Best Running Shoes For Work

Running and working are two activities that are opposite of each other. Unlike Running, which involves dynamic movement, we might be confined to a limited area in working places. Often, working consists of either standing or walking. Being on your feet the entire day might insert a lot of stress into your feet.

Perhaps you could be wondering how standing the whole day will stress your feet. Do you know that when standing, the entire weight of your body is supported by your two feet? Just imagine standing for 8-10 hours and figure out how stressful it can be to your feet.

Suppose your work involves standing for a long time; your regular shoes will not serve you well. They will strain your feet; hence you may not perform optimally. Some running shoes might do a tremendous job of relieving the strain associated with standing for a long time.

Choosing the best running shoes to aid you in performing your work requires considering a few designs. First, the outsole should be broad and flat, well-cushioned midsoles, better traction on smooth surfaces, spacious upper, and perhaps a higher heel-to-to-toe drop.

All factors considered, choosing the best running shoes for work is not as easy as it appears. We have analyzed running shoes in the footwear stores and compiled a list of the best running shoes that are comfy for walking and the best running shoes for standing the whole day. 

List Of The Best Running Shoes For Work








We have included walking shoes in the list because they share the same design withstanding shoes. In addition, some jobs don’t necessarily require standing but walking around a lot. Such jobs include nurses, Doctors, hospitality industry workers, and retail and service industry workers.                                                                                                                                                                               

A Comparison Chart Of The Best Running Shoes For Work.

Shoe TypeReason for ChoosingSpecial FeatureRating Out of 5
Asics Gel-Kayano Lite 2
Optimally Cushioned.FLYTEFOAM4.3

Asics Gel-Nimbus 23
Excellent supportEngineered Mesh Upper5
Nike ZoomX Invincible Run FlyknitExceptional comfortZoomX Foam4.5

Adidas Ultraboost 21
Best for StabilityContinental Rubber outsole4.7

Asics Gel-Cumulus 23
Best for BreathabilityFLYTEFOAM4.4

Brooks Glycerin 19
Best for LightweightDNA LOFT Foam4.7
Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 4
Best for TractionMIZUNO WAVE Plate4.5

The 7 Best Running Shoes for Work

To aid in choosing the best running shoe that will enable you to perform your chores with little or no hindrance from feet stress, we have decided to discuss the best seven.

1. Optimally Cushioned: Asics Gel-Kayano Lite 2

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The Asics Gel-Kayano Lite 2 boasts a wide midsole that is optimally cushioned and supportive for your feet. You can be assured of foot comfort, thanks to the FlyteFoam that covers the entire length of the midsole. Additionally, the cushioned midsole combines with the soft insole to offer a comfy base for your foot to relax on for an extended period.

Generally, Lite 2 is a soft shoe that offers a smooth ride. The upper is roomy and has a spacious forefoot that fits well to allow a splaying room when standing or walking around your workplace. Further comfort is afforded by the enviable heel and tongue that grips your foot firmly without compromising on comfort. 

Regardless of the surface of your working place, Kayano Lite 2’s excellent traction will ensure that your foot is firmly planted down to avoid slipping hence optimum protection from unnecessary accidents.

Besides the soft and comfy cushioning of Lite 2, the shoe also boasts a 10mm heel-to-toe drop. This is a perfect gradient recommended for those who stand for a long time and who frequently walk around at their workstations.

Breathability, a health cog to your feet when you stand for a long duration, is assured in the Kayano Lite 2, thanks to the engineered mesh upper that is well ventilated to feed sufficient fresh air unto your feet as you mind your performance.

Features Of The Asics Gel-Kayano Lite 2

Highlighted below are some of the critical features of the Asics Gel-Kayano Lite 2;

1. Engineered Mesh Upper

The engineered mesh upper ensures that breathability is optimal by allowing optimum airflow into your feet hence affording them comfort.

2. Gel-Technology

While wearing the Gel-Kayano Lite 2, the Gel technology will offer you protection all the way, thanks to its super shock absorption abilities.

3. FF BLAST TURBO Cushioning

The cushioning enhances compression, thus providing a responsive underfoot sensation.

4. Ortholite

The feature provides an assurance that your footwear will ooze comfort to your foot. In addition, thanks to Ortholite, the durability of the shoe is guaranteed.

