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Recently, fishing in saltwater has gained a lot of popularity among the young and the old. Anglers like the fact that there are different species that are huge and can make a great catch in a good season with the right equipment. Of course, in every type of fishing, you need to be prepared with the proper tools for a day out to be a success. The only difference when it comes to fishing in saltwater is that you need gears that are corrosion-resistant for quality and long-lasting services. This is because salt water is highly corrosive, and anglers need to buy the right tools and take good care of them.

Since the rod is one crucial tool that will make or break your day, you need one suited for saltwater fishing. However, selecting the proper pole can be time-consuming and tedious work, given the many options available in the market. To make your work stress-free, we have reviewed the best saltwater fishing rods that will ensure your fish without having to worry about the tool wearing out. Read on to get a detailed description of these gears and the buying guide, which will help you make informed decisions.

Top 6 Saltwater Fishing Rods In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Best Saltwater Fishing Rods

In-depth review of the top-rated saltwater fishing rods

Each product has unique features that make it stand out from the others. It is crucial to understand each type of gear and match it with your fishing needs so as to pick wisely.  Below we review in-depth the six top-rated fishing rods to help you make informed decisions.

01- St Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods

St Croix Mojo rods are the best for spinning in order to catch a wide range of fish, including redfish, tarpon, and bonefish. The superior quality SCII graphite material and hard aluminum-oxide guides make it suitable for saltwater fishing. This is enhanced by the black frames, which are rust-free to ensure they do not get damaged while fishing in the saltwater. It has Fuji DPS reel seats with black hoods, which are known to provide quality attachment. The split-grip cork handle makes handling more comfortable while maintaining sensitivity sending vibrations right to your arms. 

Never doubt the standard of St Croix mojo rods as you get a five-year warranty with an assurance of company servicing. Tailor-made for saltwater angling with rugged design, Mojo rods give a superb and durable performance. Get a 7-foot or 7-foot-6 inch size rod depending on your d-fishing needs.

Key Features

  • Superior quality SCII graphite fabric
  • Robust aluminum-oxide guides that come with rust-free black flames
  • Split-grip cork handles that are highly sensitive and reasonably durable
  • Five-year warranty that indicates quality assurance
  • Fuji DPS reel seat that is easy to attach and use


  • Brand: St Croix
  • Guide material: Hard aluminium-oxide
  • Handle: Cork
  • Warranty: 5-year

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02- SHIMANO TREVALA Graphite Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod

SHIMANO TREVALA gives you high power reels with the superb speed with increased sensitivity and less weight. This is a result of an elevated carbon butt section merged with TC4 tip, which allows you subdue fish faster. The guides are made of Fuji Aluminium-oxide and polished with Diamond finish for durability, rust-free, and heat dissipation. 

The EVA foam rubber handles provide a comfortable grip even in wet conditions while ensuring you get long-lasting services. It also features a split-grip design that increases the sensitivity while guaranteeing comfortable use in offshore conditions. Buy one and enjoy the fast recovery rate and success in your saltwater angling.

Key Features

  • High carbon butt section merged with TC4 tip construction for better sensitivity and less weight
  • Fast recovery rate and ideal response to subdue fish quickly
  • EVA foam rubber grip for maximum comfort and durability
  • Split-grip handle design for stress-free holding on offshore
  • Fuji Aluminium-oxide guides with diamond finishing for heat dissipation and corrosion-resistance 


  • Brand: SHIMANO
  • Guide material: Aluminium-oxide
  • Handle: EVA foam rubber

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03- Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rod

Fiblink fishing rod is reliable, and of superior quality made of sturdy E-glass amalgamated blanks that withstand the fight from large saltwater fish. The heavy-duty roller guides further decrease tension on your and the line making it easy to pull out the catch. No corrosion as a result of Aluminium alloy reel seats with a gimbal that keeps the rod butt in place. 

With premium EVA foam handles and foregrips, you get a rod that comfortable and non-slip that can pull huge aggressive catch without letting it go. Trolling is stress-free as the rod is lightweight, which also makes storage easy. Gift this rod to saltwater angling enthusiasts and appreciate the excellent service it offers.

Key Features

  • Sturdy roller guides which reduce strain on you and the lines
  • Superior quality and robust E-glass composite blanks which provides maximum versatility
  • Reel seats made of machined aluminum alloy to keep them in place and rust-free
  • EVA foam fore grips and handles for maximum comfort and durability


  • Brand: Fiblink
  • Handle: EVA foam
  • Guides: Heavy-duty roller

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04- Ugly Stik USCA662MH Casting Rod

Ugly Stik USCA662MH Casting Rod is durable and lightweight for convenient long-term fishing. The blanks are made of composite material, which makes it sturdy and versatile. All anglers, whether experienced or novice, can comfortably use this rod while maintaining its strength. The strength and sensitivity if further enhanced by the clear tip design, which makes the rod highly responsive. You will get to fish for long hours without getting tired as the rod is made of EVA grips, which are lightweight and much comfortable. Its robust construction and stainless steel guides, which are non-corrosive, make it suitable for saltwater angling. Buy one and enjoy fishing with style and maximum performance.

