9 Best Snowshoes of 2021 – Top Picks for Men and Women

A snowshoe is a footwear specially designed for walking over snow. For people who love walking in the snow, snowshoeing is a great way of enjoying the winter season. Snowshoe helps people walk on the snow, which the snow boots will not allow you to do. So if you want to experience the beauty of walking over freshly fallen snow or snowshoeing over hiking trails, you will require a pair of snowshoe that is durable, has aggressive crampons, and a secure binding system.

It is very important you wear the right pair of the snowshoe to get better traction while snowshoeing as well as floatation and stability. Moreover, snowshoes are available in different sizes, brands, and features. So you may find it difficult to pick the best snowshoe for you. Therefore, we take a look at the different snowshoes available in the market and pick some of the finest snowshoes for you. Make sure you read the full review as we also included the buyer’s guide to help you buy the best snowshoes of 2020.

Top 9 Snow shoes of 2021 (Best Picks)

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9 Best Snowshoes of 2021

My Top Picks of the Best Snowshoes of 2021

1. ENKEEO All Terrain Snowshoes

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If you are looking for a fashionable and lightweight snowshoe than the ENKEEO, All Terrain Snowshoes will be the ideal choice for you. This snowshoe is made of lightweight aluminum so you can wear them all day long. ENKEEO All Terrain Snowshoes are available in black and orange colors. You can wear this snowshoe in the toughest weather and deepest snow, so there will be no limit to where you can go. 

The high-end aluminum frame makes the snowshoe extremely durable, and it provides a very strong and steady platform for floating above the snow. This snowshoe is available in different sizes. The size depends on a person’s weight. The heavier the person is, the bigger the snowshoe will be. This snowshoe has easy to use adjustable straps and because of these straps, men, women, or children can easily wear this snowshoe. 

The snowshoe comes with a convenient carry bag. So you can easily store the snowshoe when it is not in use and also can carry it along while heading outdoors. This is a multi-purpose snowshoe. You can use it for hiking in the snow, backcountry mountaineering, or doing outdoor activities during the winter season. So with this snowshoe, you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of winter without worrying about getting stuck in the snow.

Main Features

  • Carry up to 210 pounds
  • TPE material heel straps
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Stylish color
  • PE material deck

2. WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes

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WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes are the most stylish snowshoes available in the market. They are made of lightweight aluminum and available in 21″ and 27″ models. It has a sawtooth design and sleek looks and can handle deep powder snow. WildHorn Snowshoes are available in three colors: flare, arctic blue, and aurora. You can easily adjust the size of this snowshoe according to the foot size. It comes with a quick-release buckle strap so you can easily wear them.

This snowshoe can be worn by both men and women. WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes are one of the best women’s snowshoes available in the market. The frame of this snowshoe is made of high quality 0612 aluminum frame which ensures maximum flotation. Moreover, this snowshoe can easily handle a maximum weight of 235 pounds. It has two sets of reinforced heavy-duty crampons at the bottom, which will help you get better traction in hard ice. WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes are best for backcountry and deep snow hiking.

Main Features

  • Quick-release buckle strap
  • Reinforced ratchet bindings
  • Heavy-duty crampons
  • Hard Pack Grip Teeth
  • Steel Incline Heel Lift Riser    

3. MSR Evo Trail 22-Inch Hiking Snowshoes

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MSR is a very renowned backcountry gear producing company, and over the years they have produced some of the best snowshoes available in the market. The Evo Trail, 22-Inch Hiking Snowshoes, are best for their traction across rolling terrain. It is a 22-inch snowshoe that can carry loads up to 180 lbs. This snowshoe is perfect for all kinds of terrains and weathers thanks to its unique deck. 

This snowshoe has steel rails and brake bars which are molded into the deck to allow better grip on snow. It also has carbon steel crampons. The bindings of this snowshoe are freeze-proof, adjustable, and you can easily adjust them with gloves on. You can add 6-inch modular floatation tails (sold separately) for extra flotation in deep powder snow. This snowshoe is an ideal choice for both men and women who are looking for durable, all-condition, and all-purpose snowshoes.

Main Features

  • UniBody Deck with Integrated Traction
  • Optional Modular Flotation tails
  • All-terrain, all-weather footwear
  • Freeze-proof
  • DuoFit Binding          

4.Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

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If you are looking for a lightweight, versatile, and durable snowshoe, then you should consider buying Chinook Trekker Snowshoes. This is an amazing snowshoe that will give you the most value for money. This snowshoe is perfect for people who weigh between 59 and 90 pounds. It has a high quality aluminum frame that ensures durability and ultimate comfort while snowshoeing.

