Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strike

Runners classified as midfoot strikers are those who make a full-contact landing when running. Though there is no scientific backing, it is believed that full-landing minimizes injuries to the runner. The best running shoe for a midfoot strike should feature a stable forefoot, a firm midsole, a wide surface area, and a safe and sound upper fit.

The transition quality is also a determinant as to whether the running Shoe conforms with full-contact landing. Level transitions are connected with several designs like the midsole structure, foam density, or outsole structure and grip,

When running a long distance like a marathon, midfoot strikers should opt for running shoes with sufficient forefoot cushioning.

It was not until the mid-2000s that we started seeing shoes designed basically for midfoot runners. Previously, shoes were engineered with most of the cushioning concentrated on the heel. Thus, they were purposely designed for rearfoot striking.

Many runners didn’t embrace changing their foot-strike style; thus, the full-contact (midfoot strike) shoes’ market was non-existent. However, nowadays, there are quite a good number of running shoes conforming to midfoot striking needs.

A Midfoot strike is considered the most natural strike. When you land at the center of your foot, your body mass is distributed to the knees, hips, ankles, and back. As a result, Midfoot strikers easily achieve speed and efficiency.

Nevertheless, it is common for runners with the midfoot strike to sustain injuries to the ankle, foot, and Achilles at times.

Discussed below are some of the best running shoes for the midfoot strike.

List Of The Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strike









Here Is A Comparison Table Of The Best Running Shoes For The Midfoot Strike.

Shoe TypeReason For ChoosingSpecial FeatureRating Out Of 5
Highly  ResponsivenessDNA Flash Midsole4.3
Optimum BalanceRocker midsole4.4
Best for Smooth TransitionEVA Foam4.4
Best for Durability6mm Heel-to-toe gradient4.2
Best cushioningFORMFIT4.2
Best For EfficiencyRipstop Mesh4.3
Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2Best for SpeedRocker Shape4.5
Saucony Kinvara 12LightweightEVA Foam4.2

Midfoot strike is advantageous because it helps to take shock absorption away from the joints. Additionally, your foot stays on the ground for a brief moment, hence enhancing speed.

On the other hand, midfoot strike strains the Achilles and calf muscles.

The 8 Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strike

1. Highly Responsive: Brooks Hyperion Tempo

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 Although the Brooks Hyperion Tempo feature an 8mm heel-to-toe offset, its midsole, and outsole design make it one of the best running shoes for midfoot strikers.

 Hyperion Tempo features featherweight DNA Flash in the midsole. The DNA counters the 8mm heel. Even though the heel has more volume, it is lighter than the foot. Hence little weight difference across the midsole’s length.

Transition, landing, and take-offs are excellent, thanks to the lug geometry of the outsole.

The Shoe boasts a roomy upper that has a smooth fitting. Breathability is at its best when using Hyperion Tempo. The upper, perforated mesh provides sufficient airflow to your feet while you are running. In addition, the durability of the Shoe is guaranteed since it is made from high-quality materials.

If you are after a supportive shoe for midfoot runners, search no further, the brooks Hyperion Tempo provides excellent traction and offers ground feel cushioning to your foot as you land.

There is no doubt that Hyper Tempo will offer you a comfy cushion and optimum energy return. In addition, due to the featherweight and responsiveness of the Shoe, a deviation is minimized, thus quick recovery when running. 

Features Of The Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Here are some of the key features of Hyperion Tempo.

1. DNA Flash Midsole

The Hyper Tempo exudes springy experience, thanks to nitrogen infusion into the DNA material into the midsole. The material gives the Shoe its lightweight.

2. Woven Upper

The woven upper offers an optimum flow of fresh air to your feet while you are on the move, hence affording you supreme comfort.

3. Outsole Geometry

The Hyperion Tempo ensures that you run well in your usual motion path, thanks to the outsole geometries that provide stability to your feet as you move.

The Pros And Cons Of Brooks Hyperion Tempo

1. Excellent breathability.

2. Exceptional traction. 

3. Optimum balance and stability.

4. Support and flexibility.

5. Exceptional energy return.

6. Lightweight.

7. Secure fit.

8. Responsive and good for speed.


1. Small toe box. 

2. Optimum Balance: Hoka One One Bondi 7

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The Hoka One One Bondi 7 has a heel-to-toe gradient of 4mm, making it an ideal shoe for runners with a midfoot strike. Additionally, the midsole is exceptionally cushioned, thus giving you a sensational feel when covering high mileages. The Shoe also boasts a rocker midsole that makes your foot roll on the gait cycle.

