Best Running Underwear For 2021 (Reviewed For Men& Women)

Running underwear is the clothing worn by runners to prevent chafing and provide comfort during prolonged physical activity.

It’s important that your running underwear is comfortable and breathable. It should not restrict movement, nor be too loose to cause discomfort.

What Is The Best Running Underwear And How To Pick One?

Best Running Underwear And How To Pick One

Choosing the best running underwear might seem like a trivial thing at first but it’s actually more complicated than you think. There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for a new pair of running underwear and some of them might be very important to you, while others might not be so important.

Men’s 6″ Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch, 3-Pack (Best underwear Pick for running)

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One way men can get the most out of their workout is with this underwear. With a pouch, these briefs are great for running, biking, or any other activity that might put pressure on your manhood. The front fly makes it easy to be comfortable and worry-free while you’re working up a sweat!

Three-pack of boxer briefs for a boy? Why not? All men are the same when it comes to their basic needs and wants. Six-inch boxer briefs with a pouch for a guy? Yes!

Choosing the best running underwear will depend on what features are most important for you. You could pick a pair that’s super comfy or one that has an ideal cut for your body type, or even go with something that’s designed specifically for high-intensity exercise.

We all know the importance of wearing the right underwear for a sport. But did you know that not all pieces are created equal? Here is a list of 7 things to look for when picking out a good pair of running or jogging underwear to make sure you have the right fit and coverage.

1. Proper Fit- You want your underwear to fit properly without being too tight and without feeling like over-stretching so you can have a complete range of motion while running.

2. Breathability- Your underwear should be able to wick and also breathe in order to keep your body cool while working out and sweating.

3. Coverage- This is important whether you’re wearing something like a thong or brief, but usually briefs offer more coverage than thongs, so if that’s what you’re looking for then try briefs.

4. The first thing you want to think about when picking out your running underwear is the material. You want something that is going to wick moisture and dry quickly. Look for fabrics like polyester, spandex, and nylon. Cotton will absorb moisture but won’t wick it away from your skin or dry quickly so it’s not recommended for exercise clothes.

5. Next up, think about what kind of coverage you prefer with your running underwear. There are different lengths so if you want more coverage go with high-waisted styles or shorts styles like boyshorts or briefs which have extra fabric in front and back to cover

6. Always pick underwear that gives your body more support and a smoother ride with briefs

7. Look for underwear that fits snugly without feeling too tight or too loose.

Best Running Underwear Reviews

Running underwear is an essential part of any runner’s wardrobe. The right pair can keep you comfortable and prevent chafing during a run. We have done the research for you and compiled some of the best running underwear brands out there.

1. New Balance Men’s Mesh 5″ No Fly Boxer Brief, Athletic Compression Underwear (3-Pack)

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There are many benefits to wearing these types of underwear. They provide compression, which can help with muscle soreness and recovery after a workout. Mesh underwear has a breathable design that is more comfortable and lightweight than cotton.

Features To Look At:

1. 3 pairs of quality boxer briefs in a variety of sizes and colors

2. The material is made with soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric to be comfortable during any activity

3. Price is worth the quality

4. For those who want the ultimate comfort, these briefs are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

5. These briefs are tagless and breathable, keeping you comfortable all day long.

6. These boxers are designed to be comfortable, so you can enjoy your time wearing them.

7. The briefs feature an elastic waistband for a perfect fit and will not ride up with wear.

8. These briefs also have a supportive pouch that is not constricting or uncomfortable, and articulated mesh panels for even more comfort.

9. Boxers are made with very strong and durable fabric.

10. Boxers are easy to wash and won’t lose shape or color.

11. Boxers can be safely washed in the machine and tumble dried.

2. Runderwear Women’s Briefs – Chafe-Free Running Underwear

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Chafing from running or working out is the number one complaint about women. Runderwear’s line of underwear is specifically designed to reduce chafing and prevent skin irritation. The fabric is made out of a special blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex that wicks sweat away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable for hours on end.

