Best Wood For Fishing Lures

Lures made from wood are known for their strength and low density, making them great floaters.

A fishing lure is a type of bait simulated to resemble prey fish to attract and catch the predator fish. Lures are often attached to a hook, and when the fish come to bite, they get hooked in the process. Wooden lures are widely available in the market, and they come in different colors, movements, and vibrations. Choosing the best type of wooden lure can be tasking since you have to make lots of trial and error and spend money while at it.

You don’t have to go through all the hustle; we researched and came up with a list of some of the best wooden fishing lures in the market. We have also compiled a buying guide to equip you with all the information you need when buying wooden lures. Read on!

Best Wood For Fishing Lures

Top 7 Wooden Fishing Lures

This section takes you through some of our tried and tested best picks or wooden lures. We have listed their key features and specifications to make it easier to choose one best suited for you. If you are looking for excellent quality and ready-made wooden lure, look no further.

Best For Saltwater Fishing:

It comes in various colors thus offers a wide range from which the users can choose.  This lure is designed to catch the fish in the upper and middle parts of the water, and the target fish species for this lure are giant trevally, tuna, striper, and doderleiniaberycoides.

Best For Big Fish:

The lure has beautiful and attractive colors. It also has excellent motion making it attractive to target fish.

Best For Artificial Baits:

They are designed with the right size and high speed. It consists of a sharp hook and luminous tail.

Best For Offshore Fishing:

Best for anglers involved in surfing and offshore fishing. It is recommended for users who want to catch big fish such as Elagatis Bipinnulata, Caranx Ignobilis, Striper, and Tuna.

Best For Long Casting:

It is a lure that comes in only one size. The hooks are round and made of black nickel.

Best For Topwater Fishing:

It is a lure that offers clients high quality.

Best For Tuna Fishing:

It can move horizontally and vertically.

Comparison Table For The Best Wood For Fishing Lures

All specifications for the fishing lures wood are summarized in the table. It makes it easy to decide by comparing the products.

The Best Wood For Fishing LuresBest ForSpecificationsColor Size/Weight
Best suited for offshore bait for Striper, GT, TunaHas a robust wire system that allows the user to attach the lure to the line.Comes in various colors, and that is black, yellow, pink, orange, and yellow.24cm
It is best for bass and tuna fishMade of wood, the hook is made of carbon steelColor E and is available in four colors20g
It is best for big fishHas bright and color to increase fish attractionSJ002-ShrimpFour pieces
It is best for tuna and striped bassFishing plugs and steel hooks.Available in two colors: black-silver and pink-yellow0.2 kg
Suitable for long castingMade of wood, specifically balsa, 100% naturalTennesse shad orange belly0.04 pounds
Best for topwater fishingTreble hooks with 140g baitsSilver blue4.9 ounces
Best for tuna fishingIt has 6-inch plugs and a 10/0 hookBlack, white6 inch

Top 7 Best Wood For Fishing Lures

This section looks at all the products in detail: their features and specifications, pros and cons. Reading through this section will help you understand each product and find the best for your needs. 

1. Best For Saltwater Fishing: Funmaker Wood Pooper Topwater Lure

No products found.

If you are looking for the best quality saltwater fishing lure, look no further than this. Funmaker is a handmade lure made of high-quality wood. This particular lure allows long casting, floating, and splashing. 


1. Can be used for offshore fishing. These baits are suitable for both offshore and surf fishing. It enables the user to target giant fish such as Striper, GT, and Tuna.

2. Has a strong wire system. This wiring system enables the lure to rotate and spin well and keeps the hook from breaking. 

3. Duplicates the swimming posture and sound of small fish when big fish are chasing them. This attracts the big fish because they assume there is a small fish around.

Product Specifications

Type of woodBassword
TypePopper Lure

1. Durable

2. Cost-friendly

3. Suitable for long casting


1. The lure may experience leaking

2. Best For Big Fish: Kmucutie Big Game Fishing Lure

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Kmucutie is a type of pencil lure designed to attract game fish such as Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Kingfish, Ahi, Dolphinfish, Barracuda, or Wahoo. It is suitable for saltwater fishing since it is rust-resistant. This hook is made from high carbon steel and is extremely strong and durable. It also features a perfect rotation that’s due to its construction.


1. The hook is made from carbon steel.  This material makes it extra strong and ideal for catching large fish.

2. It has a 300lb wire running through the lures full length. This allows for a perfect rotation and reduces the possibility of a thrown hook.

