Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma, a painful condition affecting the ball of the foot, especially between the third and fourth toes, is a nightmare for runners. Identifying the correct running shoes when you suffer from Morton’s neuroma is a daunting task.

Wearing the right running shoes can help in easing the pain related to Morton’s neuroma. The recommended running footwear to relieve you from the pain are shoes with a wide toe box. The shoe should also have a low heel-to-toe drop. Generally, a running shoe for Morton’s neuroma should offer you a sufficient amount of support and comfort. 

However, it is tasking to identify the best footwear to take care of Morton’s neuroma. Therefore, we have done a conclusive analysis and identified the shoes listed below as some of the best footwear that will give sufferers of Morton’s neuroma some comfort.

List Of The Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

List Of The Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma









A Comparison Chart Of The Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

Shoe TypeWhy I Chose ItSpecial FeatureRating Out Of 5
Overall BestBioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT4.3
Best for Maximum CushioningEVA Foam Midsole4.3
Best for SupportGuideRails4.2
Best for PerformanceAltra EGO Midsole5
Best BreathabilityQuantic midsole4.4
Best for DurabilityHypoknit Upper4.3
Excellent ResponsivenessISOFIT System4.6
Best for ComfortFootPods4.4

Sufferers of Morton’s neuroma require running shoes with excellent forefoot cushioning. The shoe should also have exceptional arch support to help you overcome the pain associated with the condition.  

The 8 Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

1. Best Overall: Brooks Ghost 13

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The Brooks Ghost 13 is an excellent shoe that will give you optimum support and relief from pains associated with Morton’s neuroma. In addition, the Ghost has super forefoot cushioning, thanks to the BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT midsole.

Segmentation of the forefoot area makes Ghost 13 bend easily, taking away the stress from heel-to-toe transition, keeping the pain away. In addition, your forefoot will receive a gentle massage, thanks to the slight gradient of the heel.

The Ghost is the best shoe to deal with Morton’s neuroma pain due to its high shock absorption abilities. Additionally, it is also ideal for runners suffering from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis.

The Ghost 13 is also ideal for long-distance running or treadmills. You will be sure to get exceptionally smooth transitions and a soft cushion from Ghost 13; hence your run is the only thing to focus on.

Features of the Brooks Ghost 13


With the Brooks Ghost 13, you will experience a balanced, smooth feel, thanks to the combination of the DNA LOFT and BioMoGo cushioning system. In addition, the Ghost’s cushioning system reacts to your stride.

2. Segmented Crashpads

The segmented crash pads and the soft midsole provide a smooth transition from landing to toe-off. Smooth transitions bring comfort to your foot, no matter how you strike the ground. 

3. Engineered Air Mesh Upper

The engineered air mesh and 3D fit provide a plush fit as it hugs your foot securely but allow breathability.

The Pros And Cons Of Brooks Ghost 13

1. Excellent shock absorption.

2. Better forefoot cushioning that is excellent for Morton’s neuroma sufferers.

3. Stable and supportive.

4. Flexible.

5. Durable.

6. Excellent traction.

7. Exceptional breathability.

8. Comfy.


1. Slightly small toe box.

2. Best For Cushioning: Hoka One One Bondi 6

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Are you craving maximum cushioning? The Bondi 6 is the best shoe to offer you soft cushioning for Morton’s neuroma. The Bondi provides responsive and lightweight cushioning for an enjoyable running experience.

Apart from the meta rocker that assists in your toe-off, the Eva Foam midsole has top-notch shock absorbing abilities to cushion your body. As a result, your Morton’s neuroma condition will never aggravate when using the Hoka One One Bondi 6 as your running shoe. In addition, the meta rocker ensures that you are stress-free as it relieves discomfort from your body whereas you are on the move.

The upper provides a customized fit to your foot, thanks to its blend of lycra mixed material. Additionally, breathability is optimum, hence comfort and stability. 

Combining the meta-rocker technology, EVA midsole, and a breathable upper enables the Bondi 6 to provide a smooth and balanced ride.

Features Of Hoka One One Bondi 6

1. Lycra Comfort Frame

The lycra frame that is strategically placed in the rear of the Bondi 6 guarantees that the shoe will conform to the curves of your heel.

2. Open Engineered Mesh

The open engineered upper of the Bondi 6 provides optimum breathability and comfort as you focus on your running.

