Best Underwater Fishing Lights in 2021 | Attract Fish Anytime, Anywhere!

With the advancement in technology, companies have come up with different devices that make anglers work easier, unlike in the past. Fishing is fulfilling when you get a significant catch without spending much time in the waters.  The modern equipment has made this possible, and it is a game-changer with fishing experience increasingly becoming more fantastic. However, there is a need to invest in the necessary tools to get an enjoyable experience like no other. 

Underwater fishing lights are one of the devices that have been invented to help the anglers. This equipment is resourceful as is attracts fish by brightness; making it possible to work at night. You can get portable or permanently mounted lights which both serve the same purpose with different benefits. However, before settling on one, a few considerations should be made. These considerations include the type of light, color, a number of lumens, waterproof and many more that we are going to look at in this article.

In order to help you get the best underwater fishing lights, we have reviewed top-rated products in the market. Additionally, the buying guide is also here to assist anglers in making an informed decision before settling on one.  

Top 6 Underwater fishing lights In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Best Underwater Fishing Lights

The above devices are among the best in the market. But, you might be wondering which one is the best for you. Kindly read through the reviews below of each of the products before buying one.

01- Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Fishing Light 

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This illumination device has a 5-sided LED light that gives a 360-degree outlook. It comes with three different colors of white, blue and green which are super bright to attract the squid, fish, and prawns. Squid are attracted to green color while the prawns to a blue LED. For general purposes fishing the white, LED is a good option. 

The battery can be used continually for 50,000 hours since the 900 lumens have ultra-low battery consumption. The 180 SMD beautiful bright LED illuminations attract the fish to your preferred spot from all directions. 

Features that make it stand out

  • 900 lumens with ultra-low battery consumption which last up to 50,000 hours of non-stop use
  • 5-sided for a 360-degree view
  • 180 SMD splendid light that attracts fish to a preferred spot
  • White, green and blue colors to attract different targeted aquatic animals


  • Brand: Lightingsky
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces
  • Color: White
  • Cord length: 5m
  • Lumens: 900

02- SUPERNIGHT 600 LEDs Submersible Fishing Light

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Apart from using this LED device for decorating cars, bedroom or at a party, many anglers prefer it since it is waterproof. The 600 LEDs provide ultra-bright illumination of up to 50,000 hours of non-stop use. Its green color is able to attract more fish while maintaining low-power consumption. 

Attachment is done using the self-adhesive tape on the reverse, which is quite easy to install. The strip is 16.4ft which allows greater flexibility to curve around. Superlight 600 LED products are the best in value and durable.

Features that make it stand out 

  • Self-adhesive-tape at the reverse hat makes it easy to install
  • 600 LED that can be used for 50,000 hours continuously
  • Adjustable strips of illuminations 
  • Waterproof 


  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Color: Green
  • Cord length: 16.4ft
  • No. of LEDs: 600

03- Amarine-made green Submersible Deep Drop Underwater Light 

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This is a type of lamp that can be submerged in deep water that excellently lures and induces the fish around. The device has 180 SMD super bright illuminations with energy-saving batteries that can work for 50,000 hours non-stop. With 6-sided LED and 1000 lumen brightness, it has a 360 degrees outlook to attract as many fish as possible. The inner globe is replaceable with a 7-inch length that makes it convenient to store. Furthermore, the device is portable as it weighs only 365g with a 6m power string that has battery clips. 

Features that make it stand out

  • 6-sided LED light for 360-degree outlook
  • 1000 lumen glow that consumes less power
  • Super light making it portable
  • Globe which is replaceable 


  • Brand: Amarine-made
  • Weight: 395g
  • Color: Green
  • Cord length: 6m
  • Lumens: 1000

04- Linkstyle 1000 Lumens Submersible Underwater Light

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This device is designed to make your fishing seamlessly easy. The 180 LED extremely glows in 5-sided make for 360-degree illumination. All kinds of fish are usually attracted to this kind of light, making your work less stressful. The built-in weight is 450g which is lightweight enough to carry but still sinks well into the water. You will not only use it on boats but also, in sea fishing, small nets, cage angling, and light cove net. The color green adds to its effectiveness with the replaceable interior globe. It can be used up to 50,000 hours without fear of power running out as the LED has extremely-low battery consumption. 

Features that make it stand out

  • 180 SMD extremely glowing LED  with 10000 lumens to attract more fish
  • Completely waterproof with 50,000 hours of non-stop use
  • 450g built-in weight that allows it to sinks without the added weight
  • Replaceable interior globe


  • Brand: Link style
  • Weight: 450g
  • Color: Green
  • Cord length: 6m
  • Lumens: 1000

Looks effective, right?