The Pros And Cons Of The Asics Gel-Kayano Lite 2

1. The shoe is Breathable.

2. Very supportive and stable.

3. The Lite 2 offers flexibility.

4. Optimum cushioning.

5. Better traction.

6. It is comfy.

7. The Lit 2 boasts a spacious upper.


1. It is a bit overpriced.

2. Excellent Support: Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

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The Gel-nimbus 23 exudes the Asics-ism characteristics to offer your foot the desired comfort, cushioning, and support craved while at work. Your feet are assured of seldom plushness, thanks to the FlyteFoam midsole combined with Observable Gel setup. Owing to the thickness of the midsole, both the rearfoot and forefoot are soft and comfy.

Cushioning is further enhanced by a duo layer of foam insole. Additionally, a 10mm heel-to-toe drop is a desirable gradient for you if you stand for long hours at your workplace. The gradient is also a relief to those people that walk a lot in at their workstations.

Besides providing excellent breathability to your feet, the upper mesh is smooth and soft, boasting an inner sleeve that improves the Nimbus 23’s fit. A magnificently padded heel further enhances the fit experience.

Nimbus 23’s engineered eyelet shaping assists the upper to adapt to the foot, whereas the midfoot panel stretches and hugs the foot fittingly to enhance flexibility.

Thanks to the Gel technology, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 offers added compression to the heel, providing necessary support. 

Features Of The Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

1. Reflectivity

The shoe is made of reflective material that improves safety and visibility if there are low light conditions.

2. Ortholite X-55 Sockliner

The ortholite X-55 sockliner offers step-in relaxation.

3. FLYTEFOAM Technology

The technology offers lightweight cushioning to the Asics Gel-Nimbus 23. In addition, the Foam propels technology also enhances the bouncy feel of the shoe.

4. Gel Cushioning Technology

The Gel cushioning technology offers state-of-the-art shock absorption, hence optimally protecting your foot from any accidental eventualities.

6. Engineered Mesh Upper

The mesh upper improves breathability. Additionally, the multi-directional mesh provides stability to the wearer. The upper is comprised of a light and breathable material.

The Pros And Cons Of Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

1. Balanced cushioning.

2. Unmatched breathability.

3. Top-notch flexibility.

4. Very supportive.

5. Excellent stability.

6. The shoe provides sufficient comfort.

7. Unquestioned durability.


1. A bit heavy.

3. Exceptional Comfort: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

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Are you searching for the most cushioned shoe to wear to work? Search no more. The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit has you covered regardless of the level of cushioning you are craving.

Though the shoe is pricy, its soft cushioning is worth every cent you invest in the footwear. For optimal comfort, Nike’s ZoomX Foam is molded into a high-volume midsole. The midsole takes a wide shape through the forefoot and the heel to ensure that softness doesn’t compromise stability. Such a massive amount of cushioning and support endears The Invincible to workers who mind their feet while working. 

The shoes upper exudes comfort and stability. Fitting is taken care of by the padded tongue and heel, ensuring your foot is locked in comfortably. If you are working on smooth surfaces, breathe with ease, the Invincible has a top-notch traction ability to maximize your grip no matter the surface.

All cushioning in the Invincible is derives from a soft and bouncy material, hence the high comfort level whenever you pull on the shoe and join your workmates at your workstation. Furthermore, the rear of the shoe is extensive; thus, stability while working is ensured.  

The Features Of The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

1. The Flyknit Upper

The upper is robust in the sense that it can accommodate the bouncy feel of the ZoomX foam. Additionally, the upper helps you feel stable when walking around.

2. The ZoomX Midsole

The design of the Nike ZoomX ensures it is much softer than the one exhibited by the React Infinity 2; thus, it creates a smoother ride and subsequently returns more energy whenever you move around.

3. Padded Heel And Tongue

The padded heel and tongue work well to ensure that the shoe fits your foot and is comfortably locked in.

The Pros And Cons Of The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

1. Enhanced breathability.

2. Supreme cushioning.

3. Supportive.

4. Durable.

5. Comfy


1. The shoe is pricy.

2. Questionable stability.

3. Lack of versatility.

4. The shoe might be noisy on some surfaces.

4. Best For Stability: Adidas Ultraboost 21

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The Ultraboost is the ideal running shoe for you to wear while working. The shoe’s broader base offers support to your feet, thus stability. The midsole is stiffer, thanks to the plastic heel clip that is featured in the shoe.