If traction is your concern, I welcome you to try the Bondi 7. The Shoe’s traction is out of this world, thanks to the rubber outsole that provides optimal grip when running.

Breathability has been pushed a notch higher in the Bondi 7. The engineered textile mesh upper provides optimal airflow to your feet while concentrating on tackling the next mile. Additionally, the upper features synthetic seamless overlays that not only support the structure but also provide stability.

The Bondi 7 offers comfort to your feet, thanks to the soft textile lining it features. Since the textile lining is breathable, your feet remain dry and fresh while you are on the move.

Thanks to the full-length EVA midsole cushioning that absorbs all the impact when your foot lands, Shocks and impacts are kept at bay. Apart from lessening shocks, the midsole offers you optimal stability.

Exceptional traction is made possible in the rubber outsole. In addition, the rubber material made of synthetic is of superior quality, ensuring durability.

Features Of Hoka One One Bondi 7

1. Synthetic Outsole

The synthetic rubber outsole is engineered to provide optimum gripping. In addition, the outsole’s superior material ensures that the Shoe lasts longer.

2. EVA Midsole

The full-length EVA midsole minimizes shocks by absorbing and dispersing them outside the Shoe, ensuring stability and protection.

3. Breathable Textile Lining

The textile lining offers comfort to your feet. Additionally, the lining provides optimum breathability, thus keeping your feet dry all the way.

4. Engineered Textile Mesh Upper

The mesh upper has seamless synthetic overlays that support the structure and ensures both stability and durability.

The Pros And Cons Of Hoka One One Bondi 7

1. Super cushioning.

2. Optimum traction.

3. Breathable.

4. True to size.

5. Supportive and stable.

6. Exceptional flexibility.


1. The shoes are heavy.

2. They are expensive.

3. Best For Smooth Transition: Hoka One One Clifton 7

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Featuring a 5mm heel-to-toe offset, Hoka One One Clifton 7 is an ideal shoe for runners with a midfoot strike. Clifton’s outsole flat geometry enables smooth transition during full-contact landings. The outsole also has better traction to provide protection whenever called into action.

Clifton 7 is stacked with a compression-molded EVA foam midsole that provides an enthusiastic response and smooth landing. Cushioning is one feature that Clifton 7 has taken a notch higher. As a result, the Shoe exhibits soft cushioning to calloused feet and supports the ride well.

The engineered mesh upper permits a sufficient flow of air to keep your feet dry and comfortable. In addition, the flared heel collar gives Clifton 7 an aggressive look and acts as a pull tag for slipping on the Shoe.

The Shoe improves the gait cycle efficiency. The Roll technology employed to engineer Clifton 7 ensures smooth turnover, hence greater speed. The Shoe does an exemplary task of protecting your joints, thanks to the 5mm offset heel that necessitates full-contact landing.

Do you need speed? Clifton 7 will not disappoint. The Shoe provides springy action that will nudge you to accelerate with ease.

Features Of Hoka One One Clifton 7

1. EVA Foam Midsole

The EVA midsole provides the Shoe with a bouncy and soft feel when landing. The Foam also ensures that the Shoe is light but properly cushioned.

2. Engineered Mesh Upper

Your feet are always kept comfortable when you are on the move, courtesy of a simple but efficient engineered mesh upper. 

3. Cushioned Heel Collar

Clifton 7 boasts a well-cushioned heel collar that secures your ankles and keeps them blister-free. In addition, the heel collar also doubles as a tag for pulling the Shoe when slipping it into your feet.

The Pros And Cons Of Hoka One One Clifton 7

1. Lightweight.

2. Offers superior cushioning.

3. Fits to size.

4. Provides stability and support.

5. The Shoe is springy, hence enhances speed.

6. Suitable for full-contact landing.


1. The shoe has a thick upper that causes overheating.

4. Best For Durability: New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3

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Beacon V3 has a 6mm heel-to-toe offset, making it an ideal shoe for runners with a midfoot strike. The Shoe offers a cushioned and smooth ride for midfoot strikers, courtesy of a well-cushioned midsole that doubles as an outsole. The heel design holds the back foot for a homely supportive fit.

