Best Torch For Glass Blowing Pipes (5 Torch Reviewed)

In the torchworking or lampworking technique, glass is heated in a series of furnaces or with a gas torch. Glass blowing is a long-standing art form that involves molten molding glass with torches that burn various gases, including natural gas, butane, and others. Glassblowers today employ a variety of heating techniques to maintain the glass above the requisite temperature of 1000° F. 

Glass blowing is a process of manipulating glass at extremely high heats. It is used to create glass art, jewellery, and glass ceramics. Glass blowing torches have some uses outside of glasswork, such as in the kitchen for caramelizing sugar on top of a crème brûlée. From preparing food to making your jewellery, from annealing silver to copper pipe soldering, these torches come in handy in many applications.   

We’ll look at the five best Torches for Glass Blowing Pipes, their reviews, and what you should know before purchasing any of the brands in this list. 

Quick Overview Of The Selected Torches For Glass Blowing Pipes

                            Name                         Features  PriceRating
1. 1. Max Temperature heat to 2642°F (1450°C),
2. Powerful Super Swirl Cyclone FlamePowerful Cyclone Swirl Flame, heat up to 2642°F (1450°C)
3. Trigger Start Piezo Ignition, with adjustable flame, controls standard propane or MAPP or MAP/Pro gas cartridge


  4.5 stars

1. Push-button switch style
2. Gas-powered
3. The electronic style of operation
4. Adjustable, Continuously Flame Mode for better customization.
5. It has 90 days hassle-free full refund and 18 months warranty
6. Ergonomic grip for easy and secure handling


3. 1. Self-ignition button with safety lock.
2. With regular butane gas, the vast tank capacity enables up to a 75-minute run duration. 
3. Highly portable, weighing only about 2 kgDurable and comes with a storage case
4. High flame temperatures of up to 537 degrees Celsius
5. Flame adjustment lever
6. Ergonomic grip for comfort



1. In-built ignition system
2. High flame temperatures of 1315 degrees
3. CelsiusEasy to use, convenient sliding flame switch
4. The Torch can last up to 60 minutes when filled 
5. Flame temperature is up to 2,400 degrees
6. Fahrenheit/1,315 degrees Celsius Convenient continuous flame switch on the side



1. Precision flame control for customized applications
2. Secure and comfortable non-slip rubber grip1370-degrees
3. Celsius torch flame with a lower option setting
4. Variety of flame types to select from
5. Wind resistant flame
6. Refillable gas tank
7. Piezoelectric ignition system needs no electricity.


  4.5 Stars

1. Bluefire HB-875B-B Handy Cyclone Torch

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BLUEFIRE HB-875B is a Multi-purpose Torch Head featured with a Trigger Start Piezo Ignition and High Heat Output.  

It is designed and manufactured under the highest standards. The lightweight designed torch head can fit US standard CGA600 1lb Fuel Gas Cylinders, comfortable for a long time working. The Torch is compatible with Propane, MAPP and MAP/PRO. 

The patent nozzle tip produces a super-strong cyclone swirl flame, which can heat up to 2642°F. It and a high output rate of 7481 BTU/hr, which can meet almost all your needs, from welding/brazing/soldering pipes to lighting charcoals and searing meat. You can even make glass beads for other DIY tasks that need high heat treating. Great for both professional or home needs. 


1. Glass Beads Making

2. Welding and Soldering

3. Braze Copper Pipes

4. Harden Steel

5. Searing meat and other Grilling purposes

6. Thawing Pipes

7. Loosen Rusty Bolts

8. Charcoal Starter

2. Sondiko Culinary Butane Torch

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The Sondiko Culinary Butane Torch Torch is a professional tool meant for domestic use, and its functions can be well spread from the kitchen to the garage, shop or lab. That’s because this Torch is portable, lightweight, safe and durable. For its versatility, this device is fit for use on various projects and dishes at home.

Whether you are a professional or a novice, the Torch’s ergonomic grip makes it simple to use and suits anyone who needs it. Piezo Ignition Technology enables use at any angle, including upside down, with one-handed operation, an adjustable temperature regulator for perfect flame control, and a flame temperature of up to 1300 °C/2372 °F. 

The torch body is constructed from Aluminum alloy and ABC plastic, which enhance its durability and safety. The flame adjusting lever is easy to handle as you regulate the gas flow.


• ‎Ideal for caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee 

• Glazing a baked ham 

• Searing tak 

• Roasting bell peppers

• Melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs  

• Lighting your fireplace, candles or cigars 

• For hobby, arts and crafts projects 

• Jewellery making, welding

• For multiple camping applications 

3. Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Glass Blowing Butane Torch

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The Dremel Versa Flame multi-function butane torch has flame control options for Torch and regular flame operation and provides changeable temperature. The Versa Flame is a versatile instrument that may be used for various tasks, including soldering, pipe fitting, shrinking, and even culinary brazing. 

The self-ignition button comes with a safety lock that can guarantee you safe use of the device. Besides this, the flame lock-on feature enables the Torch to operate hands-free continuously. This continuous operation is enabled by the device’s large tank that can run uninterrupted for 75 minutes.