3. Rubber Outsole

The Bondi 6’s redesigned rubber outsole minimizes weight as it increases the shoe’s durability.

4. Molded EVA Midsole

The EVA Foam in the midsole provides extra cushioning to your body.

5. Beveled Heel

The beveled heel offers a smooth transition and optimizes durability.

6. Meta-Rocker

The refined Meta-Rocker will offer you a smooth ride.

The Pros And Cons Of Hoka One One Bondi 6

1. Soft cushioning for optimum protection.

2. Optimum shock absorption.

3. Suitable for over-pronators.

4. Responsive.

5. Lightweight.

6. Highly breathable.

7. Excellent for running on hard surfaces.

8. Exceptional flexibility and stability.


1. Narrower toe box.

3.  Best For Support: Altra Paradigm 4

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Altra Paradigm 4 is one of the best shoes for runners with Morton’s neuroma. The tremendous cushioning of the shoe relieves underfoot soreness, hence lessening the pain as you concentrate on the run ahead of you.

The ALTRA EGO midsole gives you an enthusiastic response when you strike the ground for optimal energy return. 

The firm cushioning in the footwear absorbs shocks excellently, whereas the GuideRail provides support to tired legs.

For extra support and stability, the footwear features Stabilipods beneath the heel and the arch. In addition, paradigm 4 is made with FootPod technology that maps your tendons and bones to allow natural bending and movement.

The footwear also has enough room for medical orthotics. To endear paradigm 4 to runners suffering from Morton’s neuroma, you will be pleased to learn that it features a zero drop. thus, the heel and the forefoot are always on the same level, hence relief and less pain to your feet.

These shoes are highly durable, thanks to the exceptionally breathable engineered upper.

Features Of The Altra Paradigm 4

1. GuideRails System

The system controls your motion and provides support to your tired legs.

2. ALTRA EGO Midsole

The ALTRA EGO midsole ensures that you get a bouncy response whenever your foot strikes the ground, hence providing excellent energy return.

3. FootPod Technology

This technology allows the footwear to map your bones and tendons so that the shoe can move and bend with ease when you are running.

4. Stabilipods

The stabilippods positioned under your arch and heel provide support and stability.

The pros And Cons Of The Altra Paradigm 4

1. Lightweight.

2. Exceptional cushioning.

3. Roomy toe box.

4. Durable outsole.

5. Highly stable and breathable.

6. Exceptionally flexible.

7. The footwear offers unmatched comfort.

8. They are exceptionally responsive.


1. At times heels do slip.

2. A little tight at the midfoot.

3. They are slightly expensive.

4. Best For Performance: Altra Escalante 2.5

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The Altra Escalante 2.5 is a performance-oriented running shoe that serves Morton’s neuroma sufferers well. It has a zero drop, meaning that the distance from the ground to your forefoot is equivalent to the distance from the ground to your heel.

If you are a lightweight runner and you crave a bouncy shoe that is faster and responsive, Escalante 2.5 is your shoe of choice.

Escalante is a performance shoe with the ALTRA EGO midsole. The midsole is cushioned, resilient, bouncy, and soft. Additionally, it is durable and responsive. It is a joy to take long-distance runs while donning the Altra Escalante 2.5, as you will have a bouncy experience all the way.

The Escalante 2.5 has a knit upper that is roomy enough to accommodate wide feet. If you have Morton’s neuroma, the roomy toe box will allow you to spread your toes, minimizing pain. Additionally, unlike the previous version of Escalante 2, this shoe’s upper handles speed well. 

Suppose your feet start swelling after running a long distance; the foot-shaped stretchy upper will provide a bit of stability.

The footwear’s outsole is super-tight. However, the midsole is cushioned and responsive, enabling you to run faster.

The EGO midsole is responsible for the ultra-lightweight of the shoe. So for those runners who don’t want to be weighed down by the weight of the footwear, this is the go-to shoe. Also, if your situation of Morton’s neuroma is mild, this shoe will do you wonders in mitigating the pain.

The Features Of The Altra Escalante 2.5

1. The Altra EGO Midsole

The Altra EGO midsole offers an exceptionally soft and responsive touch paired with InnerFlex technology for extra flexibility.

2. The Sock-Like Upper

The sock-like upper of the Escalante 2.5 oozes comfort. It is lightweight, breathable, and comfy.