The deck of this snowshoe is made of polyethylene, and it is UV resistant. This snowshoe includes a dual ratchet binding, heel straps, and quick-release buckles for the comfortable walking experience. The Chinook Trekker Snowshoes give a snowshoer the ability to pass through any terrain with confidence. It has aluminum crampons and they rotate freely with a tail. The crampons with the tail will shed any snows that gather on the shoe.

This snowshoe comes with a carry bag with backpack straps, side handles, mesh ventilation, so you can easily carry the snowshoe anywhere you go. One of the great features of this snowshoe is; it bites into the snow so you can easily walk on the mild downhill slopes. The Chinook Trekker Snowshoe is a bargain in this price range.

Main Features

  • Quick-release buckles
  • Great accessories
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • UV resistant, polyethylene decking

5. Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry Snowshoes

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If you love backcountry hiking and looking for a snowshoe, then the Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry Snowshoe will be the right choice for you. This pair of snowshoe is suitable for people who weigh up to 225 pounds. It has large SPL binding that will easily fit sizes 10 – 15. The SPL (single pull loop) binding keeps the entire foot strongly settled into the shoe for great steadiness. This snowshoe doesn’t require readjustment like a webbing strap so you can quick entry and exit from the shoe.

Maneuverability is a big concern for snowshoes. The Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry Snowshoe has a teardrop-shaped frame which ensures excellent maneuverability without losing any floatation. The deck of the shoe is lightweight but durable. Under the foot, there are crampons made of stainless steel and it provides aggressive grips during snow hiking. This shoe has toe claw so you will have the power to push when climbing or hiking. This snowshoe is by far the best backcountry snowshoe available in the market.

Main Features

  • Single pull loop binding
  • Lightweight and durable deck
  • Stainless steel crampons
  • Toe claw

6. Tubbs Snowshoes Flex Vertical Snowshoes

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The Tubbs Snowshoes Flex Vertical Snowshoes is specially designed for backcountry snowshoers. So if you love snowshoeing and exploring the backcountry, then you should consider buying these snowshoes. This shoe offers dynamic binding and great stability while out snowshoeing. The flex tail of this snowshoe reduces the stress on your joints and the Boa Closure System lets you distribute the stiffness around your foot. This snowshoe has a torsion deck design, flex tail, and viper 2.0 carbons steel traction rails. All these features allow you to pass through steep and bumpy terrain with ease.

Flex Vertical Snowshoe has rotating toe cord and heel riser to diminish the weariness and reduce the pressure so you can cope with the toughest conditions in the backcountry snowshoeing. It has easy binding so you can easily put on or put off the shoe. Moreover, the traction of this snowshoe is amazing so you don’t have to worry about rough terrains. With all these amazing features, this snowshoe is worth the money.

Main Features

  • Boa Closure System
  • Torsion deck design
  • Rotating toe cord
  • Heel risers

7. Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snowshoes

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If you are looking for a snowshoe that can be used in almost any snow conditions like ice and hard snow, then the Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snowshoes will be the ideal choice for you. It is a very comfortable, durable, and multipurpose snowshoe. It has 180 pro binding that ensures excellent stability and a confident stride as it holds your foot tightly in the shoe. The heel crampons help you cross or descend on leaned terrain. The frame of this snowshoe is made of high-quality aluminum.

The design of this snowshoe enables the shoe to reduce snow build up as you walk either in ice or hard snow. It has Fit-Step frame technology that reduces weariness as it minimizes the impact as you walk. It has carbon steel teeth available on the ball of your feet, so you will be able to get a grip not only in hard snow but also in ice. This snowshoe has SoftTech decking, which offers a smooth, soft texture while snowshoeing. This is one of the best women’s snowshoes available in the market and it will definitely worth your money.           

Main Features

  • SoftTech decking
  • Fit-Step aluminum frame
  • Carbon steel teeth on the ball
  • 180 Pro binding 
  • Rotating toe cord 
  • Heel lift risers

8. Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes

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Founded in 2004, Lucky Bums focuses on producing best snowshoes for snowshoeing enthusiasts without the high price. The Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes are available for both young and adults. These shoes will get kids and parents outside into the snow together. This snowshoe is available from 14-inch to 26-inch. The 14-inch snowshoe can hold weight up to 65 pounds, where the 26-inch can hold weight up to 175 pounds.

Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes are made of aluminum for lightweight, yet they are nearly indestructible. They keep the bindings as simple as possible so that the kids can easily put on or put off the shoe. This snowshoe comes with a carry bag and trekking poles. So you can easily carry the snowshoe with you anywhere you want. You will get a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty with your purchase. So this budget-friendly snowshoe is a great option to choose from.