The flame control feature in both the Torch and the flame makes this tool unique and efficient. This Torch is essential in regulating the size of the flame from the small size that can solder a jump ring to a large flame that anneals medium-sized pieces of silver.

It is not too expensive and has a two-year warranty with multiple attachments in a single purchase. 


1. Lighting your fireplace, candles or cigars 

2. For hobby, arts and crafts projects 

3. Jewellery making, welding

4. Welding and Soldering

5. Braze Copper Pipes

6. Harden Steel

4. SE Deluxe MT3001 Power Torch

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SE proudly presents our Deluxe Butane Power Torch with Built-In Ignition System. The thumb release lock mechanism helps prevent unintended use by youngsters. Hence this system is CPSC approved. The Torch is securely held upright by the Torch’s detachable base. 

With an astonishing large fuel tank, the flame can burn for as long as 60 minutes. The nozzle comes in both small and large sizes to meet your different needs. The Torch’s temperatures can reach as high as 1315 degrees Celsius. It makes your culinary artworks easy and effective. The Torch has an independent sliding switch on the side that allows you to adjust the flame temperature to suit your needs.


1. Glass Beads Making

2. Welding and Soldering

3. Braze Copper Pipes

4. Harden Steel

5. Searing meat and other Grilling purposes

5. Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Micro-Torch

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The Blazer GB2001 is designed for comfort, ease of use, safety and comfortable grip. The device’s body has diamond-shaped patterns that are rubber. It gives you a firm and secure non-slip grip on your gas torch.

With its piezoelectric ignition system, you won’t need electricity to power the Torch. The piezoelectric energy is a result of the trigger action that releases a miniature, spring-loaded internal hammer. With this hammering action, a spark is produced that ignites a gas flame. The flame heat can be adjusted from yellow to the hotter blue flame by manipulating the flame’s length and width.


1. Searing a steak 

2. Roasting bell peppers

3. Melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs  

4. Jewellery making, welding

5. Welding and Soldering

6. Braze Copper Pipes

7. Harden Steel

What You Should Know Before Buying A Torch For Glass Blowing Pipes

Having the right glass blowing micro torch allows you to undertake many works ranging from jewellery-making to repairing tasks domestically and industrially.

After going through the top-rated butane/propane torches on the market, it’s time to consider what to consider before getting one. Let’s check the essential buying factors-

Build And Quality

Plastic builds are more resistant to abrasions and do not corrode. It makes them more durable compared to the metal ones. Although the plastic-type torches are heavier, they don’t heat themselves since they also act as insulators.

The aluminium or steel torches are lighter and therefore portable and lightweight. It prevents you from hand and wrist fatigue even after prolonged usage. The materials used to construct the body of your Torch is vital. 

Some are constructed of rugged plastic, while others are composed of solid metal like steel or aluminium. Torches with a plastic body do not corrode and are less likely to be scratched. They’re also more extensive and don’t become hot when you’re using them. 

Safety Lock System

This feature is essential when it comes to the prevention of injuries and accidents. Remember that children are always curious and can accidentally turn on the Torch. This feature helps prevent that.

Your glass blowing torch should be equipped with adequate safety features. It is a number one priority when you are working from the kitchen with flammable items abound. The mechanism also prevents gas from leaking when nobody is using it. Those who travel would find this feature a necessary safeguard against leakage and accidental ignitions.

Ignition System

The simple on/off button is ideal for the ignition system. You can always rely on a simple button push since you need an immediate on/off function. Some device comes with an internal ignition feature which doesn’t require electricity.

The use of complicated ignition methods is a turnoff. Check to see if the ignition system is self-igniting and does not require the use of electricity. The ignition system for the majority of torches is a simple on/off button. 

These will function right away and make it crystal evident which mode the Torch is tuned. These do not require electricity to operate, but they are more complicated. These are not recommended for beginners because they can be perplexing. 

Adjustable Flame

Adjustable flame is an essential factor because it gives you full power to determine the size of the flame, whether you want it big or small for your job to be done. You need to control the flow of the gas. The control over how much gas flows save on fuel too. Good-quality Glass blowing torches will have an adjustable flame. 

Some torches have a single dial flame control. Torches with such a flame control mechanism are ideal for culinary usage. However, upon need, they can hit up to 1370 degrees Celsius. If your Torch does not, it is more likely to be designed for use with food as temperatures do not need to be as high for this. 

Burn Time

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best gas blowing torch, you must consider the burning time. Different torches have different burn times because of the capacity of the fuel tanks they have.

Burn time dramatically affects the type and quality of work you undertake. A torch that is solely used in the kitchen maybe have a short burn time, which is fine. For torches that you want to use on more extensive and complex projects, seek ones with longer burn time.

The time it takes for the fuel to burn is dependent on the size of the fuel tank. The longer the burn period, in general, the larger the gasoline tank. The burn time varies between 30 and 90 minutes on average. 


Gas blowing torches have varying price tags. It could be because of the feature variations and brand value of the manufacturing company.

Determine how much you are ready to spend on the purchase. You can select a torch that resonates well with your job requirements. It is advisable not to overspend on a torch that has fancy features you may not need. Compare prices of different gas torches after determining which features are necessary for you.

The cost of a glass-blowing torch can vary widely depending on the additional features and the quality of the manufacturing process.

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