Best Spinning Rods in 2021 | Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

The spinning poles are the most common rods in the market. This is because spinning is continuously attracting more anglers as a result of its versatility, simplicity, and more fun. You are able to catch the biggest fish using a lightweight angling line and a single rod. But, to be effective, you need the best spinning rod that can be used in both saltwater and freshwater to catch different species. 

For beginners, they will learn quickly and with much fun. You just need the right bait to hook it at the end of the line, which will attract fish to bite. Using the light lures, you can cast further with a spinning pole giving much more accuracy and success. What differentiates the spinning poles from the rest is that it does not have a trigger attached to the base. However, it is quite easy and comfortable to use them for long hours. 

Nonetheless, you will need to pick one wisely so as to get a durable product with value for your money. Sincerely speaking, the cost of the pole is directly related to its performance. That is to say, those that cost much gives better performance when angling. Therefore, to get the best, you should be ready to pay more. However, there are some which have friendly prices and will serve for a while. If you are starting out, buy a cheaper one and upgrade as you gain experience.

In this article, our primary focus is to help you get the right spinning pole according to your fishing needs. Here we review the six top-rated products with the buyer’s guide, which will make your work stress-free. READ FIRST in order to pick the right spinning pole that will match your needs. 

Top 6 Spinning Rods in 2021 (Best picks)

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Best Spinning Rods

A detailed review of the top-rated Spinning Rods

Before making a choice, it is essential to go through all the products in detail to understand the unique features. This will help you to get a product that is not only the best but will perfectly meet your individual needs. Below we analyze each of the products for better understanding.

01- KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

This is a fantastic fishing rod that has a carbon fiber blank, which gives strength, power, accuracy, and durability. KastKing employs the best technology in designing every component paying keen attention to every detail. The rods come with reputable Fuji O-Ring line guide, high-density EVA handles, tuned ergonomic graphite robust reel seats, Saf-T-keeper hook holder, and exceptional cosmetics. This package has both the spinning pole s and the casting poles with the best value in the market. 

Furthermore, each pole has two rod-tips that makes it more versatile. There is a smooth power transition all through the blank as a result of the KastKing power transition system (PTS) spigot joints in the poles. The power will always flow effortlessly due to specialized four angles of computer control wrapping. It will just feel like using a one-piece fishing stick but with increased versatility. Upgrade your rod by buying KastKing Perigee II today that will match up to any fishing technique and conditions.

Key Features

  • Carbon fiber blanks that offer strength, power, accuracy, and durability
  • High-density EVA handles that are comfortable and long-lasting
  • Tuned ergonomic graphite sturdy reel seats that are easy to use and non-corrosive
  • High-quality Fuji O-Ring line guides and Saf-T-keeper hooks that are durable
  • Two-rod tips on both the spinning pole  and casting pole offering the best value in the market
  • KastKing Power Transition System that gives smooth power transition.


  • Brand: KastKing
  • Blank material: 24 Ton Carbon Fiber
  • Handle: High-density EVA

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02- Cadence Spinning Rod

Cadence gives you a high performing spinning pole with incomparable value. The blanks are made of carbon matrix graphite fiber, which is durable, reliable, and lightweight, and with high sensitivity that cannot be found in other rods. With the Cadence spinning pole, you can catch different fish species in both freshwater and inshore. However, the rod should be rinsed immediately after using it in saltwater. In order to enhance the durability, the pole comes with stainless steel guides, Fuji reel seats, and carbon vail wrapping on the blanks. 

