Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles

Bad ankles are a common problem that most runners experience. It is fundamental to state that the ankle joint plays an essential role in the human body. However, your ankle can be destabilized by ligament tears, muscle injuries, or even tendon sprain. Additionally, some underlying medical conditions might weaken your ankles. Therefore, Runners with bad ankles can remedy the situation by using the best running shoes for bad ankles.

Identifying the best running shoe for bad ankles will depend on the kind of ankle problem you are experiencing. Runners predominantly experience three ankle problems, and they can be remedied by the aid of the right running shoe. Each problem requires a different kind of shoe to ease the pain. The three problems are;

1. Arthritis-related ankle problems.

2. Unsteady Ankles (Susceptible to sprain).

3. Painful ankle resulting from over-pronation of flat feet

The right running shoe alone can’t remedy the bad ankle problem, but other medical treatment should be used alongside the shoe to ease both ankle inflammation and pain. In addition, you should note that the best running shoes are part of a general treatment plan for your bad ankles. Other strategies used to ease the pain to the ankles include; therapy exercises, modified training, and arch support.

After careful analysis, I recommend a few types of shoes for runners with bad ankles. However, if you try them and your situation persists, I strongly advise visiting a podiatrist. 

List Of The Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles








A Comparison Table Of The Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles

Type Of ShoeWhy I Chose ItSpecial FeatureRating Out Of 5
Best Overall
BioMoGo DNA4.4 
Best in Ankle ArthritisFORMFIT4.4
Firmly Cushioned
V-Molded Heel cap5
Maximum Stability
Progressive Diagonal Rollbar4.2
Best Supportive3D Space Construction4.4
Excellent Motion controlFlyteFoam system4.1
Exceptional BreathabilityBreathable upper4.4

What entails a bad ankle? Bad ankles are conditions that exhibit the following symptoms in your ankle;

1. Ankle instability.

2. Sprain.

3. Cavus foot.

4. Brocken ankle

5. Achilles bursitis.

In case you suffered a recent injury to your ankle or you have weak ankle joints, you will have some of the following symptoms;

1. Ankle pain and inflammation.

2. Soreness.

3. Instability.

4. Injury to the muscle.

5. Hindered and strained motion.

The above symptoms may range from mild to severe. Ensure you consult a doctor if you have a severe ankle sprain that is unresponsive to therapy.

Top 7 Best Running Shoes For Bad Ankles

Sprained ankles and underlying medical situations such as arthritis should not hinder you from running unless they are severe. Grab a model of running shoes for bad ankles that suits you, and do some running.

1. Best Overall: Brooks Addiction 14

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Are you looking for the best shoe for ankle support? The Brooks Addiction 14 is your ideal shoe for ankle support. The shoe has proved to be supportive and motion-controlling footwear for runners with ankle issues.

When running, your feet are checked by the shoe’s Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. The Rollbar does an exceptional duty of cushioning rolled ankles.

Addiction 14 has room for custom orthotics that can work well to support your arch if you prefer using medical orthotics. The toe box of this shoe is roomy enough to accommodate all your toes, while the upper mesh provides them with breathability. Finding a perfectly fitting pair for you is easy since the Addiction 14 comes in different sizes and widths.

A durable upper mesh supports the top of your foot, giving you a secure fit and comfort.

Addiction 14 can serve you well as both a walking and running shoe. Thanks to the BioMoGo DNA in the midsole, shock absorption is taken care of, which absorbs and quickly distributes the impact, thus saving your joints from injuries.

Take note that we have Addiction 14 for both male and female runners.

Features Of Brooks Addiction 14

BioMoGo DNA- To reduce the impact on your joints, the BioMoGo DNA system offers exceptional cushioning that acclimates to your weight, speed, and stride.

Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (EPDR)- Your body is checked and kept in its normal motion path, thanks to the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar system that supports you entirely. The support to your entire body is made possible by the system’s tactically positioned arch support.

Roomy- For you to enjoy comfort while running, your toes need a spacious room where they can play around. The Addiction 14 provides that roomy luxury. Additionally, the shoe features enough room for custom medical orthotics.

Upper Mesh- The Addiction 14’s upper mesh provides dependable breathability to your toes, affording them luxury and comfort while you are running.

