Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet In Women

Women with flat feet sometimes find it challenging to acquire an ideal pair of running shoes. Running shoes have different features and styles. Therefore, it will be worth sampling a few varieties in a perfect situation before settling on the ideal pair of shoes that meet your needs.

Experts advise that women with flat feet could instead opt for motion-controlling running shoes instead of stability shoes. The crucial objective of the best running shoes for flat feet in women is comfort. Finding this much-desired comfort dictates that you have to understand your feet better. If your flat feet are rigid and stiff, your suitable pair of shoes should be softer and be able to cushion your foot adequately when it hits the ground. For flexible flat feet, non-rigid shoes with arch support will suffice well. There are several types of shoes in the market nowadays designed to prevent pronation in flat feet.

List Of Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet in Women








Below Is A Table Of Comparison Of The Best Running Shoes For Women With Flat Feet.

Shoe TypeFeatureReason For PickTechnology
Holistic supportBest overallGuideRails
TPU Guidance FrameBest BudgetFORM FIT technology
Carbon Rubber OutsoleBest For Long RunsMizuno Enerzy Foam technology
UltraHeelBest For Narrow Flat FeetFresh Foam Technology
Abzorb Foam MidsoleBest for wide flat feetT-BEAM technology
Micro-engineered outsoleBest For Trail RunningCloudTec Technology
Arch SupportBest For Flat FeetGuideRails Technology

Since pronating is associated with flat feet, then you need the correct type of running shoes. They will assist you in controlling motion, maintaining stability, and avoiding injuries to the shin, ankle, and knee. 

Podiatrists and therapists have hesitated to give recommendations regarding the best running shoes for flat feet in women. Why? Every individual has to identify the shoes that serve them better without causing harm to the feet and knees.

Flat feet roll inwards when running. The outermost edge of your heel will hit the ground first before your foot reels towards your arch. This condition is referred to as over-pronation. You can be able to tell that your feet are over-pronating by doing a gait test at a podiatrist’s Centre. A podiatrist can determine whether your feet are rolling out, rolling in, or maintaining the neutral position.

Equally, you can determine by yourself whether your feet are over-pronating. You will easily do this by having a look at the bottom of your running shoes. If you discover that the more significant part of your shoe wear is inside your shoes, chances are that you over-pronate. This condition is corrected by;

1. Wearing the correct type of shoes.

2. Using the correct type of insoles.

3. Wearing the proper orthotics. –Orthotics will control the excessive motion, thus enabling you to run, maintaining the neutral position.

4. Exercising your wheel arch.

 There is a need for women with flat feet to maintain comfort and keep their feet healthy while running. A dedicated team of experts, comprising podiatrists and physical therapists, have thoroughly analyzed and tested the running shoes available in the shoe market and have recommended the following as the best.

1. Overall Best: Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoes 

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These shoes are known for their durability and high quality. Therefore, they are the best shoes for the over-pronators. In addition, they have GuideRails holistic support system for controlling excess movement, thus enabling you to run without injuries.

Finding the right size for you is not difficult since women’s shoes range from 5 to 13. If you have wide feet, Adrenaline GTS 21 has taken care of you by making narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide shoes.

Here below are the features of women’s Adrenaline GTS 21;

Breathability- Adrenaline GTS 21 comes with an engineered upper airy mesh that tremendously improves breathability. Your feet breathe freely with comfort all the way while you are on the move, thus avoiding blisters and chafing.

Stability- Stability is achieved by the GuideRails holistic support system that enables your body to move naturally by checking your movement. Since GuideRails have checked your movement, you can run for a long distance without any worries. This feature guides your stride; thus, women runners with flat feet are left with nothing to worry.

Cushion- Adrenaline GTS 21 has a DNA LOFT that not only cushions your heel but extends to the forefoot. It achieves this by softening every step you make, thus creating a smooth transition from heel to toe.

Support- This is a stability shoe that is geared towards guiding your stride. It is synonymous with runners who have medium-height arches that need extra help to avoid over-pronation.

3D Fit Print- This adds the much-needed structure to the upper part that stretches strategically to snug your foot perfectly.