The design of the Ultraboost has emphasized wearability; hence the footwear exudes all the comfort your feet crave whereas you are at your working station. The firmness of the shoe is made real by the blown-out midsole sidewalls. The sidewalls cup your foot around the heel, whereas the wide forefoot offers added support while walking around your work pace.

Generally, the Ultraboost 21 is a comfortable running shoe for your daily use, including wearing it to work.

The midsole of the ultra boost is highly cushioned to offer you comfort when you are busy performing your chores. In addition, convenience is afforded to your feet, thanks to the stretchy knit mesh that affords your feet constant airflow, an essential cog for relaxation. 

Features Of The Adidas Ultraboost 21
1. Stretchy Knit Mesh Upper

The upper offers excellent breathing abilities to your foot. Additionally, to ensure that the upper conforms to your foot shape, it consists of a sock-like construction, a heel clip, and a plastic midfoot.

2. Boost Foam Midsole

The midsole boasts a Boost Foam that runs the entire length together with the Torsion plastic shank. This feature provides shock absorption to your feet, whereas you are busy on performance.

3. Continental Rubber Outsole

The outsole boasts a hard-wearing rubber that enhances its durability. Traction is also top-notch; thus, you are assured of superb gripping regardless of the surface texture.

The Pros And Cons Of the Ultraboost 21

1. Breathable.

2. Flexible.

3. Well-cushioned.

4. Comfortable.

5. Long-lasting.


1. Limited versatility.

2. Expensive.

5. Best For Breathability: Asics Gel-Cumulus 23

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Gel-Cumulus 23 features a soft midsole that provides optimum comfort to the underfoot, an endearment to those who stay on their feet for long hours.

The shoe’s engineered mesh upper enhances strategic support and breathability to your feet, giving you relaxation and a comfortable sensation throughout the day.

The Gel-technology unit featured under the heel enhances cushioning, and the FLYTEFOAM material provides a smoother ride. 

The cushioning and shock absorbing abilities of the Cumulus 23 make it one of the best running shoes for work.

The Features Of Asics Gel-Cumulus 23

1. Gel Technology

The gel technology cushioning provides excellent protection to your foot by absorbing shocks and dispersing the impacts outside the shoe rather than up your body.

2. Engineered Upper Mesh

The mesh upper of Cumulus 23 performs two core functions; It allows sufficient inflow of fresh air into your feet, as it strategically supports your upper foot while you are in motion.

3. FLYTEFOAM Technology

The technology offers lightweight cushioning as it enhances support plus a smooth ride all the way.

The Pros And Cons Of Asics Gel-Cumulus 23

1. Exceptional comfort.

2. Effective breathability.

3. Good cushioning.

4. Excellent support and stability.

5. Responsive, smooth ride.


1. A bit heavy.

6. Best Lightweight: Brooks Glycerin 19

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 Glycerin 19 is a comfy running shoe for work. The shoe is ultra-lightweight; hence it will not weigh you down as you focus on the job ahead. If you are searching for a well-cushioned running shoe that will give you comfort while working, Try the Brooks Glycerin 19, and you will never regret it.

The footwear is cushioned using the DNA LOFT foam to give you a plush touch under your foot in each step. Thanks to the shoe’s lightweight, your muscles are always fresh, courtesy of the DNA LOFT foam. In addition, step-in softness is added to the trainer by a removable insole.

How does the Brooks Glycerin 19 Afford you comfort in a working environment? Relaxation is achieved by the engineered mesh upper, which molds around the foot to offer a comfortable fit. In addition, the internal heel counter does an excellent job of locking your heel into place to avoid slipping inside the shoe. The breathability of the mesh upper also scores a plus in matters of airflow into your feet.

Regardless of the surface of the floor of your working place, Glycerin 19 will never abandon you when you call its traction into action. The shoe exhibits exceptional traction that will minimize the chances of slipping while working. 

The Features Of Brooks Glycerin 19

Given below are some of the features boasted by the imposing Glycerin 19

1. DNA LOFT Foam

The DNA LOFT Foam, the softest so far, retains the Glycerin’s lightweight to give you a positive response when on the move. Apart from providing the shoe its lightweight, DNA LOFT is super soft, giving your underfoot an out-of-this-world feeling.

