Top 6 Best Surf Fishing Rod in 2021| Comprehensive Buying guide

Nothing is more relaxing like standing on the shoreline fishing or wading in the surf. It not only provides an opportunity to catch different species of fish but also, anglers can as well spend time with their families on the shore while enjoying their favorite surf game. When surf fishing, a boat or pier is not needed. You only need the right fishing gear for the day out to be successful.

The majority of anglers agree that one is as good as their rod. This, therefore, implies that for fishermen to be successful, they need to get the best surf fishing rod for shoreline angling. The poles for surfcasting are specialized, and those that are used for other types of fishing may not work. They tend to be longer and lighter to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Hence, you need thorough research in order to land on the best gear.

No more stress since here we ensure you get the right gear for your next surfcasting trip. We review the six top-rated that guarantees you quality and durable services, even in salty water. READ THROUGH FIRST to understand all about the surf fishing rod before making a choice.

Top 6 Surf Fishing Rod in 2021 (Best Picks)

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Surf Fishing Rod

What to Consider When Buying the Surf Fishing Rods

The market is saturated with different types of surfcasting rods from various manufacturers. As much as this indicates that you will never miss one, it also means careful consideration should be made in order to get the best out of the many.  But, this can only happen if you carefully consider the crucial features that will match your fishing styles. These are discussed below:

  • Length of the Rod

Surf fishing requires a rod with a significant measurement since fishing will be done from the shore. This implies that you may be needed to cast further in order to increases the chances of getting a catch, especially for species that tend to stay deep in water. Usually, the appropriate size rangers from 7ft top 15ft. A choice of the length will depend now on whether you want to cast a short distance or further. The long rods may not give accurate casting since you may not have much control of where the hook lands.  Consider shorter rods if your fishing in beaches where the waves come close to the shoreline as it will ring with it the fish that tend to stay further.

Precisely, chose a rod that you feel much control over it while ensuring its length will be appropriate in fighting big fish. Also, consider those that are collapsible so as to make storage and transport easier. The bigger sizes may make carrying and keeping challenging, especially if the rod is one piece. Although anglers were concerned about collapsible poles because of decreased sensitivity, companies have continually made improvements to ensure they are as effective as traditional ones.

  • Construction 

In order to get long-lasting services, you should check that the rod is constructed using durable materials. Never compromise on quality as the poles are a significant investment as far as fishing is concerned. Choose a rod that cannot break easily in case of accidents as you will never tell what is going to happen while out on the beach casting.  Fiberglass is known to be robust, though, with compromised sensitivity. This is good for the beginners, and experienced anglers can go for graphite. Experts tend to have mastered the art and can use graphite, which is reasonable sturdy with increased sensitivity.

How the reel seats and handles are constructed is another crucial thing to look at. Ensure the reel seats are made of non-corrosive materials since mostly you will be casting in saltwater. Always clean it thoroughly for better services. The handle should also be sturdy; either those made of cork or foam can be chosen. They are both durable with careful use. The grip should also be long enough to accommodate both hands for long-distance casting. 

  • Power 

The more powerful rod should be chosen if you are targeting to land on bigger fish. Otherwise, choose less powerful rods if your preference is small catches. The power of the rod will also dictate which size of lure will be used. For instance, less sturdy poles might not cast the heavy lures as they will bend easily, reducing the control you have on the poles. If you want a versatile stick, then buy a medium-heavy pole that can catch any size of fish.

  • Action

The bend of the rod when the load is applied to it and how fast it comes back to its original position when pressure is removed is what is referred to as action. A fast-action pole will bend near the tip making it more responsive when moved. Conversely, a slow action rod will curve towards the middle, and the pole may respond slowly when moved. 

Surf fishing requires either a fast or a moderate action rod. Those with fast action make catching larger fish stress-free. They sink the hook quickly with high sensitivity to detect a subtle bite. You can create an accurate casting using these rods over short distances. Poles with moderate action are suitable for live lures.  You get more time to reel them with power as they bend more, giving leeway to fight the fish. Always choose one, depending on your fishing style. 

  • Lure And Line Ratings

These ratings specify the kind of lure weights and line thickness that you are going to use when surfcasting.  Using the lures and lines that are more compared to rod ratings can result in pole breakage. If you are looking forward to using heavy baits, then more powerful rods will be ideal. They are more durable and can accommodate weightier lures and thicker lines without breaking. However, this will mean limiting the species of fish you are likely to catch, as smaller ones will be scared away. On the other hand, consider a less powerful rod if using small lures and thinner lines for small fish.

  • Casting Distance

The rod should be able to go further past the breaking waves. This means you need to buy a longer fishing pole. Furthermore, you need a lengthier rod to be ready to fight big fish. If you want to cast over a short distance, then a length of 7ft will work just fine. 