Midsole Drop- Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 boasts a 12mm heel-to-toe drop.

Material- Rubber outsole, engineered upper mesh, and mesh lining.

Weight- your Adrenaline GTS 21 weighs 258g/9.4 ounces.

Advantages Of Adrenaline GTS 21

1. They suit both narrow and wide feet.

2. They are durable.

3. They have outstanding support and cushioning.

4. They are breathable.

Disadvantages Of Adrenaline GTS 21

1. They are expensive.

2. For narrow and extra-wide, color options are limited. 

The Adrenaline GTS 21 offers excellent support to women with flat feet. Its GuideRails system will cushion your feet all the way. The system does not only cushion the feet, but it takes care of your knees as well.

Although this shoe might be expensive, you are assured of its higher standard and lasts longer.

2. Best Budget: Saucony Guide 13 Women’s Running Shoes. 

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Guide 13 is categorized as a stable shoe for running. It provides dependable cushioning, ensuring stability to over-pronators.

The shoe boasts a new PWRRUN+ top sole, which is lighter and soft. It has been redesigned in a way that it surrounds your entire foot with extra comfort. Its engineered mesh upper oozes elastic comfort that is adaptable to different ranges of feet.

The TPU guidance frame featured in the Guide 13 women’s running shoes offers stability to over-pronators and gives smooth guidance to the foot through the stride cycle.

Guide 13 women’s running shoes are available in sizes 5.5 to 11 in both regular and wide sizes.

Below are the features that make Guide 13 a perfect shoe for women runners with flat feet;

Cushion- Equipped with Saucony’s FORM FIT three-layered cushioning system, these shoes will give you a grip that is adaptable to your pace, weight, and foot shape. 

Breathability- The engineered jacquard mesh comprises the shoe’s upper. The upper stretches naturally with your foot and offers the required breathability.

Flexibility- the Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber in the outsole assists in flexibility and adaptability. It equally makes the Guide 13 Women’s Running shoe durable.

Material- Guide 13 is made of;

1. Mesh and synthetic upper.

2. Synthetic outsole.

Weight-The pair of shoes weighs 264g/9.3 ounces.

Advantages Of Saucony Guide 13 Women’s Shoes

1. They are lightweight and supportive.

2. They are affordable.

3. They are versatile.

4. They have good arch support.

Disadvantages Of Guide 13 Women’s Shoes

1. They have no extra-wide option

2. They have color limitations.

Guide 13 women’s shoe is the best choice for flat-footed women who prefer lighter shoes. It has a soft sole that works well to protect your feet from chafing and blisters. As compared with other shoes, the Guide 13 is an affordable pair of shoes for pronators.

3. Best For Long Runs: Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoes 

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Wave Inspire 17 running shoes have a supportive midsole that suits over-pronators well. It is neither too stiff nor restrictive, but it serves the purpose of stability. Cushioning is achieved by the EVA foam midsole, which combines with the Mizuno ENERZY foam in the heel to deliver responsiveness, shock absorption, and cushioning.

The Wave Inspire 17 is equipped with a carbon rubber outsole ideal for flat-footed women who run long distances. Wave Inspire 17 women’s running shoes are available in sizes 6 to 12, with various colors to choose from.

Wave Inspire 17 exhibits the following features;

Flexibility- Flex controllers and mini-wave plates located in high flex positions give the Wave Inspire 17 the required flexibility. Adapting to your stride is what this shoe does best.

Cushioning- At the base of the sole, a Mizuno ENERZY is used to cushion your feet. The wave plate also accomplishes this task of cushioning you. In addition, U4IC is placed above the wave plate also to enhance cushioning.

Breathability- Breathability in the Wave Inspire 17 is provided by the double-layered air mesh upper. The mesh makes the shoe exhibit a flexible fit that is blanket-like.

Material-Wave Inspire 17 is made of mesh upper and rubber outsole.