The FRESH FOAM technology used to engineer Beacon 3 provides a well-cushioned and lightweight ride. The ground contact invention ensures durability with several rubber pods positioned strategically on the outsole to cushion high-abrasion spots. The engineered mesh upper oozes comfort and stability. In addition, the engineered textile material allows unconditional airflow into your feet to ensure dryness when you are on track.

The Beacon V3 is lightweight but exceptionally supportive. High-mileage midfoot strikers will find it an ideal shoe for their daily use. 

Features Of the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3

1. Fresh Foam Midsole

The ground contact Fresh Foam midsole offers an optimally cushioned and lightweight ride, whereas the outsole has rubber pods that enhance durability.

2. Engineered Mesh Upper

Beacon V3 has a thin engineered mesh upper that combines well with the breathable textile material to offer your foot comfort, breathability, support, and stability.

3. Ultra Heel Design

The heel design gives you a snug and supportive fit by hugging the back of your foot.

The Pros And Cons Of New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 3

1. Exceptional support.

2. Well-cushioned.

3. Optimum breathability and comfort.

4. Lightweight.

5. Durable.

6. Smooth ride.


1. Expensive.

2. Non-responsive.

5. Best Cushioning: Saucony Endorphin Shift

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The Endorphin Shift is a midfoot strike responsive running shoe. The shoe has a firm and thick midsole that provides optimum cushioning and excellent stability. The firmness of the Endorphin Shift maintains energy whenever you are going through landings and transitions.

The Shoe is a 4mm heel-to-toe offset, hence suitable for contact-landing, a running form preferred by midfoot strikers. The minimal difference of the rear and forefoot thickness combines with a single density midsole to make the loading progression smooth.

The Shift features PWRRUN cushioning, which offers a springy ride to propel you to higher heights. The Shoe gives you a forward running momentum, courtesy of its SPEEDROLL technology.

The Features Of The Saucony Endorphin Shift 


The FORMFIT system provides an excellent fit by hugging your foot in 3D.

2. SPEEDROLL Technology

The technology will always push you forward with continuous momentum, making you run faster rather than running hard.

3. PWRRUN Cushioning

The system boasts a plentiful EVA-based PWRRUN cushioning that offers a springy and luxurious ride. Your foot is guided through each ride courtesy of the exterior heel support together with midfoot wrap.

4. XT-900 Outsole

The outsole’s high-abrasion spots are reinforced to offer maximum traction and durability.

The Pros And Cons Of Saucony Endorphin Shift 

1. Maximum traction.

2. Durable.

3. Breathable. 

4. Comfortable.

5. Supportive and flexible.

6. Responsive.

7. Enhanced cushioning.


1. Lack of forefoot roll-off.

6. Best For Efficiency: Skechers GoRun Razor 3 Hyper

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Thanks to its responsive and supportive midsole, the Razor 3 is a low-drop running shoe that favors midfoot strikers.

The Skechers, engineered using the Skechers M-strike technology, provides efficiency in every stride. In addition, the Shoe uses HYPER BURST cushioning in the midsole to give an optimally responsive and exceptional lightweight running experience.

Rubber pillars are strategically placed in the outsole to improve durability.

If you are craving comfort, worry no more, the Razor 3 boasts a ripstop mesh upper that is exceptionally breathable. Additionally, the mesh upper oozes comfort since it is seamless; thus a smooth, comfy feel on your foot.

Features Of The Skechers GoRun Razor 3 Hyper

1. Durable Translucent Ripstop Mesh Upper

The mesh provides both breathability and support. In addition, this translucent mesh is seamless and doesn’t stretch, hence extra comfort. The mesh also features 3D printed graphics.

2. HYPER BURST Midsole

This new midsole foam is designed using ‘a super critical’ process that produces exceptionally resilient and lightweight material that promotes responsiveness and durability.

3. Rubber Outsole

The rubber outsole promotes traction and durability. In addition, the midfoot strike area brings efficiency in every stride.

The Pros And Cons Of The Skechers GoRun Razor 3 Hyper

1. They are durable.

2. Have exceptional traction.

3. They are exceptionally breathable.

4. Efficient. 

5. Stable and supportive.

6. Responsive.

7. They are flexible.

8. Well-cushioned.

9. Lightweight.


1. No bounce and spring.

7. Best For Speed: Nike React Infinity Run flyknit 2

For midfoot landing, React Infinity Run 2’s performance is marvelous. The Shoe’s midsole shape is for zonal performance. The Shoe’s general design is meant for versatility. The trainer supports all three phases of the runner’s stride. The phases are; cushioning at contact, smooth ride at midstance, and flexibility at toe-off.