Key Features

  • Exceptionally durable 2-piece composite blank construction
  • Clear tip make for sensitivity and strength
  • EVA grip handles which are lightweight for comfort and durability
  • Stainless steel guides which are corrosion-resistant and averts insert pop-out


  • Brand: Ugly Stik
  • Model: USCA662MH
  • Material: fiberglass & graphite composite
  • Handle: EVA
  • Guides: stainless steel

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05- Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo (2 Piece)

This saltwater fishing rod is made of full-graphite blanks for maximum sensitivity and strength. They have stainless steel hooded reel seats with aluminum oxide guides to ensure they do not get damaged even when used in saltwater. The Eva foam handles make the rod comfortable to sue it for long hours with maximum durability. Buy one and enjoy the flexibility it brings as it can also work well in freshwater conditions. 

Key Features

  • Features fiberglass blank which is strong enough even for novice anglers
  • Aluminum oxide guides with stainless reel seat which are non-corrosive
  • EVA foam handles which provide comfort and long-lasting services
  • Can be used I freshwater conditions


  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Model: DWB50-B/F1002M
  • Handles: EVA
  • Guides: Aluminium oxides

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06- OKIAYA Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod 

Okiaya fishing rod offers strength and superior sensitivity that make it’s a more excellent choice when it comes to saltwater fishing. The rollers are made of stainless steel, which is smooth and non-corrosive. Fighting big fish will never be the same again with this classically designed durable hardware rod. Get it and target the big catch effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting aircraft-grade allow design
  • Stainless steel rollers which are corrosion-resistance
  • Fast-action and substantial power for superb performance
  • EVA molded grip for comfort and durability


  • Brand: Okiaya
  • Model: B004HUDZ4W
  • Handle: EVA molded
  • Guides: Aircraft-grade alloys

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What to look out for when purchasing saltwater fishing rods: Buyer’s guide

In order to get the best saltwater fishing rods in the market, you need to consider certain essential features. These are discussed below: 

  1. Material

Fiberglass, graphite, and the combination of the two are the primary materials used in making the poles. The fiberglass is the ideal choice for novice anglers as it does not break easily. You have to bear with the heavyweight and be a bit keen as the rod may not be very sensitive. Graphite, on the other hand, is lightweight, very sensitive, and can detect subtle and nibbles strike. However, due to its fragility, it can only be used by experienced anglers. For those who want to strike a balance between the two materials, the composite rod is the best. It is not too heavy and can detect strikes from sluggish fish, making it more versatile. When not sure, go for composite make. Otherwise, pick one depending on your skill level.

  1. Rod Length

The pole length will determine the casting distance and accuracy. If you want to cast further, then the longer rods will be ideal. This might affect its efficiency compared to the shorter poles. Anglers who desire to throw with precision for short distances should, therefore, go for shorter poles.

  1. Weight

The weight of the pole is mostly determined by the fabric used in its construction. The fiberglass is known to be weightier and bulky to carry around. Some anglers prefer this type of rods since they do not break easily. On the other hand, the graphite is lightweight, making it convenient to carry around. It is recommended you test the different types of rod and buy one that feels comfortable to use.

  1. Rod sensitivity

The sensitivity of the rod is another feature that should be keenly looked at. The sensitivity of the pole indicates its ability to react when used in water. Those that are made of non-corrosive materials with heat dissipation are the perfect choice for saltwater fishing. However, proper care, such as rinsing off with clean water after use, should be taken to ensure long-lasting services. 

  1. Durability

When it comes to durability, choose one that is made of sturdy materials that will last long. The materials used will have a significant impact when it comes to the length of services you get from the poles. Carbon steel, graphite, and aircraft-grade alloys are known to be the best fabric on the poles. Compare different brands and buy those that offer high strength and rust-free. 

  1. Price

Never buy a pole without a plan. This is because there are many options available that come with different rates. Those that cost more are known to offer the best services, and therefore you should be willing to invest more where possible. This does not mean you cannot get cheaper options that can serve as well. Though it might not last long, cheaper ones can function well as you nurture skill in saltwater fishing. Once you become an expert, look for rods that offer the best services even if highly-priced as long it is affordable.

  1. Power 

The power of the pole will determine which kind of fish you will be able to catch without breaking it.  The larger species require a pole with high potential as it can pull them out while still remaining intact. This type of rod cannot be useful in small fish as it is too stiff to get to them. Therefore, for a minor catch, get a pole with less power. Otherwise, you can go for the middle-range if the targets are from different sizes.

  1. Handle 

The pole chosen should have a grip that is comfortable and durable. The pistol grip is a standard design for baitcasting poles and is often used in inshore and freshwater conditions. One-handed casting is also typical for these fishing places. However, traditional saltwater poles usually feature a more extended handle that can be cast using both hands. Since you are likely to get a big catch from the sea, it is advisable to buy a pole that can be cast using two arms.

In regard to the fabric used, there are EVA and cork handles. Cork handles have an excellent stylish design and feel comfortable holding when casting.  Many people consider poles with cork grip as it feels good when fishing. They can break down faster compared to EVA handle and, therefore, should be used with great care.

