The 5 Best Small Backpacks Of 2022

Backpacks have gained popularity over time, and their fame is on the trajectory path. A backpack is renowned for versatility and comfort that is unmatched by other bags. When talking about backpacks,  you must mention small or mini backpacks in the same scope as they are the most favorable for outdoor enthusiasts. Suppose you enjoy traveling; small backpacks come in handy as most airlines classify them as hand luggage.

Small backpacks are not that tiny. They can accommodate your laptop, snacks, camera, and other small stuff whenever you are on the go. The best thing about small backpacks is that they aren’t bulky; hence they afford you ample time to explore new sceneries without hindrance whatsoever.

Choosing the best backpack that resonates with your style and needs is a tall order. You can’t walk into the shop and pick any that you come across! We understand the pain, and that’s why our team of experts has gone the extra mile to compile a list of the best small backpacks for you to choose from.

List Of The Best Small Backpacks Of 2022



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A Comparison Table Of The Best Five Small/Mini Backpacks

Backpack TypeFeatureMaterialVolumeDimensionsWeightRatings out of 5 Stars
Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic BackpackBest for travelingPure Vinylal7 liters7.9”×11.4” (W×H)0.5lbs4.6
Adidas Core Mini BackpackBest for storing multiple things100% Polyester8.5”×10.5”×5” (Width× Height × Depth)1lb4.7
Dickies Mini Festival Backpack
Best for the younger generation
100% Polyester8”×10”×4” ( width × Height ×Depth)0.4lbs4.7
Jansport Half Pint BackpackBest for SightseersPolyester10.2 Liters9.8”×11.2” (Width × Height)0.4lbs4.7
Outlander Foldable Outdoor Mini BackpackBest for BudgetNylon33 liters13”×19”×8.2.”(Width ×Height ×Depth)0.5lbs4.6

A small backpack is becoming a must-have item in every person’s wardrobe. At times you are supposed to run a small errand that doesn’t require you to carry much gear; hence the small bag comes in handy as it is convenient in carrying your stuff.

Some might argue that ladies are better off with either a purse or a tote bag, but a backpack outsmarts them all in distributing the load weight evenly across your back and shoulders.

Our list of backpacks does not only exude style and confidence, but they also provide health benefits as they limit backaches and other injuries. Additionally, a backpack ensures that you travel with ease while knowing your belongings are safe.

A Review Of the Best Small Backpacks

1. Best For Traveling: Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic Backpack 

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The Fjallraven Kanken Mini classic backpack is a renowned product that doesn’t require advertisement. Though the bag was initially designed to mitigate the back problems among Swedish kids, they have lately become a darling of many travelers and college students worldwide.

Suppose you are going out for activities that don’t require hefty gear, then the Kanken Backpack is ideal for you.

This bag will help you carry a few clothes, a water bottle, some snacks, a tablet, and even a few reading books. One aspect that makes the bag comfy is the presence of shoulder straps that help distribute the load weight evenly.

Product Specifications

1. Product Weight: 0.5lbs.

2. Volume: 7 liters.

3. Material: 100%Vinylal.

4. Dimensions: 7.9”×11.4” (W×H).


1. Dirt Resistant: The backpack is made of quality Vinylon material that is dirt resistant. The material’s feature ensures that you don’t wash your gear often, hence limited cases of wear and tear. Besides the material resisting dirt, it is also water-resistant.

2. Elegant Design: The mini version of classic Kanken boasts a unique design that endears it to most travelers. Your essentials are taken care of courtesy of the main compartment, which features a quality zipper. You can distribute extra items between the front zippered pocket and double open side pockets.

3. Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Rain Flap: The bag features adjustable shoulder straps that help distribute weight evenly to avoid back pains and injuries. It also has dual top snap handles that assist in carrying it easily. 

Additionally, the gear boasts a rain flap to protect your items from water in case of a downpour.