Detailed Review of Six Top-Rated Surf Fishing Rods

Since there are countless options in the market, it feels better to get some fishing rods that have been tested and approved to work best in surf fishing. This is what we have done to make your work more comfortable as you get to choose from the top 6 that have great features with effectiveness and efficiency. Check them below: 

01- Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

Okuma Tundra is the best surf combo that comes with a 10ft rod and size 80 spinning reel. Built with fiberglass and one ball bearing spool, you are assured of quality and durable services. The durability is further enhanced by aluminum oxide guides that are corrosion-resistant to withstand saltwater conditions.  The graphite spool is also rust-free with ceramic inserts for a smooth transition with no pop-outs. 

No fatigue all day long as the handles are EVA foam fore and grips at the rear part for comfort and long-lasting services.  The reinforced twin footed guides make is[t sturdy to pull bigger catch that is common in sea fishing. Get one today and fish without worry about breaking your fishing rod.

Key Features

  • 10 feet long rod that allows significant casting distance and enough strength for pulling big catch.
  • Aluminum oxides guides that are corrosion resistant for durable services
  • EVA foam handles that are durable and comfortable for a day-long fishing
  • Fiberglass blank that does not break easily with reasonable sensitivity
  • One ball bearing system reel that results in smooth casting 
  • Graphite spool that is rust free making it suitable for saltwater condition


  • Brand: Okuma fishing
  • Model: TU-1002-80
  • Weight: 15.7 ounces
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Size: 80
  • Blank Construction: Fiberglass

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Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

The Fiblink surf rods have superior carbon fiber construction that gives it strength, high performance, and sensitivity. This is further enhanced by stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts that make casting smooth, long, and prevents lines from stacking inside. The non-slip handles made of rubber shrink tube provides comfort to ensure you fish for long hours without fatigue. 

There are also machined tapered hoods transmission below and above for durability and maximum strength.  This is additionally made superb by the extremely exposed reek seats that allow direct contact of the rod and the hands. Fablink is a heavy power and moderate-fast action pole that makes it perfect for surf fishing as you can comfortably pull out big fish without breaking it.  Get it and cast 4-8 oz. lures with 20-40lb lines that are made smooth by the 5+1 guides.

Key Features

  • Carbon fiber construction that gives it strength, high-performance, sensitivity and durability
  • Extremely exposed reel seats for maximum sensitivity as a result of direct contact of rods with hands
  • Durable stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for smooth long casts
  • Non-slip handle made of rubber shrink tube for maximum comfort , strength and long-lasting services
  • Moderate-fast action with heavy power for long cast targeting big fish


  • Brand: Fiblink
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Pieces: 2
  • Length: 12ft. 
  • Construction: carbon fiber

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BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Berrypro surf rod is constructed using 36T X-carbon technology blanks, which give it strength, power, and sensitivity. The performance is additionally enhanced by the stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for smooth casting. The guides are accurately aligned along the bottom of the blank for perfect sensitivity transmission right to your hands. 

The quality components used in building the poles gives quality and durable services. This includes EVA handles for comfort,  high-strength reel seats, non-slip shrink tube design, anti-wear rubber butt cap, and textured carbon fiber surface. All these combined f-gives you a rod that is comfortable to use for long hours in saltwater conditions. The flexibility and toughness make it a perfect choice for professional anglers. 

Key Features

  • 36T X-carbon construction for strength, power, and sensitivity
  • Superior stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for smooth and long casts
  • High-density EVA handles for comfort and durability
  • High-strength seats that hold the reels firmly in place


  • Brand: Berrypro
  • Length: 13 ft. 3inch
  • Piece: 3
  • Guides: 6+1
  • Action: Fast
  • Lure weight: 3-6oz
  • Line weight: 20-40lb

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Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod

Penn Battalion Surf rod is a perfect choice for pier and beach fishing since it is sturdy construction. It features graphite blanks that are sensitive and with high-performance. The guides are made of Fuji aluminum oxides, which are non-corrosive and give smooth long casts. The reals seats are also sturdy, offering secure and firm connections between the rod and the reels. Hold it comfortable, whether wet or dry, since the grip is well designed with rubber shrink tube.

Transport and storage are stress-free as the rod is 12 feet 2-piece collapsible design. You can use it to draws up to 40lbs weight with options of 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft in case of need for short casting. Get it and enjoy the strong long casts and sufficient power. 

Key Features

  • Graphite composite blank that gives it high sensitivity and performance
  • Fuji aluminum oxides guides that result in smooth casts and durable services
  • Fuji reel seats that tough for a firm and secure connection of the poles and reels
  • Rubber shrink tube grip design for secure holding in both wet and dry conditions


  • Brand: Penn
  • Model: BATSF2040S12
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Length: 12ft.
  • Blank material: Graphite 

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Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Rod

TICA is made of high-0modulus TC3 graphite fabric that gives it high performance and superior sensitivity.  Every component used is of high-quality to ensure you get durable services. This includes the Fuji alconite tip top guides, DPS reel seats, and Fuji hardloy rig guides. The cork handles ensure you remain stylish =while fishing with much comfort even for an extended period. 