On the other hand, EVA handles are durable, resistant to changes in temperature, and waterproof. This makes it the best option though it might not be stylish. Given two choices, go for EVA handles if your concern is long-lasting services, otherwise if you want stylish handles to go for pole with cork grip.


Q: How should I take care of the saltwater fishing rod?

Saltwater rods are generally designed to be corrosion-resistant so as to avoid getting rust. However, for the rod to give you long-lasting services follow the following guidelines:

  • Rinse the rod thoroughly with clean water after every use. This should be done mainly on the reel seats and guides and dried with towels before keeping them.
  • Occasionally detach the reels from the rode and lubricate fasteners, reel seats, and roller guides.
  • Keep checking the guide wraps for any wear and check guides for corrosion or spitting. Any damage should be fixed before the next expedition.
  • To check whether the guides are damaged, pull a tiny piece of cloth through each one of them. The guides will be damaged if the fabric hangs even slightly. 
  • When on the boat, keep rods safely to avoid rubbing against each other or any hard surfaces.
  • The finishing of the recent models is long-lasting. To keep it Slick and well-polished, apply a light coat of bowling-alley wax.

Q: Why do I need a distinct rod for saltwater fishing?

Every fishing gear is tailor-made for a specific situation. This applies to the tools used in saltwater fishing. You need a rod that will be cast in the right manner with sufficient distance and precision. This will increase your success rate, unlike using a rod that is not custom made for sea angling. The saltwater fishing rod features corrosion-resistant materials to avoid rust, which may not be the case for freshwater gears. Therefore, a distinct pole made uniquely for saltwater conditions will be the perfect choice.

Q: Which is the best option between split and full grip handle?

Whether to go for a split or full grip will largely depend on your personal preferences. Testing both to check which one is comfortable to hold is essential before picking a rod. However, it is necessary to note that split-grip gives a much lighter rod, which can make casting slightly easier. It also makes anglers put their hands in the right manner, ready to throw at any time.

Conversely, the full handle can feel more comfortable when handling as it is fully and softly covered. However, both types work just perfectly, and you will need to choose one according to your judgment on which is more comfortable. 

Q: How long will my rod last?

The durability of the rod will depend on many factors. In order to ensure you get long-lasting services, it is best to pick the right pole, made of the excellent material with the correct amount of power. The power needed will depend on the type of target fish. If your purpose is to catch big fish using heavy bait, then go for weightier poles. Otherwise, you might break the road, not because of its makes, but because of using the wrong pole not suited for a big catch.

The material used is another feature that will determine the durability of the saltwater fishing pole. Fiberglass fabric will last for long, even when used by beginners, as it does not break easily. Graphite can easily breakdown though it provides a high-performance level. It is well made and can take significant time before they wear down when used by experienced anglers. 

Features Top 6 Saltwater Fishing Rod

# Product Name Features More Info
1 St Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods
Hard aluminium-oxide guides
SCII graphite material
Rust-free black flames
Fuji DPS reel seat
Split-grip cork handle
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2 SHIMANO TREVALA Graphite Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod
EVA foam rubber handle
Spit-grip design
High carbon butt section construction
High power and speed
Fuji aluminium-oxide guides
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3 Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rod
Heavy-duty roller guides
Sturdy E-glass graphite composite blanks Machined aluminum alloy reel seats
EVA foam fore grips and handles Lightweight 
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4 Ugly Stik USCA662MH Casting Rod   Lightweight EVA handles
Composite blanks
Clear tip design
Ergonomic design
Stainless steel guides
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5 Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo (2 Piece)   EVA handles
Aluminum oxide guides
Fiberglass blanks
Stainless steel reel seats
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6 OKIAYA Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod 
EVA molded handles
Aircraft-grade alloy construction Composite fiber main shaft 
Smooth stainless rollers
Check Latest Price

Final Word

Evidently, the right saltwater rod translates to successful fishing. Therefore, you should choose one wisely to get excellent and long-lasting services. As discussed above, you need to look keenly at various features before picking a pole. For you to get the best saltwater fishing rod, look at the power required and the length, as this will determine the species of fish to be caught together with the distance and accuracy of the casting.  Since big fish are the most targeted catch in sea fishing, you will need a powerful and heavy pole with fast action for good performance.

After analyzing your situation and the right pole, you need to narrow down depending on the weight and action it offers. Look at the handles, rod blanks, and the guide’s construction. One with blanks and grips which are comfortable to hold and gives long-lasting services should be prioritized. Test both the full and split handle and pick one that you feel comfortable while holding. If you want a durable fabric go for the pole made of fiberglass though it might not give a high performance as those of graphite. Graphite gives the best performance though it should be used by experienced anglers as they can break easily.

The pole that will serve you well is one that matches your fishing needs. Go through all the products reviewed here and pick one according to the features that match your desired specifications. Always read through each product and buyer’s guide in order to make informed decisions. The products analyzed here are among the top-rated that will give the desired services. Choose one and enjoy successful fishing in your next expedition in saltwater.

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