Additionally, the rods are configured with two types of grips that include a split handle and full handle. Cork and EVA are used in designing the grips for optimal performance and comfort. There is also super smooth power transmission due to stainless steel guides that have SiC inserts that prevent line sticking into the guides. Its exceptional 2-piece design makes it portable, just like a one-piece pole. Get it today and catch your favorite fish whenever and wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Premium quality 30-Ton carbon matrix graphite fiber blanks that gives unmatched power, strength, lightweight, sensitivity, and durability
  • Stainless steel guides and Fuji reel seats with carbon veil blank wrapping that enhance its durability
  • Split and full two-grip configuration using high-quality EVA and cork fabric for comfort and long-lasting services
  • SiC guide inserts that prevent line sticking and reduces friction


  • Brand: Cadence
  • Blank material: 30-Ton carbon fiber
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces 

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03- Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod

Shimano spinning rod is made of long-lasting Aero glass blank construction. This makes it sturdy and thick and somewhat weighty.  With the Shimano FXS package, you get two-piece spinning poles at friendly pricing. Novice anglers and experts can take advantage of these rods as they are of exceptional quality and do not break easily. The reinforced aluminum oxide guides further add to its durability as they do not rust even when used in saltwater. 

The reel seats are made of solid locking graphite, which allows the reels to sit on it securely. Furthermore, they have EVA grips that add to its durability and comfort while using the rod. Indeed, this is a versatile rod that was made for fishermen of all skill levels and ages. Buy one and catch your preferred species from any water body.

Key Features

  • Aero glass construction which makes it sturdy and thick to catch even big fish
  • Reinforced aluminum-oxide guides that are rust-free for high performance and durability
  • EVA handle grips that are comfortable and long-lasting
  • Custom graphite reel seats that sit securely in place


  • Brand: Shimano
  • Model: 02225-FXS
  • Blank Material: Aero glass
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-heavy

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04- Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

This spinning pole features Ugly Tech Construction with added graphite for increased sensitivity and lighter weight. The guides are made of ugly tuff stainless steel that offers long-lasting services and prevents insert pop-outs for stress-free usage. The reel seats feature exposed blanks style with cushioned stainless steel hoods that ensure the reels sit firmly in place. Cork handle grips further provide a steady and smooth handhold to ensure fishing is done comfortably for long hours. Buy Ugly Stik Elite Spinning pole and enjoy a 7-year warranty with high performance at a much affordable price.

Key Features

  • Ugly Tech construction with 35% more graphite for superb sensitivity and lighter weight
  • Cork handles that are firm and smooth for comfortable fishing
  • Clear tip design that detects lightest strikes and nipples
  • One-piece stainless steel ugly tuff guides which prevent inserts pop-out for stress-free use
  • Exposed blank style reel seats that ensure the reels sit firmly in place


  • Brand: Ugly Stik
  • Model: USESP701MH
  • Power: Medium-heavy
  • Handle: Cork grip

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05- Entsport E Series – Sirius Spinning Rod

Entsport E-series poles are constructed using high-tensile durable carbon blanks, which offer high sensitivity, lightweight while maintaining its sturdiness. Reels are firmly kept securely in place by the cushioned stainless steel hoods that ensure fishing is done uninterrupted for long hours, even in rough water. The guides and inserts are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistance and transmits the vibrations right to your hands. High-density EVA handles further decreases the weight and makes it comfortable with superb durability and sensitivity. Buy this product at affordable prices and enjoy your next fishing expedition.

Key Features

  • High-tensile durable carbon blanks that increase sensitivity and reduces weight
  • Cushioned stainless steel hood that ensures reel sits firmly and securely in place
  • Stainless steel guides and inserts that prevent insert pop-out
  • High-density EVA handle grip that is comfortable and make the rod lightweight


  • Brand: Entsport
  • Material: Carbon
  • Power: Medium-heavy 
  • Handle: EVA grip

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06- Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods

Fenwicks Eagle spinning poles gives you excellent performance at affordable prices. The graphite blank gives it unmatched sensitivity and strength, ensuring you get durable services. It is a perfect option for trout fishing, and you can pick a length depending on your desired casting distance. However, a 7-feet rod is recommended as it is versatile when it comes to casting. The handles have B2 burled cork design that is durable and resistant to chip while giving a feel of traditional cork. The guides and inserts are made of stainless steel, which is rust-free, sturdy, and lightweight, further enhancing its durability. Get a one-piece or two-piece depending on travel distance and enjoy your fishing with a much-reduced cost.