Advantages Of Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

1. They are breathable

2. They are supportive and comfy.

3. They are good in shock absorption

4. They are flexible and cushioning

5. They are durable

Disadvantages Of Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

1. They are a bit heavier comparing to wave Inspire 16.

2. They are expensive.

Women pronators should embrace the Wave Inspire 17 because it offers breathability and flexibility, two core aspects any runner embraces. The Wave inspire 17 might be expensive, but the gain outstands the price tag. 

4. Best For Narrow Feet: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 860v11 

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If you have narrow flat feet, then the New Balance Fresh Foam 860 is your running shoe. The shoe is designed for stability. In addition, it has the best arch support and comfort.

The Fresh Foam 860 has a breathable upper mesh designed to keep your feet dry while you are on the move. In addition, the Ultra Heel design of Fresh foam 860 gives you a secure fit that prevents any form of rubbing to your Achilles tendon.

Its midsole, made of tender fresh foam, is a source of comfort as it offers a luxurious feel to your feet. In addition, it is a lightweight cushioned shoe for over-pronators. Fresh Foam 860v11 is available in sizes 5 to 13, ranging from regular, narrow, and wide widths.

Here below are the features of Fresh Foam 860v11;

Breathability-The breathable mesh upper ensures that Fresh Foam 860v11 offers the desired breathability to save your feet from blisters.

Stability- It is engineered with some asymmetry to offer extra support to the Fresh Foam 860v11. Its 3D modeled heel enhances comfort to your feet while you are on the move.

Support- The shoe’s upper is engineered to bring stability and support to your feet.

Cushioning- You can wear the Fresh Foam 860v11 and be on the move with confidence as your feet are cushioned all the way. Its two-part midsole donning FRESH FOAM provides the desired cushioning.

Technology- Fresh Foam 860v11 is engineered using the FRESH FOAM TECHNOLOGY.

Material- it is made of synthetic and mesh.


1. They are flexible.

2. They are lightweight and supportive.

3. They offer sufficient cushioning.

4. They are suitable for narrow flat feet.


1. They are expensive.

2. Not durable.

The new balance Fresh Foam 860v11 is a perfect fit for women with narrow flat feet. Its Fresh Foam technology has proven to give you stability and support all the way. In addition, the foot lift is smooth because of the soft midsole.

5. Best For Wide feet: New Balance 940 V4 Running Shoes 

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The New Balance brand is known for high-quality shoes; it churns into the market. So if you are a woman with foot issues like over-pronation, blisters, and numb toes, the New balance 940 V4 is the running shoe to save you from miseries. 

Cushioning to over-pronators is provided by the Abzorb foam midsole, which distributes impact as your foot hits the ground, thus providing excellent shock absorption. In addition, the T-BEAM technology brings stability and much-needed support to your feet while you are on the move.

New Balance 940 V4 has a large toe box to accommodate wide flat feet without rubbing your toe while running. It comes in sizes 5 to 13, ranging from narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide.

Below are the features of the New Balance 940 V4;

Breathability- the New Balance 940 V4 is engineered with a mesh upper that makes it breathable, thus protecting your feet from blisters.

Cushioning- The Abzorb foam midsole provides cushioning to your feet by dispersing impact and enhancing shock absorption.

Support and Stability- the Shoe’s T-BEAM shank is designed to provide support and stability to the runner. 

Technology– the New Balance 940 V4 is engineered using the T-BEAM technology.

Material-  The shoe is made of Engineered mesh upper and rubber outsole.

Advantages Of New Balance 940 V4

1. Accommodate wide feet.

2. Sufficient cushioning 

3. Excellent shock absorption

4. They are breathable

5. They are durable.


1. Limited colors.

2. They are expensive.

The New Balance 940 V4 lives up to its slogan, ‘Push your passion for running to the limit, not the feet.’ It emerges tops on the list of best shoes for women with flat feet. Why? It offers excellent cushioning, support, and stability to your feet, giving you time to concentrate on the race. In addition, the shoe’s wide range of width sizes takes care of runners with wide feet.

6. Best For Trail Running: On Cloudventure Women’s Running Shoes 

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For those women out there who over-pronate and are into trail running, the On cloud venture is the running shoe that you need. It is best known for offering stability and support, and exceptional traction while you are on the move. In addition, its outsole is micro-engineered to provide traction while running on wet tracks. 