The pros And Cons Of Brooks Addiction 14

Here below are the Pros and Cons of Addiction 14;


1. Cushioning, stable, and supportive.

2. Available in multiple widths.

3. Breathable.

4. Flexible.


1. A bit heavier.

2. Best For Ankle Arthritis: Saucony Hurricane 22

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The Hurricane 22 is an ideal pair of footwear if you have ankle arthritis. The shoe features a rocker sole that does exceptionally well in limiting ankle joint movement when your foot hits the ground.

That extra nudge you crave to cover some distance is provided by the PWRRUN+ cushioning that is custom light in the Hurricane, plus rocker-like heel and the improved toe spring. Are you looking for a high-energy return? Look no further. The Hurricane’s PWRRUN+ offers the energy return you need.

In Hurricane 22, the FORMFIT gives you a customized secure fit. The midsole and the FORMFIT work together to conform to your feet.

Runners with bad ankles will find comfort in Hurricane 22, as the shoe adapts to your feet to exude top-notch cushioning. In addition, bad ankle runners will receive the support they wholesomely engrave. Finally, the Hurricane’s stiff but flexible soles offer flexibility, a must aspect for bad ankle runners.

The Hurricane’s outsole features two-rubber thread that ensures its durability. In addition, the outsole gives top-notch gripping to most running surfaces; thus, your ankle will receive optimal protection when you are running.

Features Of The Saucony Hurricane 22

Below are the features of Hurricane 22;

PWRRUN+- The PWRUN Foam brings firmness to the heel and exudes comfort to the forefoot. Additionally, the Foam will provide optimal energy return.

FORM FIT- The Foam imitates the shape of your foot, hence giving it a perfect luxurious fit. Additionally, it exudes comfort to your foot from all angles.

Rocker-Like Heel- The Rocker heel provides a little forward nudge that works with improved toe spring to give you freshness and strength. 

The above features provide your ankle with structured cushioning that will lessen the pain if you have underlying issues.

The Pros And Cons Of Saucony Hurricane 22

1. Supportive and comfy.

2. Breathable.

3. Flexible and stable.

4. Improved cushioning.

5. Excellent traction.


1. Expensive.

2. Not durable.

3. Firmly Cushioned: On Cloudflyer

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The On Cloudflyer combines stability and lightweight design to cushion runners suffering from bad ankles. So how does the shoe cushion the ankle? The On Cloudflyer features a V-molded heel cap over a top-notch foam. The Foam provides a comfortable fit on the heel, hence providing optimum support to both the ankle and lower foot.

Support is locked into place with the aid of a superior lacing system that brings stability and support to the top of the foot. The sole enhances stability. The On Cloudflyer has a wide sole that allows runners to place their feet on the ground with assured stability.

The midsole has been enhanced to provide optimum bounce, thanks to the Helion Foam. The shoe is an excellent fit for heavy runners since Helion retains its firmness for an extended period. The On Cloudflyer will help you to lift your feet quickly; regardless you have bad ankles. Also, if you are an over-pronator, the cloudflyer is the shoe to protect your feet. 

Features Of The On Cloudflyer

Helon Foam- Featured in the midsole, the Helion Foam enhances bouncy when you hit the surface. In addition, the Foam provides exceptional cushioning to your feet while maintaining a high degree of firmness.

V-Molded Heel Cap- The V-molded cap featured in the On Cloudflyer provides a comfy fit on the heel, thus protecting the lower foot.

Outsole Cloud Pods– For optimal cushioning, the outsole cloud pods of the Cloudflyer have been enlarged. The enlargement is geared towards giving the shoe unmatched stability. The core function of the cloud pods is to cushion you from shocks by compressing when landing. After absorption, the impacts are dispersed outside the shoe but not back into your body.

The Pros And Cons Of On Cloudflyer

1. Excellent cushion.

2. Breathable.

3. Stable and flexible.

4. High quality.

5. Protective and supportive.


1. Complaints of less traction.

2. Expensive.

4. Best For Maximum Stability: Brooks Beast 18

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The brooks Beast 18 is a dream come actual shoe for men runners with ankle issues. The shoe has well-padded collars that give the ankles comfy support to minimize ankle sprains. The Beast 18 feature a Progressive Diagonal bar, whose purpose is to stabilize arches and check over-pronation.