Key Features

  • B2 burled cork handle design which gives durable services and comfort
  • Stainless steel; guides and inserts which averts inserts pop-out
  • Available in one-piece and two-piece for great options
  • Multiple actions and lengths that one can choose depending on fishing needs
  • Graphite blanks that provide superior sensitivity and makes it lightweight


  • Brand: Fenwick
  • Model: EA56MH-MFS-2-P
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Handle: B2 burled cork

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What To Look Out For When Purchasing Spinning Rods: Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a spinning pole, it is crucial to read the buyer’s guide below in order to get the best spinning rod in the market. The six products reviewed above make a great option, but since you may be looking for only one, the guide will help to narrow down according to the features that will meet your needs. Read through and make the decision accordingly.

  • Weight 

The strength and the load that the rod can hold without snapping can be determined by looking at the heaviness of the pole. The weight ranges from ultra-light to extra-heavy, and the right one will depend on the size of the fish, the load of the lures, and the lines and the type of fishing. Heavyweight poles are suitable for catching bigger fish, casting heavy lines, and using weightier baits. This should also feature fast action and reasonable length to make pulling much more comfortable.

Conversely, lightweight poles are the perfect choice for small fish, lighter lines and lures and when angling in clear and open water bodies. They tend to be highly responsive and can detect small bites from predators. If you want the pole that is more versatile, then the medium weight will be the perfect choice. This is because of its ability to cast a wide range of lures and lines while catching different fish sizes.

Also, consider the durability of the rod alongside its weight. Weightier rod tends to last longer though they may be tiring to use. This, however, is perfect for beginners as they can experiment with them without fear of breaking down. Expert anglers can go for lightweight poles as they are more comfortable and should be used professionally as they can break easily.

  • Length

Spinning pole s usually comes with size ranging between 6 and 8 feet. However, you can still find shorter rods that can be cast for short distances. Generally, longer poles allow you to throw further and give faster rod tip projection. The right length will be determined by fishing conditions and techniques. Kayaking requires shorter poles, while open water bodies call for longer rods. Check portability to ensure the rod is not too long to present a challenge when keeping it.

  • Blank Material 

Generally, the spinning poles are designed to cast small lures and baits. Therefore, the blanks should be sensitive and lightweight while maintaining strength in order to pull out the catch without breaking or snapping. The blank will determine the durability, performance, and how easy it is to use the pole. 

Most anglers prefer graphite or carbon fiber blanks as they tend to have increased strength-to-weight ratio while maintaining sensitivity, durability strength, and flexibility. Though they can break down quickly, making fiberglass blank a choice for those targeting large fish. Fiberglas blanks are heavy, robust, and long-lasting with decreased sensitivity. They are also affordable compared to those rods with graphite blanks. For a more versatile option, go for rods with composite construction.

  • Durability

Undeniably, a quality rod that offers excellent performance for an extended period of time will be the best option. This will not only reduce trips to the fishing gear shops or visit websites but also saves you time and money. Fiberglass blank is the best durable option since graphite is a little more fragile. 

The durability id also affected by the quality of the other components used to make the rods. You should check the quality of the line guides, reel seats, and the inserts. The ceramic guides, Fuji guides, and SIC inserts are among the top-rated quality line guides. The reels lock-down should be made of metal or with metal reinforcement and, when tightened, should fit comfortably. 

For better and quality services, you should buy the right rod suited for a particular fishing technique. For example, when fishing in saltwater conditions, you need a custom-made spinning pole for such situations. Using those that are meant for fish water will affect its durability. As a rule of thumb, the rod should be used in a proper manner and taken care of in order to enjoy long-lasting services. 

  • Handle Design

The design of the handle determines the comfort and control you have when using the pole. The handle should offer a comfortable grip and feels good while holding for an extended period of time in the water. EVA foam and cork handles make excellent materials for the clasp. Cork handles are stylish and designed to adapt to the hands shape for enhanced grip.