Product Specifications

Length8.5 inches
Type of woodBasswood

1. Has an attractive physical appearance.

2. Durable due to the robust swivels system it has.


1. Not ideal for long casting

3. Best For Artificial Baits: Lurehunter Squid Jigs

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The lure resembles real baitfish even though the material used to make this Lurehunter Squid jig is wood. This package comes with four different sized lures with sharp stainless steel squid hooks. The lure works well to attract big fish due to its luminous tail and bright color.


1. Lure has a luminous tail and bright colors.  These features attract big fish and make catching them easier.

2. It has hooks made of stainless steel, making them ideal for saltwater fishing since they can’t rust. 

3. It has a realistic body construction and 3D eyes; this makes the lure shimmer and shines like real baitfish.

Product Specifications

Package weight0.04kg
Type of woodCedar Wood

1. Resistant to corrosion.

2. Ideal for big fish

3. Resembles real baitfish


1. The hook is extremely sharp and can cause injury

4. Best For Offshore Fishing: Mxeol Popper Lure

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Mxeol lure is a handmade wooden lure that is specifically designed for saltwater fishing. It is designed for long cast, floating, and splashing and consists of 300lb wire, fishing plugs, and 4/0 saltwater-grade X5 steel hooks. It mainly targets tuna and striped bass but also works well with other species. If you plan to go offshore fishing, 


1. Has offshore baits that can also be used for surf fishing. It can catch big fish such as Striper, Tuna, and GT, and it also targets Top-water fish.

2. Hooks are attached to split rings and swivel.  Making this lure strong and durable.

3. Wooden topwater lures with 4/0 saltwater-grade X5 quality high carbon steel hooks.  This keeps them from rusting and is ideal for fishing in both fresh and saltwater.

Product Specifications

Length7 inch
ColourPink-yellow and Black-silver

1. Durable and strong.

2. Can be used for floating, long casting, and splashing

3. Great for offshore and surf fishing


1. A bit pricey

5. Best For Long Casting: Bagley Baits Diving B Lures

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Bagley lures are available in one size and are compatible with left-handed and right-handed users. All genders can use the lures. The manufacturers guarantee customer satisfaction by ensuring the lures are tested in water before releasing them to the market.


1. Made of natural balsa wood. Making them flexible, lightweight, and ideal for deepwater fishing.

2. Has a water-pushing lip. It makes the lure to go deep at a faster speed compared to other crankbait.

3. Incorporates the rapid plunge action. That helps to reach the fish hanging mostly by the drop-offs or at the bottom of the water.

Product Specifications

BrandBagley Baits
ManufacturerFirst Cast
Weight0.04 pounds
ColorTennesse shad orange belly

1. Strong

2. It offers a long casting distance

3. Excellent quality and durability


1. Can break.

6. Best For Topwater Fishing: Otomin Big Topwater Pencil Blue Popper Lures

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The anglers who use this lure target fish such as Redfish, Tuna, and Trout.


1. It reflects light, and the reflection is highly visible. It attracts much big fish such as Trout, Redfish, GT, Tuna, and Trolling.

2. Easy to handle. Anglers can pull them bask swiftly.

3. Have strong treble hooks. They offer durability. Their strength prevents fish from escaping from the hooks.

Product Specifications

Type of woodBalsa Wood
ColourSilver blue

1. Suitable for topwater fishing.

2. Easy to handle


Produces too much reflection that hinders casting distance.

7. Best For Tuna Fishing: Fish Wow Cedar Plugs Lure

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It comes in five pieces. It is made of wood. The pieces come in three lengths that are 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches.


1. It is made of buoyant wood. The wood enhances its speed and movement.

2. The cedar plugs can provoke strikes from the fish. It will catch various game fish such as tuna, dorado, wahoo, blues, stripers, marlin, and yellowtail.

3. Has a swimming action. It triggers the fish to strike.

Product Specifications

BrandFish Wow
Size6 inch
Type of woodBalsa Wood
ColourBlack, white

1. Buoyant due to the cedarwood.

2. Fast


1. Can sink

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Choosing The  Best Wood For Fishing Lures

Choosing the best wood for your lure can be tasking when you don’t know what features you need to focus on. Sometimes, you need a ready-made lure, while other times, you want the wood to custom makes your own. What should you have in mind when choosing wood for fishing lures? This section takes you through the factors you should consider for the best results.