1. It has ample storage space.

2. It is easily accessed.

3. Stylish and fashionable.

4. Durable.

5. Easy to clean.

6. It offers exceptional comfort.


1. Expensive.

2. Unsuitable for heavy items.

2. Best For Storing Multiple Items: Adidas Core Mini Backpack

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Adidas is a renowned company that produces backpacks and the best sports apparel. The Adidas Core Mini Backpack is an ideal gear for sports fanatics. The bag’s design comprises quality and long-lasting polyester material.

If comfort is your primary concern, then the Adidas Mini Backpack has you covered. The gear comes with a comfortable padding at the back panel that is also quilted.

This gear is synonymous with the company’s identity (the three stripes) that feature adjustable webbing straps.

Your items are secure courtesy of the zippered pocket at the front of the pack.

Product Specifications

1. Dimensions: 8.5”×10.5”×5” (Width× Height × Depth).         

2. Material: 100% Polyester.

3. Product Weight: 1lb.


1. Rugged Design: The backpack has a unique design that wards off snow and rainwater. It also comes with a front pocket and a sufficient main compartment to store your valuables.

2. Limited Lifetime Warranty: The Adidas Company offers a limited lifetime warranty for this backpack. The warranty is an indicator of the Pack’s durability.

3. Comfort: The Adidas Core Mini Backpack has a padded back panel that sits comfortably on your back and limits back pains.


1. The gear offers excellent support and comfort.

2. Long-lasting.

3. Lightweight.

4. Adjustable shoulder straps.


1. Non-padded shoulder straps.

2. It can’t be machine washed.

3. Best For Younger Generation: Dickies Mini Festival Backpack

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The Dickies Mini Festival Backpack is a sturdy yet lightweight gear synonymous with the younger generation. Although the manufacturer does not restrict a particular age group, it suits young people better. The younger generation finds this gear ideal when hanging out with friends at festivals or picnics.

Your essentials are well-guarded, courtesy of the main compartment, and the outer pocket can take care of extra items. Additionally, this backpack has adjustable shoulder straps that distribute the load evenly to thwart back pains.

With the Dickies Mini Festival Backpack, you also enjoy the comfort of using the grab handles for easy maneuverability in crowded places.

Product Specifications

1. Dimensions: 8”×10”×4” (width × Height ×Depth).

2. Material: 100% Polyester.

3. Weight: 0.4lbs.

4. Department: Unisex.


1. Shoulder Straps: The bag boasts adjustable shoulder straps that help distribute load weight across your body, subsequently avoiding chronic back pains and other load-related injuries.

2. Grab Handles: suppose you are not a fan of strapping a backpack to your back; this bag has you covered as it features grab handles as an alternative when carrying your gear. The handles are also essential for quick carry and when walking in crowded places.

3. Laptop Sleeve: The Dickies Mini Festival Backpack comes with a laptop sleeve that secures your device nicely when traveling or when heading to the office.

4. Padded Back Panel: you can strap the bag to your back with no worries since its back panel is padded to ooze comfort and ward off injuries.


1. It is comfortable on the back, courtesy of the padded back panel.

2. The bag’s shoulder straps are adjustable to your preference.

3. Suitable for occasions requiring small-sized gear.

4. It features an outer pocket for extra storage.


1. Some quarters argue that it is not of better quality.

4. Best For Sightseers: Jansport Half Pint Backpack

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The Jansport half Pint model has evolved, and now it is the ideal gear for sightseers and trail hikers. It is endowed with multiple pockets for carrying essentials such as cameras, car keys, or a tablet when engaging in an outdoor activity.

The quality of this gear is assured as it comprises top-notch and durable polyester fabric that ensures its durability.

What is more? The backpack comes in 30 different patterns to suit various occasions. The brand offers a lifetime warranty to the Jansport Half Pint Backpack because they are sure of its quality and durability.

Product Specifications

1. Dimensions: 9.8”×11.2” (Width × Height)

2. Material: Polyester.

3. Volume: 10.2 Liters.

4. Weight: 0.4lbs


1. Adjustable Shoulder Straps: The bag has adjustable shoulder straps for easy load distribution and secure strapping to the back.

