 

The midsole feature a combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft Foam to absorb shocks from impact. The cushioning offered at the midsole will adapt to your stride and give you a sensual feel of the footfall when you are running. Additionally, smooth transition and cushioning get achieved. Thanks to the DNA Loft that stretches through the entire midsole.

The Ghost 14’s midsole gives runners with high arches optimum cushion whenever they are on the move. As a result of the cushioning provided, arches will be prevented from a strain that might lead to micro-tears in the tendon.

The Ghost achieves flexibility through a combo of segmented crash pads, DNA Loft, and 3D Fit technology that engineers the upper. As a result, the fit is very smooth, comfy, and flexible. 

The blown outsole provides better traction on numerous running surfaces, hence stability and flexibility.

Here are the main features of the Brooks Ghost 14;

DNA Loft And BioMoGo DNA- These two systems combine in the midsole to provide optimum cushioning and seamless transition in each step. Shock impacts are kept at bay by these two systems.

3D Fit Technology- The 3D fit technology featured in the upper provides a smooth and flexible fit to your feet.

A Blown outsole- A blown rubber outsole will afford you the best traction on all running surfaces. 

Segmented Crash pads- for a smooth transition, the segmented crash pads play a vital role.

Pros And Cons Of The Brooks Ghost 14

1. Flexible.

2. Breathable and better cushioning.

3. Supportive and Stable.

4. Soft and comfortable upper.

5. 3D fit mesh upper.


1. Tight lace holes.

7. Best Performance: Saucony Ride 13 Running Shoes

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With the Saucony Ride 13, your feet get protection from all angles. Thanks to the 3D overlays that exhibit a higher level of support and stability. The overlays exude a strong structure that cushions you perfectly.

The shoe uses FormFit technology. The technology involved lets the shoe follow the contours of your feet and fit securely, thus easing the pain of Achilles tendonitis. Additionally, the technology improves the level of comfort tremendously,

Due to the lightweight nature of the Saucony ride 13, you stand assured to get a natural experience when you are running. In addition, the shoe is light in terms of cushioning those experiencing Achilles tendonitis; hence, it can’t weigh your Achilles down.

Do you crave a responsive and bouncy ride? Don’t worry. Saucony ride 13 has you covered. Ride 13 has a tremendous cushioning capability that will answer your nagging question and provide you one bouncy ride of your lifetime.

The Saucony Ride 13’s midsole features PWRRUN+ to provide a soft and responsive sensation. Beneath the Ride 13 is a TRI-FLEX outsole. The outsole has improved flexibility. As a result, the Ride 13 provides comfort and flexibility.

The cushioning and padding of the Ride 13 ensures that it protect runners with Achilles tendonitis.

The features of the Saucon Rider 13 are as follows;

TRI-FLEX OutsoleThe outsole got improved to offer tremendous performance, comfort, and flexibility. The TRIFLEX outsole is renowned for its exceptional gripping capabilities; hence your safety is guaranteed.

PWRRUN+- This cushioning feature in the midsole enables effortless protection to your body by way of shock absorption. The cushioning is springy and responsive.

3D Overlays the unique 3D overlays give the Saucony Ride13 upper its firm structure. Additionally, the overlays provide comfort and stability to the runner.

FormFit Technology- This is the technology used to engineer the Ride 13. The technology ensures that the shoe will follow the contours of your foot and snug fit, hence affording you flexibility.

Pros Of Ride 13

1. Lightweight.

2. Comfy.

3. Breathable.

4. Flexible. 

5. Supportive and responsive.


1. Not long-lasting.

2. Stretchy laces.

Treatment For Achilles Tendonitis

Is Achilles tendonitis treatable? Yes. You can treat it. Take a rest and allow the tendon to heal naturally. However, in severe cases, you will have to visit a specialist.

How Do You Choose The Best Running Shoe For Achilles Tendonitis?

A proper pair of shoes combined with the right treatment will ease you through the pain of Achilles tendonitis. Here below are the areas you will have to examine explicitly before settling on the best shoe that will conform to your requirements;

Cushioning- The shoe should have excellent cushioning to add some strength to the foot slowly. Thus, running shoes with better cushioning and support to the heel will ease the Achilles pain and assist in the healing process. For short-term results, use shoes with a high heel drop. However, for a long-term solution, use mid-level heel drop shoes.

Big Toe Box- Spreading the toes will afford you more steadiness and regulation over your gait. If you gain control of your foot and avoid slipping, you will do yourself loads of good.

Heel Drop- higher hill drop will afford you much relief if you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis. But if you desire a long-term solution, just opt for a mid-level hill drop.

The Takeaway

Well-managed Achilles tendonitis cannot stop you from donning the right pair of shoes and take the tracks. However, be sure that the shoe accompanying you to the tracks is the right shoe to ease your pain. But if the situation becomes severe, don’t hesitate to visit a specialist.


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