Main Features

  • Includes trekking poles
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Carry bag included
  • Better tractions and support

9.MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

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If you are looking for an ultralight and aggressive all-terrain snowshoe, then the MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe is worth consideration. This snowshoe has 360-degree traction frames so that you will have an excellent grip from all sides. The Torsion2 crampons distribute the force equally to maintain proper contact and balance. It has an ergonomic televator to help to lift the heels when a person climbs. This ergonomic televator reduces the exhaustion in the calves on vertical terrains.

This snowshoe has advanced Paragon binding. The bindings have a mesh strap that provides maximum foot control without compromising comfort. This type of binding wraps around your foot without providing any pressure. It has a rugged polyurethane decking that provides excellent floatation. This snowshoe is available in three sizes: 22-inch, 25-inch, and 30-inch. The 22-inch can hold weight up to 180 pounds, where 25-inch can hold 220 pounds and 30-inch hold up to 280 pounds. The bindings of this snowshoe can fit men’s shoe sizes 4.5-15. It comes with three years of limited warranty.

Main Features

  • 360-degree traction frames
  • Torsion2 crampons
  • All-condition adaptability
  • Advanced Paragon binding

How to Choose the Best Snowshoes – Buyer’s Guide

When you are buying snowshoes, you have to consider a few things like types, terrains type, binding’s type, sizes, traction, materials, etc. We have discussed the specifications to help you make the right decision when purchasing the snowshoe.

Types of Snowshoes

There are three types of snowshoes available. They are flat terrain snowshoes, rolling terrain snowshoes, mountain terrain snowshoes. The flat terrain snowshoes are easy to walk with, and they are best for beginner snowshoers. This type of snowshoe has bindings that are easy to adjust. Rolling terrain snowshoes are for hikers and backpackers. This type of snowshoe is best for backcountry snowshoeing, and you can also use them in rolling terrain and steep terrain. Mountain terrain snowshoes are for serious hikers, mountaineers, and backcountry snowshoers. They have an excellent and aggressive traction system to cope with any challenge. Moreover, they are more rugged and durable compared to the other two types of snowshoes.

Deck Size

Generally, most of the snowshoe has aluminum frames and synthetic decking. The decks of the snowshoe will provide better flotation while snowshoeing. It is very important to buy a snowshoe with proper deck size. You have to consider your weight when buying the snowshoe. The heavier the person the larger the frame and deck size should be. You also have to consider the type of snow you are in. The softer the snow the larger the frame and deck size you need.

Binding Type

There are two types of bindings available in snowshoes, rotating bindings and fixed bindings. Rotation binding will spindle and rotate at the connection point of the snowshoe, and they are best for backcountry snowshoeing. Rotating bindings enable you to shed any excess snow from the shoe that you might have collected from the snowy landscape. This type of bindings is efficient and comfortable for any terrain. Fixed bindings, on the other hand, are best for traversing areas that are heavily wooded. You can easily tackle any obstacles with the snowshoe. Fixed bindings make walking and climbing difficult so they are best for expert snowshoers.


For snowshoes, traction is very important. Generally, traction is provided by the crampons and the heel lifts. Crampons are located right under the bindings of the shoe and they provide the grip you need to walk through the snowy landscape. Heel lifts are metal bars and located under the heel. Heel lifts help you lift the foot when necessary or climbing or trying to ascend. They reduce the initiation of a calf strain and ensure comfort while snowshoeing.

FAQs about Best Snowshoes

What kind of footwear should you wear when snowshoeing?

The type of footwear you should wear depends on what kind of snowshoeing you are doing. But you should go with insulated, waterproof boots. This type of boot will keep your feet nice and warm and out of water.

What kind of socks should you wear when snowshoeing?

Whether you are wearing a waterproof boot or not, you must wear socks that are made of wool or other synthetics that will keep the water away.

What is the most important feature to consider in snowshoes?

Among all the features, flotation is the most important one. If you are not able to walk on the snow then what is the point of having snowshoes.

How much snow do you need for snowshoes?

It’s better to have a depth of 8 inches or more snow for your snowshoe to function properly. Snowshoe requires a layer of snow between it and the ground.

Do you use poles when snowshoeing?

You don’t need poles for snowshoeing, but if you are a beginner, then poles will provide you with balance and make crossing slopes easier. If you are using trekking poles, then replace the standard baskets with larger snow baskets for better performance in deep snow.

Final Thoughts

Winter hiking has become more popular over the years, and they have become a huge commodity for men, women, and children. The snowshoes we have talked about in this post will provide you best traction, stability, and comfort when snowshoeing. Just make sure you consider all your requirements and features before buying the best snowshoe.


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