1. Type Of Water

Are you fishing in freshwater, saltwater, or both?  When choosing wood, you need to consider that lures float better in salt water since it is denser than freshwater. If you intend to catch fish species in deep saltwater, you need a denser type of wood. If you need to catch freshwater fish that hides under coverage, a light lure will work great. Always consider your fishing environment before venturing into the water. The type of water will also determine the material f your hook. For saltwater, always go for stainless steel hooks that won’t rust with exposure to salt. The best fishing lures for freshwater are fishing jigs, poppers, spoons, plugs, spinners, spinnerbaits and surface fishing lures. In comparison, the best fishing lures for saltwater fishing are blade fishing lures, buzz fishing, crank, tube, and vibrating lures.

2. Target Water Level

The choice of wood fishing lures will be determined by how deep you intend to fish. For the top part of the water surface, the best lures are poppers or stick baits. For the middle level of water, the best lures are crankbaits and suspending lures such as slash baits, skimmers. The best lure is jigs, divers, jerk bait, and butterfly jigs lure for bottom-level fishing.

3. Colour Of The Water

When choosing a lure, consider the color of the water where you will be fishing and match the color of the lure. When fishing in green waters, look for green-looking lures or blue lures for blue waters. It would be best to consider the time of day and color of the water, depending on the timing. If sunlight or moonlight reflects on the water, use a silver or white lure and use a black lure when it’s dark.

4. Consider The Weather You Will Be Fishing In

Weather conditions greatly impact your choice of lure and your fishing experience. When fishing in windy conditions, consider ging for a heavier lure. A heavier lure enables you to keep better tension on the line. Another tip is to use larger lures when fishing in cold water because when the water is cold, fish want to get the most food while using minimal energy; they ignore small baits for the bigger ones.

5. Your Fishing Expertise

Fishing requires practice and some level of skill before you master and excel at it. As a beginner, you need to start with simple lures as you gain the skills. Live baits are the best to start with then you can keep upgrading as you learn the skill. Vibrating or rattling lures are best used by advanced anglers.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading through our guide and settling for the best wooden lure, you might still be having some unanswered questions. In this section, we look at some of the common questions regarding fishing lures and answer them in a bid to provide answers to those you might be having.

Q: Can I Use A Lure For Casting?

A: Yes. You can cast using a lure. However, we are advised to remove the front hook to make casting easier.

Q: What Is The Procedure For Adjusting The Action On The Lure?

A: The best way to adjust the action is bending the eyelet gently to the left or right.

Q: What Is The Reason Behind A Rough Lure?

A: The grain and dentures in the plug are not smooth, thus making the lure rough. These two components play a role in creating friction and sound vibrations in the water that resemble bait.

Q: Why Is Wood The Best Material For Making A Fishing Lure?

A: Wood makes a sound vibration in the natural water; thus, it easily attracts fish. Wood allows the lure to make a tight wiggle that the fish can easily hit.

Q: Is It True That A Large Lure Catches Large Fish?

A: It is a possibility, but it is not guaranteed. It does not mean small fishing lures cannot catch big fish. Fishing is an activity that requires practice and experimentation. After long practice, one can catch big fish whenever they want.

Q: Which Are The Best Fishing Lures To Use In Muddy Water?

A: When the water is muddy, it is best to use bright-colored lures. The bright colors can be easily seen by anglers and fish. 

Q: Is It Necessary To Rig A Lure With A Steel Leader?

A: No, unless in water environments where there are aggressive Northern Pike. Leaders are not used because the fish can easily see them, thus chasing them away. In situations where leaders have to be used, one should use short and black leaders. Leaders should be painted black to prevent fish from seeing them. 

Q: What are the maintenance tips for fishing lures?

A: maintenance of fishing lures is quite easy and inexpensive; all you need to do is store them properly in an arranged tackle box. This will keep the lures from tangling, rusting, and damaging each other. It is also advisable to dry the lures before storing them to maintain their quality and durability. 


Wooden fishing lures are popular for their buoyancy and realistic look. Choosing a wooden lure can be confusing when you don’t know what you are looking for in a lure. Always ensure you research beforehand and do your due diligence to get the most out of your lures. It is essential to have a fishing spot when shopping for lures. Your choice of a fishing spot will greatly impact the types of lures, specifications, and colors.

 It is also essential to have a planned budget before spending on any fishing gear, including lures. A budget helps you get value for money without having to break the bank. You might be tempted to buy all types of lures available in the market, but if you won’t be fishing around the world, it’s not worth it. Buy lures that are attractive to the fish species you are targeting or those that fit in with the water conditions

We hope that our guide was helpful to you and you will choose the best lure for your next fishing escapade. Best of luck in finding the perfect lure and happy fishing.

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