When running or jogging, your feet are comfortable, thanks to the light, breathable upper mesh that ensures your feet are dry and cool.

Beast 18 has a roomy toe box, and an exterior heel counter to house-wide feet and offer optimal stability. 

The high-quality materials in both the midsole and outsole make beast 18 a durable running shoe for bad ankles.

Features Of The Brooks Beast 18

BioMoGo DNA- The midsole features BioMoGo DNA super cushioning system that absorbs shocks and disperses them to ensure protection when running.

Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB)- The PDRB system checks the body’s movement by aligning it back to its normal movement path.

Segmented Crash Pads and Omega Grooves- These special padding positioned in between the midsole and the outsole provide a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The omega grooves enhance stability.

Upper Mesh- a perforated mesh upper provides breathability and keeps your feet dry by excellent moisture management.

The Pros And Cons Of Brooks Beast 18

1. Durable.

2. Breathable.

3. Comfy.

4. Supportive and stable.

5. Flexible.

6. Top-notch cushioning.

7. Minimizes plantar fasciitis pain.

8. Controls over-pronation.


1. They are a bit heavy.

5. Best Supportive: Asics Gel-Kayano 28

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The Asics Gel-Kayano 28 with a redesigned heel counter offers a comfortable stride while maintaining foot stability. In addition, the Gel-Kayano supports the ankles well, making it one of the favored shoes for runners with bad ankles.

If your passion is to run with thinner soles with optimum support, the Gel-Kayano 28 is your ideal shoe.

The superb midsole cushioning, thanks to the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel technology, protects your body well. The system absorbs shock at impact and disperses it as your foot transitions.

Every part of your foot is taken care of, as different cushioning densities are spread around different foot parts. In return, your foot acquires maximum support all over.

The Gel-Kayano 28 boasts the DuoMax support system that minimizes the available weight and optimizes the shoe’s stability.

The heel counter ensures a secure fit, while the breathable upper mesh wicks out excessive sweat.

Features Of The Asics Gel-Kayano 28

3D Space Construction- the feature enhances cushioning and compression during footstrike, hence minimizing pronation.

Engineered Mesh Upper- The mesh material is multidirectional. This mesh enhances breathability, comfort, and stability.

DuoMax Support System- The DuoMax system reduces the shoe’s overall weight but increases stability and support.

Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology- The gel cushioning system absorbs shocks and disperses them to facilitate your foot’s transition in its gait cycle.

The Pros And Cons Of Asics Gel-Kayano 28

1. Breathable.

2. Optimum cushioning.

3. Supportive and stable.

4. Suitable for low arches.

5. Responsive.

6. Excellent traction.


1. Not suitable for high arches

2. Narrow fit.

6. Excellent Motion Control: Asics GT- 2000 9

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The Asics GT-2000 9 does a tremendous job in cushioning bad ankles when you are on the move. Although the shoe is basically for over-pronators, neutral runners can also secure their bad ankles. The shoe boasts optimum support and excellent cushioning abilities.

 The impact guidance system controls ankles from rolling, hence provides support and stability when you are running.

Your arch is supported by the exoskeletal heel counter that offers a supportive fit around your ankle and heel.

Integrating the Guidance Line Midsole Technology and Guidance Trusstic System technology improves gait effectiveness by offering mid-foot structural reliability.

Regardless of your running distance, you can count on the FlyteFoam midsole technology to give you excellent responsiveness and bounce back.

Features Of The Asics GT-2000 9 Running Shoe

Trusstic System- The GT-2000 9 uses the Guidance Trusstic system technology to improve gait efficiency.

Guidance Line Midsole Technology- The technology works together with the trusstic system to improve gait efficiency.

FlyteFoam Midsole Technology-  The technology can provide optimum responsiveness and bounce back, regardless of the distance covered.

DuoMax Support System- The system improves stability and support.

The Pros And Cons Of Asics GT-2000 9

1. Suitable for flat feet.

2. Improved cushioning.

3. Optimum support.

4. Breathable.

5. Better moisture management.


1. Narrow toe box. 

2. Non-durable.

7. Exceptional Breathability: Hoka One One Bondi 5

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The Hoka One One Bondi 5 has superior cushioning. As a result, the shoe offers a comfortable and smooth landing when either running or jogging. In addition, ankle, foot, and foot problems are lessened by the Bondi 5, thanks to its cushioning abilities.