2. Mesh Upper

One sure thing is that with the Glycerin 19, comfort surrounds you from all angles. For instance, the mesh upper stretches to provide a roomy and secure fit, yet more airflow is allowed into your feet.

The Pros And Cons Of The Brooks Glycerin 19

1. Supreme breathability.

2. Ultra-lightweight.

3. Supportive and flexible.

4. Comfortable and stable.

5. Soft and responsive.

6. Super traction.

7. Durable.


1. Its energetic level is debatable.

7. Best For Traction: Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 4 

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Mizuno Waveknit 4 has a supportive cushion that is ideal for work. In addition, wearing the Waveknit the entire day is a satisfying experience, thanks to the dual-density midsole featuring a PU layer. As a result, the shoe exudes comfort like no other running shoe.

The upper of the shoe comprises a denser seamless Waveknit that provides your shoe with a proper structure yet maintaining some stretch for a comfy fit. In addition, since the shoe’s upper is seamless, it creates a smooth feel that offers comfort to the upper of your feet. 

An added comfort level of the Wave Sky Waveknit 4 is through the tongue created from smooth and soft fabric. Though the tongue is not heavily padded, it molds beautifully around the top of the foot to offer you a snug feel.  

One remarkable aspect of Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 4 is its accommodating fit right from the heel through to the forefoot. At the heel, the heel counter offers the shoe a unique structure that improves on secure fit.

The midfoot and toe box are also roomy; thus, your feet will relax as you move around your workplace.

Slipping while donning the Wave Sky Waveknit 4 is minimized by the level of traction the shoe boasts. In addition, the gripping of the footwear is superb; thus, it is efficient on all surfaces.

Features Of The Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 4


The Mizuno Wave plate provides supreme cushioning by dispersing impact energy to a more extensive zone.

2. U4icX Midsole

This feature offers a soft and smooth underfoot sensation.


The ENERGY FOAM helps in improving performance. However, the Foam always maintains its resilience and smoothness.

4. X10 Outsole

The outsole is durable, thanks to the durable carbon rubber used to mold it.

The Pros And Cons Of The Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 4

1. Supreme cushioning.

2. Superb comfort. 

3. Excellent breathability.

4. Top-notch support and stability.

5. Flexibility.

6. Assured durability.


1. Limited designs.

How Should I Choose the Best Running Shoes for Work?

Choosing the best running shoes for work hinges on several factors. Before deciding on what shoe fits the bill, consider the factors discussed here below;

1. A Higher Heel-To-Toe Offset

‘Offset’ is sometimes referred to as ‘heel drop.’ A heel drop is a difference between the thickness of the heel and that of the forefoot. As a cardinal rule, all working shoes, be it for standing or walking around should have a higher heel-to-toe drop. The drop should be between 8mm to 12mm. The reason for the higher heel drop is to ease the stress on both the Achilles tendons and calves.

2. Cushioned Midsole

If your job involves standing for an extended period, you need running shoes that are well cushioned. The area that requires sufficient cushioning is the midsole since your entire body weight is continuously conveyed between your heel and the ball of your foot.

3. Wide Outsole

Wide outsoles will spread pressure evenly if you stand for a long time. In addition, such soles will give you the comfort and vigor to tackle your chores.

4. Spacious Upper

During long hours of standing, worn shoes can be a nightmare. In such a situation, shoes with a roomy interior will do you loads of good. At least you will have enough room to splay your toes for comfort and relaxation.

5. Supreme Traction

Since most working stations are indoors with slippery and artificial floors, the running shoe to serve you better should have a suitable outsole with optimum gripping capabilities. Most of the shoes discussed above have excellent gripping characteristics.


Working environments can be punitive at times. For example, suppose your line of work demands that you stand the whole day; that is an enormous task that calls for resilience. However, you can manage the strain transferred to your feet by wearing the right pair of running shoes that suit your feet. Equally, there are those workers that move a lot around the workplace. A good example of workers in this category is doctors and nurses. They also need comfy running shoes to relax their feet.

Do you need the best running shoes for work? Then, analyze the list we have discussed above, grab some fancy footgear and face your tasks.

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