Those that are ergonomically designed are the best option as they can be used for long hours without hands getting fatigued.  Hard-fighting fish requires split-grip handles as they can be held using both fingers to sunder the catch is pulled out effortlessly. The length also should match your fishing style. Kayak angling needs short handle while for long casting, you need longer ones.


Q: What is the best rod between the heavier and lighter pole?

The better one will depend on your fishing technique and needs. Heavier rods are better when it comes to large fish, use of weightier lures and lines, and angling on the water with dense cover. It will also work well for offshore trolling, deep-sea angling, and surf fishing. 

When throwing in small lures and lines guide, you will need a lighter pole. Such fish include crappie, bream, and panfish.  Lightweight can also work well in clear and open water bodies. Ultra-light poles are tailored for casting 2-6 pound test lines and 1/32 ounce lures. 

Q: How do I keep my spinning pole clean?

Cleaning your rod well will ensure you get quality and long-lasting services. Ensure the rod is rinsed with clean water after every use to get rid of dirt, salt, and sand. This will prevent any foreign particles from getting into the crannies and the nooks of the poles.  To remove tough dirt, uses a mild soap mixed with warm water and wash the entire rod. Avoid harsh washing items as this could damage the spinning pole. All components should be cleaned thoroughly in a gentle manner. Replacement should be done on the damaged part before heading out to the next trip. Finally, the rod should be dried entirely and thereafter wiped with lubricants to preserve its exterior prevent corrosion. Apply grease on rod guides as well.

Q: How do I store my spinning pole?

After cleaning, drying, and oiling the rod, it is recommended to keep it properly. Proper storage protects the rod and its component from any damage. Put it in a cover or a sleeve and keep it in the case mounted horizontally or vertically away from possible harm. Never keep the rod by leaning it on a corner or a wall, as this may cause it to bend. Storing it in a tube is also not recommended as it can humidity can damage the rod. Exposure to extreme heat or cold should also be avoided, as this can reduce the durability of the pole.

Features of the Best Spinning Rods

# Product Name Features More Info
1 KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods
Carbon fiber blank
Fuji O-Ring line guides
High-density EVA handle
Tuned ergonomic graphite robust reel seats
SAf-T-keeper hook holder
Smooth power transition
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2 Cadence Spinning rod
30-Ton carbon blanks
Split and full two-handle configuration
SIC guide inserts
Super smooth power
Fuji reel seats
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3 Shimano FXS 2 Piece 
Aero glass blank construction
EVA handle grips
Reinforced aluminum oxide guides
Graphite reel seats
Check Latest Price
4 Ugly Stik Elite 
35% more graphite
Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides
Exposed blank style reel seats
Superior cork grip with logo
Check Latest Price
5 Entsport E Series – Sirius 
High-tensile strong carbon blanks
A cushioned stainless steel hood
Stainless steel guides and inserts 
Multi-purpose hook holder
High-density EVA grip
Check Latest Price
6 Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods Graphite carbon blank
Cork handle grip
One-piece or two-piece versions
Multiple actions and lengths
Stainless steel guides and inserts
Check Latest Price

Final Word

With the best spinning rod, you will have a stress-free and enjoyable fishing experience. You need to choose wisely by reading through each of the reviewed products to find one that matches your needs. The buyer’s guide will help you know what features are critical when purchasing a spinning pole.

The weight, length, handle design, blank material, and durability will guide you towards getting the rod that will be effective and efficient. Be ready to spend more if you want a high performing pole that comes with increased sensitivity and will give long-lasting services. If you travel regularly, then a 2-pice rod will be perfect for you. Fenwicks Eagle Spinning pole s and Cadence Spinning pole are the best choices for travelers. 

With this article, you will get the perfect spinning g rod that is fit for your fishing technique. Ensure the pole is matches with correct reel, lines, and the lures. Buy one from the six top-rated and have an enjoyable spin fishing experience on your next trip!

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