In Bondi 5, runners with bad ankles find solace from a comfy frame upper with a padded tongue that gives comfort to the ankles.

The shoe boasts an accommodating toe box that gives your toes enough room to move around, as the breathable upper provides sufficient airflow to keep them dry. Additionally, the Bondi 5 offers optimum support and a better-balanced ride.

The materials that have produced the Bondi 5 are quality, thus giving it a long life. Traction is one area in the shoe that performs exceptionally.

Features Of Hoka One One Bondi 5

Here below are some of the best features of Hoka One One Bondi 5;

3D Print Fit

The 3D print feature that runs through the entire upper of the Bondi 5 is made of lightweight material, and it provides a secure fit. The upper mesh also provides optimum air circulation to your feet, giving them a cool sensation.

ComfortFrame Upper

The Comfortframe upper, plus the padded tongue, teams up with the EVA midsole to provide exceptional comfort to your feet when you are running.

Mesh Upper

The breathable mesh upper of the Bondi 5 does an excellent duty of supplying cool air into your feet and permits warm air to escape out. The process of air release and supply gives your feet a comfy cool, dry sensation.

The Pros And Cons Of Hoka One One Bondi 5

1. Lightweight.

2. Breathable.

3. Exceptionally supportive.

4. Stable and flexible.

5. Durable.

6. Optimal traction.

7. Better cushioned.


1. Expensive.

How Do You Choose Running Shoes For Bad Ankles?

When buying shoes for bad ankles, several things have to be considered. First, shoes with excellent support to your foot will take excellent care of your ankles. Here are the essential things to consider before choosing the best running shoes for bad ankles.

1. Cushioning

Running shoes with good overall cushioning play a significant role in protecting your ankles. The supportive cushioning will assist in reducing the impact to your foot whenever it hits the ground, hence reducing the movement of the ankle joint.

2. Comfort

Beware of the level of comfort of the running shoe you want to buy. For example, runners with bad ankles require lightweight shoes that are both breathable and comfy.

3. Foot Support

Most running shoes solely focus on support and stability. If you have bad ankles, choose a running shoe with optimum support. To keep ankle sprains at bay, ensure that the heels are optimally supported.

4. Size

To avoid injuries to your foot and ankle, always ensure that you buy right fitting shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can inflict injuries and pain to your ankles.

5. Durability

The running shoe you choose to buy for your bad ankles should be durable. The shoe should endure the wear and tear of strenuous physical activities and avoid breaking while still running.

5. Material

Inferior quality materials produce shoddy products. Instead, ensure that the running footwear that will protect your bad ankles is made of high-quality materials. High-quality running shoes will do a superb job of ensuring that your ankles are healthy and make your running easier.

What Are The Causes Of Ankle Pains?

Several factors that cause ankle pains primarily relate to; ankle bones, tendons, and underlying medical conditions. Here are some of the causes of pain to the ankle;

1. Achilles Tendon Rupture

If you overstretch, chances are you will rupture your Achilles tendon. The rupture will cause severe pain to your ankle. In most cases, the situation is remedied by surgery.

2. Broken Foot

Here we are talking about an injury to your bone. If the foot muscles are severely affected, you may require to visit a physician.

3. Sprained Ankle 

Your ankle gets sprained when it gets twisted. The twisting might occur when you are either running or walking. How bad the injury is will determine whether you will pay a visit to the doctor.

How Do You Protect Your Ankles?

You can protect your ankles by doing stretching exercises before and after running, as this improves ankle flexibility. You can also opt to strengthen your ankles by doing activities such as squatting. Another way of protecting your ankles is by improving your balance. Balance prevents mishaps of stumbling and falling due to imbalance. At the same time, balance improves your fitness, hence better health.

The Takeaway 

Bad ankles can be painful, and however, if the situation is not dire, you can manage the pain wearing a supportive running shoe. Purchasing the right shoe can cushion your ankles from further damage as well as quicken your recovery. Ensure that you wear highly cushioned and supportive shoes. If the severity of the ankle injury is enormous, don’t hesitate, see a doctor.

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