2. Front Utility Pocket: Besides the main compartment, the bag also features a front utility pocket that helps store extra items while on the go.

3. Lifetime Warranty: The brand is sure of the durability of its gear to the extent that it provides its customers with the backpack’s lifetime warranty. Many people globally trust and identify with the brand, so can you if you include it in your staple.


1. Lifetime warranty.

2. Adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.

3. The model has several patterns to choose from.

4. The model comes with a web haul for convenience.


1. The backpack is small than other mini backpacks.

5. Best Budget: Outlander Foldable Outdoor Mini Backpack

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The ever-amazing Outlander Foldable Outdoor Mini Backpack is a budget-friendly bag that holds 33 liters of your stuff, yet it weighs 0.5 pounds. This is your ideal choice if you are a hiking geek who doesn’t like being weighed down by bigger backpacks.

The backpack can accommodate a change of clothes, hiking essentials, edibles, and some electronics useful during a hiking venture.

This foldable backpack has a unique design that enables you to safe space after arriving at your destination. You only need to unzip it and pack it into its own storage bag, and you are done!

Importantly, the Bag is made of rip-proof nylon, and it features two-way abrasion-resistant zippers for reinforcement. The pack also features breathable mesh shoulder straps and inner pockets secured by zippers.

Product Specifications

1. Dimensions: 13”×19”×8.2”(Width ×Height ×Depth)

2. Weight: 0.5lbs.

3. Material: Nylon.

4. Volume: 33 liters.


Two-way Abrasion Resistant Zippers: The inclusion of a two-way abrasion-resistant zipper on this bag means that risks of wear and tear are minimized, hence extended lifespan.

Breathable Mesh Shoulder Straps: the pack also features breathable mesh shoulder straps to ensure comfort and equal weight distribution across your back. Evenly distributed weight thwarts the risks of experiencing severe backaches and injuries.

Other impressive features of the Outlander Foldable Outdoor Mini Backpack are the zippered inner pockets and the minimalist design.


1. Excellent comfort.

2. Durable.

3. Roomy.

4. The pack is breathable.


1. The backpack is not stylish.

Best Materials For A Mini Backpack

Small backpacks comprise a wide variety of materials. Below are some of the materials that can work best for you:


The leather material looks better over time as it molds itself to fit into your body type perfectly. However, remember that the material is heavy and has weather limitations as it is not waterproof.


Nylon is a quality material synonymous with most backpack manufacturers. The material is renowned for its durability, abrasion resistance, and mold resistance.


Canvas is a fantastic material that repels water when blended with other materials. The material is durable as it doesn’t wear or tear easily.

Polypropylene And Polyester: these two materials are of better quality, lightweight, and durable. Thanks to their faster drying ability, they are also widely used for outdoor activities.

How To Choose The Best Small/Mini Backpack

How To Choose The Best Small or Mini Backpack

Choosing an ideal mini backpack that conforms to your needs and taste is not rocket science. However, you can’t just select any that comes your way! You have to choose meticulously to avoid regrets later. Before buying your ideal backpack, look at the following aspects carefully:

Quality: Obviously, everyone values quality when shopping for any commodity. Mini backpacks are not exempted from this parameter. Before buying your next minimalist bag, ensure it is of uncompromised quality.

Size: The backpack you purchase depends on the intended purpose. Choose the best size that conforms to your needs.

Cost: The cost of the bag is an important aspect. Always buy an item that is within your budget. At a time, it is not true that expensive brands are of superior quality.


Backpacks have made a strong statement in our lives. To be precise, every household must have a mini backpack to take care of light traveling, carrying stuff to the gym, fitting small hiking gear, and carrying electronics while venturing outdoors. We have discussed an exhaustive list of the best small backpacks for you to make an informed choice. Hope you will find the information contained herein helpful.

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