Never worry about how you will carry and store this 9ft rod since it is two-piece and can be collapsed to portable design. Tica UGSA series makes a perfect rod for inshore fishing, and you get to choose different lengths ranging from 9ft to 12ft depending on your needs. They are also available on different power ratings, and you can select medium, medium-heavy, or heavy poles. Evaluate your requirements and choose one according to have a superb next surf fishing excursion. 

Key Features

  • High-modulus TC3 graphite construction for superior sensitivity and performance
  • Fuji components which include Alconite tip-top guide, DPS reel seats and hardloy ring guides that are durable
  • Non-slip cork handle which is stylish, comfortable and long-lasting
  • Foldable hook keeper for easy use
  • Lengthy to provide long casting for big fish


  • Brand: TICA
  • Model: UGSA90M2S
  • Length: 9 ft.
  • Pieces: 2
  • Power: medium

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St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod

St. Croix Triumph Surf pole is the perfect product for travelers because of its 8 feet 2-piece construction. Transport and storages are stress-free and straightforward. Additionally, the pole is lightweight, weighing only 9.2 ounces allowing you to cast for an extended period without getting tired. This is further enhanced by corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide guides that give long-lasting services.  

Fish without concerns of disconnection as the Fuji DPS reels seats keeps reels firmly in place. Also, the cork handle is much comfortable and durable. The quality is further guaranteed by a 5-year warranty that gives you the confidence to shop for St. Croix Triumph surf poles.

Key Features

  • Weights 9.2 ounces which is significantly lightweight for a day-long fishing
  • Fuji DPS reel seats that keep reels firmly and securely connected to the rod
  • Nine feet long with the 4-piece collapsible design making transport and storage easy
  • 5-year warranty which gives confidence in its quality


  • Brand: St. Croix
  • Model: TSRS80M2
  • Material: SCII graphite
  • Pieces: 2
  • Length: 8 feet

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Q: Which one between spinning and casting rod can be used for surf fishing?

Both spinning and casting rod can be used on surf fishing. The one to be chosen primarily depends on preference and level of skills in angling. The spinning rods have a smooth learning curve compared to casting poles, which may present challenges to beginners. Nonetheless, spinning can easily twist the learn, making it hard to fight the big catch effectively. Casting poles allows you to throw I lure further, but backlashes of the reels may be encountered. Choose one that you are comfortable using.

Q: What is the perfect length for surf fishing poles?

The ideal lengths vary depending on the fishing needs. You get to choose one according to your preference. Nevertheless, shorter rods are meant for short casts and produce much power, speed, and frequency. For further casting, you need longer poles with the strength to fight bigger catch. 

Q: What features make a rod suitable for traveling?

A pole that can be collapsed into two or more pieces is an ideal rod for travelers. They are easy to store and transport as they can be folded and put in a bag. The more the number of pieces, the convenient it is to carry the pole while on journeys.

Q: Do I need a specialized  pole for surf fishing in salt and fresh water?

Any surf fishing can work in freshwater. But, the ones for saltwater conditions should be constructed to withstand the corrosive nature of sea fishing. Look at the components to ensure they are sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel or aluminum oxides give durable services. Check also the material used I building the reel seats.

Features of the Top-Rated Surf Fishing Rods 

Product Name Features
Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo
Graphite spool
Fiberglass blank 
One ball bearing reel system
Aluminum oxide guides with ceramic inserts
Holds 260 yards 
EVA foam fore handle
Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
Carbon fiber construction
Medium-fast action with heavy power
Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts
Non-slip rubber shrink tube grip
Extremely exposed reel seats 5+1 guides
BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
36T X-carbon construction
Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts
EVA handles 6+1 guides
Non-slip shrink tube design
Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod
Graphite blank construction
Fuji aluminum oxides guides
Rubber shrink tube handles
Fuji reel seats 2-piece collapsible design 
Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Rod High-modulus
TC3 graphite construction
FUJI ALCONITE tip top guides
Sliding foldable hook keeper
Non-slip cork handle
Custom diamond wrap grip 
St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod Sturdy aluminum oxide guides
Fuji DPS reel seats that have frosted silver hoods
4-piece construction
5-year warranty

Final Word

Never will you get bored again at the beach when you learn this exciting sport called surf fishing. However,  it will not get better without appropriate equipment, more so the best surf fishing rod.  Like always, it has been said an angler is as good as their pole. You need to choose the pole wisely since it is an essential and necessary tool.

Evidently, the surf fishing rod is just like any other pole except for the construction, which makes it withstand the harsh inshore environment.  The length should be long enough since you will be standing on the shoreline while fishing.  This calls for consideration of collapsible designs with several pieces for easy transport and storage. Also, large species are common in the sea, and this is the reason why you may need to consider fast action rods with medium-heavy or heavy power. This will make fishing seamlessly easier and convenient. 

Finally, check at the components used in the construction of the pole. The constituents should be rust-free due to the corrosive nature of saltwater. However, this will be an exception if angling in freshwater. Why wait? Choose any of the six that best suits your needs and have an adventurer’s surf fishing expedition!

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