Nike’s rocker shape supports midfoot runners throughout their gait, hence affording you the much-required flexibility. 

Traction in infinity Run 2 is enhanced by the increased rubber at the outsole.

The Features Of Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

1. Flywire Technology

The Shoe uses Flywire technology. The technology is employed in the upper mesh to support the midfoot when running without compromising breathability.

2. Natural Rocker Shape

The shape supports you all through your gait. Additionally, the cushioning foam that is highly stacked gives a luxurious feel, hence enhanced performance.

3. Built-Up Outsole

The outsole’s design ensures that it gives better traction on all running surfaces. In addition, materials used in the outsole are superior, hence enhanced durability.

The Pros And Cons Of The Nike React Infinity Flyknit 2

1. Excellent breathability.

2. Stability and flexibility.

3. Supportive and responsive.

4. Excellent traction.

5. Lightweight.

6. Good cushioning.


1. Overpriced.

8. Super Lightweight: Saucony Kinvara 12

All along, Kinvara’s have been the best shoes for midfoot strikers. However, Kinvara 12 has more enhancement that will appeal to midfoot strikers.

The re-engineering of Kinvara 12’s midsole and outsole has improved the ride quality tremendously. Stability in Kinvara 12 is achieved through the flaring out of the midsole, whereas transitions are made smooth by the introduction of grooves on the outsole.

A 4mm heel-to-toe drop is a testament that the difference of the rear, midsole, and forefoot is minimal; hence contact-landing is not problematic.

Features Of The Saucony Kinvara 12

1. Upper

Kinvara 12’s upper is ultra-lightweight and comforting. The Shoe’s upper mold shape snugs to your feet but leaves room for the toe box and the forefoot.

The foot chamber receives enough airflow, thanks to the Kinvara’s adaptable mesh. Sufficient airflow means your feet will breathe as you focus on finishing the race.

2. FlexFilm

FlexFilm is a relatively strong material blended to the upper and is sparingly used to provide stability.

The Pros And Cons Of Saucony Kinvara 12

1. It is a lightweight shoe.

2. Fitting upper.

3. Good cushioning.

4. Breathable.

5. Stable and flexible.


1. Non-durable.

Is Midfoot Strike Superior?

There is no scientifically proven answer concerning a proper running form. Therefore, while proponents of the midfoot strike will claim that it is the safest and natural form of running, others will hold a central opinion.

When running, it is your personal choice to decide where the foot will hit the ground. So the question is, ‘is your running form bringing the best run out of you’? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, then stick to what you know better.

Although it is claimed that the midfoot strike technique helps in shock absorption, thus lessening joint impacts, other people might experience injuries to the Achilles tendons, foot, and ankles when using the technique.

Can Changing My Running Form Be significant? 

Proven research published in the Journal of Sports and Health science in 2017 stated that there is no significant effect in changing your running form. In terms of speed, efficiency, and injury reduction, nothing positive was reported.

Why change your running foam if the current one is serving you well? There is no plausible reason to change your running form. Adapting to a new one will take you time, thus hindering your performance. However, if you so wish to change your running form, you are at liberty to do so under the laid down guidelines.

What Should I Consider When Choosing The Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strike?

What Should I Consider When Choosing The Best Running Shoes For Midfoot Strike

1. Cushion 

The cushioning of midfoot runners’ shoes should put more emphasis on the midfoot rather than the heel. Remember your foot makes full contact with the ground; hence the middle of your foot is going to absorb the impact.

2. Heel-To-Toe Offset

Ensure that the difference between the thickness of the rear and forefoot outsole is minimal. This will aid you in transition if you are a midfoot striker.

3. Breathability

It is a common rule that running shoes should provide excellent airflow to your foot for relaxation running.

4. Size

For any runner to enjoy the comfort of the running shoe, it must fit well for optimum performance.

The Takeaway

As much as it is claimed that midfoot strike is the natural running form, a mere foot strike cannot determine your performance. Be contented with whichever running form you are comfortable with, and focus on the run ahead of you.



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