The Pros And Cons Of The Altra Escalante 2.5

1. Responsive.

2. Ultra-lightweight.

3. Ideal for Morton’s neuroma.

4. Comfy.

5. Exceptional breathability.


1. The toe box is a bit large.

5. Best Breathability: Altra Torin 4 Plush

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The Altra 4 plush is the most acceptable running shoe for Morton’s neuroma, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Just like its name, the Torin 4 plush offers a plush, comfy, and cozy experience when running. All the plush is felt underneath your feet when you pull on the Torin 4 plush.

The Torin 4 Plush boasts the ultra quantic midsole, characterized by 28mm stack height in heel and forefoot. Beneath the insole is a TPU material familiar with Saucony’s EVERUN. Due to the all-around uniform cushioning of the Torin 4 Plush, the shoe is capable of absorbing impacts and protect your lower legs.

All Altra running shoes have a zero heel-to-toe drop, meaning that you are on an even level from the forefoot through to your heel.  

The FootPod technology used in the outsole maps the rubber with all metatarsals, bones, and tendons in your feet. For the Plush to gain some flexibility, the outsole rubber is decoupled. Additionally, the grid-like grooves featured in the outsole assist with a lightweight, quick ride.

The upper is made of a nicely engineered material, with a nylon sock liner that has a comfy feel on your foot. In addition, the plush has a wider forefoot-shaped toe box that assists you in placing your feet in a natural position when running.

The shoe’s insole design allows you to feel the responsiveness inside the plush.

Features Of The Torin Altra 4 Plush

1. Quantic Midsole

The Altra midsole is a unique sole that is 28mm thick at both the heel and the forefoot, meaning that your foot stands on the same level.

2. Integrated Midsole

The integrated midsole and the decoupled outsole give your foot the freedom to move naturally.

The Pros And Cons Of The Altra Torin 4 Plush

1. Exceptional breathability.

2. Enhanced traction.

3. Support and flexibility.

4. Comfy.

5. Optimum breathability.

6. Durability.


1. Laces are extra long

6. Best For Durability: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

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 The New Balance 1080v10 is well-known for its super-cushioning and comfy soft upper that endears it to runners with Morton’s neuroma. In addition, the shoe’s design provides extra bounce and cushion, and a bit of flexibility, thanks to the Fresh Foam X midsole. The 1080v10 also has a Hypoknit upper with a skeleton-like design and a Legolas-like heel cup that offers both support and comfort.

The Fresh Foam X in the midsole is soft and offers an excellent balance to the shoe when running. Additionally, it makes the midsole springy, resilient, and bouncy as it cradles on your foot.

The outsole’s heel and forefoot feature blew rubber that makes the footwear durable.

The Hypoknit Upper not only offers a seamless fit, but it is also comfy and soft to your feet. Additionally, the upper has a stretchy knit mesh on the toe box that affords sufficient room for wide feet.

The New Balance 1080v10 provides a dynamic ride that gives you excellent toe-off. In addition, your foot strike is smooth all through, thanks to the soft midsole featured by this shoe.

The bottom line is, the new balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 is fantastically cushioned to offer support and comfort to runners suffering from Morton’s neuroma.

Features Of The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

1. The Ortholite Sockliner  

The liner provides freshness to your feet as you focus on your runs.

2. Engineered Knit Upper

Breathability is optimal while running, thanks to the supportive knit upper that features a synthetic mesh.

3. Bootie Upper And Ultra-Heel Design

Both the bootie upper and the ultra-heel design hug the back of your foot to offer a supportive fit.

The Pros And Cons Of The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

1. Breathable.

2. Flexible.

3. Supportive and stable.

4. Good cushioning.

5. Suitable for Morton’s neuroma sufferers.

6. The shoe is comfy.


1. The stretchy upper fabric folds when tightening laces for a perfect fit.

7. Excellent Responsiveness: Saucony Hurricane ISO 5

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If you haven’t found the right shoe for running and have Morton’s neuroma, The Hurricane ISO 5 is the shoe you need. The ISO 5 offers optimum support to ensure that you don’t experience unwanted rolling, thus no aggravation from Morton’s neuroma-related pains.