05- Fire-Water Marine Maxx Led Green Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light 

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This is an American made green lantern underwater fish attractor. The device is totally weighted and would sink without any additional weight. Anglers can use the equipment for boats, piers, and docks. Brightness is super and comes from 10000 lumens that consume minimal power giving non-stop use of up to 50,000 hours. It has a total of 300 LEDs which can work both in salty and freshwater. Storage is not an issue as the device comes in a compact, lightweight size. This device comes in green color, but there is a similar make which is white. All the fish from around where the light is are attracted since the equipment is 5-sided, giving a 360-degree view. 

Features make it stand out

  • 5-sided LED giving 360-degree view
  • Fully weighted to submerge in the water independently
  • Compact for easy storage
  • The green color that attracts different types of fish
  • 300 LEDs bulbs with 10,000 lumens that attract fish with low power consumption


  • Brand: Firewater marine
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Color: Green
  • Cord length: 15ft
  • Lumens: 10000
  • No. of LED: 300

06- LED Green Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light 

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Green lantern submersible light glows through the waters at night to attract a different kind of fish. Is has 65 LED bulbs with 2000 lumens that is very bright but uses minimal power. The equipment comes in a compact size for secure storage while at the same time, fully weighted to sink without support. You get 50,000 hours of continuous use with a 360-degree view that attracts fish from all directions. Whether in salt or freshwater, the device works perfectly.

Features that make it stand out

  • 65 LED bulbs with 2000 lumens that offer maximum brightness wit minimum power
  • Compact size that makes storage easy
  • Green in color to attract different types of fish
  • Fully weighted for unaided sinking
  • 360-degree view attracting fish from all directions


  • Brand: The Green Lantern
  • Weight: 10 Ounces
  • Color: Green
  • Cord length: 15ft
  • Lumens: 2000
  • No. of LED: 65

Features to look out for to get the best underwater fishing lights – Buying guide

Making a choice when it comes to submersible fishing lights can be a challenge. It calls for a thorough check on the critical features of each of the available devices. Kindly check the features discussed that is crucial when shopping for appropriate light fishing equipment.

  • Type

There are three different types of submersible fishing lights which include covered bulb, uncovered bulb, and LEDs. All these kinds of lights can be used in water, and they work perfectly in attracting the fish. However, they have their benefits and drawbacks, which should be considered when buying an underwater illumination device. Let us look at each one of them below:

The covered bulb is the recent development in water lighting systems which are more secure and safe. However, they are highly-priced and do not match the quality that is represented in other types of lighting devices. They are not as bright as LEDs, have high power output, and they do not last long when in use. 

The uncovered are produced from the conventional type of illumination bulbs which do not require maintenance. Metal halide or mercury vapor is used to power the bulbs. This type of illumination is the most preferred because they do not need repairs and can be used in all kinds of environments. However, they are not durable compared to LEDs which gives long-term services.

The LEDs are modern technology in underwater illumination systems. Anglers are increasingly going for LEDs since they can be used continually for up to 50,000 hours. They produce significantly bright light with less energy without overheating. The downside is that they are expensive compared to uncovered, but the cost is worth in the long run. They are also not suitable for permanent installation since they require exterior bulb cleaning after some time. 

  • Lumen ratings

Lumen ratings indicate the amount of visible illumination that a lighting device can produce. Therefore, the higher the score, the brighter will be the light produced. However, the needs differ, and you will have to buy one depending on its intended use and location. The illumination device reviewed here is LEDs because of its ability to produce super bright light that has a significant effect in attracting fish. They also have less power consumption and long lifespan. The wattage should not be depended upon as they may not necessarily indicate the amount of illumination produces.

  • Brightness

The brightness of the illumination device on the land is different from the glow in the water. This is because the light cannot travel far in water compared to the air. The brightness needed will, therefore, depend on how clear the water used is and how the lighting device works. If the water used is dirty, then one will require an illumination device with high lumen ratings compared to those fishing in clean waters.  

Additionally, if you intend to hook the lighting device on a boat, then it should be super bright because of increased distance that light needs to travel in order to attract fish from deep water. That which will submerge in water does not necessarily require many ratings but ensure it has a 360-degree view. Illumination devices with 800 lumens are quite enough to produce bright light that can attract significant number of targeted aquatic animals. 

  • Weight

The weight will dictate how easy it is to carry the device around and usability. Get one that is lightweight and compact for portability and secure storage. Bulky equipment may be an inconvenience when moving around and can be a challenge during storage. The in-built weight and design should allow the device to get submerged in water without additional support. Lightweight may float, making it hard to use and needs extra weight for it to get immersed. The floating lighting device may not attract the fish as desired. 

  • Waterproof

An underwater illumination device should not only have a waterproof and sealed bulb, but the electric attachments around them should not be affected by liquid. As much as all the equipment intended to be used in water are waterproof, you must ensure this is the case for the preferred light to avoid landing on the wrong device. The level of water-resistant is also different from one device to the other. Get one that cannot let in water depending on the depth and length of fishing time. Some may get affected in deep waters or will not withstand liquid for an extended period. Generally, ensure you check well that the device is waterproof.