Features To Look At:

1. Machine washable for easy care

2. Stay dry fabric to minimize chafing

3. Anti-odour technology

4. Multi-award winner (the ultimate stamp of approval)

5. Compression fit that’ll make you want to work out.

6. Quick-dry, sweat-wicky fabric to keep you feeling fresh and relaxed.

7. 360° seamless construction prevents chafing

8. Breathable material for maximum comfort

9. Keep your clothes looking new, vibrant, and as good as new for years to come.

10. The fabric can be washed without fear of color fading or shrinking.

11. 40 degrees is the maximum temperature for machine washing these clothes, so you don’t have to worry about any tough stains.

3. adidas Men’s Sport Performance Boxer Briefs Underwear (2 Pack)

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adidas Men’s Sport Performance Boxer Briefs Underwear (2 Pack) are perfect for everyday wear. These briefs are made with breathable fabric that wicks sweat and is comfortable next to the skin. These underwear are a good choice for athletes who need to both stay cool and dry.


Features To Look At:

1. Comfortable, stretchy material for all-day wear

2. Durable seams for a long life

3. Easy washing and care – machine washable

4. Comes in a pack of two, so you can always have a fresh pair.

5. Super soft and stretchy, these won’t bunch up anywhere.

6. Quick-drying fabric means you can make any sudden changes to your schedule without worrying about the underwear getting damp.

7. A waistband that won’t choke you or leave a red mark.

8. Legs that stay in place and don’t bunch up.

9. Added support for the whole package.

4. Reebok Women’s Underwear – Seamless Hipster Briefs (5 Pack)

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The world’s first seamless underwear, Reebok Women’s Underwear is designed for ultimate comfort and support. These briefs are more durable than cotton underwear and cut down on irritation. The high-tech fabric increases the lifespan of the underwear by reducing abrasion that can fade and tear cotton undergarments.

Features To Look At:

1. Made from a blend of elastic, durable nylon, and spandex for a stretchy, form-fitting feel.

2. Imported from Italy – the land of fashion – for those who like to always be on-trend.

3. Machine washable so you can keep it clean and fresh

4. Built with a workout in mind, these hipster briefs are seamless and tag-free so you can stay comfortable during your routine.

5. They have a fully lined crotch for comfort and security.

6. The hipsters are available in 3 colors: black, white, and red.

7. Unique hipster underwear made with a waistband that sits on the hips and natural cut leg openings for a slim, flattering fit.

8. Get 5 pairs of seamless hipsters for less than the cost of what it would be to buy them individually.

9. Hipster underwear with a logo waistband that sits on the hips and natural cut leg openings.

10. Machine washable and tumble-drying friendly.

11. Prevents fading of colors and patchy wear.

12. Easy to maintain with the right tools.

5. Under Armour Men’s Tech 6-Inch Boxerjock, 2-Pack

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These 5 pairs of underwear are designed to keep you dry all day long. They have been made with a sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable.

The Under Armour Men’s Tech 6-Inch Boxerjock, 2-Pack is designed for the active person so that it can be worn during the most extreme conditions. This underwear has been made with a sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable at all times. It also features an ergonomic waistband that provides comfort while adding support and protection for sensitive areas such as your backside and hips.

Features To Look At:

1. 84% polyester and 16% elastane for that just-right stretch.

2. Imported – quality you can trust.

3. Elastic closure is easy to use and comfortable for all-day wear.

4. A soft, breathable fabric that you can’t help but want to wear. The softest and most comfortable underwear you’ll ever wear.

5. Fly panel and gusset with no side or back seams for maximum comfort.

6. 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction so it’s never too tight or too loose when wearing them.

7. Wicking fabric draws moisture from the skin to evaporate quickly for dry, comfy wear that feels light and airy.

8. Innovative fabric technology pulls sweat away from the body where it can’t cause discomfort or irritation.

9. Breathable, fast-drying, and super-soft against your skin – our innovative fabrics are a pleasure to wear!

6. Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Sport Long Johns Base Layer for Male, Winter Gear Compression Suits for Skiing Running

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Thermal underwear can be used to keep the body warm in cold weather. A lot of people prefer to wear long johns as their thermal underwear because it’s easier to put on and maintain.

Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Sports Long Johns Base Layer for Male, Winter Gear Compression Suits is a perfect example of a set that has all the necessary features for thermal underwear. It includes two pairs of long john pants and one top. The fabric is made from high-quality material that’s soft, light, and breathable. You’ll love how comfortable they are too!

Features To Look At:

1. Guaranteed freedom of movement with the 4-way stretch fabric.

2. Flat lock seams to reduce the chances of chafing and skin irritation.

3. Ignore the size. You can wear anything from L to XXL comfortably.

4. The package includes 2 pieces: a long sleeve shirt and pants.

5. You can wear them separately or together, and they guarantee that you’ll be warm in winter.

6. They’re light, soft, and comfortable, guaranteeing that you’ll be comfortable when wearing them.

7. Keeps you dry and comfortable during your workout.

8. No more clamminess or discomfort from excessive sweating or humidity.

9. Stops sweat from drenching your clothes and keeps you smelling fresh and clean.

10. Enjoy a warm, snug feeling with these thermals.

11. Experience the pleasures of comfort and relaxation as you wear them at home or under your coats outside.

12. Intensely warm to keep you cozy on cold nights, wear them as comfy pajamas when you’re watching TV

13. 100% Satisfaction customer service.

7. Fruit Of The Loom Girls’ Cotton Brief Underwear

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Girls briefs from Fruit of the Loom are designed to be comfortable for all-day wear and made with cotton that is soft to the touch. They come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs.

Features To Look At:

1. Breathable, soft fabric.

2. Has a stretch that allows it to fit different body types.

3. Machine washable for easy care.

4. Extra soft for when you need to feel extra comfortable.

5. Full seat coverage to protect against leakage

6. Plush, ravel-free waistband to keep everything snug and in place

7. Tag-free and 100% cotton for an all-natural feel, no irritation to sensitive skin.

8. Breathable and seamless design to help with sleep quality.


What Are The Types Of Underwear Found In The Market?

There are many different types of underwear, some more popular than others, but all of them serve the same purpose. Briefs, boxers, bikinis, and briefs with a fly at the front are among the most popular types of underwear.

-Amenities: full-cut, waistband, crotch liner, fly

-Style: full cut

-Colors: black, white, other solid colors

Which Type Of Underwear Is Best For Running?

Boxer briefs are best for running.

Runners spend a lot of time thinking about the right type of clothes they should wear. From the socks to the shoes, runners are always looking for ways to improve their performance. One aspect that is often overlooked is underwear. and Boxer briefs actually loved by most of the runners and health-conscious people.

Why Do Runners Wear Underwear?

Running is a sport that requires a lot of movement. This can cause friction between the skin and clothing, leading to chafing. To avoid this, many runners wear underwear so they can move freely without any restrictions.

Are thongs good for running?

When you find yourself running for long distances, you may contemplate whether or not to wear thongs. On the one hand, they offer good support and stability as they fit snugly against your feet. On the other hand, some argue that they can lead to friction and blisters on your feet.

Should I Wear A Jockstrap While Running?

Do you wear a jockstrap while running? A recent study by The American Journal of Sports Medicine says that wearing a jockstrap does not reduce the risk of injuries. On the other hand, some runners say they don’t wear one because it’s uncomfortable.

Is It Bad To Run Without Underwear?

Running without underwear can be uncomfortable and cause chafing. However, there are many who prefer not to wear them as they find them restrictive and unnecessary. Some also believe that eliminating undergarments can prevent infections. Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, running without underwear is a personal preference that should be exercised with discretion.

What Do You Wear Under Running Shorts?

Shorts are not only great for working out, they’re also perfect for running errands on the weekend. But what do you wear under your shorts? Some people prefer to wear underwear, while others opt for a more natural look. Our runners are made of high-quality fabric and breathable mesh that will allow your skin to breathe and keep you comfortable no matter the length of activity.

Do you remember how your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you got in an accident? Well, there’s no need to risk a wardrobe malfunction while running. Running shorts are designed for both comfort and function, but they don’t have much coverage. It’s up to you if you want to rock the commando look or invest in some undergarments.

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