Excessive motion in your foot is checked by an engineered jacquard breathable mesh upper, with ISOFIT that wraps your foot securely. Additionally, the ISOFIT system provides a dynamic fit through its adaptation to the motion and shape of your feet, affording you extra comfort. Optimum comfort and breathability are at their best, courtesy of the breathable jacquard mesh upper,

Both the outsole and midsole are responsive, affording you a soft and springy sensation when you are on the move. In addition, the outsole and forefoot have a high level of flexibility, allowing the natural movement of your feet when running.

If you are also prone to mild or severe pronation, the ISO 5 will handle the situation for you, thanks to the FORMFIT in its outsole.

Features Of The Saucony Hurricane ISO 5

1. EVERUNTM Midsole

The EVERUNTM midsole offers improved energy return and continuous cushioning all through your run.

2. ISOFIT System

The system offers a dynamic fit through adaptation to the shape and motion of your feet, hence providing added comfort. 


The rubber outsole FORMFIT performance provides motion checking, hence helpful to over-pronators.

4. Jacquard Mesh Upper

The mesh upper provides optimum airflow to your foot, giving you comfort as you concentrate on your run.

The Pros And Cons Of Saucony Hurricane ISO 5

1. Breathable.

2. Offers springy ride.

3. Well-cushioned.

4. Supportive and stable.

5. Exceptional flexibility.

6. Highly responsive.


1. Expensive.

2. Not durable.

8. Best For Comfort: Altra Instinct 4.5 

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The Altra Instinct 4.5 is a highly rated running shoe for Morton’s neuroma. Problems arising from Morton’s neuroma are minimized, thanks to the soft midsole and the zero heel-to-toe drop of the Altra Instinct 4.5

The roomy foot-shaped toe box of the Instinct 4.5 gives your toes a secure yet flexible fit, improving flexibility and natural ride.

Your upper foot receives added comfort, thanks to the well-padded shoe tongue exhibited by Instinct 4.5. In addition, to accommodate added secure fit, instinct 4.5 has additional eyelets designed for this purpose.

The shoe has a 6mm contour footbed insole that provides you with a sensational underfoot touch.

Features Of The Altra Instinct 4.5

1. Zero Drop Technology

Your Instinct has a zero Heel-to-toe drop that enables you to maintain your natural foot position while running.

2. FootPod Technology

The outsole maps your tendons and bones to facilitate natural movement and bending.

3. InnerFlex

For enhanced performance and added speed, the grid-like grooves found in the midsole enable the foot to flex, whereas it becomes lighter for acceleration.

4. Foot-Shape Toe Box

The foot-shaped toe box is roomy enough to allow your toes to spread naturally. 

The Pros And Cons Of The Altra Instinct 4.5

1. Extremely comfortable.

2. Durable.

3. Breathable.

4. Stable and Flexible.

5. Supportive and responsive.

6. Offers a smooth ride.


1. A bit expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible To Run With Morton’s Neuroma?

Running with Morton’s neuroma depends on the condition of the pain you are experiencing. If the pain is minimal, well, you can don your running shoes and take the tracks. However, beware that excessive running might aggravate the symptoms.

If the pain is severe, it will limit you from running; thus, you will have to rest until it subsides.

2. How Can I Manage Morton’s Neuroma?

You can manage Morton’s neuroma by simply changing your running shoes. When choosing the right shoe to use, opt for the ones with wide toe boxes and low heel-to-toe offset. You can as well manage the pain by taking painkillers. 

However, you can manage the situation by taking a break from running activities until the pain subsides.

3. Is There Any Other Way I Can Manage The Situation Apart From Wearing The Right Running Shoes?

Yes, apart from donning the proper footwear, you can relieve the pain by performing muscle-strengthening stretching exercises. The exercises include rolling the foot over a bottle. You can also place your foot in both hands and pull its front gently towards your shin.  

Equally, you can manage the situation by massaging the affected toes. Placing the icepack on the affected area is also an option.

4. Does Running Aggravate The Situation?

Yes, running might aggravate the situation, especially if you don’t use the right shoe to lessen Morton’s neuroma-related pains. However, if your pain is mild, you can still run using the right shoe and avoid causing more damage to your foot.


Morton’s neuroma is extremely painful. Chances are it might disrupt your day-to-day life activities; however, a runner should not give up. A simple solution like picking the right pair of running shoes that conforms with your foot will relieve the pain and give you a nudge to move on. All running shoes discussed above will be ideal for relieving your pain. Grab the one that suits you and do your running. 


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