  • Color 

There are three preferred lights that work well in the water, which includes white, blue and green. They are used for different purposes and can draw different aquatic animal to the glow. Greenlight is mostly preferred by anglers as it attracts fish as well as shad, crappie and squid. Those targeting these animals should go for green underwater illumination devices. 

If the only target is the fish, then the blue glow will work impeccably. The white is generally used when the objective of enticement is not specific. They attract most things, but it is always good to use either blue or green because of their strength in attracting particular animals. Since you may not be accurate on the targeted animals, then having all colors may be appropriate. However, it may mean additional cost and extra hassle in taking all of them on fishing trips. If you decide to only go for one type, green will be the best as it is common and works wonderfully.

  • Warranty

An extended warranty period is always reasonable as it indicates the level in which manufactures trust in the quality of their products.  Quality products tend to have a significant period of warranty compared to those with poor quality. As long as you do not void the warranty, the companies will repair or replace any damaged device within that period. Those without any warranty should be avoided as there is no assurance if the device fails even on the first fishing excursion.


Q: How does underwater fishing lights work?

The main reason for using an illumination device in water is to increase the chances of getting a catch. The fishing light in the water attracts small plankton which small fish feed on. As the plankton gets near the lights the small fish follow. This will attract the larger predators, and you can easily catch the bigger fish as they attracted to whatever is going on around the lights. 

If angling continues on the same spot with the use of an illumination device, the fish will be conditioned to feeding there. They will, therefore, converge in that place waiting to feed, making your work more quick and effortless. Once the illumination device is lowered in the water, the fishing continues giving you a chance to find the best catch.   As long as the device has superior brightness, waterproof and durable it will make fishing fruitful and effortless.

Q: What are the benefits of submersible fishing lights?

Using an illumination device in water makes your fishing easier. It works well to attract fish around the lights, and this makes it perfectly quick to get a catch. Those who swim can be guided by the glows to where the boat is and also provide some illumination, making it possible to work at night.

Q: How do I use the lighting device appropriately to make fishing easier?

If you are not getting a desirable result, it could be because of not using the lighting device well. Here are the tips that will help you to use the tools correctly for maximum benefit:

Ensure the boat and the light devices are steady: the fishing lights will attract fish only when it is stable. Any movement and noise will scare away the catch giving undesirable results. Ensure the boat is anchored adequately for steady light which will lead to a high success rate.

 Maintain reasonable depth: Raising the light too high may reduce the number of fish that will be drawn near. When near the dock, proper depth is crucial. The deeper you lower the lights, the higher will be the results. Knowing the true extent calls for research and continued use of the illumination device. 

If possible use more lights in different colors: generally green color will be the best choice for those, who find it costly or inconveniencing to have more. However, fish have a distinct preference for specific colors. Using more colors will draw different species making it possible to have a good catch.

Comparison of the best underwater fishing lights in 2020

# Product Name Features  Info
1 Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Fishing Light 
5-sided LED
Three different color
900 lumen
Ultra-low battery use
180 SMD super brightness
50,000 hours non-stop use
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2 SUPERNIGHT 600 LEDs Submersible Fishing Light
600 LEDs
16.4ft LED strip
Waterproof 50,000 hours of use
Ultra-bright LED
Green color
Check Latest Price
3 Amarine-Made green Submersible Deep Drop Underwater Light 
1000 lumens glow
180 SMD LED lights
50,000 hours non-stop use
Green color
Replaceable inner globe
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4 Linkstyle 1000 Lumens Submersible Underwater Light
1000 lumens
180 SMD super glowing LED
50,000 hours non-stop use
Green color
Low-battery consumption
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5 Fire-Water Marine Maxx Led Green Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light 
360-degree view
Green color 50,000 hours of continuous use 300 LED bulbs Low battery consumption 5-sided 10000 lumens
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6 LED Green Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light 
2000 lumens Fully waterproof Green color 50,000 hours of non-stop use 65 LED bulbs Check Latest Price

Final Word

The success rate of anglers can be increased using underwater fishing lights. It works by emitting light which attracts fish to specific spots making it easy to get a catch. Furthermore, visibility is improved, making it possible to even fish at night.  This illumination device enhances safety while fishing and in case of an emergency, the boat can be easily located.

Nonetheless, the level of success will depend on whether you purchased the best underwater fishing lights. The best illumination device should be of the right color, waterproof, easy to use and is super bright in water. The green color is the most preferred as it can lure different species of fish. But, the blue and white can attract specific species as well. For those who go out to fish at night, the illumination device should produce enough brightness not only to draw the fish but also to light the way. 

For all the fishing equipment, it is crucial to check the necessary features keenly. This applies even in an illumination device for fishing. With it, your fishing will never be the same again! This review article has all it takes to get the best glowing tool that can be used in water. Choosing any of the reviewed products will change your fishing for the better. You will be surprised at how successful fishing will be even at night. 

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