The On cloud venture’s CloudTec system is designed to give excellent shock absorption, thus cushioning your feet from injuries. Stability is further achieved by the shoe’s precision heel fit feature.

Breathability is made possible by the shoe’s lightweight outer layer that is waterproof but has sweat ventilating abilities.

The On Cloudventure is available in sizes 5 to 11. Below are its features;

Breathability- breathability is made possible by the breathable fabric lining removable foam insole. This fabric can vent the sweat and protect your feet from blisters and numbness.

Stability and Control- For optimum control, the shoe has a micro-engineered outsole with four gripping levels. In addition, the outsole ensures support while you are running downhill on the track.

Cushioning- The ultimate goal of an excellent running shoe is foot cushioning. The On Clouventure exhibits cushioning abilities necessitated by the CloudTec system. In addition, the outsole has eleven individual pods capable of stretching back when impacted to balance the forces of running downhill.

Technology- This shoe is engineered using CloudTec technology.

Materials- The shoe is made of;

1. Nylon and mesh upper

2. Rubber sole and fabric inner material.

Advantages Of The On Cloudventure

1. Excellent water-resistant abilities.

2. Better traction.

3. They are durable, flexible, and breathable.

4. They have excellent shock absorption abilities.


1. They are expensive

2. No wide sizes 

The On Cloudventure running shoes for women with flat feet might be expensive, but they are worth it. They have the right features to offer support and stability when running on wet trails. Their CloudTec system supports you all the way to ensure that your feet are cushioned from unnecessary injuries. On top of this, they are long-lasting shoes with exceptional water-repelling abilities. What else can you ask for when the On Cloudventure affords you the unmatched shock absorption mechanism that guards your body all along?

7. Best For Flat Feet: Brooks Women’s Ariel 20 Running Shoes 

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For flat-footed women seeking support, comfort, as well as cushioning, Ariel 20 is your shoe of choice. Engineered by the GuideRails technology, the Ariel 20 gives holistic support to the runner. It not only cushions the feet but extends the same to your knees which are susceptible to injuries. In addition, the GuideRails support checks your excessive movement to ensure that you are protected all the way.

The brooks Ariel 20 running shoe’s technology is known to correct over-pronation. In addition, their large toe box prevents chafing and blisters while you are on the move. They are excellent for both short and long-distance running, thanks to their outstanding arch support.

Ariel 20 for flat-footed women sizes range from 6 to 13. Width ranges from medium, wide, and extra-wide.

Features of Ariel 20 shoe for flat-footed women are as follows;

Cushioning- The GuideRail technology plays a considerable role in cushioning runners from unnecessary body harm. The system checks your movement without breaking your gait. The external heel counter also plays a pivotal role in cushioning your feet.

Comfy- The engineered mesh upper provides comfort from back to front with a roomy and safe fit. The DNA LOFT also provides comfort to the underfoot while you are on the go.

Advantages Of Ariel 20

1. They offer sufficient support.

2. They have excellent cushioning abilities.

3. They are suitable for flat feet.

4. They are long-lasting.


They are expensive.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Running Shoes For Flat Feet In Women

Cushioning- areas of flat feet that need cushioning are the heel and midsole. So when choosing the right shoe for running, ensure those areas are well cushioned. In addition, the chosen shoe should be able to cushion and support your feet by way of shock absorption.

Fit- Experts have pointed out that correctly fitting shoes play a crucial cog in protecting your feet. 

Stability-To minimizes the possibility of pronators collapsing the arch. A good shoe should support and control your sideways motion. Midsoles are supposed to be thick and firm.

Durability-Running shoes are supposed to last longer. When selecting, choose brands that have sturdy rubber outsoles.

The Takeaway

Choosing the proper running footwear for women with flat feet might be a cumbersome exercise, however, it is possible with the aid of experts such as podiatrists. Every shoe discussed above is designed to control motion in pronators. You should take the individual incentives and find the best shoe that will conform well with your feet.


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